‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bashes Gays

'Duck Dynasty' Star Bashes Gays

“They won't inherit the kingdom of God,” Phil Robertson says in GQ interview

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is under fire for bashing gays in a GQ interview in which he grouped homosexuality with “drunks” and “terrorists.”

After he complained that “everything is blurred on what's right and what's wrong … sin becomes fine,” the magazine asked what he considers sinful.

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“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there — bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” said Robertson (pictured, on the left).

The remarks create a problem for A&E, the network that airs “Duck Dynasty.” The show is cable's highest-rated reality show, and second-highest rated show overall after AMC's “The Walking Dead.”

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Asked for comment, the network sent a follow-up statement from Robertson: “I myself am a product of the 60s; I centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and alsowhat the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

The network itself did not comment.

In the GQ interview, Robertson paraphrased Corinthians: “Don't be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won't inherit the kingdom of God. … Don't deceive yourself. It's not right.”

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Then he offered some thoughts about vaginas.

“It seems to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man's anus,” he said. “That's just me. I'm just thinking, ‘There's more there! She's got more to offer.’ I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I'm saying? But hey, sin: It's not logical, my man. It's just not logical.”

Robertson also said he doesn't condemn people.

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“We never, ever judge someone on who's going to heaven, hell. That's the Almighty's job,” he told the magazine. “We just love ‘em, give ‘em the good news about Jesus — whether they're homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ‘em out later, you see what I'm saying?”

GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz had an immediate response.

“Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil's lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” Cruz said. “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

Robertson has said previously that the show downplays his religious views. He surprised some viewers earlier this year when a video emerged of him speaking out against abortion.

  • Guest

    How can a GLAAD spokeman question Phil as a Christian when Phil is the one quoting exactly what the Bible says. Whether you like it or not, he is a Christian. Now, whether you agree with God and Bible or not is up to you.

    • Sam Raffield

      It's Christians like you that allow this kind of bigotry that are the problem.

      • Hobbesnblue

        I actually kind of agree with him/her. There's a lot that the Bible says (or at least the commonly accepted translations & interpretations) that doesn't fit at all with my concepts of morality or decent human behavior. But that's one of several reasons why I'm not religious.

        • Sam Raffield

          True, but it's the people that are at fault for thinking it gives them the right to actively campaign against human rights.

      • valbunny20

        Its not normal to be gay, and there is no reason for you to get mad because someone tells you its a sin or you going to hell. People talk about being gay is nasty because it is. You have a mother and father for a reason.

        • Sam Raffield

          It IS normal to be gay. What isn't normal is to be intolerant and ignorant like so many of the people on this thread.

    • thegrunter

      Most sane people don't give a shit what some ancient fairy tale book for goatherders says, and are, quite frankly, really sick of the idiots who constantly tout their insane religious “beliefs” endlessly. STFU already. We're sick of your stupid superstitions.

      • Josh Koles

        JUST FYI the Bible is one of the most historically accurate documents in the world!! With many no religious documents backing it!So get some education before you run your mouth off! Wheter you believe in God or religion is up to you but don't bash a book that has not only been the biggest example of western civilization but also significant as a historical document!

      • Nanny Goatherder

        As a card carryin’ member of the ‘goatherders’ club, may I say that it's entirely possible that some folks are gettin’ a lil sick of the whole gay/lesbian thing being shoved down their throats endlessly? What's the difference between the two? My personal beliefs are my own. Mr. Robertson's personal beliefs are his own. It's nunya bizness what either one of us believes. Having an opinion does NOT make someone ignorant. It makes them an individual.
        I have gay/lesbian friends who I love dearly. That doesn't mean I approve of their lifestyle or think it's ‘normal'. I don't have to approve to be friends with them. I don't approve of people who drink too much, don't pay their taxes, and don't discipline their children (boy THAT'S a big one) yet I have friends who do all these things. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION, whether YOU like it or NOT. We are all entitled to our own BELIEFS. Vegetarians have their beliefs, and I'll take a great big rare steak any day. They don't have the right to shove their opinions or beliefs down my throat. Are ya gettin’ what I'm tryin’ to say yet???

      • DSNIPES

        Your are under convection, clearly a prime opportunity for you to attend a church of your choice.

        • valbunny20

          Being gay is not normal so that's why most people are disgusted by it. Its not my place to say who you can or cant be with, but most of Americans grew up with a mother and a father. So in other words we are made to produce. Being gay is a choice and if you choose that lifestyle just prepare all the unwanted remarks and ignore it because there not going away.

      • JDK Chromebook

        Don't waste your breath on those who find comfort in the holy scriptures, even if they only use it to confirm their cultural biases and fears and to assuage unresolved mental and emotional needs. They will never be convinced to think differently. Like a multi-faceted gem, the bible's gift to them is that it reflects the position from which they stand. That's why it remains so popular. God forbid they look at it from another angle, that would be too scary. Forgive them for they know not what they do. :-)

    • God Lover

      why would any reporter ask a stupid question like that and not expect an honest answer. we are not all bleeding hearts, if u choose to be gay thats fine, just keep it off my tv.

    • Rnn

      way to go Mr. Phil! it is nice to see somebody who takes what his bible says and sticks with it even if it is not popular. It is easy to find that God does not approve of the gay life style in the bible. Phill was not bashing Gays just the life style does not go with his CHRISTian beliefs. It is easy to understand hate the sin not the sinner

  • Tom

    Exactly how did he “bash” gays? Mr. Robertson is an evangelical Christian and his stating his belief and understanding of the teachings contained within the Bible. Is there no longer a place for divergent views?

    • Sam Raffield

      There's no place for bigotry. This isn't anything other than bigotry.

      • DSNIPES

        You seem to know bigotry well;

        Definition of bigot (n)
        [ bíggət ]
        intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views

        • Sam Raffield

          I'm not a bigot. I just don't tolerate intolerance, unlike a bunch of the dumb motherfuckers on here, who sit idly by while people ruin the name of their religion.

          • TLaMana

            So you are intolerant of others beliefs. Typical Liberal double-speak. It's OK to hate certain people because they don't fit into the Liberal dogma.

      • Wanderdust

        so you can't accept that he has his views? isn't that the very definition of bigotry? do you see the irony in your statement? if they didn't want his opinions on the subject, they shouldn't asked him about it.

    • SeppiChicago

      “Gays won't go to heaven” is bashing. Sorry.

      • bchaff79

        um they wont go to heaven its not bashing its stating a fact

        • SeppiChicago

          LOL “A fact” is a term you need to look up. Spoiler alert: It in no way, shape or form pertains to the bible.

          • DSNIPES

            Yes it does, clearly so, why would you spread lies, it is okay for you not to believe but to lie as an adult with your peers is embarrassing.

          • Wanderdust

            but if God says a truth, well, God is not a man that he should lie. He does not change his mind. Homosexuals not inheriting the kingdom of heaven only refers to people who have not repented of their sins. it does not mean ‘former homosexuals’ because Paul is quite clear that that is what we WERE. We were homosexuals, adulterers, etc— BUT we were washed in the blood of Christ and purified of all unrighteousness. if he is the Creator He has the right to make the rules and to specify what are the ways of honoring of each other and each others bodies

          • SeppiChicago

            Save it for church, Flanders

      • DSNIPES

        The homosexual lifestyle is a sin according to the bible, one does not need to say what the word clearly states. Aargue with God, not advising it but He decided this.

        • SeppiChicago

          No. Your poorly translated book of contradictions means fuck-all to me and quite a few people in this country. Also: Jesus hates a hypocrite.

      • Linda

        I am so tired of these networks “punishing ” those who have the courage to stand up for what they believe! He has a right to his views same as the A&E. network ,. Are they afraid if they don't jerk him off the program that some gay person is going to stop watching? Well, what about those of us who think as Phil does ? I am offended by how A&E thinks! Do other opinions count or is it just what the happy gay and lesbian community think.? Isn't that discriminating against people who have straight sexual normal life? You have to admit that gay sex is unnatural and against nature. If it's so normal, why do some of the men try so hard to be feminine and vice versa for butch women? I wish someone would explain that! I've never understood and don't give me that bull about the wrong body and that crap .

        • SeppiChicago

          Linda, log off.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            Hey Septic tank, you don't have the authority to tell someone to log off lady boy!! OOOHHHHH, bombed that fiber optic line didn't I biotch!! LMFAO!!! your just stupid!!

          • SeppiChicago

            Now I just feel bad for you

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            Now I just feel bad for you

      • Americans Wake Up

        just a fact from the Bible – and it refers to practicing gays and those that support them. Romans 1:32

        • SeppiChicago

          Facts and the bible aren't really in the same universe, but sure. Ok.

          • Americans Wake Up

            and as for his comment about beastiality it is from Leviticus 18:22-23. Don't slam what you know nothing about- it sounds foolish.

          • SeppiChicago

            You haven't a clue what I know or don't know, so stifle. I give a flying fuck where it's from. Stop pointing out shit in the bible as if everyone gives it the same weight you or he does. No one is arguing it isn't in the goddamn bible. We believe you. Still makes you sound like a fucking choad. Fer fuck's sake. Great, now I'm gonna get chastised for swearing. I blame you.

          • Americans Wake Up

            Blame all you want- the truth hurts doesn't it?

          • SeppiChicago

            Gotta go with “no”. The truth is the bible is a oft-mistranslated book of contradictions written in a dead language no one knew how to properly read. It contains tales of men being swallowed by whales, people being turned to salt and an ark big enough to fit every species on earth. If that's fact to you, awesome. But I'll stick to not buying a fairy tail nor will I justify pretty ugly bigotries on my religion. That doesn't hurt at all.

          • Americans Wake Up

            …and I respect your right to feel that way. Too bad you don't respect the rights of Phil to believe what he does. The liberal left feels free speech is their right only. You're as bigoted as you think Phil is from the what I have read here.

          • SeppiChicago

            Listen – he has the right to say it but I in no way am obligated to respect it. Just as you could easily tell me to screw off for calling the bible a fairy tail. I can say it, but people have the right to react to it. I would be prepared to defend my opinion, as opposed to conservatives simply saying “It's my right” as if that ends any discussion.

          • Americans Wake Up

            Exactly my point! They are censoring him for his beliefs- whether you agree or not he has the right to express them. Think about it. I spoke my beliefs, you countered. We had a discussion and neither censored the other. That's what I am saying about free speech- it has to be free for everyone or no one. Whether we agree or not with what is being said.

          • SeppiChicago

            There is no discussion happening. Anytime anyone gets remotely close to calling him or anyone who agrees with him on his racism or bigotry, it's “Free speech!” or “Freedom of religion! or “The bible!”. Those aren't points of discussion or a conversation, those are childish ways to avoid backing up what you said. If we honestly thought this dude was open to discussing this, we wouldn't be having this tedious internet fight.

          • Americans Wake Up

            And the rights you speak of, free speech, freedom of religion are constitutional rights. Why is his belief system not open to discussion but yours is? Where is the freedom there? If we keep on the path we are going everything will be so PC no one- not even you will have the right to say what they feel or believe. And that will be a sad day for this country. I believe Phil is open to discussing his belief system with anyone but A&E took his right away by firing him. Will it stop him in the world outside of A&E- I would hope not. As I would hope no one would ever stop you from expressing your beliefs or value system. Just because you believe Biblical things are childish gives you no right to stop someone else from believing them or expressing their belief. Sorry you feel this is tedious. I welcome the open conversation with you and gives me insight into why you believe what you do. I am sure we are on opposite ends of the spectrum as to what we believe but in this great country we can discuss them freely – for now.

          • SeppiChicago

            See here's where I just can't with you. Your constitutional rights aren't at risk. They aren't. Freedom of speech or religion. Least of all Phil's, a man who reaches far more people then any 100 liberals combined. What conservatives don't like or want is anyone not agreeing with them. For some reason that's “PC”. You don't have to agree with gays or homosexuality, but it would also be nice if you didn't shove them forward in the sin line to detract from your own sins to score brownie points with Jesus. You can do that. You do. Every damn day! But I can still say that's terrible. Here is what I DO NOT DO. Go around telling every Christian their belief system is junk. Prevent them from praying. Prevent them from vocalizing their beliefs no matter how repugnant they are. See how that works? I really think you are confusing “disagreeing” with “preventing”.

            The A&E suspension (not firing) is a different thing altogether. That is a company that protects it's profits, i.e. advertisers. For the record, I think he shouldn't have been suspended.

          • Americans Wake Up

            And I believe you. But the rights of free speech and worship are being restricted in this country – particularly for conservative evangelical Christians. It is not you that is doing it but the government. And if they go unchecked on these things we all will lose our rights. I think Phil was baited into making the comments he did. He was a little crude in his answer but he spoke what he believes. I am not confusing preventing and disagreeing. I disagree with a lot of things but in my life I never thought I would be prevented from saying what my belief system tells me is right and that is happening in this country.
            I will listen to anyone's point of view. I won't necessarily agree with them but I will respect their right to say it. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. No sin is greater then another and the passages Phil quoted from gives a whole laundry list of sins we all are guilty of. Me included.
            The problem with the suspension is that his right to speak freely if he is allowed to come back will be restricted. That is A&E's right to do that, but in the same manner it is his right to refuse to continue the show if they do.
            My 2 cents worth – thank you for yours.

          • SeppiChicago

            No worries, I think we will simply have to disagree on this. I don't think he was baited, a cursory Google search finds he said much more incendiary things before. But no matter, we simply see the world differently and i'm OK with that. Take care.

    • thegrunter

      Divergent views are fine. Religious quackery is not.

      • Sam Raffield

        xD Duck Dynasty, quackery… I see what you did there ;)

      • DSNIPES

        what about your non-religious quackery

        • RUNNING MAN

          If anyone complain it should be rednecks, today people have to thin a skin. Get real and have a little fun, this is not the worst thing that has been said. I guest you have never watched the show.

    • CaptainFabulous

      Yeah, sure there's a place. Go on, tell me how you really feel about Blacks and Jews and see how far that gets you. I mean, they're in the Bible, and the Bible says it's ok to have slaves, so yeah, keep sticking with a 2000 year old book and keep telling yourself it's ok to be a racist homophobic bigot cause it's in the Bible.

      • DSNIPES

        Bigotry like you are showing us

      • Wanderdust

        the Bible never said slavery was okay although there were slaves at the historical time it was written so it did say masters needed to treat their slaves well and to set them free in the year of jubilee and not to hold a fellow jew in slavery. I don't think they could have abolished the widespread slavery of other peoples around them, but in the law the Jews of the time were supposed to not enslave each other. Christians were the ones instrumental in speaking against and ending slavery, saying all of us are created by God in His likeness, all related to each other if you go back far enough and to Adam and Eve. the first man, our forefather, was very likely black (and he was perfect, the ideal man, hehe). And the whole entire Bible was written by Jews so…

    • KenSterling

      Not on the Left !

  • Sam Raffield

    Just as I thought. Another self-righteous former hippie who thinks accepting Christianity is his salvation from all of the drugs and wild sex he had in the sixties.

    You can convince yourself whatever, but you still just made ignorant, bigoted comments about an entire demographic.

    Are people really surprised that a backwoods redneck with the IQ of the ducks that he hunts is a homophobic moron?

    • Katy

      This isn't bigotry. He said it's not his place to judge. He is simply quoting the bible
      Get over yourself. Seriously.

      • Sam Raffield

        “He is simply quoting the Bible…”

        When people say something bigoted, they're seen as stupid. But if you say something bigoted and say that the Bible is the reason, they're seen as good Christians.

        Your Bible and your God are a lie. It's YOU that needs to get over YOURSELF.

        • dontheweatherman

          You will believe when you die, but too late

          • Sam Raffield

            Well, I guess I should take your word for it, as you've clearly died and seen what happens afterwards… oh, wait…

          • Tacitus Igdome

            Sam, the darkness hates the light, we get it. You love evil and hate goodness. The Bible mentions people like you will be in the majority before the world ends, so your comments are typical and do not surprise me. You will be on the outside looking in for eternity, too bad, so sad.

          • Sam Raffield

            Wow. I didn't think people could get dumber on this thread, but you win the prize!

            Your Bible is a lie. And you're an idiot for falling for it.

          • Americans Wake Up

            God actually refers to people of your non-belief in Psalms 14:1-5

        • Xristianxon Jamex

          Sam…way to do the punk, intellectual coward Atheist 101 script and throw out “buzzwords” like “bigoted” which paralyzes the average discussion or debater, INSTEAD OF HAVING ANY substance to your assertions. How can the Bible be a lie when it: (1) predicts/cites scientific discoveries that we've only made in the last century? like mountains under oceans, currents, the innumerable stars (before Hubble we thouht we could count them)? germs and prevention? blot clotting peaks in the body? the best disease fighting diet? nuclear technology? the internet/tv? bar coding technology?
          (2) how did nomads, fisherman and shepherds just make this up and accidently be right?
          (3) We ALL need to get over ourselves….but YOU'RE being intellectually dishonest and it's rooted in you somehow seemingly being offended of the SCIENTIFIC FACT that a gay lifestyle is unnatural and Phil said something about it NOT being part of God's order.
          (4) We ALL fall short of God and ALL need him and God wants us all to ACKNOWLEDGE we have a problem (not be in denial like an alcoholic and stay in that lifestyle), then get the remedy for sin
          (5) Why don't you get on gay folks for being bigots…they often hate Christians for disagreeing…do you see rallies from S&M folks, or polygamists or orgy participants going after Christians? No. What gay folks do is TRY AND HATE ON and BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT… How can you ACT LIKE hetrosexuals when you CANNOT make kids…YOU'RE NOT THE ON THE SAME LEVEL… period…get over yourself!!!

        • Sam N Joetta Bentley

          you are by your very own admission are a ediot; and you and I are not close to god but what I have and you never will is standards

      • Jim

        Pearls before swine

        • Sam Raffield

          Swine… hmmm… animals led blindly to the butcher… not unlike many Christians today.

          And if homophobia is considered a pearl of wisdom, then Jesus would be offended.

          • DSNIPES

            Have you ever considered that you may be Herterophobic or Christophobic. You make that accusation because one does not agree with your chosen lifestyle. Why is it that if one makes a stand against what you choose that that in turns makes them wrong, or even hateful.
            I do not agree with the bashing of anyone for any reason…period.
            I also will not support something that goes against “My” very core of beliefs.
            Now get this, if you are at the mall and some nutcase with a gun wants to kill you because your perceived homosexuality, points a gun a you…I will if at all humanly possible and with everything within me defend your life…even if mine might be taken. Oh yeah, I carry a handgun and quite apt at using it (never on a human or animal, just bland paper targets).
            If you want true acceptance of others, accept them as well and that they have an equal right to what they believe, even if opposite of you and your beliefs.

      • CaptainFabulous

        Katy, it's not my place to judge, but I really hope you were a virgin when you were married, otherwise you're a whore who will never inherit the Kingdom of God and will spend an eternity in Hell.

        And I'm not judging you for being a slut. I'm simply quoting the Bible.

        See how that works?

        • bchaff79

          yes it doesn't work that way u can repent of your sins…but obviously if your gay and stay gay then you don't repent of your sins…no man is free from sin except that of Jesus Christ who died for our sins so we all sin the point is do we repent and accept that Jesus Christ died for us….do you celebrate Christmas….thought so

          • Sam Raffield

            You should really try being more like your Christ, then.

          • DSNIPES

            just think if we all did, what a concept

          • DSNIPES

            we all should

          • Xristianxon Jamex

            If Christ is the standard and you acknowledge it, then why don't YOU check yourself and YOU do it? Wait, you said the Bible's a lie above, so now you're playing games, being a hypcrite and lying just to get your jollies and win a debate without caring for what the truth actuallly is.

          • CaptainFabulous

            So I can repent on Sunday and then have male-male sexual relations on Monday-Saturday? Cause man, that would be awesome!

            And for all the talk of Jesus Christ you people sure don't practice much what he preached. Cause if you did we wouldn't be having this conversation. I know you celebrate Christmas…but do you really UNDERSTAND Christ? Yeah, didn't think so. You think you do, but you obviously don't.

          • DSNIPES

            In reality Sunday is another day, the day of repentance is any day or time of any day.
            Grace (or forgiveness) does not occur so we can sin more, although grace is more bountiful.
            The goal is to stop sinning;
            a person realizes they are a sinner, it happens eventually
            a person ask for forgiveness through Christ, he is capable, he took all sin on his shoulders, waiting for you to simply ask
            believe he is, the Son of God and accept him as Savior
            Live your life, always knowing that it is a journey of faith, that we fail, we return to him, but not purposing to fail, but knowing we do, fighting every day to be the person God always intended you to be.
            By the way a little tid bit of information there are 613 commandments in the Bible, I have failed on more than a few in my time, he has brought me through every time, forgiveness is amazing.
            Romans 5:20

            Living Bible (TLB)

            20 The Ten Commandments were given so that all could see the extent of their failure to obey God’s laws. But the more we see our sinfulness, the more we see God’s abounding grace forgiving us.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Cool, so as long as I admit I'm a sinner on Sunday, and forgive myself, then I can go back to being a sinner the rest of the week and I'm cool with God. Good to know. Thanks for the clarification.

          • DSNIPES

            forgiving yourself will only make you happy for a moment, being forgiven by Christ will make you eternally happy.

