Writers Guild Expels Member for ‘Scab Writing’ on ‘Fashion Police’

The union also fines Larry Amoros $14,000 for working on show during strike by eight writers

The Writers Guild of America West has expelled one of its members for “providing scab writing services” to E! Network’s “Fashion Police” during a strike, the union said Monday.

The Board of Directors of the WGAW also levied a $14,000 fine against Amoros, who it says was doing the work of eight “Fashion Police” writers who walked off the job in April seeking WGA representation.

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The news makes a messy situation messier. Last week, the Writers Guild East settled with “Fashion Police” host Joan Rivers, who it had threatened with expulsion for writing while the strike was on. She agreed to stop and urge the Comcast-owned E! Network to negotiate with the writers, but nothing has changed for the eight writers.

The network said in a statement that its position on “Fashion Police,” one of its most highly rated shows, hadn’t changed.

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“This is an issue between E! and the WGAW, and we continue to believe that an NLRB administered election prior to collective bargaining is a fair and important part of the process. We’ve taken every possible step to expedite an election so we can move forward as quickly as possible.”

The strike started after writers filed complaints with the state of California alleging that E! and Rivers’ Rugby Productions had not paid $1.5 million in wages and overtime. The WGA assisted in the filing of the claims and is sanctioning the strike.