‘Batman vs. Superman’ Eyes ‘Girls’ Star Adam Driver for Sidekick Role (Exclusive)

'Batman vs. Superman' Eyes 'Girls' Star Adam Driver for Sidekick Role (Exclusive)

The 29 year-old actor is a serious contender to play Batman's estranged partner Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing (formerly Robin)

“Girls” star Adam Driver has emerged as the frontrunner to play Batman's crime-fighting partner Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing (formerly Robin), in Zack Snyder's superhero sequel “Batman vs. Superman,” two individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

Warner Bros. had no comment.

Driver boasts a unique look that fits the rumored description of Nightwing — Grayson's post-Robin alter-ego — as a “young John Hawkes,” as first reported by Latino Review. At 6'3”, Driver could hold his own against 6'4” Ben Affleck, who will play an older and world-weary Batman.

A source tells TheWrap that at least two other actors may be in the mix to play Grayson, the Caped Crusader's former sidekick, who's been estranged from Bruce Wayne for years in the movie, according to Latino Review.

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Henry Cavill is set to reprise his role as Superman alongside his “Man of Steel” co-stars Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne.

Driver — who did a stint in the Marines after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks — is a new favorite on the Warner Bros. lot, where he made a strong impression on the studio's Greg Silverman with his performance in WB's dysfunctional family comedy “This Is Where I Leave You.” Shawn Levy directed the 2014 release, in which Driver plays the brother of Tina Fey, Jason Bateman and Corey Stoll and the son of Jane Fonda.

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Warner Bros. has been busy searching for “Batman vs. Superman's” female lead, who is expected to serve as a love interest for Batman. Olga Kurylenko is the frontrunner, though Gal Gadot (“Fast & Furious 6”) and Elodie Yung (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”) have also tested for the part and remain in contention. It's unclear whether the coveted role is that of Wonder Woman or her alter ego Diana Prince, who is expected to make a brief appearance along with fellow DC Comics character the Flash.

Warner Bros. will release “Batman vs. Superman” on July 17, 2015.

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Since his breakout, Emmy-nominated turn as Adam Sackler on “Girls,” Driver has worked with Clint Eastwood on “J. Edgar,” Steven Spielberg on “Lincoln” and the Coen brothers on “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

Driver next stars opposite Mia Wasikowska in John Curran's “Tracks” and will soon be seen alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Mackenzie Davis in CBS Films’ romantic comedy “The F Word.” He has also reteamed with “Frances Ha” director Noah Baumbach on “While We're Young.”

Driver is represented by the Gersh Agency.

  • TJW

    This guy is a really good actor. I'm kind of surprised lol

  • ron fett

    That's some face he's got there

    • mike payton

      I know Dick Grayson grew up in the circus but his family were acrobats, not the freak show. I guess Marty Feldman wasn't available.

      • Jamie Roelofs

        Well said, sir. Lol.

      • maynefzb828

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  • Brad

    Robin & Wonder Woman
    Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario
    From Percy Jackson. They're also dating, which would make it easy to get them both.

    • Jamie Roelofs

      He'd work for Tim Drakes Robin but, not Nightwing. And she's too short imo to play WW

  • kapow!

    Adam Driver. Casting perfection. And Olga would make a gorgeous WW!

    • Jamie Roelofs

      Apparently you've never read a Batman comic. lol

  • Foxy

    Dick Grayson is well known inside of the comic book universe and in the real world as a man that's supposed to be incredibly attractive. He's meant to be a pretty boy. EVERYONE knows this. This guy is just all around gross looking

  • Foxy

    Also, Dick Grayson is only meant to be 5'9”/10” (despite what Arkham City wants you to think). He's not SUPPOSED to be as tall as Bruce because he's an ACROBAT. He needs to be small and compact to throw himself up in the air.

  • Morgan mcc

    The time line doesn't work. Superman is the one who suggests to dick Grayson to go out on his own an become nightwing. Hollywood crap. And Joseph Gordon Levitt would be a perfect nightwing.

  • carmen j.

    Zack Snyder is a directing hack , and both Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill are wooden actors. Because of those reasons , I don't expect much from this comic book film.

    • boywithbluehanger

      Batman (while in disguise) doesn't exude much of a personality. While not in the disguise, he's a wealthy, decent-looking, man who comes across as personable. Any nice, rich, white, decent-looking actor can portray that character.

      Part of the charm behind Superman is the fact that the world is oblivious of his rouse while he's badly acting as mild-mannered Clark Kent. Bad acting almost lends itself to these characters.

  • Notion66

    I thought DIANE LANE was also reprising her role as MARTHA KENT as well????

  • WTH?

    Nooooooooooooooo! They are trying to set up Justice league. There should be no sidekicks, and especially not him as Nightwing!!!

  • Colrath

    WTF is wrong with his face LOL

  • Joe

    Noooooooooooo as well lol