          • jrk

            you really are ignorant as many are that think they know what scripture is saying. There is a thing called repentance and if you think you can sin and then ask for forgiveness on Sunday and keep doing the sin then you have never been forgiven. Christianity is a life long learning of how to become more like Christ through a relationship with Him. We are human and make mistakes but your heart must continue to change. Phil stands for his beliefs and was just saying his beliefs which are based on scripture. If he was going around now committing adultery then one would have to question if he had really repented from his sinful past. I think that A&E just like all the networks out there don't want anything to do with Christianity because the LGBT is all about money in all the right places. They control alot of pockets and it's a shame that they have turned a sexual preference into a whole new group of people. If you practice homosexuality or adultery or drunkenness or any of the others you will not be going to heaven unless you turn from the sin and realize that a relationship with Christ can free you from those sins. I'm always amazed at how so many people can bash Christians for believing in something that has so much proof and truth and they themselves believe in things that have yet to been proven even a little. Those of you who think it is funny to wish each other a see you hell message, I wish you only knew the pain you will be in. This Christmas look to the one who brings healing and freedom. God Bless

          • Xristianxon Jamex

            Just read the word repent and the fact that Jesus said “go and sin no more”…that's the goal…and if we walk in fellowship with Him, abide in Him learn more of him, then we partake of him and don't wanna enage in old lifestyles/habits…Are you gonna condemn a drug addict who gets help and relapses and gets better and tries and “tastes of the good life” (sobriety) and pursues it? Then why hate on a Christian who falls/fails but is trying to partake of God's life….cuz your a punk sissy coward who wants to deflect attention off of YOUR life and how you don't care about truth, so you find human failures/flaws so you can feel good about not having to check yourself…that's a punk buster if I ever saw one. If you're smoking crack and you got free rehab available to you are gonna say, “Look at everyone else doin it…so I don't have to get help and I won't die.” Uhhh, no…doesn't matter what everyone else is doing, coward…man up and deal with reality, truth yourself.

          • LG


          • Tacitus Igdome

            Christ set you free from sin. When you are no longer a slave to sin, you flee from it, the scenario you presented would never happen to a Spirit filled Christian.

          • Kim Tardie

            Maybe folks do not understand Christ as you do but that doesn't mean they don't understand Him. Phil simply quoted a scripture out of the Bible and stated that his only responsibility is to love people and let God deal with everyone because it is not his place to judge. God's word will judge sin and people will become offended when it doesn't agree with their lifestyle but that was not Phil's words he quoted so quit saying that Phil was the one judging.

          • Buzzard

            No, see Romans 6:1-2…Seems like Phil is practicing what he preaches…he quit the adultery.

          • Xristianxon Jamex

            Yet another punk sissy coward and HYPOCRITE LIAR who plays debate tricks…NO ONE is advocating going to church, faking it and intentionally doing something else. You KNOW that, you liar. Why are you such a punk coward anyway that your search for truth depends on how well other folks perform the truth? Why can't you be on your own question for truth? Oh yeah! Cuz you're too busy getting your rocks off trolling, like any half-brain twit 12 year old can do, ranking on the failures of fallible humans, bullying Christians on here…everyone is a work in progress, along the way, we all need to get cleansed, if we stuble yet have a heart after God, he can work with that. Jesus already blasted hypocrites, so NOW what's your excuse, coward?

          • Kim Tardie

            To repent means to make a complete U-turn and walk away from what one is repenting of. This is the evidence that repentance has happened. If one says they've repented but continue to sin then they have not repented. Simple as that. We all struggle with sin, none of us are without it just as you say. Right on…..

        • DSNIPES

          “I'm simply quoting the Bible”, really wow I have not read that one, I have thirty-six bibles in my home, also the Koran and a slew of cult version of their “bible”. The word slut never appears in any of them, not once. The word whore does and the word forgiven which happens to be very close to where Jesus forgave one, washed her sins away, her name was Mary, she lived a good life afterwards, a new person, whole and saved.

          • CaptainFabulous

            You know what other word doesn't appear anywhere in the Bible? Gay. Another one that's no where to be found? Homosexual. But the Bible does contain “prostitute”, a term which is also commonly referred to as a whore or slut. Shall I quote the particular piece of relevant scripture for your convenience, or do you think you can find it on your own in one of your 36 Bibles?

          • DSNIPES

            Actually, one requires payment, the other is a immature way to slander another because of their chosen way.

            The word gay used to mean happy, it was hijacked for today's purposes, this happens often in American English.

            Homosexual is a word to describe whereas a man looks and feels a sexual connection with another man and likewise with women. For your reading pleasure I offer you the following, respectfully;

            God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion (Rom 1:26-27).

            This describes homosexual activities clearly. You do not have to agree with Christians, that is okay, I choose the word and the call of Christ, it is my choice. To be clear I also respect the choices of others, its called free will. I do mask that you not bash anyone in order to promote your choice.
            The Duck guy has his beliefs and those beliefs make you angry, why is the question and you should ponder your answer.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Well, the Bible gives you 4 choices in Leviticus 21:13-14

            “And he shall take a wife in her virginity. A widow, or a divorced woman, or a woman who has been defiled, or a prostitute, these he shall not marry. But he shall take as his wife a virgin of his own people.”

            So if a woman such as Katy isn't a widow, or divorced, or was not raped, and is no longer a virgin then she is a prostitute. There are no other available choices. God's words, not mine.

            I can go tit for tat with you all day on scripture. You're not going to win this game no matter how many Bibles you have on your bookshelf.

            I can absolutely respect the choices and beliefs of others. If you believe that homosexuality is wrong, I'm fine with that. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else, and I certainly do not need your blessing or approval to live my life the way I see fit. What I cannot tolerate is bigotry, hatred, defamation, and a denial of civil rights. Those go way beyond simply having a belief and are not aspects of Christ or part of his teachings. If you think they are, then you really do not know Him at all.

          • DSNIPES

            Christians do not live according to the Levites, clearly knowing the bible does not allow for one to understand Christianity as you have well proved. Christ was sent to fulfill the law, he did and he took where it failed and caused us to be lifted up above it, that is we could not live by it. By grace God gave his son and that by believing we “Might” be saved, it takes a three step process to get past the might. The Levites were chosen because they did obey the law, that law is invalid because of Christ. we live under Grace and by His grace we are forgiven.
            So yes and nice that you found a verse that supported your thought. Christianity is the result of the old testament passing and the new testament reigning.
            Maybe try reading a red letter edition, just read what is in red, then read the rest, it will help.
            Take care and if we ever meet I assure you, you will receive a warm handshake, firm but warm and with a good heart.
            Come as you are, no need to dress up, that is only cloth deep.

          • Kim Tardie

            So who is displaying bigotry, hatred, defamation, and a denial of civil rights here? I do not see any where that Phil Robertson did any of the above. Your scripture comes from the Old Testament. In the OT they offered livestock to be sacrificed for the sins of the people. When Christ died on the cross we entered into the dispensation of grace. Human beings could not live up to the laws in the Old Testament and for that reason God sent His Son to die as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all people. No longer was it necessary to try to pay the penalty of sin ourselves. DSNIPES quoted from the New Testament. I personally was involved in fornication (sex outside of marriage) before I surrendered my life to Christ. Six months later I met the man that would eventually be my husband. We did not even kiss until we said “I do”. I saw how the other way did not work so I thought I would do it God's way. We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year. It wasn't easy to say no to our natural desires and the flesh wanted to do otherwise but we chose to say no to our fleshly desires and yes to obey God's Holy Word. It is possible. Just because one has sexual desires does not mean that they have to do them in a way that does not honor God's Word. The foundation of our relationship was built on getting to know one another as friends first and has blossomed over the years.

          • Stuart Edwards

            I do not believe that Phil is taking away your civil rights. He is speaking his choice and belief. Just because he has a very large following does not make him wrong. You can say anything you want and so can he. We all have the same rights, if you cannot deal with someone speaking out about a topic that is personal then nobody should have that right. People want everyone to accept them and all they do. But you must understand that not everyone does. There will always be people that do not like this or that. Get over it and go your way. If you stop to fight over what someone else says then you have to take your lumps. Just so you understand, to be a Christian, is a lifestyle, not just a name.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I am doing nothing different than he is. I am simply speaking my mind. Phil doesn't like homosexuals, well then he should get over it and go on his way, not blather on about it and liken it to bestiality. If Christians can't deal with people defending homosexuality then they too should just get over it and mind their own business.

            Why is it supposed to work one way for the Bible-thumpers but another way for everyone else? Oh yeah, that's right, Bible-thumpers think they have the right to tell everyone how to live their lives. Newsflash: they don't. If you don't like the way someone lives their lives it's none of your business. Ignore them and concentrate on your own life. Live and let live.

          • Buzzard

            Phil was asked a question…he answered it…he was given the right…can you truly call it thumping? I didn't think so…

          • Christian

            Are you really talking about civil rights when a guy got kicked off a show about his own business for speaking his mind?

          • CaptainFabulous

            I'm pretty sure his civil rights weren't violated by being kicked off the show for making homophobic and bigoted statements. And since his network is not the federal government the First Amendment does not apply.

            Phil is free to speak his mind and say whatever he pleases. We are free in turn to call him a homophobic bigot. And A&E is free to fire his ass. God Bless America!

            What do you think would have happened if Phil had just been speaking his mind about the Coloreds? And how it was such a shame that the South had to give up all their slaves. Would you then defend him and his position on the show? I mean, he's just speaking his mind, right? He's entitled to his opinion, right?

            Oh yeah, I remember, it's okay to talk smack about gays, cause when it's gays you're just “speaking your mind” and “being a good Christian”. But lookout if you say vile things about African-Americans or Jews, cause then you're no longer just “speaking your mind”, you're a racist and anti-semite.

            Sorry, but no. There is no longer a double standard. When you demean and malign ANY minority group you're going to have to answer for your words. Hatred and intolerance of ANY kind towards ANY group will no longer be accepted.

          • pwp

            This started out as a fairly ok discussion but has degraded to the point of absurdity. Please don't get to defensive till you read all that I have to say. it wont take long. I am a Christian. I do read my Bible and use it as a guide for my life. I want to be more like Christ. this discussion goes against what I know from the Bible. My Faith tells me to share what I believe with non-believers but it does not tell me to argue and fight with them. Christ Himself said to share and if they don't accept what I have to say I should move on. It breaks my heart to see all these People doing so much harm to the Christian faith.
            in turn I am willing to listen to others share what they believe. I do Love unconditionally and not just those who share my faith but I love Everyone to the point that I would go to any length to help anyone I see in need. I don't like to label People so I wont I am not greater than any other person and no person is greater than me. Please don't lump all Christians into the mold set before you in this discussion. And I will do the same for you. Thank you for your time. GB

          • CaptainFabulous

            I did not get defensive at all. Thank you for you considerate comment. While I do not share the level of faith you do, I honestly can respect you for it. Be well.

          • DSNIPES

            Gay was a proper English word for happy, or merry, perhaps you are alluding to homosexual? That one does not either and God nor I agree with it and you are intolerant and hateful towards me because of my beliefs.
            Well then.

        • DSNIPES

          “Not to judge”, well maybe so, you may very well be ill equipped to do so, therefore do not.

          As for me I am equipped to do so and use that right and responsibility very carefully.

          It actually is a requirement, to go to the store, to walk down an dark street, to marry or not to, to cheat or not to, to take a job or not to and hundreds if not thousands of reasons to do every year. Let's hope you start judging, doing so fairly and with a properly placed motive (yes we all have motives too).

          You may ignorantly be thinking about the scripture, in the Holy Bible;

          Matthew 7

          Living Bible (TLB)

          7 “Don’t criticize, and then you won’t be criticized. 2 For others will treat you as you treat them. 3 And why worry about a speck in the eye of a brother when you have a board in your own? 4 Should you say, ‘Friend, let me help you get that speck out of your eye,’ when you can’t even see because of the board in your own? 5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the board. Then you can see to help your brother.

          Maybe this will help you, I hope so.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I prefer Luke 6:37
            “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”

            And just because you say “I'm not judging you” or “not to judge” doesn't mean you aren't, which was the point of my sarcastic remark. It just means you're a hypocrite.

            Repent! And join Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven! Or not. I don't really care either way.

          • DSNIPES

            do you know of anyone, ever that has not or does not judge? the point is that we do judge, will judge and when we do to be aware that we will be judged likewise. many folks I know tend to find a scripture that makes them feel just right, the idea is to read them all. last remember that the bible KJV specifically is written in a language we do not speak in the United states, we speak American English.

        • Tacitus Igdome

          When you truly repent, you are forgiven and made innocent. After I was saved I felt shy about getting into bed with my wife of 12 years.

      • Kim Tardie

        Right on Katy!!!!!

    • Tom

      That's really your response? There can be views and beliefs that are in complete contrast with one another. I found nowhere that Mr. Robertson said anything derogatory or demeaning about homosexuals but, rather, gave the reasoning for his belief system. Your comment, on the other hand, was to name call and stereotype. Isn't that exactly what you're accusing Phil Robertson of?

      • Sam Raffield

        Tom, are you serious? He compared homosexuality to terrorism and bestiality, and you're saying he said nothing derogatory about gays?

        You're blinding yourself to anything that doesn't agree with you. And no, I'm not doing what I'm accusing this moron of.

        The God and Bible the condemn homosexuality are a lie. The God and Bible that I grew up with preach love.

        • Mary

          Sam you sound like a very angry man. Have you tried prayer? It works.

          • Sam Raffield

            I'm not an angry man. I'm a rational man. And unlike you, I don't need prayer.

          • bchaff79

            lol you don't need prayer…well I will pray for your soul that you find Jesus Christ before its to late

          • Sam Raffield

            I did find Jesus Christ, actually. I have his body in my trunk.

          • DSNIPES

            Yes and again you prove your hate.

          • Sam Raffield

            Yeah. I let my gay friends fuck his corpse, too.

          • KenSterling

            That was my first thought when I saw your first comment . . . . That must be one angry young fellah… . . and before you start the name calling again, NO, I'm not really a firm believer, but if more people followed MOST of the 10 commandments, this would be a far nicer world to live in

          • Sam Raffield

            Well you're wrong, which would make sense, considering these comments are all you have to go on.

          • DSNIPES

            You are showing us the most about yourself, clearly you are angry and want to point at others and look down upon them for not believing as you do. Christians believe in inclusion to Christianity, it is for who choose to believe and freedom from guilt, hate, and living a life that causes one to move away from sin, to an internal life without it.
            I hope the best for you and your family, friends and those you encounter.

        • Political Splash

          Sam, I think you are confusing Mr. Robertson's comments with those the president, and the Democrat party continually use against conservatives and Republicans. Were you as outraged with those comments?

          • Sam Raffield

            Actually, yes, I was. I don't like liberals or Democrats anymore than I like conservatives or Republicans. It's all bullshit in the end.

            I hate hearing people say ignorant things about anyone, especially when people bash gays as being unnatural or anything like terrorists.

          • DSNIPES

            Homosexuality goes against the laws of nature, which by a secular view has nothing to do with any religion. So if you do want to argue with God argue with the sun, the stars and the moon. but please do it alone, or the people with the white jackets will come after you.
            Again you made a point so deal with it.

          • Sam Raffield

            If it went against the laws of nature, it wouldn't exist.

        • bchaff79

          he compared them to the point that they are all against the bible…which he believes in

        • DSNIPES

          the Bible does that exactly, it clearly states it, sorry but talk to God not the Duck guy

        • Randy

          Just as it preaches love……there is a judgment coming. Many people think grace is acceptance, but the God of Love is also a God of judgment……someday, we all will stand before this God

          • Sam Raffield

            And most of the people who consider themselves Christian will have a LOT to answer for.

        • jrk

          You grew up with the wrong God then, He is a God of love but also He is a just God and can't allow sin to be any part of Him. Jesus was sent to free us from death of a sin. Homosexuality is a sin and those who practice it are no different than a terrorist, someone who practices bestiality, etc. We are to love the person that performs any of these acts and show them that the way out of it is through Christ and this can happen. I have seen hundreds of gays finally see the truth and realize that with a relationship with Christ they can find freedom from the sinful behavior. Sam you unfortunately are just like many others who don't want to believe because that would mean a change in life style and things you are doing. You hide behind the oh you are a hypocrite thing when in reality we are all hypocrites in some way but are you repenting and trying to change the way you live. God does condemn homosexuality and one day many people will be surprised and they will all wonder why is all this pain and suffering happening and then at that time they will say what kind of God would do this I thought He was a loving God. Mary and Ken are right you seem very angry and that's because you are being convicted and yes I agree you need alot of prayer try it and see what happens. Instead of spouting of what you think God can and can't do, try asking Him to reveal Himself to you and you may be surprised. The Gay movement in this country is all about money and people are the pawns in the whole thing. Networks and government will be all around it forever because there is alot of big bucks being passed around

          • Sam Raffield

            If God saw you being this self-righteous and ignorant, he'd be ashamed.

            You're going to have a rude awakening one day, but it doesn't matter. You're already in the minority. Most people have woken up and had good sense. They don't tolerate homophobia.

      • KenSterling

        That's the way Libs do it. . .

      • Guest

        There you go again, judging Phil Robertson as a moron. You say do not judge or you will be judged then you place judgments all over Phil Robertson again and again. I think that is called hypocrisy and Christians are not the only ones that can be hypocratic. I am sending you an award to print and fill in your personal information.

    • Mary

      Sam this man has a college degree. He, nor his sons are ignorant by any means. What degrees do you hold? By your comment, I'd say “none”.

      • Sam Raffield

        A college degree doesn't mean anything. He attended on a football scholarship at Louisiana Tech. That's hardly Harvard.

        And actually, I DO have a degree in Mass Media. The offshoot of which is that I'm well aware of how sad people like you are misinformed by the media.

        The fact that a guy like this DD Dick can get a college degree says a lot about the state of higher education in America.

        • DSNIPES

          Media, wow now that is depressing.

          • Sam Raffield

            Check out the paycheck I get every month, and you might change your mind.

      • ILM1

        Oh,because college educated people can't possibly be ignorant SOB's right? Have you taken a look at our government? Yeesh.

    • buddaman1260


      • Sam Raffield

        I am judging him; but at least I'm on the right side of history.

        • AJ

          “I am judging him; but at least I'm on the right side of history.”
          - Said every tyrant and dictator in history, ever.

          • Sam Raffield

            Yes. Pretty soon, you'll see my devious plans come to work. Slowly, but surely, I will amass an army of gay people and we will take over the world!

    • Kim Tardie

      Do you hear yourself????? You sound very self-righteous and bigoted when you make your comments about Phil being a “redneck with the IQ of the ducks that he hunts”. HE IS NOT A HOMOPHOBIC MAN…… Did you not read the same thing I have read in the GQ interview? He is not phobic about homosexuality at all. He loves and respects everyone regardless of their beliefs. He just doesn't see the logic in it and he doesn't prefer it so you think he should be punished for having an opinion???? Homosexuals and lesbians can talk all day about their beliefs and preferences, but let one Christian share what GOD'S WORD says on the subject and that person is a “hater” and “homophobic”. Give me a break. I believe the Bible, I'm a Christian and one of my best friends was gay. He went through very difficult times and we (my husband and I) were there for him as he had aids back in the late 90's. He came to me one day and told me that he had something to tell me and once he did then I probably would not want to have anything to do with him. He told me that he was gay and had aids. My initial response was “…..and?” Then I told him how sad it was to hear that he had aids and that we would be there to help him any way that we could. MANY Christians believe like this. They love everyone but they do not necessarily agree with everything that everyone believes in but they do not treat them with less respect or kindness. Phil would give the shirt off his back to help someone….. but then again….. that kindness doesn't require a high IQ, it only requires love for ones fellow human beings. Come on down off of your soap box Mr. Bigot. You only accuse Phil of doing exactly what you are doing. We see in others what is really in us. Think about it.

      • Sam Raffield

        Calling me a bigot? That's rich.

        He compared gays to terrorists. Your argument was invalid from the beginning, and like many Christians, you're blinding yourself to all the evidence that proves you wrong.

  • Homer

    I like how people take small excerpts from the Bible, twist up the words and meaning, then proclaim it as the truth and just my beliefs. Sorry but the passage you are quoting Phil – the whole context is about NOT judging others. Lumping homosexuals with terrorists is idiotic.

    Here is the TRUE quote from Corinthians:

    9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived: Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

    • Tacitus Igdome

      Uh,….Phil paraphrased correctly, your version and his say the exact same thing.

    • Mrs. White

      Leviticus 20:13 & 18:22
      Romans Chapter 1 verses 21 thru 28
      1 Corinthians Chapter 6
      James 2:10
      1 John 1:9
      If you need more just let me know THE HOLY BIBLE IS FULL OF ANSWERS FOR PEOPLE WHO “WANT” TO UNDERSTAND. King James Version.
      Phil Robertson speaks the truth, as with others like yourself, want to condemn what God has changed him to be. God bless!

    • Jen

      Really that's the “true” quote? You're quoting the King James Version of the bible. The New American Standard version says: 9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [a]effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

      Both versions are translations from the same Greek source. The question becomes which is a more accurate translation. Both translations used are taken from the Greek and the word in question is “arsenokoitai”. Arsenokoitai is a compound of the word referring to those offenders condemned in Leviticus 18:22. So, Leviticus 18:22 says: “You shall not lie [koiten] with a male [arsenos] as with a woman; it is an abomination”. So, the verb has been conjugated to function as a noun, and the object has been joined to the verb to form a new compound word.
      The example I have heard used is this: Imagine the Old Testament says : “It is unlawful to lay bricks” then the New Testament says “bricklayers are lawbreakers”. That is what happened here
      Phil was accurate in his interpretation of these verses.

