‘XO, Kitty’ Stars Reveal Why They Think Kitty and Dae Broke Up

“Kitty is in a place where she needs to give herself a space to figure out who she is,” Anna Cathcart tells TheWrap

Anna Cathcart and Minyeong Choi in "XO, Kitty"

Turns out Kitty and Dae might not be meant for each other.

After getting over the hurdles of a fake relationship that made Kitty (Anna Cathcart) think Dae cheated on her, Kitty spilled some secrets that led Dae (Minyeong Choi) to doubt he could trust her. The pair overcame all this and other minor miscommunications in Netflix’s “XO, Kitty,” but Kitty couldn’t squelch her developing crush on Yuri (Gia Kim) once it sparked. The girls go from enemies to friends bound by their mothers’ friendship, and Kitty can’t hide her growing attraction to Yuri, so she tells Dae the truth.

Dae rushes to the airport, determined to fight for Kitty before she leaves for the semester break. She’s also been expelled from KISS, which means she may never return to Korea. Kitty and Dae’s emotional hug brings their story full circle from their embrace at the KISS welcome dance, back when Kitty first surprised Dae.

“[Dae] always tries to win someone’s heart or do something with sincerity, not something else. He knows how important love is, how important friendships are, and how important family is,” Choi told TheWrap. “Sometimes, [his] sincerity can’t be as powerful as you thought. Sometimes you need a smart way to express that and use that, but you should still keep that.”

Kitty finalizes the breakup when she tells Dae he will always be the first boy she ever loved. Accepting “loved” in the past tense, Dae reciprocates and says he will always root for Kitty, no matter what happens.

“[Their relationship] definitely taught [Kitty] a lot. He was the first person that she was ever in a relationship with, and no matter what happens in the future, that’s not going to change. That’s untouchable. I love that scene at the very end in the airport when they express that to each other. No matter what happens, this doesn’t change how special it was and how impactful it was on who they became,” Cathcart told TheWrap. “I think that that’s a theme that a lot of people can relate to of first love and young love as well, that things can change later, or you could grow out of it, or it could just be not right for that time, but it doesn’t take away how important it was when it was right which is really cool.”

In addition to Yuri, Kitty learns of another potential lover when Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee) confesses that he fell in love with her to some degree after all her time at KISS. In classic, dramatic Min Ho style, he says this right before their plane to Portland takes off, and Kitty doesn’t respond, though she looks thoughtful. Then the show ends.

“I think Kitty is in a place where she needs to give herself space to figure out who she is and figure out what she wants. Not that Dae was necessarily holding her back from that, but I think she just needs to be with herself right now and focus on the relationship she has with Kitty,” Cathcart said. “Going forward, there’s so many possibilities! There’s so many things that could happen. I would be dying to see what that would look like as well, but I am team whatever Kitty chooses because I think something that she does well is follows her heart and does what feels right for who she is at that moment, which I hope she never loses.”