‘X Factor’ Error Means America Votes Again

Thirteen finalists will perform “Save Me” songs tonight, none of which will be Aimee Mann’s “Save Me”

Well, here’s one way to amp up the drama on “X Factor”: Fans will re-vote Thursday on the show’s top 13 acts due to a technical error on Wednesday’s show.

Incorrect voting numbers were displayed on screen during the performance recap at the end of the East Coast broadcast of the show. So it decided the most fair course was to have the contestants perform their “Save Me” songs in Thursday’s live, one-hour performance show.

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The results will be revealed on Wednesday’s show.

The ever-positive Simon Cowell found a silver lining.

“Mistakes happen. But now I have 24 hours to prepare my groups for tomorrow night. Let’s hope they all deliver,” he tweeted, adding:”It’s happened once before. It’s live TV. You have to deal with it, tough for the contestants though. But you have to dig deep and deliver.”

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“And for a couple of contestants they must be thanking their lucky stars they get to sing another song tomorrow,” he said in another tweet.