    • Xristianxon Jamex

      What are you talking about Homer? You just cited “fornicators” (anyone committing a lifestyle of sex outside of hetrosexual marriage) and “effeminate” (gay/homosexual)….what a looney toon weirdo. Can we get some English understanding common sense folks on here? What a homer!

    • Kim Tardie

      Okay, so I did a little bit of research on what you are saying. You are looking at the King James Version. It clearly states in verse 9 that the effeminate or the abusers of themselves with mankind are a part of the list of those that will not inherit the Kingdom of heaven.

      Tacitus Igdome is totally right. What you quoted here is the same thing that Phil Robertson was saying.
      In this portion of this scripture:
      “abusers of themselves with mankind”
      This phrase is the translation of the word “arsenokoites” which literally means “one who lies with a male”, a “sodomite”. This also cross references 1 Timothy 1:8-10 that has a list of those that the law was written for. It was not for those that were living in obedience to God's word. Among the list we see sinners and them that defile themselves with mankind (translated as Sodomites who participated in homosexual and lesbian sexual acts).
      Thus, this proves that Phil Robertson DID NOT twist the words and the meaning of the scriptures. Phil has studied the Bible and original translations and so have I. You may want to do the same yourself. The Strong's Concordance refers to the original text of the scriptures and you can see exactly what they mean. It is quite surprising at times when you do this. Or, you can go about your life and ignore what I've proven here and hold to your erroneous accusation upon the followers of the Bible.

  • Greg H

    I was raised being taught the many quotes from the Bible. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and midnight snack consisted of religion. In the end, I've come to understand that the Bible is simply a symbolic representation of how people should treat others. I can't say I agree with it all. I also cannot agree with those who use it as a tool for hate and bigotry. Why would a Creator that teaches unconditional love reject anyone? I believe that those assumptions are a product of flexible thinking born from a book that anyone can interpret to suit their own beliefs. Live your life, don't hurt anyone, and treat everyone with kindness and respect. What more needs to be said?

    • Sam Raffield

      Perfectly said, Greg. Perfectly said.

      • Xristianxon Jamex

        That was a “bleeding heart” and emotional response…”Everybody is gooood…looooove, love, love…live and let live…nobody is bad…love everybody….” Ummm, he forgot about the part of this world being filled with dispair, crime, hate and destruction…oh yeah, and I guess you and him don't think even pedophiles, robbers, rapists should be judged either? If so, then where do you draw the line? 100 lies? Or you get one pass on a rape? Or as long as no raping or hurting kids you can get into heaven? What about all the lies, hurt you caused, wrongs you did that are JUST AS HEINOUS in God's eyes as a pedophile is to regular folk…remember He's perfectly holy. Use SOME of your brain and common sense and open your eyes and stop living in a fake utopia that does not exist.

        • Sam Raffield

          There's a huge difference between forcing a kid to have sex and having consensual sex between two adults.

          Go back with your Bible-thumping morons and enjoy being in the minority. Most people have woken up.

          • Cody

            And you can continue calling strangers morons but condemn another person for talking about something they believe in. You don't have to agree with what everyone says and everyone has their own opinion. Our country was built on freedom of speech. If your offended by what someone says DONT READ IT and dont watch his show. Just like liberals say “If you don't want abortion, don't get one”. Well if you don't like what Phil has to say, then don't watch his show. I'm guessing he isn't going to change his opinions based on what our messed up society says he should be saying.

    • Buzzard

      Why? Because the Creator designed sex to be with a man and a woman…homosexuality is “same” sex and that's not his design. It's not about love. Those who truly love according to God do what he says is right.

    • Xristianxon Jamex

      So, God should NOT reject child molestors, rapists, etc.? You seem to insinuate as long as people FOLLOW YOUR standard then God should not reject them…well, who are YOU to set the standard? Should all 7 billion folks in the world be able to set it or should we leave it up to God? Or maybe the world and truth should REVOLVE AROUND YOUR emotional outlook on this????
      (1) The fact is that we ALL have lied cheated stealed harmed and wronged someone and your sugarcoating it, in your soft, weird, utopia world doesn't change that. Have you ever got lied on? Hurts, huh? Imagine how a HOLY PERFECT God feels about lies….it's an abomination actually..he hates it and he CANNOT allow that in heaven. Why do you want heaven to be THE SAME AS THIS CORRUPT WORLD DOWN HERE? In God's plan to CLEAN UP the world, he has made a way to do so…he made a way for us to be in heaven, but it's the ONLY WAY THAT WORKS AND THAT ACTUALLY CLEANSES US FROM our sin, so that we can enter a sinless heaven….and MOST OF ALL have intimacy with HIM in an REAL WAY. It's NOT your “be nicey nice” philosophy either…a few good behaviors does NOT cleanse mans from sin. We need an supernatural savior to do that. And if you don't get the ONLY cleansing agent for your sin, then you can't get clean. That's it. And folsk who LOVE their sin, don't wanna get clean. And God won't allow their sin in a clean heaven but will put their sin in the garbage can of hell. He's righteous and holy. If you DON'T WANT his free gift then you don't have to have it…but it's a horrible place to go if you want to keep your seen and keep out of the sinless loving place.
      (2) TO ANSWER YOUR QUESION: God HAS to reject sin. He can't and won't accept it…EVEN IF YOU want him to.The universe doesn't revolve around you and your philosophy. And if you won't get the sin wiped off of you/cleanse, then he has to place the sin that you are attached to in the “garbage can”. But, the good news is you can get cleansed without doing anything but accepting God's gift of cleansing and accepting HIS HELP to turn away from those sins and live/abide in fellowship with him.

  • Mary

    I love and admire Phil for speaking out against sin. That's what Jesus did and instructed us to do. Whether we believe in God or not, we will all have to face him when Judgement Day comes and we will all bow down to him regardless of our beliefs. I'm sure the Robertsons don't care what A&E or anyone else thinks. They don't do the show for the money…they have plenty. They only want to get God's word out and they will do it regardless of where it is. I think the majority of people agree with them. Of course, there will.always be rebellion in the world, because the devil is running rampant.

    • CaptainFabulous

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  • CaptainFabulous

    I just hope Phil's camo ensembles aren't made from mixed fibers. Cause if they are he's going to Hell. Right there in the Bible. I mean, why anyone would want to wear clothes that are part cotton and part polyester is beyond me. Cotton is where it's at man. Don't fall for the lies and allure of polyester and its promises of being wrinkle-free and easy care. It's the devil's work! A Satanic fiber if I ever saw one!

    Hey, not that I'm judging him and his buddies for the clothes he wears, I'm just letting him know what the good Book says so he can get his wardrobe straightened out now before he winds up burning in Hell for all eternity. But nope, not judging!

    • Titfortat

      Tehehe :)

  • Mary

    Reading these comments tells me there are a lot of unhappy young people who weren't taught about the love of God…so sad.

    • Guest

      xD Then you're even more blind than you let on.

    • CaptainFabulous

      I know… so many old people who claim to speak of the teachings of Christ, but seem to forget the most basic tenet, “thou shalt not judge”. A shame really. So very sad.

      • Josh Koles

        yet you judge every single person who has views different than your own!

        • CaptainFabulous

          Absolutely not. I don't judge anyone. I don't tell anyone they are a sinner and are going to Hell. I personally don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, but I don't tell anyone they shouldn't. Neither do I tell them who they should or shouldn't have sex with. It's none of my business. Can you say the same? Didn't think so.

          But if you call me and my people names, attempt to denigrate us, belittle us, malign us, deny us our equal civil rights, or speak badly of us in any way, then yup, I'm gonna all up in your face about it. That's not judging, that's calling you out on your bullshit and defending myself and my people. Just as you are doing now as you and yours scramble in an attempt to justify Phil's homophobic and bigoted remarks by clutching your pearls, holding up your Bible as a shield, and screaming Jesus Christ at the top of your lungs.

          • Name

            Actually eariler you did tell somone they are a sinner and going to Hell. You can reread all of your past comments because I have. Just saying

          • CaptainFabulous

            It was sarcasm. You might have gotten it if you had even an ounce of humor or understood irony.

    • ILM1

      I was taught so much about God that it made me as certain as anything that it doesn't exist and that the Bible is a massively flawed piece of literature that people wrote the way they wanted it and to this day no one gets “right” and will use to exclude or include whatever they want. Talk about sad.

  • LF

    Considering the source, who cares?

  • April Scroggins

    You love the person….NOT the sin. The truth hurts sometimes & why go with the flow of main stream society? I have people in my family that are gay/lesibans, I love THEM with all my heart, I just don't love the sin~ its just like someone who commits murder….or adultery, or any other sin….you love the person, just don't have to love the sin they are committing…….

    • CaptainFabulous

      So being gay is like being a murderer or an adulterer? Got it. Thanks for that clarification April.

      But it's ok, I still love you even when you spit in the face of God every time you eat shellfish. Cause it's just like any other sin, like stealing and sex out of wedlock, y'know?

      • Josh Koles

        Where do you get this crap about eating certain foods or wearing certain cloths is a sin?? You need to update your education on the Bible dude. I get your butt hurt cause people don't go along with what you think is right so you take an extreme rebuttal on everyone here but that just shows how childish you are and throwing a temper tantrum doesn't help you at all!

        • CaptainFabulous

          Leviticus 19:19
          “Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

          Leviticus 11:9-12
          “9 These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.

          10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

          11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.

          12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.”

          Hmmm… maybe YOU should update your education on the Bible DUDE. Cause there it is in black and white. No mixed fabrics, no shellfish.

          And no, I'm not butt hurt. I use plenty of lube.

          • Christian

            I believe what Phil Robertson said and taking him off the show is a big mistake. Read the Bible and you would agree with Phil. When you are a Christian you need to take a stand for Jesus Christ our savior. So get on the bandwagon !!!!!

      • THE

        I just read these comments for a few moments….. All of you sound childish!!! Believe what you want and stop worrying so much about what others think!!!

  • Pam

    Phil has every right to speak the word of God. He only spoke the truth. Sinners do not want to hear they are not going to Heaven. There are too many signs for Christ return and people are ignoring them. They are afraid to know that Hell is real. If someone wants to be saved, turn to Christ.

  • Jon4464

    It must be nice to be able to have all the sex you want when you are young and then once you have gotten it all out of your system you renounce it and “find god”. I always love hearing this stories. People have all the fun they want when they are young but then “find god” and magically everything they did in the past is forgotten. Kind of like how people cheat on their wives weekly but its ok because they go to mass on sunday and repent their sins only to commit the same sins the next week. I'm not even that religious but I love the irony. I don't even believe that homosexuality is a sin but if it is, according to Phil Robertson, his pre-marital sex in his younger years makes him just as much of a deviant as the so called homosexuals. Oh the hypocrisy of so many christians.

    • Steve Niemyer

      All Christians are sinners-it is a fundamental principle of the religion. They believe Jesus died for their sins. Sins they have committed in the past are forgiven not forgotten-big difference. If you read the article in GQ he is not condemning homosexuals he is just explaining his interpretation of the bible and how they are sinners and no different than a drunk or a terrorist. He is also praying for them. Phil Robertson would be the first to agree with your statement that his sin (pre-martial sex) is just as bad. This only made frontline news because he is on one of the top shows on television and because in this day and age it is not cool to disagree with the LGBT community-which many people who live outside the West and East Coast still do.

      • DSNIPES

        Well said and thank you for helping yet another Christian basher understand where they always go wrong and how to go right…DS

        • Kim Tardie

          Hopefully he is. :)

    • telltruth

      the problem is u don't know Jesus or believe in GOD… So u have no rules about the way u should live your life …so what do u believe in

    • Meg

      Jon, the difference is that he no longer participates in that behavior. Has nothing to do with being young or old, but realizing that your lifestyle is destructive and having the desire to change. There is nothing hypocritical about that. It happens to a lot of people, some sooner than later. That is where forgiveness comes into the picture. A second chance is available to all, not just a select few.

      • SeppiChicago

        So as long as you repent, you can talk shit about other people. Good to know.

        • Buba Boyer

          typical Shitcago-an

          • SeppiChicago

            And Jesus said “Insult their city if you have no answer”. And he's a Bears fan, too, so good luck with that, Buba.

        • Meg

          I don't recall anything other than stating what it says in the Bible. Of course, to a progressive I guess that would be talking s— about other people. Each person is entitled to their own beliefs. It is okay to stuff the gay agenda down the throats of others, but don't dare complain about it is what you are inferring. And, as I said before, true repentance is evidenced by a change of lifestyle.

          • SeppiChicago

            Just when I thought this dumb conversation was over, Meg traipses by days later to revive this shit. Ok, fine. Coupla things I'd like to throw atcha, Meg and let it stew. I don't expect it to get through, but what the hell:

            Nothings being shoved down your throat. You are free to like, view, be a part of, dislike, ignore any part of the American experience. You can even complain about it. And you do. A lot.

            It was shit-talk. He knew it, we know it and it's obvious to any reasonable person, not just ” a progressive”. Let's not play stupid because it suits you.

            Telling a person to repent their lifestyle to anyone not completely indoctrinated to the Christian belief system is about as silly as me twirling a wizard cape, waving my magic wand at you and enchanting a death spell and expecting you to keel over. It's a little embarrassing.

            You have the right to your beliefs. You have the right to shove gays to the front of the sin line to score brownie points with the almighty. I have a right to call you on it and believe it's crass, opportunistic and ugly.

            Happy Holidays

          • Meg

            Learn to comprehend what you read instead of twisting words to suit yourself. You are the one to mention repent. Read your first post. Typical liberal, can't understand anything so you attack. Put on your wizard cape and use your wand on yourself.

          • SeppiChicago

            I read you fine, lady. No twisting needed. Go bury your head in the bible and always think you're right. As a typical liberal, i have an abortion later, so i gotta go. I was right about my post bouncing off your head like rubber dime.

    • Xristianxon Jamex

      Hey JUDGMENTAL HAUGHTY ARROGANT, SELF-RIGHTEOUS FAKE PHONY! What an assinine statement. You obviously don't pay attention to anything in the real world and play stupid, family law attorney like spin doctor games. I'll help out your 3rd grade level stupidity….and I will goooo slooooow soooooo youuuuu cannnnn folloowwwwww….
      (1) You take the INTELLECTUAL PUNK COWARD position that many christian-hating fake phony haters do…cite the fact that there are hypocrites in the world and ignore the reality of God, His standard and reach out and point to someone else (just like a 2 year old who took a cookie and says, “Look at Johnny, he did it too”–well, what about YOU? So, what if there's hypocrites in the world…that's a copout for cowards who don't care about finding out the truth).
      (2) There are folks who “get right” or “repent” or “find God” later on in life, BUT THERE ARE FOLKS WHO have been faithful to him most of their lives–NOW THEN what is your point, idiot?
      (3) 100% of people are sinners, jacked up, trip out…God says sin starts in the heart, so the adulterer who lusts in their heart has THE SAME problem as the one who carries it out…we ALL need to get CLEANED UP….God wishes everyone did it early on in life, but he is patient enough to wait.
      (4) JUST LIKE A PARENT who waits and hopes and longs for their drug addict or run away child to get sober or come home, you don't GIVE UP on them the 1st day they trip…if they are on drugs or run away for 10 years and get clean or come back YOU STILL WELCOME THEM (or maybe you're a callous, non-parent or sociopath who doesn't even have a conscience and can't fathom this).
      (5) The Bible does NOT condone being fake (or cowardly like you are being on here)…Jeus said, “go and sin no more” that was the goal..the ideal…to REPENT and turn around and change…but that comes from coming to God and getting His clensing from sin and accessing His help to change. It's not about PERFORMING 100% as a Christian as it is going back to teh life source and getting right and getting more andmore whole every day and transforming your heart by GOING TO HIM and getting his strength to do so.
      So, if you're a dumb hypocrite looking for some perfection and you'll criticize Christians until you find a perfect one, get over yourself and your debate tricks. We are ALL JACKED UP and need a Savior…he's so powerful, he can wipe all our sins, but he also empowers us to choose to change and it's a process. If you're dumb enough to ATTACK folks WHILE IN THAT PROCESS of growth/change, then you just DON'T WANNA GET IT.
      The REAL BAD hypocrites are the INTENTIONALLY SELF-RIGHTEOUS ones who think that they are RIGHT on their own without God and their performance, church attendance or virginity or track record of no adultery makes them right. No. Again, we are ALL JACKED UP…some are A LITTLE more moral than others, but compared to God we are all light years below his standard…so we need HIS cleansing, then we are right…then we can live right. Those who stumble alot but who have a heart wanting to please him and still working on it, God sees that and is willing to work with that. Those who pretend to be right without God are the hypocrites that Jesus blasted…those who had HORRIBLE sins, but CAME TO THEIR SENSES and realized the ONLY TRUE way of getting your sins truly CLEANSED (by the one who Created life)…those types of folks, God is willing to work with. Glad you are there to be a dogwatch over everyone's behavior in the world so you can call them hypocrite, bash them in order so you can cowardly ignore the fact that you're jacked just like the rest of us and need a savior.

      • Keith B

        You're sinning now.

      • 20ozSoda


    • Kim Tardie

      If you know Phil Robertson's story you would know that when he was growing up he had no knowledge and no teaching whatsoever about the Bible. When he first heard of the hope that comes from the gospel is when he chose to repent (turn away, go in the opposite direction, have remorse over doing something wrong). Christians are not perfect but they are forgiven when they repent of their sins. There is are memories of ones past sins, that does not go away. Just because they live in sin, then repent & turn away from sin does not make them hypocrites. A hypocrite would be one that claims they are a Christian and have repented of a particular sin but, they continue to do what they said they have repented of. They are not hypocrites because they once did what they are now calling sinful. To sin, then go to mass on Sunday, then continue to do the same behavior IS NOT repentance so you can drop your irony. When you truly understand why a Christian does what they do you might think a little differently….. Hopefully. Your depiction as stated here is not reflective of true Christianity.

    • Wanderdust

      if you accepted Christ from an early age than you were spared a lot of that (ie out of wedlock sex, drugs, etc) , but even so the Bible says even thinking wrong thoughts (like lust is the same as adultery and a hateful thought or word is the same as murder) are enough to make us fall short of God's glory and perfection. so Christians are sinners saved by grace– Jesus’ perfection (and the help he gives us to follow after him in his steps) is available to all who humbly accept it and acknowledge they have fallen short and broken God's holy laws of love. this is what the gospel of grace is all about. this is why it is amazingly good news.

    • PurpleHeadedWarrior

      I bet he's never fucked another man in the ass though!! LOL!!

    • lea

      I wish you understood forgiveness and the grace of God. If you ever talked to any of these people, they would tell you that they would give anything if they could erase that part of their lives. It causes so much pain and destroys relationships. If Phil and Kay had not met the Lord, they would have just been another statistic. Believe me, they thank Him evey day for the change that he has brought to their lives.

    • a1229

      I believe there are some people who consider themselves Christians that are hypocritical. You are correct in saying it isn't okay to continue in sin and continually ask for forgiveness of the same sin. This is not true repentance. Repentance is turning away from your sin and making the decision to stay away from it. Once a person becomes a Christian he or she should strive to live right. Phil wasn't a Christian in his younger years. He was not saved until after he was married and had some of his children. After he was taught the gospel of Christ, he made the decision to turn away from living in constant sin. Now, when a person is saved, a person can still sin. But it is making the constant decision to TRY to do what is right and follow God and his word the best we can that makes the difference. At the point a person is saved all previous sins are forgiven and future sins are covered by the blood of Christ if we but ask.

  • SeppiChicago

    Dude from Duck Dynasty was singing the praises of Jesus Christ. Haha, no he wasn't, he was being a fucking ugly example of bigotry and using Christianity to justify it. I checked to see how Jesus felt about that and it was just a long, bored, slow golf clap. Looked kinda sarcastic?

    • bennny57

      nice choice of words (sarcasm)

      • SeppiChicago


  • Jon4464

    For all of those who are speaking the “words of the bible” you should give For the Bible Tells Me So a listen. It is a documentary that has theologists from Harvard, as well as other experts, interpreting the bible according to its context and its meaning from the time period of which it was written. It is a very thoroughly researched and well thought out documentary. For instance, when one verse said homosexuality is an abomination, it also said in the same verse that eating fish is an abomination. According to theologists all that was meant was that during the time period those things were considered taboo not necessarily a sin. The documentary made a good point that the bible was never meant to be taken literally verse by verse and that a lot of things are misconstrued because of literal interpretations and not considering the context.

    • ibwonderful

      Nice try, but the Bible is God breathed and has and will remain the most popular book ever written/sold. There are more copies of the Bible circulating the earth than any other. No other book comes close.

      Only God can determine what is a sin. It is up to us to love each other regardless of what we do, and allow Him to be the final judge.

      I can assure you that your “For the Bible Tells Me So” argument won't float on Judgement Day. Taking the Bible out of context is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

      Hopefully you will someday understand and we will see you on the other side.

      Another point that I feel is important to make is as follows: Who do you suppose people are praying too when a plane they are aboard is falling from the sky, or they are in a real life threatening situation? Both Believers and those who don't are not saying “Oh Buddha, please save me!!”. We all know they are crying out to God to save them. I personally wonder how many people that were on the plane that crashed in the Hudson promised God they would change completely if he would only save them. Well, he did, and how many kept their promises?

