Super-Sized ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 to Be Split Into Two Parts

Each half will introduce new Taylor Sheridan projects

"Yellowstone" / Paramount

There is a lot more “Yellowstone” on the horizon.

The fifth season of the Paramount Network flagship series will be comprised of 14 episodes, which will air in two installments, the first beginning this summer, per the WSJ. Additionally, “1932,” the second “Yellowstone” spin-off series after “1883,” is coming much sooner than you think.

According to the report, the two halves of “Yellowstone” are meant to introduce the spin-off series and new series from creator Taylor Sheridan, who has a massive deal with Paramount. His purview also includes “Mayor of Kingstown,” the Jeremy Renner-led crime drama that was recently renewed for a second season, and a host of shows announced earlier this week.

For example, the chunk of “Yellowstone” meant to debut this summer will also serve as a launching pad for “Tulsa King” (originally titled “Kansas City”), a new Sheridan series that, like “Mayor of Kingstown,” takes place outside of the “Yellowstone” universe. “Tulsa King” stars Sylvester Stallone as an aging East Coast mobster who was recently released from prison. The show will premiere alongside “Yellowstone” on the linear Paramount Network before moving to Paramount+. (“1883” followed a similar trajectory in December, when two of the episodes aired alongside “Yellowstone” before being zapped to Paramount+, where it quickly became the streaming platform’s No. 1 show.)

While “1932” is still in the outline stage, the new series (which theoretically follows John Dutton, Sr., the father of Kevin Costner’s character on “Yellowstone”) is quickly being prepped to launch alongside the second chunk of “Yellowstone” episodes later this year.

In addition to second seasons of “1883” and “Mayor of Kingstown,” Sheridan is working on “Land Man,” based on the “Boomtown” podcast and starring Billy Bob Thornton, which could debut in that same corridor as the second half of “Yellowstone” and “1932.” (“Land Man” is also unconnected to the “Yellowstone” universe.) A third “Yellowstone” spin-off, “6666,” set at the famous ranch in Texas (and presumably following “Yellowstone” character Jimmy), is, according to the WSJ report, debuting either later this year or next.