‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ Trailer: Help Bear Grylls Pick Which Mountain Bug to Eat (Video)

Plane crash-themed interactive special premieres Sept. 14

Bear Grylls is back at it, and the survival expert needs your help again.

“You vs. Wild: Out Cold,” the latest in Grylls’ series of interactive Netflix specials, is set to premiere on Sept. 14, this time taking on a mountain plane crash theme. Viewers will help Grylls make choices like whether he should find food or build a shelter, climb over to the other side mountain or attempt to navigate through old tunnels, or eat this huge bug or that huge bug.

“Bear Grylls is back for another exciting interactive movie for the whole family,” Netflix’s description reads. “Following a plane crash in the ice ravaged mountains, Bear finds himself with amnesia trying to save himself and the pilot from the harsh winter elements. Bear will face huge rock walls, freezing dark tunnels and creepy wildlife creatures. He’s in big trouble, and he needs your help to find his friend and get out of danger.”

The last “You vs. Wild” special, “You vs. Wild: Animals on the Loose,” had viewers helping Grylls track down animals who had escaped from a wildlife sanctuary. The “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style series originally ran as an eight-episode series on the streaming service.

Grylls executive produces alongside Delbert Shoopman of The Natural Studios, Rob Buchta, Chris Grant, Drew Buckley, Liz Schulze, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens of Propagate Content. Ben Simms is director on the project from Propagate Content.


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