      God is called upon in all kind of emergencies, but like the police, are disliked until you need them to bail you out. Then, they are your best buds.

      There is only one true Word, and only one true destination. I look forward to seeing all of those who have gone on before. It surely makes the death of loved ones so much easier to tolerate when I know they will be waiting for me.

      Thanks Phil for your heartfelt honesty.

      • Guest

        First of all, what you just said about people not saying “oh buddha, please save me” was offensive. You honestly calling yourself a Christian and putting down other religions. What is wrong with you? For your information by the way, I believe in God and I'm buddhist.

        • ibwonderful

          You know exactly what I meant. When the chips are down, people who are staring death in the eye don't cry out to Buddha (used as an example), they cry out to God.

          You know full well I was not “..putting down other religions”. Again, we have a case of picking and choosing context based responses. Please read and understand the entire post. Thanks..

  • useeknfind

    Doesn't Phil Robertson understand that there's no room in Hollywood for rugged individualism, for people with different points of view? How dare he question its lockstep mentality? Aren't we all supposed to wear the same uniform, part our hair on the same side, and lip-sync the same pc gibberish lest someone suspect that we're actually someone with a distinctly independent viewpoint?

    • bchaff79

      oh he understand he also understands that God is his master and could care less what anyone else thinks

    • FedUp

      Exactly….Oh and your point of view better be in favor of gay rights or you will be black balled!

  • Im sick of idiots

    The duck dynasty, the characters and the fans really need to get a life. Who the hell cares what any of them think.

    • bennny57

      don't watch the show

  • ibwonderful

    Got to love a man who speaks his mind and speaks the truth. “Sam” who is continually posting today on this subject states he grew up with the Bible. The Bible does preach love. It also gives us guidelines to live by, and while I agree with Mr. Robertson that it's not my place to judge others, the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin.

    So many people here are stating how they “love” certain aspects of Mr. Robertson's life, such as having all the sex you want and then accepting Christianity as his salvation. That is exactly how God works. He will forgive and accept anyone who truly opens their heart to him.

    Please don't treat the Bible like it's a buffet lunch that you can pick and choose from. There is nothing in the Bible that says being gay is OK. The Bible does, however, clearly direct us to love others regardless of what they do. The judging will come in due time, and be done by God, not us.

    Say what you want today, but when you stand before the Almighty, you will surely be singing a different tune.

    Hopefully those of you who disagree will avoid attacking this poster and stick to the subject. I would be very curious to read the chapter that supports your view that homosexuality is not a sin. I don't want a verse, but the story that goes with it to clarify your position, even if it's and entire chapter or Book from the Bible.

    Thank you.

    • KenSterling

      He didn't have all the sex he wanted. He and his wife have been together since high school and although he admits that he strayed a coupla times, she has obviously forgiven him. I see them as ‘GoodPeople', even if they're a little over the top with their religious beliefs ! ! !
      I'd take them as neighbors over the 2 gay guys that were my next door neighbors, always complaining about something and demanding their rights over everyone else's on our street.

      • ibwonderful

        I was simply paraphrasing what others were writing about Phil. There are several posts about him having “all the sex he wanted”…etc. I agree with you completely…

        • KenSterling

          Sorry IB …..I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was just posting my thoughts and didn't intend for it to be in response to yours.
          I'm new at this !

          • ibwonderful

            No worries!! I understood and have no problem with what you wrote. Thanks for taking a stand for what's right, and Merry Christmas! (yup, I meant to say MC!!) Have a good one….

          • Susan Campbell

            hey, guys!! loved what you both wrote……just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both!!

          • ibwonderful

            Thanks, and the same to you and your family. Merry Christmas…

          • Monday'sRevenge

            Oh boy!!! I think my computer is going to blow up with all this non-PC Merry Christmasing (is that a word) and just to make sure it blows up MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy early Easter.

          • KenSterling

            And a very Merry Christmas to all you all too !!!

      • CaptainFabulous

        So Phil is an adulterer who is going to spend an eternity in Hell. Good to know. I guess I'll see him there someday and we'll have a very warm beer.

        • KenSterling

          I'll join y'all, but I like mine cold !

        • DSNIPES

          wow, I take it by your own verbal abuse you do not believe in forgiveness, sad, really sad.

          • sinead9191

            I will agree with you –to an extent. As a practicing, conservative Catholic, I believe in any of our sins being forgiven, but there is a huge promise we also are required to make in our resolution to avoid the near occasion of sin — and, we vow to not repeat the commission of the sin. Think that'll work with the alternative lifestyles OR the adulterer lifestyles?

        • ron avery

          we are all gods children and we are all sinners according tom the bible jesus said at a public stoning of a woman let the man without sin cast the first stone GUESS WHAT

          • Blondie

            Yes, he taught us about forgiveness and the greatest commandment, “LOVE”. Also that we are sinners and what will happen if we sin and not ask forgiveness.

          • RT

            The bible says God created woman for man PERIOD
            Leviticus says a man shall not lie with another man.
            While God does love the sinner he hates the sin.
            homosexuality is now and forever a sin- Phil was punished
            for telling the truth -

          • LG


        • lou

          Do u even know the first thing of Christianity?? All of us are sinners and deserve hell. Its trusting in Christ and accepting his salvation that will save us from hell

          • Dave

            @LOU…REALLY…is that what Jesus said ..??? I remember Him saying “When you ask the Father for forgiveness…you'll get it…IF …” and you can read the rest on your own, if you want to…
            ……” obey my commands ” is HIS words…

        • Bill_Ingram

          Really, you should try reading the Bible some time. The Gospel, the good news is that Jesus died for everyone, because we are all sinners. The catch is that to escape the fires of hell one has to claim Jesus Christ as their savior, obey God's commands and ask for forgiveness of their sins. Phil has done all of the above so even if he committed adultery in the past but has repented and asked for forgiveness then he won't be joining you for that warm beer. Come to think of it, I hope that you don't end up seeing anyone hell either.

          • 20ozSoda


          • CaptainFabulous

            I have read the Bible. And I don't need a 2000 year old book to tell me how I should live my life. I'm very comfortable with who I am. I treat others with respect. I treat myself with respect. I live my life to the fullest in every way I know how, and I will stand up for myself and my brothers till my dying breath. I am loving and compassionate, yet fierce and loyal.

            And if that makes God angry and He deems me not worthy of Heaven, well then so be it. I am always true to my heart and try to be the best man I know how to be, and I won't change any of it because an old book says otherwise. God gave me a wise mind and a hearty soul and I will do what each tells me long before I do what's written in an old book.

            You know what I learned from reading the Bible? That Jesus teaches us to love one another. To stand by each other. To not be evil, and to squash evil whenever and wherever we see it. To not judge or hate others, even when they are very different from ourselves and we don't understand them. To fight injustice, to tend to the sick, poor, and needy, and defend each other from the evils that some men would do to us. Those are the teaching of Jesus Christ. All this other nonsense; all this cherry-picking of half sentences of scripture; it's all meaningless unless you fully believe the heart of it. And I don't think many of the people here do. They have blackness and hatred in their hearts and they use the Bible as both a sword and shield to justify their hatred. They are the ones that need to read the Bible again, see the big picture, and not get hung up on meaningless phrases from a time when life on Earth was very different than today.

            There. I have spoken my peace. And now I am done.

          • Spider

            Captain Fab… You are not far from the Kingdom.

          • SeppiChicago

            This is a heaping pile of nonsense. If you are brave enough to have an OPINION then you need to be brave enough to argue your case when people disagree. Stop being a wimp, it's beneath you.

          • David

            May God forgive you for not know what youre saying The devil is using your tongue now I can see that

          • Douglas Davis


          • Douglas Davis

            God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve…

          • Beliver in God…

            My thoughts are as a Christian person..to think logically on what Douglas said..for those non-believers..tell me this. on a moment for thought…if being homosexual is right then why is it that when two men or two women lay together they CAN'T reproduce..so even on a logical thought it is just plain wrong..it doesn't make sense..for two people of the same sex to be together like that..as far as being a choice or born that way..I think it is the devil twisting the mind of that individual..in other words..it's the devils lies..telling them it's OK..the word of GOD and truth will stand when nothing else will..The homosexuals and the atheist have more rights then Christians..Where is our rights..what harm does it do for our children to bow their heads and say a silent prayer before they eat..who is that hurting..Where is our RIGHTS..If we are expected to respect the rights of homosexuals and atheist then they should respect OURS!!! Well said Douglas…I'm sure we will be slaughtered for standing our ground.

          • Sunshine

            Homosexuals and atheist are two very separate things. Why would you link them together as synonyms? One has nothing to do with the other. And homosexuals do not take any rights away from anyone. Are you kidding?

          • Linda King

            I would rather be slaughtered by man then have God think in anyway that I remotely believe that two men are to be together. Amazing what people don't see right in front of there face. The Word of God. Unreal.

          • CDB

            Exactly!!!!!! But here's the deal. A&E and the magazine are in cahoots in my opinion. The network has wanted Phil off the show for sometime now. Phil is 1 of 2 people on the show that will speak up and defend what they have to say no matter the consequences, and that scares the HELL out of most. In short, A&E is flat out AFRAID of Phil and other people like him (because he speaks his mind or the truth. However you see it.) as are most people, organizations, and or companies. I'm not attacking guy or bible here because that's not the real issue. Real issue is that this is a free country and he/we can, will, and should speak up and out again or for what we believe. For those who have forgotten this “WAKE THE HE'LL UP!!!!!!!” Thanks.

          • josh2josh21

            Hi Captain Fabulous. Love the name.:) Just have a question you said that what you learned from reading the bible was to not judge or hate others. Where did Phil Robertson in his statement judge anyone? Reason I ask was me, and my daughter were talking on the way home from school about judgement today, and the definition of sorts came up about judgement. I personally don't believe that saying something someone does is wrong is judging them. I believe that when you judge someone you are passing a sentence of sorts on them. Like take the civil rights laws know as Jim Crowe laws that made African Americans second class citizens, or when the Nazi's made Jews second class citizens and then no citizens, and eventually killed them. Jim Crowe and the Nazi's “judged” a group of people to be less than them, and therefore treated them as such with laws. That was wrong, but I don't believe saying that homesexuality is a sin is wrong. I do believe that not allowing homesexuals the same rights as someone who isn't homosexual is giving them second class citizen status. I don't believe you can legislate morality.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Interesting point, and thanks for responding. But I'm not in total agreement with you. I think the very act of classifying an entire class of people as “sinners” is pretty derogatory and judgemental, as if those people's sum totality and worth as human beings boil down to who they sleep with and nothing more. And all that based upon one or two cherry-picked passages from the Bible; passages that have been proven to not have existed in the Bible prior to the 1200s (so saying they are the words of God is a dubious statement at best; a flat out lie at worst).

            Now you can say you don't agree with homosexuality. You can say you don't approve of it and that you don't understand it or like it. But when you place a derogatory label upon it, then yes, you have passed judgement, regardless of whether you believe you have or not. I mean, in some contexts we're all sinners to one degree or another, so perhaps in that way you don't see it as such a big deal. But it is indeed the context that matters. He didn't single out unwed mothers, or prostitutes, or adulterers, or those who eat shellfish, or those who wear mixed fabrics — all of whom by Biblical right are sinners. No, he chose that specific label and applied it to us, homosexuals, as a clear and obvious put-down. To clearly denote that we were less than our heterosexual brethren who sin absolutely no less than we do. And to me that's no different than Jim Crowe and the Nazis. Because once you demonize an entire group of people it becomes very easy to see them as “less than”, and that much easier to act against them and treat them as 2nd class citizens.

            And as if that wasn't bad enough he just had to go with same old tired “slippery slope” bit that homosexuality leads to bestiality. Really? Aren't we over and done with that nonsense yet? Are we really supposed to just sit back and accept that as an ok connotation and comparison? No. I don't think so. I am not a farm animal. My lover is not a farm animal, and I WILL NOT be likened to one so long as I draw breath.

            Yes, I do believe you can legislate morality, as morality changes and fluctuates with societal evolution. I mean, The Old Testament clearly states that adulterers are to be stoned to death. The New Testament, not so much. Sodomy was once considered an immoral act and illegal in most of the country. Again, not so much today. We once believed that slavery was moral and just. Not anymore. You cannot force people to believe something is moral and just, but you most certainly can legislate it. And this ties into the separation of Church and State. I mean, even within Christianity there are fluctuating morals amongst different denominations, each of which have their own rules and regulations as to what is and is not permitted. So of course the secular world is going to have it as well.

          • sinead9191

            Although you have stated your position clearly and cogently and, I admit, persuasively, I must offer a different “take” on the issue. While I have several close friends who are gay/lesbian (one, I believe by choice, the other, possibly genetically assigned — I have yet to be scientifically convinced), they have never exploited their “gayness,” as I have never overtly expressed my heterosexuality – hence, our close friendships, which are based on mutual interests and ideas, rather than lifestyles. In fact, they are somewhat embarrassed by the blatant attempts to force their lifestyle down the throats of an overwhelmingly heterosexual society. Although I am a practicing, conservative Catholic, in my years of parochial school, I have always been taught not to judge, but to love and pray for those with whom you don't agree. As you state, God is the final arbiter. However, do my grandchildren REALLY need to know about sexual preferences in kindergarten — or even sixth grade? I believe a classroom is intended to learn mathematical equations, scientific wonders, geographical discoveries — NOT alternative lifestyles. My sons and daughters have dealt with these issues with their children and, one in particular, had to explain why a boy chose to wear dresses to school. His problem, and mine, is the boy's insistence in using the girl's restroom! THIS is where the lines need to be drawn! Our State legislature has just introduced a bill giving these “indefinite gender” students the right to use whatever restroom makes them “feel comfortable.” Excuse Me? In this instance, my sympathies are with Phil — and the biblical references cited to argue which side God prefers. While I will not judge those who prefer the gay/lesbian lifestyle, I will vigorously object to having that alternative crammed down the throats of my grandchildren! The power of this miniscule minority has exceeded the limits of decency, and we need to take a stand! Phil spoke from his heart, and we need to support his right to do so. It's NOT vile; it's his honest opinion, based on his faith!

          • CaptainFabulous

            “While I will not judge those who prefer the gay/lesbian lifestyle…”

            See, the problem is you just did. No one is cramming anyone's lifestyle down your throat. What you are reacting to is that we are finally now visible, where we were once invisible. Seeing us, reacting with us, explaining us to your children (“some kids are just born different honey, but inside they are just the same as you and me and deserve to be treated just like everyone else…with respect”) frightens and upsets you. This is not us cramming anything down your throat. This is us being us without having to hide who we are. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but that's YOUR problem, not ours, and I'm betting there were quite a few racists who thought the same thing 50+ years ago when their schools were suddenly flooded with African-American children they too deemed disgusting and distasteful, and despised having them and their alternative lifestyles crammed down the throats of their grandchildren (most of whom, btw, turned out just fine).

            On the upside, just as that chapter in our history has passed, so too shall this one. The question is which side will you be on, the right side or the wrong one? Rhetorical, as you've already shown which side you're on, and let's just say it's not the right one.

          • JAFO4today

            Please stop bringing natural science, as in Black Americans into a discussion based on behavior. It really doesn't pass the logic, nature, moral, and mathematical test. But you may use it to discuss religion since it is a behavior. And I see you guys continue to mention peace and love but then regress to that human trait of “sides”. Who's the person believing their view and practice is superior to others now. Hmmmmm……

          • CaptainFabulous

            Homosexuality is just as much a state of being as the color of one's skin. One is born homosexual. It is not a choice. This is not speculation, this has been scientifically proven over and over again. So to believe anything else is foolish. One cannot change being gay any more than one can change being Black. Oh, you might marry a woman and delude yourself into thinking you're straight, just like an African-American can get plastic surgery and lighten their hair and skin to appear more white, but doing so does not make it so. It's just a big fat lie.

          • themostforevereternity

            If you want to believe in that lie, so be it. Get me proof that there is a gay gene.

          • smokey685

            You are correct, there is no gay gene. The scientist who came up with the theory even recanted and said there is no link. God would not create any man or woman who had to live in a sinful situation. He gave man free will to make his own choices.

          • aeweidman

            prove to me that there isn't.

          • rush

            being gay is sinful and its in the bible

          • CaptainFabulous

            As of yet scientists have not found a gay gene. But what they have found is that homosexuality occurs developmentally in-vitro, meaning, yes, you are indeed born that way. It's not genetic (at least not so far as they've been able to tell), but genes are not the end-all-be-all of how a fetus develops. It also seems to be a rather complicated confluence of events that can differ from person to person, so while the exact cause is unknown they do know, without a doubt, that it begins in the womb.

            The literature is out there for anyone that wants to read it. I have no reason to lie. I know who and what I am, and I know I've been this way my entire life for as long as I can remember. It's quite presumptuous for someone else to wander along and tell me it's a lie, insinuating I do not know what's in my own heart and mind. Please. Don't try and insult me in such a manner.

          • Psych213

            I would love to know what scientifical evidence there is to prove there is without a doubt a “gay gene”? Who was the doctor of such evidence? Where was this study founded? How many people were involved in the study? What is the validity of the study?

          • CaptainFabulous

            There is no gay gene, at least not that been found yet. But there is clear scientific evidence that homosexuality is a developmental process that happens in the womb. There have been many studies. Do a little Googing and see for yourself. The proof is there for anyone willing to look for it.

          • mark

            really?? wow ignorance is running rampant today

          • amy

            Can you show me this scientific proof? Also, as scientists will tell you, we don't PROVE anything. We merely strengthen theories.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Can you show me the scientific proof that we're NOT born gay?

          • Joseph G Watson

            try to remain silent and be thought a fool

          • SeerofRage

            FINALLY, Gay people have a Superman

          • themostforevereternity

            You are not born gay honey,,, there is no gay gene. And perverseness has been around since Sodom and Gomorrah. So you have always been visible to God. You can't hide your disgusting life from God. Your sin will be shouted from the rooftops.

          • Sunshine

            You should be ashamed of yourself!

          • Joseph G Watson

            themost judge not lest you be judged. forgive us AS as we forgive others.

          • themostforevereternity

            So sorry that you do not have the means to judge between good and evil, right or wrong.

          • themostforevereternity

            Hit a soft spot huh? lol

          • aeweidman

            how would you know? or is that in your twisted bible as well , or has Pat Robertson told you so. Please if you have no children , save us and don't have any, if you have children they should be removed from your contaminated teachings.

          • Joseph G Watson

            Who made you JUDGE for this generation live the best life you can and judge not lest you be judged read the lord's prayer.

          • themostforevereternity

            You need to read the word, and understand not by your own measure, but by God's. Oh and that is not the Lord's prayer. lol

          • themostforevereternity

            I have two very wonderful boys, raised with the Word of God, I also have two grandsons and a granddaughter. God bless. My boys know right from wrong, obviously you do not. So if you have kids I will pray for them.

          • caramia

            Seriously….you believe this??? Check into the research that has been done regarding testosterone and hormone levels in gay men and women. I have a feeling that even with proof, you would be as judgmental as you are now. I had a cousin who was gay from the day he was born – even as an extremely young boy, he loved to play dress-up and house and all the “girlie” things. No one pushed him to be that way – that's how he came out of the womb!!!

          • AlvinAmbers

            You're extrapolating conclusions not at all in evidence. Just because someone appeared a certain way as a YOUNG BOY does NOT equate to them having been born that way. Those are simple facts according to what can and can not be documented.

          • zach

            your not born gay its a choice. Its logically impossible because gay people can't have their own children. Therefore gay genes cannot be spread. Caramia you need to do a little more research and stop letting your cousin dress up like a girl.

          • SeerofRage

            There are surgeries for that, my dear….
            there are surgeries..

          • amy

            There really is no such thing as “girly” things. By perpetuating gender stereotypes, YOU are part of the problem. Children are naturally gender-fluid, that doesn't mean they're gay. Damn, take a child development course.

          • cordee

            Would girl-like preferences be more suitable?

          • Joseph G Watson

            not true no proof scientific or otherwise.

          • themostforevereternity

            That happens when there is no father figure around to help him be a boy. You can believe a lie if you want to. Jesus wins in the end.

          • Jordon

            Wow, that was really unnecessary…

          • themostforevereternity

            Truth does hurt!

          • Cman

            How can you say someone else has a “disgusting life?” We all sin and sin is equal in the eyes of god so your proving nothing but your ignorance. Did you forget you are sinful as well?

          • SeerofRage

            Everyone, attention… this man thinks Homosexuality is a choice .c. as a great comedian once said…
            “Men hate women and women hate men… so, God doesn't HATE the gays, he's just mad they've found a loophole!”

          • Beth

            So….. we're only on the “right side” if we are on your side?

          • CaptainFabulous

            Well there is always a right side and wrong side. When it came to African-American civil rights the wrong side believed it was ok to have slaves, they were 2nd class citizens that should be segregated, and that it's ok to deny them housing, jobs, or an education based solely upon the color of their skin. And then there was the right side that believed all of that was morally and ethically wrong, and that African-Americans are people just like any others, who deserved to be treated exactly the same and were entitled to the exact same rights.

            This situation is no different. If you believe gays and lesbians to be 2nd class citizens who are not entitled to the same rights the privileges as everyone else, then you are on the wrong side. It's that simple.

          • amy

            The thing is.. Phil didn't say that. In fact, he said the opposite. I will say the same: LGBTQ people are just that.. people. They should have the same rights, but I will also say that they are dead wrong. It is a sin. And just because you don't agree with someone's lifestyle doesn't mean you hate them or are afraid of them.

