WrapVideo: ‘Inside Job’ Director Charles Ferguson

Director of the sobering, infuriating financial-crisis documentary talks about making numbers entertaining, and how Obama blew it

Last Updated: November 16, 2010 @ 10:18 AM

Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job” is one of the most acclaimed documentaries of the year, and one of the most sobering and infuriating: “After watching Charles Ferguson's powerhouse documentary about the global economic crisis,” wrote Kenneth Turan, “you will more than understand what went down — you will be thunderstruck and boiling with rage.”

The film was recently nominated for Best Production, Best Graphic Design and the Audience Choice Award at the Cinema Eye Honors, and Ferguson brought it to theWrap Screening Series at the start of what will probably be a good week for him: the Academy is expected to unveil its shortlist of 12 to 15 documentaries that will continue in the Oscar race later this week, and most doc-watchers expect “Inside Job” to sit comfortably on that list.

Before he did a Q&A with Sharon Waxman, Ferguson sat for a brief video interview to talk about the challenges of making the material entertaining, how Barack Obama blew his chance to change things, and what’ll be needed to turn things around.