Yik Yak Is Back and Millennials Are Stoked – But Terrified for the Internet

“Yik yak said wake up motherf—ers it’s time to cyberbully,” one person tweeted

Yik Yak
Yik Yak

After a four-year hiatus, Yik Yak has returned, and no one was ready for that plot twist. But just because they weren’t ready doesn’t mean they aren’t living for it.

A quick refresher: Yik Yak was a bit of a meteor app, coming in hot in 2013 and fading out as quickly as it came. It was similar to Twitter, with users posting short thoughts with limited characters, except that it was wholly anonymous. It was also location-based, meaning users only saw content from other users within a certain radius. In reality, Yik Yak was a staple of the college experience for a good chunk of millennials.

The app announced its return on Twitter and within minutes began trending with shocked — but admittedly worried — reactions. Given its anonymity, many found the app to be an easy way to troll and bully people.

“Yik yak said wake up motherf—ers it’s time to cyberbully,” one person tweeted. Others stuck to making memes, using popular TV moments to sum up their feelings.

Others recounted some of their own personal experiences with the app in the past.

“One time I accidentally sent an email I meant to send my dorm to the whole school to ask if anyone had a fork and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to 146 people. Welcome back yik yak,” Broti Gupta, a writer for shows like “Speechless” and “Friends From College” posted.

One person even admitted to choosing their college based on the Yik Yak discourse.


It’s unclear how long Yik Yak will be around this time but for the moment, people have a lot of feelings on it. You can check out more reactions to Yik Yak’s return below.



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