          • CaptainFabulous

            He also likened homosexuality to bestiality and us to terrorists and murderers. But y'know, love the sinner, not the sin. So long as you add that last bit you can insult them in any way you want, amirite?

          • Sheila Christian

            visible and sickening too. go back to your closet

          • April

            And, yes, it is being shoved down our throats. If a straight person speaks the truth about homosexuality then they are suspended, banned, and called racist, etc. I love all people and believe there is something beautiful about everyone. But the way to heaven is straight and narrow and few will inherit the kingdom of heaven. God created all people equal no matter the color. So for you to use segregation as an example to homosexuality is wrong. Nowhere in the bible does it state that someone is a sinner because of skin color. That was stupidity on the people’s part. However, the bible is very specific on who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. The bible may be old but it is constant. Just because society changes, God does not. Phil simply answered a question honestly about homosexuality and now he is being punished for it. It all comes down to the bible fulfilling itself. Blessed are those who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matt. 5:10. AND Whoever will be ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man also will be ashamed of him, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. Mark 8:38 and Luke 9:26. So hats off to Phil and every other person who stands up with God!!

          • Sunshine

            How can anyone REALLY feel as if God is picking a side. I am so tired of everyone using the ‘religion card'! God loves everyone and we are all his children. I hate when I hear people say someone is gong to hell. I believe God forgives us all…. if we are truly sorry. Being gay/lesbian isn't even an issue.

          • Beth

            You are right, God does love everyone and we are all his children, but whether we like it or not! God has given us rules to live by. You can not pick and choose (well actually you can but be willing to suffer the consequences). The bible specifically states you can not murder, you can not steal, you can not lie, you can not commit adultery, you are not to drink to get drunk, etc.. God DOES NOT condone homosexuality. In fact it is condemned at least 11 times in both the old and new testament. Now, by me saying that, does that mean that I hate everyone who has ever committed those sins? No, it does not mean that. I am giving you information, what you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you. But don't hate the messenger. I tell you these things because I love you. I'm NOT bashing you. We are all sinners in God's eyes. Romans 3:10 “There is no one righteous, not even one;. And folks, that means that we are all wretched to God. But because Jesus shed his blood on the cross for us we may all be forgiven. But you have to admit that you are a sinner!, you have to ask for forgiveness! and you have to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! There is no other way to get to Heaven. Cuz’ news flash, if you don't, you won't go to Heaven. That's not a judgment call on my part, that just is the way it is. And wouldn't you want that information on this side of Heaven, while you still have time to get it right than to wait until after you die and be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity?!

          • JAFO4today

            It's quite simple politically speaking that is. when approximately 5% of the U.S. population are deemed unimportant and too small a factor to get in the way of a president's lie so that he may bestow his legacy on the masses by making them pay higher premiums. What suddenly makes you think a behavioral demographic of 5% or less should be any more significant to the people. Unless of course you have more time and money to spread paid propaganda through the land with the help of a greedy media. That's what having a behavior that doesn't require the responsibility of child rearing and the natural inclination in securing the nation's future affords you.

          • Keith

            The problem is there are so many that do not believe in Christ we are the ones that have lost our rights to speak the truth, the Gays have bashed Phil and nothing will be said about it. GOD will judge all Bless Phil and his family. I will never watch A&E.

          • themostforevereternity

            God has already judged them. So are you going to say the same thing to God and tell Him he can't judge. LOL!

          • aeweidman

            God send you text message on that did he?

          • a raines

            You have stated that the Bible is just an old book and that because time has changed and the world is very different being gay is ok. I do agree the bible is very old? but the bible is the basis and foundation on which Christianity was built. Just because the world is changing for the worst in more ways than one, we are supposed to change with it? No that is exactly what is wrong with the world. People are loosing their morals and use that as the very excuse to over look their sins. Just because the world is a lot different than when the bible was actually created as a follower of God you are to follow the bible's teachings. God loves sinners he just does not love the sin. And as a follower in Christ it is our responsibility to tell others what the bible says about sin. I have a daughter that is gay, and it was very hard for me to deal with because she knows what it says in the bible about being gay, but as a Christian I do not judge her, in fact I love her unconditionaly,but being her mother I have a responsibility to her to tell her what the bible says, because at the end of the day I have to answer to God for my parenting and or lack there of.

          • aeweidman

            you cannot pick and choose what in the bible you will follow, you would have to follow all its teachings, from no pork to stoning your neighbor or spouse if caught cheating. You going there ? I think not.

          • Sunshine

            A raines: I'm sorry to say…. it seems as if you already judged her. Really???? In one sentence you say you love her unconditionally and in the other you say you need to educate her on God's feelings. Wow! Don't you think God loves us the same way (if not more) than we love our own children? How could any of us feel as if we have the right to put what we think God is thinking on anyone else?

          • Linda King
          • Linda King

            a raines. You are absolutely right in everything that you stated.

          • CaptainFabulous

            But see, you have said it yourself: “the basis and foundation of which Christianity was built”. I agree 100%. Use the Bible as a guide. Understand what God and Jesus tried to teach us. But do not treat every single line, phrase, or passage as some kind of immutable mandate that absolutely must be followed. The Bible contradicts itself many times over. It should not be taken literally word for word, just used as a guide.

            Morals will always fluctuate and evolve. This is not a bad thing. It's simply a reflection of society. You cannot take the rulebook from 2000 years ago and attempt to apply it to modern life. It will not work.

          • Michael

            Wrong! you need to go back and read The Word of God again. You totally missed it! The Word of God does not contradict itself at all if you are filled with The Holy Spirit. Read it again with your Spirit and not just your eyes and ask God to reveal it to you. Stay blessed and prosperous , to God be all the Glory

          • Joseph G Watson

            The truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow / forever.

          • themostforevereternity

            The bible has no contradictions, there is no errors, the contradictions and errors come from your puny mind. You can believe what you like. It is on you, someday you are going to stand in front of God. You won't have any excuses for your ignorance then.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Commandment #5 (or 7, or 6, depending): “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

            Please keep that in mind next time your community has a public stoning to death of a pair of adulterers, as required by Leviticus 20:10:

            “If a man commits adultery with another man's wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death”

            Oh, and the next time you guys do have a stoning, please let me know. I'd LOVE to attend. It's been way too long, and I so enjoyed them when I was a kid.

          • lise

            holy cow…..don't you bible thumpers know everything that is in the bible. it states many things that are ok to do but if they were done today people would be arrested. (as well they should be) there are so many disgusting things that men were allowed to do in the bible that are beyond considered moral today. the bible is a joke.

          • Drwin

            Capt. Fab I think your over the edge but never mind the rest. Really, you believed slavery was moral and just, Crawl back under your rock.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I never said that, and it's absurd. I said there was a time in our country when people believed that slavery was moral and just. But we evolved and grew as a society and realized that it is not. Our morals changed. We became one step more enlightened as a people. That's all I was trying to say.

          • rush

            being gay is sinful and its in the bible if you kick him off the show you are stupid and it is your loss

          • rush

            your stupid if that is what you think

          • duckfan

            Oh for the love of broccoli, where in the HELL did Phil say in that article that homosexuality LEADS to beastiality????? NOWHERE! He included it in a list of sins…. including but not limited to murder, stealing, prostitution – are you saying he claimed homosexuality leads to those as well? You don't get to cherry pick your character assassination weapons. He gave his opinion. I happen to share it. You plan to go off the deep end and get my reality show cancelled? I could use a hiatus!!!

          • Mark

            Captain Fabulous..first off, let me commend you on your courage and kindness. Secondly, kudos to you for being the most well “spoken” man in the room and quite possibly the most well read (besides me, of course)…do not invest too much more of yourself in this forum as these things tend to degrade into juvenile hate fests, as I'm sure you know. As a very openly straight man of 35(haha) , I could not possibly speak to the amount of nonsense and ignorance you surely face day to day, month to month, and year to year, but I'm glad that you have a proper view of god. I try to stay away from a label when it comes to my faith as I believe the root of all faiths are from the very same seed. Too often people “educated” by their book, their church, or their family spew with conviction and dogmatism the word of god, forgetting that the Bible is the word of man, edited and manipulated to suit the politics,power, and prejudices of those writing/printing it. All ye bringers of the “good news” should study Gnostic Christianity and realize you constantly mistake the map for the territory and the forest for the trees..God is not a sadist, not angry, not vengeful. We are his creation. ALL OF US. We were born human, we were born fallible and imperfect. To burn for an eternity over mistakes or temptations or anything else in the short time we are here on earth makes no sense. We must make amends with our own soul, know that we are all aspects of god, seperate rays of the same sun and strive always to emulate and embody God's perfection.. I do not believe in a vengeful god, I believe in a compassionate god that is in no way a sadist that punishes for loving someone..anyone… When we die, I believe we will relive every moment, every action, and every deed..and not only that, but also how it made the other person or people feel, continuing on in a ripple encompassing our world…in this way, you can see that with the mortal coil shed, we would surely face “hell” after committing great sin…murder, rape, lies, theft( for vanity and ego, not survival or need)..these things would bring us the pain that we caused..but loving someone and being intimate with them? Open your eyes!!! Now, to play “devil's advocate” I will say that if everyone were gay, the human race would cease to exist..but that is not reality.. So stop subscribing to this wrathful god that men constructed to keep all us puppets in line and follow the true God of infinite love, kindness, and compassion…a hint: he is all around and within us, not confined to a self contradictory book.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Thank you. And thanks for that lovely comment. Too bad so many of the people here are so close-minded they will never be able to appreciate the beauty, simplicity, and truth of your words.

          • Janie Boudreaux

            What you are supposed to do Captain Fabulous is ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE to speak their mind & beliefs just as the LGBT community ALWAYS does without starting a big stink about just because it doesn't agree with yours….it's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH & IS NOT a RIGHT just for the LGBT community who says just as much as anyone else you are accusing…ALL of your posts make that CLEAR!!!!

          • CaptainFabulous

            He is absolutely free to speak his mind. But we are also free to speak ours. Freedom of speech does not protect from any public or professional repercussions resulting from that speech.

          • Joseph G Watson

            I thought you were done??

          • Gary Bonanno

            Robertson quotes the bible as his source for his beliefs on this subject. Now, we need to get into legalese here, if we stipulate that he is quoting the bble (pick a version, any version) and we stipulate that the bible is the core of Christian values and beliefs and we stipulate that Robertson believes the way that he does because he is a Christian, then there is a possibility that A&E is violating his civil rights by denying him the ability to earn wages based on his religion. He did not make the statements in the workplace; He made the statements in an interview with another media outlet. Tolerance is NOT a one way street. If he has to be tolerant of behaviors (not people) that he disagrees with, then others need to be tolerant of his beliefs. That's called Freedom of Religion. You can't be offended by his statements and then turn around and say that his beliefs are stupid. His beliefs may be different than yours, but he has his beliefs and you have yours. You can't expect people to respect YOUR beliefs if you are unwilling to respect THEIR beliefs.

          • CaptainFabulous

            A few problems here. No one is taking issue with Phil's beliefs. If you want to believe that homosexuality is a sin that's fine. That's freedom of religion. And I'm completely tolerant of people who disagree with who I am. I don't go around telling people you must accept homosexuality, enjoy it, revel in it, celebrate it, or engage in it.


            That does NOT give you the right to say homophobic and racist comments, and to attack our community, or advocate for a denial of our civil rights. THAT I will have NO tolerance for. That is NOT part of your religion, and is NOT protected by freedom of religion. There is no 11th Commandment that says it's ok to do those things.

            If Phil had said “well I believe that homosexuality is a sin because it says so in the Bible” and left it at that, there probably wouldn't be any issues. But he didn't stop there. He then likened homosexuality to bestiality, murder, alcoholism and terrorism. And if that weren't enough, he then moved on to show his racism by saying that African-Americans were better off under Jim Crowe.

            Sorry, but no. It's completely ok to be tolerant of a diverging viewpoint. But it is NEVER ok to be tolerant of hatred, bigotry, and racism.

          • Gary Bonanno

            They ARE taking issue with his beliefs. A&E said that “…his beliefs are his personal beliefs and A&E does not share those beliefs…” And then they suspended him. That is basing his suspension on his beliefs. A&E appears to NOt have any issue with his racist comments; they took issue with his comments regarding homosexuality. Had A&E left it at “He has his beliefs, which we do not subscribe to” and left it at that, well there you go. He did NOT advocate attacking the LGBT community; In fact he did just the opposite and said, “Not my place to judge just my place to love everybody”. He stated fact that the bible says homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. No matter how you view that statement, you can not stop paying him because the core of his religion says “Homosexuals won't inherit the kingdom of God”. That is a violation of his civil rights. Just like it would be a violation of a member of the LGBT community's civil rights if they were fired for being gay. Once again, we get to the point of burning the US flag is offensive to many but is protected as freedom of speech, but believing in a book as a core of your religion/values is NOT protected as freedom of speech because it's offensive.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I'm sorry, you are incorrect. A&E was well aware of Phil's religious convictions since day 1. They had no serious issue with them (but apparently realized they were a bit extreme and have downplayed them as much as possible). It's only when he opened his mouth and made homophobic and racist statements did A&E step in and say “we do not share his beliefs” and canned him — again, not for what he believes, but for what he said and the way he said it. A&E is not a church, it is not a place of worship, and Phil was never told he could not practice his religion. He was simply told “if you're going to say hateful things about gays and African-Americans you're not going to have a job here”. Which is the proper and right thing to do.

            Just because he bookended his hateful statements with “but I love everyone” blah blah blah… in no way diminishes what he actually said. And while he said “it's not my place to judge” that didn't stop him from judging us anyway.

            We was not fired for being Christian. He was fired for making homophobic and racist statements, which is neither protected speech or protected religious activity. You're having a difficult time making a distinction between the two, but there is a distinction nonetheless.

          • Gary Bonanno

            You saying that I'm incorrect doesn't make me incorrect. Robertson stated that the bible says…That makes it his religious belief, as far as his homosexual comments went. His statements weren't homophobic. Please stop tossing that term around so freely. He didn't say that I'm afraid of gays, he said that he didn't understand how gays could find pleasure in the act. He HAS been told that he can't practice his religion if he wants to work for A&E. They did NOT suspend him for his racist remarks. They ONLY addressed his beliefs on homosexuality, based on the fact that the bible says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. He didn't judge…he said he didn't understand the behaviors. If his comments about gays are based on his Christian beliefs then he WAS fired for his Christian beliefs, no matter how skewed people may believe them to be. I have NO problem making a distinction between the two. Apparently, you feel that since if it's offensive, it can't be protected. Burning of the American flag can be seen as offensive, yet it is protected, the activities of WBBC can be seen as offensive, yet it is protected. Offensive does not equl unprotected.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Clearly you're going to believe whatever you want, whether it's right or wrong. So nothing I say is going to make a difference in your mind, but you are indeed wrong, and I already explained why. I'm sorry you do not understand, but I'm not going to continue to argue with you.

          • Gary Bonanno

            Ah, gotta love the responses couched in emotion as opposed to fact. FACT: Phil said that the Bible says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. FACT: The bible DOES say that. FACT: Phil bases his religious beliefs as a Christian on the Bible. FACT: A&E disavowed themselves of Phil's beliefs (they used that word) and said that they were supportive of the LGBT community and didn't like his remarks about the LGBT community. FACT: He was being paid by A&E and now they have suspended him and are not paying him FACT: Phil's statements were NOT made in his workplace, but on a private hunting trip to a reporter from GQ. FACT: It is against the law in the United States to discriminate or injure a person based on race, creed, color, gender, RELIGION or sexual orientation. So, you can say that I'm wrong as much as you want to, but it appears that YOU are the one that refuse to acknowledge the truth. Stop thinking with your heart (no matter how emotionally engaged you may be in the subject) and think with your head. Again OFFENSIVE does NOT equal UNPROTECTED.

          • CaptainFabulous

            FACT: Phil compared homosexuality to bestiality, terrorism, adultery, and murder.

            FACT: Phil said that African-Americans were better off subjugated under Jim Crowe.

            FACT: none of these are tenets of the Christian faith, are part of Christian dogma, are teachings of Christianity, nor are a required viewpoint and/or talking point to believe in order to be part of the Christian faith, and therefore such comments are NOT protected speech or religious activity. No where in the Bible does it say “I God command you to go forth and say racist, homophobic remarks in my name”. Nope, Phil *chose* on his own to say such things, and as such is 100% responsible for his actions, which were in no way part of any Christian teachings, dogma, or scripture.

            I swear it's like talking to a brick wall. I will have no further discussion with you about this. Yet I certainly won't be surprised if you continue to try and tell me you're right and I'm wrong. That's ok, some people just never really understand the truth no matter how many times you smack them over the head with it, and in the end it doesn't matter because it doesn't appear as tho anyone else agrees with you or plans on pursuing such a claim against A&E. Hey, but maybe you should call up Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal and present your case. They obviously don't know bupkis about the Constitution either, so maybe they'll agree with you. You'll all still be wrong, but hey, misery loves company.

          • Gary Bonanno

            You're right. It's just like talking to a brick wall. Except YOU are the brick wall, because you are responding out of emotion, not legalities and logic. Let's try this once again. According to A&E – their statement clearly says, “They did not approve of his statements and they are his own personal beliefs and A&E does not share those beliefs. They then said that they fully supported the LGBT community. They did NOT mention African-Americans. After directly addressing the LGBT community, they stated that he was indefinitely suspended. Right there, is their mistake. If they had said, We apologize to all groups that Phil has offended….but NO, they focused on the LGBT community. Again, because Phil's beliefs about homosexuality are based in his religious doctrine, any statements that he makes about homosexuality being a sin or immoral is based on his religious doctrine. It says in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. He did NOT compare homosexuality to murder, terrorism, adultery…he said Well, homosexuality to start with and then MORPH OUT FROM THERE In other words, his belief is that homosexuality is a sin and so are the other things because his religious doctrine says that they are sins and that's why he believes that way..It also says in the bible that a sin is a sin is a sin…So, based SOLELY on his remarks about homosexuals he was “suspended” by A&E. Since he bases his remarks on what it says in the bible, it is his religious beliefs. Since he was suspended by A&E for his religious beliefs, they violated his civil rights….NOT his Constitutional rights, since it's NOT the government that caused him to be fired but A&E, based on his religious beliefs. Again, I'm not saying that I agree with his comments but again if burning the flag and protesting dead soldiers’ funerals is protected speech, then so is stating your religious beliefs that homosexuals are sinners out of the work place. You are just picking out the facts that offend you the most. Unfortunately, most of your facts are not relevant to the issue. So, despite you saying that I am wrong again, I just proved that you are wrong. You are not paying attention to the facts in the case, you are focusing on the emotions that you feel. Welcome to the world of “the other side” because it pisses me the fuck off to see my flag get burned, a flag that I fought for and have seen covering the caskets of friends. But, because I do believe in civil rights and Constitutional rights I can't stomp the living shit out of the scumbags that are burning the flag. Do I agree with his statements? No. Am I offended by his statements? Yes. Do I think he should be suspended for his statements. No more than I should be allowed to stomp the dog shit out of protesters burning the flag. Again, just because he was offensive in his statements about homosexuals (which is what A&E focused on; they didn't apologize to the ACLU, the NAACP, Al Sharpton or Jane Fonda, representing women and feminists) doesn't mean that his speech is not protected. It is the same tired line being preached by WBBC. I am NOT miserable. You apparently are the one that is miserable because you believe that everybody is out to get you and that you have to crush everybody that makes a statement against homosexuality. Learn to love your enemy, brother. You'll be a lot happier.

          • Daniel Roberson

            Once again you're full of pride to the point that you feel free to Judge GOD. That's his assessment not ours.

          • Noel Hoklin

            I'd rather go to a hell full of people like CaptainFabulous than spend one minute in heaven with Phil Robertson and most of the bloggers here!

          • aeweidman

            Your poor child , if you haven't completely messed up her mind , its not from a lack of trying on your part.

          • iretta

            Anyone who down grades the Holy Bible, God's letter to us should be ashamed of them selves. I believe everything in the Bible, it tells us how God's word should be taken, and how to please our Father. Father is the judge, no matter what anyone says, we should not judge our brothers and sisters regardless of their preferences.

          • JerryS57

            Captain, I side with you. I think it's great if people have a particular faith, but last I checked one's faith does not give one the right to play god, or spew hate. There are so many passages in that 2000 year old book that get ignored . . . cherry picking from the buffet table of the bible, to try to put together a couple of metaphors I have seen tonight.

            Keep speaking, it's needed.

          • BillyBob

            Wow, you were able to do exactly what you said the others are doing. With your own words, you said you don't need an old book to tell you how to live your life and then proceeded to tell people what Jesus taught. Then you made a judgement on the hearts of people you don't even know, saying they have black hearts and hatred. You said you don't need the Bible then you refer to it. I am curious, which one is it for you?
            Fact is; according to that Bible you said you don't need, and the one you just quoted, it says we ALL fall short of His Glory, not one of us is without sin not one is righteous.
            HERE IS THE Good News!
            You don't get into Heavan for being a good decent person. You don't get into Heavan beeing deemed worthy for want you did or didn't do.
            You enter Heaven one way and one way only. From what Jesus did. From what He did on the cross for you and you accepting it and repenting. He will then live His life through you and as you seek him will transform your life. Could ad a bunch more, but you get it right?

          • CaptainFabulous

            Thank you for taking the time to highlight one of the many parts of that old book we don't need. I am not a petulant child. I do not need to be treated like one by a book.

            When you call another person a sinner, you are not following the teachings of Jesus. When you call another person disgusting, you are not following the teachings of Jesus. When you pass judgment upon another human, you are not following the teachings of Jesus. When you quote meaningless scripture as a means to foster and bolster your argument that an entire class of people are less than and will not earn the favor of your God until they renounce their true nature and live the life of a liar, you are not following the teachings of Jesus.

            Perhaps it's time to put down the good book and take a cold hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: would Jesus approve of the way I've conducted myself in this discussion? Would he condone my passing judgement upon others and deeming them unworthy? Is is my place to make that determination, or solely His?

            Go on. Find a mirror and take a good look. I'll wait.

          • JAFO4today

            Why must other's be forced to accept your faith in your unnatural behavior, but you musn't be forced to believe in their, as you would consider it, unnatural behavior?

          • CaptainFabulous

            Because one side is merely trying to live their lives to the fullest while the other is trying to subvert, oppress, and deny them their civil rights based upon nothing more than words in a 2000+ year old book and their own unfounded fear and hatred.

            If you want to believe in God, go right ahead. If you want to eat, sleep, and dream scripture, knock yourself out. But when you then twist that scripture and use it as a weapon to oppress a minority you don't like, well then the gloves are off. Mind your own business and we won't have any issues. Keep sticking your nose in places it doesn't belong and someone is eventually going to cut it off to spite your face.

          • Cman

            How do you feels about my opinion? I feel as a Christian that homosexuality is a sin, but it's not my place to judge since I have done things just as sinful. Also, I feel that banning gay marriage is taking away the free will that god gave all his children. Also things have changed since the bible was written although the bible once was against women in church leadership because of society at the time, I believe that woman should have that right now. Truly I'll never know but maybe it's the same thing with gay marriage. What are your opinions on that?

          • CaptainFabulous

            I think you got it right Cman. I wish more people here were as open minded and of rational thought like you. God gave us a brain, he gave us intellect and intelligence, he gave us logic and reason. Why would he do that if his intent was for us to follow a book word for word without thought or question?

          • Beth

            Dude, we're ALL sinners! And you're right, it's not my place to judge you. God is the ONLY judge. But the facts are, if you don't repent while there is still time, if you don't live to serve God, if you only live to serve yourself, then you will spend all eternity in Hell. Separated for all eternity from the one who made you. That's it. You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is. We are made in God's image to serve Him! not ourselves.

          • amy

            Jesus called many people sinners. Your argument is invalid.

          • CaptainFabulous

            Jesus is the only one allowed to do that, because, y'know, he's not a man, he's the son of God. You need a Sunday school refresher.

          • trav187

            I have a question that maybe you can answer. You seem intelligent and appear to have a good head on your shoulders.
            What disturbs me the most regarding homosexuality is the fact that for some reason, in order for some homosexuals to express how they feel, I guess, is to (in my opinion) almost be overly sexually expressive. For example, in parades and festivals celebrating homosexuality, why does everyone need to be naked? Simulating sexual acts? Throwing around sex toys? Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex… Is all you see. Why is that? Homosexuals wonder why they get stereotyped as being perverted, well.. There you have it.
            I could never take my children to something like that! I believe a LOT of the criticism and disrespect is brought upon themselves. Can you please explain that? If homosexuals (that participate in those types of things) want to be respected and viewed differently, one would assume that they'd change the way they acted. Sure, my wife and I like kinky sex, but I don't run around in public, naked with a rubber ball in my mouth. I respect others, and wouldn't want to be viewed that way by others anyways. See my point?

          • CaptainFabulous

            I will try to answer your question the only way I know how.

            Why is it whenever there is a St. Patrick's Day parade Irish people feel the need to get piss drunk to the point of vomiting while they march along in celebration of whatever it is they're celebrating (which to a non-Irishman would appear to be a day to drink till you're piss drunk and vomit on a curb). It could easily give people the impression that all Irish people are nothing but sloppy alcoholics, and make no apologies about it.

            I certainly wouldn't take my kids to a St. Patrick's Day parade and I have to agree that a Gay Pride parade probably is not the best place for children as it's most definitely an adult celebration.

            I don't think what you're seeing is strictly a homosexual phenomenon. I think it's a behavior we all share when in that kind of situation, where we see it as an opportunity to “party” in whatever manner appeals to us. I think for us in particular, we face so much sexual oppression in our daily lives that Pride is the one time of year where we can go out and be ourselves, and probably overdo it a bit in the process. Kinda like having the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other.

            I am by no means a psychologist, and maybe one of them might have a better answer for you. But that's just what comes to me off the top of my head.

          • Trav187

            I have a question that maybe you can answer. You seem intelligent and appear to have a good head on your shoulders.

            What disturbs me the most regarding homosexuality is the fact that for some reason, in order for some homosexuals to express how they feel, I guess, is to (in my opinion) almost be overly sexually expressive. For example, in parades and festivals celebrating homosexuality, why does everyone need to be naked? Simulating s**ual acts? Throwing around s** toys? S**, s**, s**, s**… Is all you see. Why is that? Homosexuals wonder why they get stereotyped as being perverted, well.. There you have it.

            I could never take my children to something like that! I believe a LOT of the criticism and disrespect is brought upon themselves. Can you please explain that? If homosexuals (that participate in those types of things) want to be respected and viewed differently, one would assume that they'd change the way they acted. Sure, my wife and I like kinky sex, but I don't run around in public, naked with a rubber ball in my mouth. I respect others, and wouldn't want to be viewed that way by others anyways. See my point?

          • travis cole

            I have a question that maybe you can answer. You seem intelligent and appear to have a good head on your shoulders.

            What disturbs me the most regarding homosexuality is the fact that for some reason, in order for some homosexuals to express how they feel, I guess, is to (in my opinion) almost be overly sexually expressive. For example, in parades and festivals celebrating homosexuality, why does everyone need to be naked? Simulating s**ual acts? Throwing around s** toys? S**, s**, s**, s**… Is all you see. Why is that? Homosexuals wonder why they get stereotyped as being perverted, well.. There you have it.

            I could never take my children to something like that! I believe a LOT of the criticism and disrespect is brought upon by themselves. Can you please explain that? If homosexuals (that participate in those types of things) want to be respected and viewed differently, one would assume that they'd change the way they acted. Sure, my wife and I like kinky sex, but I don't run around in public, naked with a rubber ball in my mouth. I respect others, and wouldn't want to be viewed that way by others anyways. See my point?

          • travis cole

            I have a question that maybe you can answer. You seem intelligent and appear to have a good head on your shoulders.

            What disturbs me the most regarding homosexuality is the fact that for some reason, in order for some homosexuals to express how they feel, I guess, is to (in my opinion) almost be overly sexually expressive. For example, in parades and festivals celebrating homosexuality, why does everyone need to be naked? Simulating s**ual acts? Throwing around s** toys? S**, s**, s**, s**… Is all you see. Why is that? Homosexuals wonder why they get stereotyped as being perverted, well.. There you have it.

            I could never take my children to something like that. I believe a LOT of the criticism and disrespect is brought upon themselves. Can you please explain that? If homosexuals (that participate in those types of things) want to be respected and viewed differently, one would assume that they'd change the way they acted. Sure, my wife and I like kinky sex, but I don't run around in public, naked with a rubber ball in my mouth. I respect others, and wouldn't want to be viewed that way by others anyways. See my point?

          • travis cole


          • WYLDE

            spot on Billybob spread the GOOD NEWS

          • Arkangel76

            Billybob, You made a great point. Everyone gets saved by the graces of Jesus. By following his teaching's your saved.
            So lets investigate what Jesus said about gay's. NOTHING! So I guess that means STFU about gays and Lesbian's because they will be heaven next to you. IF you make it!

          • Beth

            You obviously have never read your Bible. There are at least 11 times in the Old and New Testament where homosexuality is condemned as being detestable and an abomination before the Lord. Genesis 19:1-11, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Judges 19:16-24, 1 Kings 14:24, 1 Kings 15:12, 2 Kings 23:7, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-10, Jude 7. So…maybe the next time you want to give your opinion, you might want to do a little research. That way you don't look so foolish by talking about something you obviously know nothing about!

          • JAFO4today

            That's all good and fine that you feel you are allowed to defend and speak your peace, yet when someone speaks the truth as you have so eloquently put it to defend a 4000 yr old book and speak their peace, they are some how castigated and considered vile by a minority group based merely on a non-biological/natural behavior. I believe the hypocrisy is showing through the LGBT robe of pride.

          • CaptainFabulous

            The only hypocrisy is yours. You speak of the “truth” as if there is only one truth, that being yours. I'm sorry, but my truth is not your truth. And the fact you classify homosexuality as a non-biological/natural behavior clearly indicates this.

            So yes, I will castigate anyone that tries to tell me or my brothers that we are unnatural beings. God made us exactly the way I'm supposed to be. That's MY truth. Who are YOU to question God's will, plan, and design? Hypocrisy indeed.

          • Observer

            Just wondering and not being sarcastic but at what age did you figure out you were gay? And you believe enough in God to say he has a plan for you …but not enough to believe that he deems homosexuality as a sin? I am just curious since you have read the bible.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I must have been around 11 when I started to realize I was different. But looking back I showed common homosexual traits and behaviors in early childhood, perhaps as young as 4 or 5.

            I do not believe God deems homosexuality as a sin, regardless of the 2 lines in the Bible that claim to say that. This is the way I was born. This is the way I have and will always be. To try and be anything else would be a lie. And living a lie is not the way of Christ. Sorry, but I won't do it.

          • Beth

            There IS only one truth. You don't have to admit it, but you will eventually have to suffer the consequences for your denial of it.

          • themostforevereternity

            The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

          • themostforevereternity

            It is not your works that get you to heaven. You may have read the bible but your comprehension is nil. You are trying to understand the bible on your own interpretations. You won't be getting a bottle of warm beer in hell. Just pain and suffering.

          • Brad

            Actually, you may need to read your bible again. “Faith without works is dead” Its in your bible that sits in your home. What you are speaking of is works of the law. This is speaking of the customs of the Jews of that time. Example: Purity of liquid poured from one container to another. 2. No dogs in the holy city. 2. No blind and deaf in the temple. (ever wonder why Jesus is always curing the deaf /bling/sick? So they could join in communion at the temple. This is NOT to be mixed up with works of good deeds. Also, I am not saying we EARN our way to salvation. This is given to us. But that does not change the fact that what you are saying is not correct. Anyway, its not your place or any others to judge. Only One will be doing that.

          • zach

            Well the Bible still states that being gay is wrong and a man should be with a women and vise versa. And if you were a true Christian you wouldn't be spitting on God's word. You may think the Bible is wrong but it is still the word of God.

          • YH8?

            I concur Cpt. Fabulous!!!!!!

          • Tinanchi

            Captain, you certainly have a lot to say about this “Old Book” that you clearly DON'T need. And based upon what you yourself said “It's all meaningless unless you fully believe the heart of it…” YOU are among those who you claim “don't think many of the people here do.” i.e. “meaningless phrases”. I have not read any comment from ANY one claiming to be Christian that can even be twisted around to be used as “both a sword and a shield to justify their HATRED?” I do read them speaking of LOVE and of what the “Old Book ” says. Many of these hatemongers even claim to have gay loved ones whom they “hate?” according to you. And who, I am sure, are just pretending to love them in order to push their own hateful agendas. You clearly did not “Get It” when you read it. For the “believers” the “Old Book” also claims that a carnal mind will NEVER understand the Word.

          • CaptainFabulous

            I normally don't reply to these clearly trollish statements, but this one brings up an interesting point. Here's my take.

            Once you start in with quoting scripture and blathering on about how “you're a sinner and you're going to Hell” blah blah blah blah blah, you're already off the path of Christ. Christ didn't wave his finger in people's faces and threaten them with damnation if they didn't follow some set of old, outdated, confusing, and contradictory rule system. So yes, by saying such a thing to someone it is akin to stabbing them with a sword. And then cherry-picking particular phrases to justify your petty and not-very-Christian behavior you hold up the Bible as a shield, as if to say “but I'm not saying these horrible things about you, see, it's the Bible that says them”, as if it absolves you of your hateful statement and completely oblivious that what you've just said and done is asinine, childish, and frankly, quite stupid (and not to mention not even close to what Jesus would do, or asked his followers to do). Do you not understand how much of an idiot you sound like when you go around telling people they're going to Hell and then quoting scripture about why? Any clue at all??? Yeah, I didn't think so.

          • Daniel Roberson

            Cap You're also full of pride and God says he hates pride (Prov6:16-17). Pride make us like the devil who also loved to say “I” allot. Jesus taught us to love others but what you have failed to state is that Jesus taught us to love God more than anything else even our own lives and desires. Luke. 14:26

          • bobina519

            The Bible is a NOVEL and was written 3500 years ago get over it…The men who wrote it (not GOD) were probably on peyote. Science has disproven most of it. I am a Christian but don't believe anything in the Bible. Anyone who touts the book as the word of God is nuts in my BOOK

          • Masai

            Where is YOUR BOOK! You are wrong about the scientist. Everything in the BIBLE has been proven to be true by the scientist. They found that all 66 books interconnect to each other as something a supreme being (God) had to have put together. The Bible is the inspired word of God. You can read the bible and still be confounded by its knowledge. So it was written some 2500 years ago. so was word by great Roman poets and scholars but you belief them because you prefer their soft non-judgmental words about Gay life style. However, The Gay's are GOD now! If any man says anything against the GLBT or GAAD agenda the news media and TV will bow down and give up to them. That is B.S. It's gotten to be if the GLBT organizations don't endorse it. You are boycotted. It is the LAW OF THE GAY AMERICA. BOW DOWN ALL YOU NON-GAY LOVERS. THERE IS A NEW KING, NO GOD IN AMERICA AND IT'S NAME IS GAY LIFE STYLE.

          • David

            youre making sick. make me want to puke on your darn face

          • Masai

            Learn to write in BASIC ENGLISH. Let me try to understand what you are trying to say. I am making you sick. Is that what you're trying to say? For telling the TRUTH!!! Grow up to what is happening in AMERICA by way of the GAY agenda. If you don't bow down to them you are boycotted. That's the truth!

          • JerryS57

            Your truth, Masai, your truth.

          • Dana

            Freedom of speech only works if “they” agree with you… Otherwise your a target! It takes guts to tell it like it is in these liberal times… They asked the man what he thought… And he simply replayed with absolutely no PC BS! End of story.

          • Cracklespark

            HOLY CRAP, gay people have rights now? Christians aren't allowed to control everyone's lives? My mind is blown. It's like they're offended when we compare homosexuality to bestiality or terrorism. They should be thankful that we endeavor to inject our beliefs into their lives, through social pressure, political clout, or just plain being in the majority. Our beliefs are the best, after all. Also, the bible was written by bronze age goat herders, so it must be true. It even says right there in the bible that it's all true. Try reading it sometime.

          • Masai

            I have and done so many times. Goat herders were in those times…DAH!! That's the same as 50 years from now someone might say the that was the times of slow plane travel. What other truths you belief in that is better??? All the laws in this country was copied off or modeled from biblical statues.

          • scott

            got crazy you ignorant turd. science and archaeology have consistently proven the bible to be a bunch of bull shit. where is the south do you live?

          • Masai

            South of your ignorant ASS!! You haven't studied S… about what is true or not just here to throw anything out to do as you please. no need in having a conversation with the ill informed and mental giant as yourself.

          • Linda Lakey Webster

            Scott. I feel sad for you on judgement day when the Lord comes and EVERY knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the saved will enter paradise and non believers to the fiery pits of hell! That will be so sad for the non believers!

          • JAFO4today

            Interesting you would bring up science. Please point to the empirical scientific evidence that is homosexuality so as to shine light upon us ignorant masses that know it to only be a behavior.

          • themostforevereternity

            Your funny, but ignorant. Science and archaeology has proven the Word of God. Stop watching the history channel. lol

          • JerryS57

            Masai, it's called “backlash” and happens when certain groups profess to have special insight that allows them to condemn other's sexual orientation. Kind of the same thing that happened to racist many years ago . . . they were on the receiving end of a backlash. Don't like it? Change your beliefs.

          • Masai

            Point taken and understood.

          • sinead9191

            Do you, and I say this as a devout Christian Catholic, that your absolute endorsement of documents from the Biblical stories handed down eons preceding the founding of our first Christian Church, and Jesus’ appointing St. Peter as the first Pope, could, just perhaps be just a tad off? I am NOT, in any way, stating that the Old Testament or the New Testament EVER approved of the practice of homosexuality — because we have documents emphatically condemning it! However, if you truly wish to legitimize your argument, you need to do more research and render less judgmental pronouncements.

          • Renee

            God said it, I believe it, that's the end of it! People trying to insert their opinion above God's Word
            are rationalizing. They ate trying to justify sin. Just as fornication is a sin, so is homosexuality because it is formication. Whether straight or gay sin is sin.

          • RobedOne

            Interesting, how can a person be a Christian yet have no regard for God's Word.

          • WILLIE WATSON


          • themostforevereternity

            Hey all JESUS WINS!!!
            Oh yeah there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. We win also.

          • yo

            The only sin that will not be forgiven is unbelief. Good luck to ya.

          • My Opinion

            Blasphemy?? I believe that is the defined “unforgiven” sin….

          • David

            This is an example of an non believing christian

          • Buckhunter101

            You need help! Science did not disapprove about GOD!

          • bobina519

            I never said there is no God. The Bible has been disproven many times. I belive in God he is in everything and is everywhere. I don't need a book to hang my faith on

          • Rachael Kieselstein

            Seriously, how can you be a Christian and not believe anything in the Bible? You don't make much common sense with your argument there….

          • JerryS57

            Bold, I like it.

          • My Opinion

            Your a CHRISTIAN and do not believe anything in the Bible? Now thats a new one! Which nut house did you escape from?

          • AbigailH

            How are you a Christian (Christ follower) but don't believe His Word? What do you base your Christianity on?

          • bobina519

            Christianity has nothing to do with the Bible. Helen Keller said this–I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the rainbow. I am a believer and need no book to justify it.

          • guesswho

            if you don't believe anything in the Bible, then stop calling yourself a “Christian”.

          • Billybob

            The Bible, a collection of 66 books written over a 1500 year period, on 3 continents, in 3 languages, by 40 authors and never once contradidcts itself in context no matter the language, In theme is consistent and not one verse has EVER been refuted. You can call yourself a Christian, but if you don't beleive in His word then tell Him when you see Him.
            You can and will not find even half that many books written over any amount of time that do the same thing.
            Everyone has an opinion, few find the narrow gate.

          • bobina519

            Save it you Bible believers will make up anything to justify your belief in the Bible. God has never written anything. Follow blindly if you like..no worries many do. If you need a book go for it..baaa

          • Linda Lakey Webster

            Sorrry to saybobina519 but you are so mixed up.There is no way you can be a Christian means( Christlike) & not believe anything in the Bible, Yes men wrote it but it was inspired by GOD!

          • bobina519

            First you all say it was the word of God and now it was inspired by God.Maybe maybe not. God has never written anything and to follow blindly I will leave to people like you–the sheep.
            I don't have to have a book tell me anything. I have a relationship with God and Christ. Helen Keller said -I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the rainbow.
            You just know but if you need a book to hang your Christianity on go ahead. Don't question follow….no worries you're in good company

          • James Turpin

            You certainly do NOT know what the definition of a Christian is, if you call yourself one but don't believe the Bible to be truthful and the word of God. You claim the Bible to be a novel written by men, not by God, ok well you are partly right but mostly wrong, First it is not a novel. It was indeed written by men but authored by God . Here is the thing, it was written over a 2,000 year period by many different men chosen by God to write his word, When the day comes that you start looking at your life and wondering why your in the condition your in and thinking about why., I hope you revaluate your thinking and sit down and really read the Bible with an open mind and really ask the Lord for a true understanding of his word.

          • bobina519

            You call yourself a Christian yet you make assumptions there is something wrong with my life and there isn't. I love my life. I am a Christian because I have a relationship with Christ. He was a real person. You say it is authored ny God..PROVE IT. You can't you are a sheep who follows whatever you are told BAAAAAAA

          • bobina519

            I believe that God is in me just as the sun is in the rainbow….Helen Keller –I don't need a book SOMEBODY wrote and says it is so.

          • Ragoo

            I'm confused a Christian that doesn't believe in the bible. why are you a Christian than?

          • lynn

            Your entire post is an oxy-moron. You cannot be a Christian if you don't believe anything in the bible. PERIOD!!! What nonsense. Why make yourself look so foolish?

          • Beth

            That is THE stupidest thing I think I've ever heard! “I'm a Christian but don't believe anything in the Bible” What exactly do you base your faith on then?! You are one of those people, like I was, who thinks that because you say you are a Christian that makes it so. You know, you sit in church every week, but you don't really get involved, because those people are weird. And you think that you are going to Heaven because you've given yourself this title. WRONG! You better get on your knees and pray for forgiveness. I DO tout my Bible as the word of God. Because it is! You better get right with the Lord because the day will come and there will be no more second chances. Matthew 13:42 They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Of course, there's always that option too.

          • Jessica

            I mean. You're not a Christian.

          • auburnsks

            Look everyone but me is going to Hell. What I read and the way I understand it is the only right way. No one can tell me I'm wrong. But them afghan's and Iran's now they may be going to heaven because they say their right. But Baptist are correct. DAMN DAMN DAMN WE ALL CAN'T BE RIGHT!

          • scott

            fuck the man-made bible BS you brain-washed ignorant waste of flesh

          • Dana

            Maybe that's exactly what Phil has in mind for sexual deviates… A little washing… With chorine perhaps!

          • IRETTA


        • timeisshort

          You can jock all you want about ending up in Hell. The bible says its where there's weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The most terrifying pain you can think of. It's not a joke it is for ALL ETERNITY And as far as seeing Phil there I don't think so. You see when you come to Christ and ask him to be your lord and savior he forgives you your sins. Phil is forgiven of his past. Maybe you need to seek Jesus. You won't ever regret it.

        • RobedOne

          Nope…the difference is Phil surrendered his life to Jesus, repented of his sin and strayed no more. Jesus in speaking to the woman caught in adultery said, “Go and sin no more.” Phil took that seriously.

        • another Christian

          Phil may have been an adulterer, but he repented and asked God for forgiveness. Since he believes in Jesus Christ, as Lord, he should spend eternity in Heaven. If you haven't, I pray you'll open your heart to Him!

        • David

          No one is perfect in their younger days. His wife forgives him thats awesome. hes devoted to his wife Now hes a changed man

          ill follow his show wherever the channel take them

        • Drwin

          no, I don't see Phil having anything to do with you.

        • YH8?


        • LISA

          aLL the whiners and the predijuice of the RICH and FAMOUS which came from a self made men..who they shall all be condemned, TO ASK SUCH A STUPID QUESTION!! this was a set up, the media AT ITS ugliest!!! and boo hoo ers .. read the bible .. I am a catholic and ask a priest, what was said WAS WHAT HE SAID CAME FROM A VERSE IN THE BIBLE, lord god jesus .. MERRY CHRISTMAS REMEBER HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.. BOYCOT A & E AND GQ.. let dumb kids like miley sirus saY and do as she pleases. the man only answered a very .. very stupid question… iT WAS a SET UP IF YOU ASK ME.. aND I WILL STAND BY PHILL ROBERTSON AND THE WHOLE ROBERTSON FAMILY DURING THIS CRAZYNIESS FROM A CHEAP OL COMPANY!

      • JJ

        Don't read so much into it. It's as simple as “you can take the duck out of the country but ya can't take the country outta the duck”. LOL

      • scott

        hey ken, you probably want to fuck his beard you cunt

        • Keith

          Scott You need to pray and ask for forgiveness, God hated that kind of talk.

      • aeweidman

        Hmmmm doesn't the bible condemn those that cheat on their spouses? Doesn't the bible advise that those that do be stoned in the town square? Good thing we all don't hold the bible to the same level as our little camo redneck

      • mark

        over the top? nope!! phil is absolutely correct in every way!!

    • javaqueen08


    • Ron

      Will not watch again until they put him back on. Im tired of being called names by them and other card usesers. Other people also have a right to their opinions rather you like it or not. It goes both ways…

      • Mitchell Covington

        The only problem with boycotting the show is that the other side will claim that the reason people are not watching is because they were offended by Phil.

        • k.k.

          its not being offended by Phil, its being offended by the truth. It is biblical and this is just how ppl react when they are faced with the truth. Read the scriptures and seek the truth.

          • Douglas Davis

            For anyone that has a Bible read Leviticus 20:13, Corinthians 6:9-10…

            While the Bible strongly condemns homosexuality, it never instructs that homosexuals are to be hated. As Christians, we are to speak out against the perversion of homosexual activity. The Bible is explicit in its condemnation of it, as well as God’s wrath towards those who practice such behavior. As Christians, we are called to clearly and lovingly call sin for what it is. Using the term homophobia to refer to anyone who opposes homosexuality is a distraction, not a valid argument or accurate representation. A Christian should have only one fear regarding homosexuals, the fear that they will suffer eternally because of their decision to reject the only means of salvation—the Lord Jesus Christ who offers the only hope for escape from a degrading and destructive lifestyle.

          • Susan Campbell

            don't you get it????? it's not about the Bible (yes, I am a Christian, too)…it's about a man, speaking his mind and those who do not agree with him……jump up and call him a racist! The issue seems to be….people being intolerant instead of tolerant…b/c of different views. I mean, this sounds like the liberals accusing conservatives of being racist b/c people will not “fall in line” with everything Obama does and how he does it. OMG

          • aeweidman

            how did I know that as far reaching as it is that in some part Obama would be mentioned and/or blamed, he has become the poster child for every redneck and bigot and racist in America. Stop beating the horse boys , he's dead.

          • Grand330

            No, the horse is not dead, he is trying to trample everyone to death. And, if the horseshoe fits ….

          • Sheila Christian

            wear it

          • Ol’ Senior

            As it should be. Narcissists are why the Earth spins.

          • m read davis

            I am a redneck and proud of it. I love the country and would not live in a big city for any price………but to each their own. and as I said many years ago, show me the same respect you want and we will get along just fine.

          • jsfire29

            How was Obabma blamed, just like a liberal, twist the words until they fit your need even if it changes the meaning entirely

          • Alvin Durrence

            Are you saying that, anyone who speaks out, or compares anything with Obama, They're redneck, bigot, or racist? Or are you saying that all Democrats are one, or all of the above?

          • Harrison

            I agree, but now a days children are being taught about tolerance, but instead of what we learned about tolerance of accepting people for who they are despite any difference that may be present. They are taught to praise others for being different and encourage other for what they are doing even if they believe that what they are doing is wrong. If that is not done than people claim that they are intolerant. Also another important fact to go with what Phil said. God looks at everyone and sees the sin in our life. There is no gray area when it comes to sin, but what we should remember is that God made everyone in His image, so God does not hate the homosexuals as individual, He hates the sin lifestyle. I have a friend who has battled with homosexuality for many years, and it is his belief that God did not make him this way, but Satan used circumstances to develop this mindset and he is choosing and fighting the battle every day against Satan and he is going to reach many people through his testimony.

          • themostforevereternity

            No it is you who does not get it??????. It is about the bible. It is about the LORD JESUS CHRIST. It always has been and it always will be. A Christian knows this. I think that maybe you're misguided.

          • AlvinAmbers

            And Phil certainly didn't come of as HATING anyone….unless the definition of “hate” also is redefined.

          • Jeremy Sturm

            he didn't hate them in the very next paragraph in the article he said we don't treat anyone different we love em all and give em the good news of jesus

          • Brent


            I hate you and will judge and condemn your actions and say/write things to make all homosexuals feel terrible about themselves, but I also love everyone and judge nobody because that is what Jesus instructed.

            You can't have it both ways!

            By being hateful and judgemental you are directly going against the teachings of Jesus, where as not a single word on the topic of homosexuality can be directly attributed to Jesus in the Bible.

          • m read davis

            Just because someone does not agree with gay marriage does not mean they are being judgmental. I don't agree with it but to each his own. And depending on the circumstances I would openly state so!

          • jon316

            Since Jesus did not utter it I guess you dismiss the rest of the Bible. I am trying to remember if He addressed prostitution. Jesus walked here for about 3 years and did not address every individual sin, but did address a remedy for all of them. To believe on Him. Which will involve repenting from sin.

          • gypsy

            Has anyone ever enquired how homosexuality no longer was classified as a mental disorder?

          • The Truth

            2nd Timothy 3:16 states “All scripture is inspired of God”, and that being the case, there are some things to consider. First, Acts 20:28 mentions that men appointed by Holy Spirit would shepherd the flock or congregation of God. One of their responsibilities was to lovingly teach, reprove, and discipline the congregation of God. Some of those men spoken of there were the very ones inspired to write the books of the New Testament.
            Now who really is the one directing the congregation of God?
            Who is the head of the Christian congregation?
            Does not Ephesians 1:22, 23 along with Colossians
            1:18 show that God himself put Jesus as the head of the congregation?
            And these first century shepherds, these inspired bible writers, did they just invent the warnings found in the scriptures about immorality?
            Did not Jesus, at Mathew 28:19, 20, send forth his disciples in order to make additional disciples? And what else did he
            instruct them to do? Did he not instruct them to teach new disciples to observe all the things that he had commanded them?
            And doesn’t it also say at John 21:25 that if everything Jesus had done were written down, that the world could not contain the scrolls?
            It would be presumptuous to think that he never mentioned his father’s standards of morality to his closest friends.
            Then again, all of them were very familiar with God's commands, because they all lived under the Mosaic laws God had given them.

          • Brent

            Saying, “that is wrong, but I am not passing judgement” is a contradictory statement!

            Being non-judgemental would mean not saying anything at all, and not even thinking to say anything, as how others live their lives is their business, and how you live your life is your business, and you have not been elected the judge of the morals/actions etc. of others.

          • gypsy

            He stated the precepts of his faith, he did not diss gays.

          • Suzette Webber

            Christians are told to speak out, bear witness, do so with boldness. That is exactly what the apostles did. Actually, all of the prophets of God needed to speak out, they were instructed to point out the grave sins of others. Why? To save their lives, because if they did repent and turn around, they were spared the coming destruction.

            We all make judgements every day, even you. Some are very small and others can be life-changing.

            How do you feel about smokers? What are your thoughts when you see a parent driving somewhere smoking in the car and you see children in the backseat. I'll bet you're making a few judgmental comments there. I could go on and on with this, but maybe you understand the point.

          • johnny

            Douglas Davis, I do not know you, but thank you. Well said by stating those facts..

          • Joseph G Watson

            who says they hate the individual? they are condemning the acts. That's why they bring repentance into the conversation.

          • Brent

            You are clearly a self-righteous and hateful person who believes in a wrathful God. Very contradictory to the teachings of Jesus!

          • pokey162

            Did you miss the part in the Bible about the wrath of God for sin is damnation in hell….hello….Jesus didn't die on the cross to save us from sin???

          • m read davis

            I think A&E is being stupid. Political correctness has been taken too far! It is time we the American people rebel to the too far left.

          • lawknower

            I am so tired of the idiots – from the left, right and middle — and their knee-jerk misplaced reliance on freedom of speech in these situations. Folks the first amendment applies to the GOVERNMENT. The government can't ding you for speaking your mind. Last I looked A&E isn't the government. So when fools like Sarah Palin say free-speech is under attack or one of you commentors complains about political correctness ruining our country please shut the fuck up. You can say anything — almost –in this country you want but there will be CONSEQUENCES to your words. As long as the government aint messing with you it's all good. All those folks shouting down Duck man's critics on freedom of speech reasons are too stupid to realize they are doing the exact same thing they are complaining about: trying to shut up somebody from voicing their opinion. If ya like what Duck boy says then just say you agree — no need to accuse people of trying to take away someone's rights. Have a fucking back bone and state your position. As for me I could not care less what he said. Just tired of the idiots bringing the first amendment into it when it doesn't even apply.

          • Deuce Bollards

            Just might want to consider that A&E exists because the owners of access to the airwaves in this country allow it to use those airwaves, and the owners of the airwaves in this country rely on the FCC to regulate that presence. Part of that regulation requires access to opposing views if they want to keep their license to operate. And the FCC is the government. Just saying.

          • JP

            Who died and made you God? Last time I checked, God makes the decisions.

          • themostforevereternity

            The bible instructs us not to partake of evil. God gets no pleasure from the death of the wicked. We as Christians that follow God fully to his word.
            1st Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink of the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons.

          • aeweidman

            it is not biblical, it is by how you understand the bible , and even if that were the case there is but one questionable reference , there are multi references to oppressing others , yet I don't see you following those verses. Ya can't pick and choose, this is not Walmart folks.

          • Sheila Christian

            and obviously you don't understand. it is meant to be a man and a woman. no fags

          • Jeremy Sturm

            if your talking about the defintions of slavery slavery in the bible was not the same as early American slavery. biblical slavery was something that people mostly did as a debt to the person they worked for and never worked more than 5 years early American slavery was far worst and not only did the early American not follow the guidelines of the biblical view of slave they didn't even allow their slave to read the bible or teach them because if they were Christian they would have to be considered people and that was down right WRONG

          • John Marks

            I have no idea how you got slavery from homosexual, but you better rethink what you are going to post on this web site. Trust me the only people keeping this discrimination deal alive are the slaves. Last time I checked there were none

          • Jeremy Sturm

            there are still slaves n in a lot of countrys in africa there are most deffinately still slaves. but the reason I brought it up is some one always brings up early american christianity and how horriable its follow were. atleast most people with college degrees do

          • Sheila Christian


          • Daryl Schorr

            This Biblical crap is offending to me. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights in this free country. You all have the freedom to follow whatever religion you choose. It fucking makes me mad when you fucking bible thumpers or religious wackos say gays can't marry cause it is against your religion. Take your bible shove it up your ass and leave this country cause you do not get the concept of a FREE country

          • Amy Lucas

            If you think you are offended now, just wait until them flames are eating your ass up jack!!!!! When I see a baby come out of a man's ass, then gays will be normal!!!

          • gypsy

            And it's normal for anal sex where infectious contaminents are excreted? Really?

          • Matt

            Hey GQ asked him! Phil just responded with his opinion.

          • Xavier

            Some of you people are really so stupid! Really Amy Lucas?-Gays will be normal when a baby comes out of a mans ass? Do you realize how moronic you sound? Nobody is expecting that to happen and it doesn't mean that being gay isn't normal! You're so uneducated and ignorant to the SCIENCE of homosexuality it's sad! Also Gary, The BIBLE is not universally seen as TRUTH! There's a lot in the Bible that people completely ignore or now see as irrelevant because we are (for the MOST part) more evolved as a society than we were 2000 years ago!! Not to mention there are a host of other religions out there!
            I don't think this idiot Duck dynasty guy needs to be fired for his comments, but his ignorance brings up the tired old question of ‘is being gay a choice?’ Obviously to him, gay men simply choose to screw men over women. He doesn't seem to grasp the FACT that sexuality isn't a choice! Sexual expression is due to our brains, not our genitals!
            I know y'all have the Bible shoved up your ass, but why don't you try opening up a science and/or psychology book before you hold up some antiquated religious book as a completely flawless guide to morality, because it isn't! if it was, we'd still have slaves among many other ridiculous b.s.

          • Tiffy

            I love you for this. :)
            Very well said.

          • cj

            Xavier you should of kept your mouth shut so no one would of known how stupid!!! you are…lol…..the pyramids where built 2000 years ago and you think you are more evolved now??? OK…How is NOT being able to reproduce from sex normal??? you could not be gay if it were not for a man and a woman having sex, LETS GET REAL, you would not exist if homosexuality was the way to be, no one would! it is ridiculous….And no one said sex is due to your genitals? Sex is a choice, “due to your brains” sex is a necessity for life but IT IS ALWAYS A CHOICE(unless you are raped) no one is born to have sex with a man or born to have sex with a woman. Sex period is always a choice, you DO NOT have to have sex. You can live your entire life & die without having sex. You will not reproduce but it is always a choice. What does slaves have to do with any of this??? you should read a book

          • whyicare

            CJ do you have all of your faculity. If you read statistics developed by Gallup Poll and like MTV and Showtime which are about to launch channels tailoring for homosexuals, it is about 12% and 6%. Not everyone is gay. The straight will continue to have heterosexual sex to keep this world going. Read up on Frank Schaefer who officiated his gay son's wedding.

          • Richgolfer

            What is the Science of homosexuality???? There were homosexuals two thousand years ago and probably since the creation of man. How does one evolve into homosexuality????? Where do you get the idea that people are born into homosexuality?????

          • whyicare

            Xavier, Phil has spoken. He said that people called him ignoramus, but he has a college degree. Well, Sarah Palin also has a college degree, too and we know how much she knows about the world.
            It is hard to grasp for many Christian followers that science has proven that a large percentage of homosexuals are born gay.

          • Gary

            Daryl, the comments made by Phil Robertson ARE protected by the constitution of the United States…our “FREE” country. Do you not understand this??? It's the same right that protects the lewd comments you just posted. Also he never mentioned anything about gays getting married. He was only expressing that the Bible (by the way is also know as the TRUTH) considers homosexuality to be a sin. This should only be offensive to you if you are taking part in such behavior…

          • iretta

            Homosexuality is not a sin, partaking in the Homosexual act is an abominable sin. Please be pacific on this matter.

          • merry

            daryl schorr i do not have anything against gays or any body else it is your right to choose how to live your life. but i do believe in the bible and i don't think if you don't want to be judged that you should judge us i also don't think that you should argue over the bible if you don't know what it says don't state it.i don't believe the man said anything wrong atleast i don't think he meant it in a bad way i think he meant that he encoureged that they live differently so they could enter the kingdom of heaven. people always automatacly think racism when somebody says something

          • ConcernedMom

            Daryl – According to the bill of rights – I HAVE the right to be a Bible-thumper and speak freely about what I believe. You don't have to listen to my views and I don't have to listen to yours. Gay Marriage will be decided through our democratic process. We have a republic and the choices are made by the people for the people- except when courts alter the constitution. I have the right to oppose gay marriage, higher taxes, crappy public schools, toxic pollution or any other subject I choose. The primary complaint I have is that if any “progressive” group disagrees with me they are allowed to call me names and even persecute me with media support. When I try to explain that while I recognize homosexuality as a sin, according to the Bible, which I believe (you don't have to), but I don't judge the person – I am obviously homophobic. I believe all sin is wrong and I don't judge the person committing the sin. Not just homosexuality, also adultery, lying, stealing, etc. I am not adulteraphobic just because I think adultery is wrong, nor do I judge the adulterer for sinning. I am concerned for them, because of the consequences of their lifestyle choices. Some “Bible-thumpers” don't want to “love thy (gay) neighbor, but from my experience they are in the minority. The problem is all the hoopla that accompanies any discussion of the subject that isn't 100% supportive of a gay lifestyle. I am sure Daryl that you are strongly encouraging your son to be gay, because it is such an amazing lifestyle choice (being very sarcastic). Obviously you wouldn't encourage it because of the negative consequences of that lifestyle, but I am confident you would still love and support your son – as I DO for my son. It doesn't take away of your concern for them making that choice, but I am definitely not judging him FOR making that choice. Keep the rhetoric in check and allow for discussion of this topic by ALL sides not just the loudest and most politically connected.

          • iretta

            YOU IDIOT!!!! God says Homosexual acts are abominable sins. Don't you read his word.??????????????YOUR LOST Daryl, I shall pray for you.

          • SeerofRage

            How would one phrase that.
            “It is the biblical”.
            I'm quite interested in figuring out

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/Unslick v8fool

            ….can ya step into reality for a minute and leave your Bible in the closet where it belongs. This is NOT about regilon. its about freedom to think as one chooses. So what if you don't agree, that just shows your thinking.

          • iretta

            Homosexuality is about God's word (The Bible), and you will change your mind about the closet when God returns. God loves us all even the illiterate like yourself.

        • Judy

          No we love Phil, put him back on the show1

        • 80's Rocker

          How can they say that? That would only be true if they didn't suspend him. Plus, if ratings go down when he is gone and right back up when he returns the message of the people is obvious.

        • RT

          Hope they go to another network!!!

          • Susan Campbell

            Sir, I see your comment…….If you do not like the show, turn the channel. Your comment is unnecessary.

          • Monday'sRevenge

            Sue, calm down a little, RT is saying he hopes they go to another network to get away from A&E being so narrow sighted.

          • DTI

            I liked it better when gays were in the closet, then my children wouldn't have to be subjected to men or women kissing each other walking down the street. Can't turn the channel there. Leave Phil alone let him speak as he may, you can turn the channel. Russia is looking better every day lol

          • YH8?

            Wow….that has GOT to be one of the dumbest comments that I have read so far. And there has certainly been a few. But hey….there are planes that fly to Russia every day……grab yourself a one way ticket!!

          • DTI

            Very informative

          • SeerofHeart

            If it's looking so nice take your children and go. My lesbian best friend Sky and her girlfriend aren't really going anywhere.. so.. enjoy Russia, my friend.

          • mercteddy

            Just as my children would see a man and a woman kissing and inquire about them, I would have exactly the same comment “they appear to be in love and are demonstating it with kisses” even if it were a same sex couple!

          • Xavier

            You're children should see gay people because gay people really exist and you need to get over it. You can't just shelter them and pretend things don't exist. They're going to find out about things eventually and I'm sure they'll be more open-minded about it than you (until you poison their minds with your hatred) because they will simply see two people in LOVE.
            Move to Russia! Nobody will miss you!

          • DTI

            You mean your children ? Oh that's right you can't reproduce. Guess your born that way, huh? Thing is this there my kids, I don't preach one way or another they are left to form their own opinions. What I don't like is something rammed down their throat or expletive because they can't turn the channel, you and yours can. Get over it, not everyone endorses the gay thing and believe it to be morally and biblically wrong. It's my belief….and that's just with actors or anyone else you have a choice. Kids are innocent don't lock up in public because you want the world to know… give the kids a break they have enough pressure put on them.
            From Russia with love

          • fcw60@yahoo.com

            xavier , when aids is killing you , you'll repent

          • Daniel Roberson

            To use your logic, those countries that condone pedophilia simply have opened their minds and have realized that pedophile exist and have gotten over it have stopped the hatred and simply see people who LOVE children.

          • IRETTA

            THEN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Maribe

            Okay all. Nobody is the best speller in the world, or the most learned. We have opinions and that's ok. My opinion….. When did we start letting others smash our opinions? Is it really fair to say a contracted TV show is not allowed the opinions. The network obviously knew what kind of person they contracted. Why does it really matter, freedom of speech matters. I am sick and tired of people being “executed” because of there opinion. It seems that we can't even say “racist” without someone coming down with an ax. GIVE IT A REST! LET US BE HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

          • aeweidman

            is there a redneck , NRA network out there?

          • Looking UP

            My opinion, homo's look so stupid kissing and rubbing on each other. But I never treat them bad. I will say that I don't want to be associated them though. Turns my stomach just to think about some of the things that go on there. As far as you non-believer's who come up with all these different religions doesn't matter to me. There is only one God. And in the Kingdom of Heaven only God will decide ever one's final fate. So if sucking and the smell of Shit is what you prefer that probably what you'll end up with. Your choice. But I will still keep praying for all of those sick minded people. As far as you people mocking the Bible and the word of God, feel SORRY for your ignorance.But really, I will say if this please have a little more respect for our children and quite trying to impose your sickness on our innocent children !!!!!!

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/Unslick v8fool

          Well, the Show has them as Color Personalities. The whole thing is based on their slant on life and activities. outlandish behavior is to be expected. That's why / how Miley Cryiss won a VMA award, or so I heard. I digress…. the point is he has a constitutional; right to think any way he wants. THE REST OF THE WORLD NEEDS GROW UP, get a life.

      • lisa

        we all have our opinions but damn if you speak it now days. I'm so sick of the people in this world why don't you all go and make your own country if the people can't speak out. I'm not against anyone but i'll be damned if I don't speak my mind. All you losers that can't handle someone else's opinion see ya

        • Susan Campbell

          ABSOLUTELY!!! In the current world in which we live, No….no one is allowed to “speak their mind”, What next???? will a person be allowed to SUE a person b/c he/she doesn't like what the other person said????? good grief……where is the sanity in this world??? Truly, these people who “balk” or condemn us who are not afraid to speak our minds………do they honestly have nothing else with which to occupy their minds OR their time??? GEEEEZZZZ—-get a life.

          • lise

            the man WASN”T arrested….therefore he is allowed to speak his mind. the producers of the show also have rights. the right to not associate with a racist homophobe

          • Jeremy Sturm

            racism is not homophobic you can say whatever you want you may have tendency's to be homosexual, but you cant claim that you were born that way unless your willing to admit that maybe rapist, killers, and pedophiliacs are all born that way. you have to follow the same set of standards for all thing no one ever chose to be born black or Arabic or jewish and claiming the homosexual agenda as the same thing is an insult to every jewish person who died in a furnace or gas chamber. its an insult to any black person who was hung and burned.
            homosexuals have never been slaughtered and hunted based on there sexual preference. and before you go giving me religious education about how early American Christian were I will be the first to tell you they were wrong they were dead wrong

          • Brent

            Homosexuals were amongst those 'rounded up’ and mass slaughtered in World War 2. If you don't have a sound grasp on history, then keep your ideas to yourself!

            Also, the obvious difference between rapists, murderers, child molesters and homosexuals is that most homosexuals only have sex with others who consent to it, where as rape and child molestation is sex without consent by definition, and very few people would consent to being murdered!

          • Jeremy Sturm

            I'm not talkin about consent but there is no difference of you can say someone is born homosexual then you can't not aknowledge that sone people are born to be rapist and molestors and murderers it not about consent. your avoiding the point by saying its different pickin g and choosin where the rules of supposed D.n.a and genetics have influemce becuase it appeases you but that's not how science works.. and while homosexuals may habe been rou ded up is that in history books I have a college degree and never read anythin about it in any of my high school or college course

          • Daniel Roberson

            Jeremy people are born gay because people are born sinners. Homosexuality is not what God made us it is what sin made us. Because all sin is in all people we all have the potential to take part in any sin under the sun. That's why Christmas is so meaningful Christ came to save us from our sin. Sin cannot be cured it is a part of the human make up. It can only be replaced by obedience to God. People may be born sinners but Christ came that they might be born again. John 3:1-20

          • Jeremy Sturm

            now this I can agree with. the point I was trying to make with horriable spelling and punctuation. is the acknowledgement that if your using science you have to follow the same set of rules for everything. But noone wants to do that because it means they would logically have to group homosexuals with Murderers. To the mass of people that is wrong but this is what Phil said basically that these are all sins. We are all guilty of sin and even good christians still struggle with it. But there is a huge push for christians to allow some sins to be acceptable or for christians to not speak about it

          • Steve

            First of all jesus was born in the summer, and Christmas was put in place by Christians to compete with pagan holidays celebrating the winter solstice. Thank you for the entertainment on these threads. Your intolerance and ignorance that are driven by stories is priceless.

          • Suzette Webber

            Actually, his birth was more than likely in early autumn, but you are on the right path. It was Constantine who blended the pagan rituals of the winter solstice, Saturnalia and others with the Christians who had already began to be twisted in their teachings due to apostacy. Not only would it ‘calm the waters’ but broaden his power base. No first century Christian EVER celebrated the birth of Christ, they did however commemorate his death at passover, just as Jesus asked them.

          • Snuffy

            You are dead right. You know your history or the Catholic past.

          • chief

            You right about all that. But I also must state that his name is Yashua to this day there is no letter j in the language he spoke.

          • Daniel Roberson

            Getting the date of someone's birth wrong does not mean ignorance it may mean one is misinformed. Also celebrating that birth during winter solstice does not negate the fact that they were born and it does not negate their purpose in the world. Christ came to love us by saving us all from our sins which we know we all have. That story was not priceless because it cost God his life. Also saying we are all sinners puts us all in the same boat. Where is the intolerance in that? If you think my statements are entertaining, I invite you to read the book of John and get the rest of the show.

          • Maribe

            Jeremy, naughty naughty, we all know our pasts. I certainly know yours, practice what you preach!!!!

          • Vikki

            homosexuals in world war 2 were not mass slaughter, they were sent to prison and concentration camps and shot randomly on trumped up escape charges, these were not the Americans that did this…..this was all on the Nazi's …so please lets set that record straight…Google it…that's what I did.

          • nobody

            In the US we can Google it or maybe watch some TV. Trust me they are telling the truth. The media would never lie. When you go out side the US try going somewhere other than a tourist destination. I will tell you there are plenty of countries where there is no freedom. Yes homosexuals are murdered for their sexual preference. Yes Christianity is also punishable by death. It seems like everyone wants to remove God from the US. The sad thing is once you do, the very ones that wanted no God in the name of freedom are usually the first ones that the new dictator exterminates. The crazy thing about God is He honors our choices. If you believe there is no God, He will send you to a place that you never have to see Him. And yes everyone that didn't believe He was real can say I told you so, and give each other high fives as they spend eternity in torment that makes eating your own feces filled with broken glass seem like eating strawberry frosted cupcakes.

          • Snuffy

            I believe the Bible puts all of these in the category of perversion, including homosexuality. The “homosexuals” in the statement once was perverts.

          • mercteddy

            Just as other individuals are born to be attracted to the opposite sex so are those born that are attacted to the same sex. As for rapists, killers and pedophils, they are a product of their upbringing mostly. Therefore, even though you can be a product of your past experiences eg molesation can lead to becoming a pedophil. Your parents raised you in the Jewish faith, but it is your preference to continue in that path or whichever faith you choose. BUT being black, oriental or white is not a choice as is NOT your personal preference for a life partner.

          • jen jen

            there have been many gay people murder because their sexual preference. look into it.

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/Unslick v8fool

            Focus on Texas “road side accidents”, like changing a flat tire in the road kind of stuff. It covers up rope dragging/murder.

          • Jeremy Sturm

            I did 5000 in world war 2 now I'm sorry that they died and everyobes life is valuable there were nearly 6 million jews killed in the same conflict

          • Bobby Sims

            Why does he have to a “Racist Homophobe? He's just saying what God, has written.

          • Daniel Roberson

            What exactly is a homophobe. I heard no fear in his statement. It would appear to me that those who are jumping down his throat about his words are the people who are afraid. Afraid of the bible he speaks from maybe they are biblophobes since we live in a world that makes up words as needed.

          • Beyond tired

            This is another one of those people who need to always have a pity party. Always feeling someone is attacking them. ” Oh poor miserable me” “He looked at me wrong” !!! “I just know that person was talking about me”
            The more I hear about this crap the more I will never want to understand where these people are coming from with these unfounded accusations. And A&E, well, here we have another PC stance for something that was never a wrong

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/Unslick v8fool

            …..then they should not have asked the question and baited him all along.

          • okjb1168

            Can you say publicity stunt? Why else would Phil talking to GQ? Hardly Phil's target demographic

          • Beyond tired

            How is what he said Racist or Homophobic? I mean really. Are you that touchy that you make things up in your mind so you can hate someone? It is people like YOU who need to check themselves, get a life, quit making crap up and get on with your miserable f.k.e.d life

        • okjb1168

          He had a perfect right to speak his mind, he doesn't have absolute right to a reality show , besides can you say calculated. Publicity stunt! It reeks of it

      • belleofcarolina

        Okay, the persecution of Paula Deen was disgraceful and totally uncalled for whereas the Duck Dope should be persecuted for his remarks!

        • belleofcarolina


          • SeerofRage

            That's.. actually one of the funniest comments here… kudos..

        • Joseph G Watson

          belle It is better to remain silent and be thought a FOOL. than to open your mouth and remove all doubt..
          make sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.

        • Jeremy Sturm

          what is there to be persecuted for?

      • Anti Gum Flapper

        Better than not watch, lets all buy a duck call to show our support!

      • Bobby Sims

        Ameen, Ron!!

    • SeppiChicago

      “Please don't treat the Bible like it's a buffet lunch that you can pick and choose from. ” So that part about judging – that's still on the buffet table? Not everyone is Christian, bud. And his comments were demeaning. If you feel Jesus is down with that, I pity you.

      • ibwonderful

        Exactly as I predicted. You chose to stop at the salad bar, but didn't continue on and have a complete meal. I said nothing about judging, and in fact made it a point to state that we are to love each other and allow the judging to be left up to God.

        Go ahead, pity me and others you feel are like me. Again, when the Day comes, none of the excuses and interpretations will matter. There is only one way, and I pity those who don't or won't understand.

        It's good to live in a country where we can express our opinions.

        By the way, your comment about judging makes no sense. The Bible is clear on homosexuality. There is nothing in the Bible to support the claim that it's OK. Sorry…

        • SeppiChicago

          Mmmm, no. See, your book of poorly-translated stories that contradict each other originally written in a dead language with no vowels means fuck-all to me and my life. Let me try and make this clearer: gay people are fed up with Christians demeaning their lives and families in order to score brownie points with the almighty. Comparing man asses with woman's genitals isn't just stating biblical fact. It's vile and beneath a ten year old and quite frankly embarrassing. Don't bore me with “It's in the bible so it's true”, that's just laughable. Stop being piss poor ambassadors of the very religion you insist everyone be a part of. Because you honestly suck. Also: now I'm hungry for salad.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            Hey DUMBASS, go fuck your boyfriend in the ASS and see if you can get him pregnant and conceive LIFE!! Sorry Won't work you LIBERAL fucking hater!!

          • SeppiChicago

            Yup, I hit that fuckin nerve like a boss. I'm sure Storage Wars will miss you.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            OH is that your stupid ass moronic fuckin agenda on here …”to hit that fuckin nerve like a boss” you fuckin bald headed faggot!! If you were right in front of me right now, I'd whip your little fucking bitchass and fuckin gag you with my cock, then fuck YOU in the ass just for fun!! And you'd like it you little bitchass punk coward democrat liberal fuckstick pussy ass biotch!! OOOOHHHHHHHH, who hit “that fuckin nerve like a BIG BADASS KING of the motherfuckin world smiley boy?????? LOL!!! Go be the president of the GLAAD and the I Fuck Little Boys In The Ass For Fun (IFLBITAFF) liberation front!! You'll have more “fuckin nerves to hit with your little fuckin twig of a penis!!! Faggotty ass fucking queer lady boy!!

          • SeppiChicago

            A direct quote from the bible, no doubt. Listen, Fonz – your impotent tears of Christian rage don't effect me in the slightest. And I clearly pissed you off, so I have that to satisfy me. Stop embarrassing yourself and look inward, figure out why you turned out so anchorless and scared. Improve.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            I never said I was a christian there lady boy smiley fuck face! I'm a GOD DAMNED DEVIL WORSHIPPER and you better be scared boy, I've sacrificed bigger and less than you!. If I ever see you in public we'll see how motherfucking scared you'll be when I come up behind you and envelope your soul and drink your blood!!! You the stupid motherfucker with your picture or a picture of your cocksucking boyfriend next to your stupid fucking name and where your located!! We have an underground network in Chicago and they will be on the lookout for you for sure. so don't be scared, don't be watchful, don't be aware of your surroundings, don't be aware of whose around you, watching you, waiting for that perfect moment to sweep in and possess you; that'll make it just so much easier for us to take you!!! HAAA!!! The DARK ONE will be coming for you!!

          • SeppiChicago

            Ok well this got sad very quickly.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            SAD BECAUSE YOU GOT OWNED BIOTCH!! GO TO BED AND CRY YOUR LITTLE SMILEY FACE OFF!! I DON'T GIVE 2 FUCKS ABOUT YOU!! you could die tomorrow and it wouldn't affect me whatsoever!! You don't affect my life you fuckin pompous overzealous narcisist little boy!!

          • David

            Knock it off Purpleheaded warrior enough of that profanity I hope jesus will tell you to make you sick in his name

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            I'm already SICK; SICK and fucking tired of all you fuckin pieces of shit – should be fuckin shot on site!! HEY WHEN YOU TYPE JESUS'S NAME, YOU FUCKIN CAPTILIZE IT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! YOU HEAR ME david!!? Have some respect for our creator how bout it!! I will excercise my 1st amendment right of free speech all of my life. Profanity is only what you perceive it as…..what are you septic tank's boyfriend and trying to defend her honor???

          • Lee

            To all you haters of the word of God, why are you shooting the mesengers, shoot the message. I can understand why you think and believe as you do about sexual immorality. In 2 Thessalonians 2:11 it clear states “And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they will believe a lie. You can choose the truth or a lie. God still loves you, but you will either receive a reward or the consequences of your choice and that, my beloved friends, is the truth.

          • David

            Theres too many weirdos in Chicago like you anyway

          • SeppiChicago

            The fuck does that mean? Are you planning on killing me? Or is that another bible verse?

          • David

            Thou shall not kill is one of the ten comandments

          • David

            I dont like Chicago

          • SeppiChicago

            Feeling's mutual, David. And trust me, I asked everyone here.

          • Crazyhorse1947

            If all GBLT persons are so sure of their inclination either genetically or by choice, then why do they need validation from the public at large. If what you believe in is fact to you, why do you need to make others believe this. By living your life which to you is correct and righteous then it needs no defense or explanation. It is. People who speak their mind whether it is politically correct or not, need no one elses validation. As the old saying goes “they are their own person.” Only you and God know what is in your heart. Another saying I heard unsure or who from was “I would rather live my life believing there is a GOD and die and find out there is not one” than “to live my life not belieivng in GOD or his teachings and die and find out there is one.” Do you take the free insurance for your soul and not need it or disregard it and need it? Only one way to heaven, makes no difference how good bad, who what, poor wealthy, straight gay, race color or creed, is to beleive that Christ paid that insurance premium in full when he died on the cross. All you have to do is believe in him and repent of your sin(s).

          • SeppiChicago

            It's not validation we seek, it's asking you to be a decent human being, something that seems to be painfully hard for many Christians.

          • another Christian

            Could you possibly discuss without the crude, gutter language?

          • SeppiChicago

            You are now the third person to not respond to the points I made, rather you just direct your ire elsewhere or just insult me. Which is telling. Take it to the fainting couch, Gertie – it’ the Internet. Here there be swears. Get over it.

          • JerryS57

            Tell ‘em seppi, tell em! Enjoy your salad!

          • JAFO4today

            I'll respond, why should I or anyone else have to accept rather than tolerate a behavior that is less than 5% of the population and not based on any Science of Biology. Oh that's right because the demographic has more time and money to push their view on the others that are too busy naturally supporting the future.

          • SeppiChicago

            I can't believe a grown up wrote this. I don't understand why being gay needs to be based on science but being a decent human being doesn't.

          • ibwonderful

            Wow, you appear to be a very angry person. The Bible teaches us to be careful of anger, and clearly defines “righteous anger”. This does not qualify.

            Say what you want, call all of the names and be as demeaning as you please. When the Day comes, let's see how your assertion of Christians being “pp ambassadors” holds up for you.

            Please note if you will that I at no time judged nor engaged in name calling. Also taught in the Bible.

            Have you ever read it with an open mind?

          • SeppiChicago

            I'm actually quite happy. I also love being told by Christians that I'm doomed to hell them lectured on manners when I respond. It's never not awesome. Please don't tell me to have an open mind when I have wasted the better part of my Wednesday night having the worst sort of slurs heaped on me by professed religious folk. It's insulting.

          • ibwonderful

            What slurs have I heaped on you. You know, just like all those who are bound for a life of hell, not all Christians are alike. You have no valid argument, yet you continue to post. Please, something of substance besides “poor, poor me”. By the way, those are the groups of Christians I intentionally avoid, the “put upon” and down trodden. We are not. It's great to know there is a meaning to life and living a good life is very satisfying.

            Please don't lump me into your “slurs” category. Didn't happen.

          • SeppiChicago

            Never accused you personally, read CAREFULLY before you comment, please.

            Not sure where you get self-pity but I have neither asked for nor expect any from you.

            It is laughable and silly to hear anyone say the phrase “just like all those who are bound for a life of hell” and think it constitutes any sort of valid argument to anyone not indoctrinated to a Christian faith, so you'll forgive me if I don't care what you think of mine.

            This may come as a surprise but it is entirely possible to not be Christian and have “meaning to life and live a good life that is satisfying”.

            I agree that I reply too much – it's clearly pointless and accomplishes nothing. Have a Happy Holidays.

        • auburnsks

          I rest my case. Theirs ten post on here and not the first two agree. Theirs something wrong my friends and I be dammed if I have the answer. I know, I left my self wide open for” He knows the way” and I'm sure he does. But why the hell is it that two people read the book and both come back with something different. Everybody makes quotes like its so easy to understand the big book. Then why is 4 Billion people so confused? WHY?

          • ibwonderful

            I rest my case. You can interview ten people who eye witnessed the same event and get 5-10 different versions of what happened.

            Simply live by the ten commandments. Give even when it hurts. Treat those who you condemn with love and respect, and I agree that we should not pick and choose verses to support our position. The Bible was written as one complete story, and we inserted chapters and verses as reference points. Therefore, one must read then entire chapter or even Book of the Bible to get the meaning.

            I am still waiting for someone to show me a verse or book that supports the assertion that it's OK to be gay. It simply is not there.

        • Keith B

          You say you can't pick what you want from the Bible. That's what you are doing. Do you follow EVERY broad social “guideline” from the Bible? I used this example previously: Do you feel women should be obedient to men, submit to men? That the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of man? That women should not be permitted to speak in church? And so on? All in the Bible…

          • ibwonderful

            “All in the Bible…” and all taken out of context. Read the entire story and get back to me. My wife is not “obedient” we are equal and stand together united 50/50. When she “submits” to me, it is in light of it being my responsibility to make the tough decisions and also bear the brunt of the fall out of I am wrong. Her opinion is valuable and completely necessary for us to function properly as a couple. We also both believe that marriage is for life, and is not to be taken lightly. I am the head of the household but also the one who will be held responsible for things not done properly and without putting God first.

            Again, read it all first. You are picking and choosing verses.

          • Keith B

            In the following I'm not criticizing the marriage you described just your statement. You said you and your wife are equal, yet YOU are the head of the household, and You are responsible to make the tough decisions, and you bear the fall out. That's not equal. It may be noble, but its not equal. And there's nothing wrong with you “making the tough decisions.” But what of a woman whom is the bread winner and her husband is a stay at home dad? And she is “responsible to make the tough decisions,” and “bears the brunt of the fall out if she's wrong.” Is her lifestyle a sin because she is not obedient to her husband? My overall point is, there are outdated philosophies in the bible that many devout Christians no longer follow.

          • Keith B

            As for “taken out of context.” Whose context do you refer to? God's context? Paul's context? I am picking verses for a reason, they are examples of verses that are no longer followed by the majority of Christians. A good example, do you allow your wife to speak in church? Corinthians 14:34-35 – … it is shameful for a woman to speak in church. Are women sinners if they hold a job with any man working as a subordinate? Timothy 2:11-15. “…I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man…” So why are many guidelines detailed in verses, particularly the ones pertaining to women, disregarded while the verses addressing homosexuality are still considered God's will?

          • PWP

            And the man is to love the Woman as Christ loved the church. In so much as He was willing to die for Her.

          • Keith B

            So a man must love his wife dearly, while a woman must also love her husband, as well as submit to him and obey him. Got it.

      • Buba Boyer

        You should pity you

        • SeppiChicago

          I do. For choosing to interact with a fool who can't spell Bubba. I feel really, really bad for me.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            REEELY KEVIN, is that the best you got

      • alesa513

        I don't feel that his comments were demeaning. My best friend in the world is gay and neither does she. She understands that he was stating his beliefs as he sees them.
        I am a United States Navy veteran and in my oath I had to swear to defend the constitution of the United States. That constitution gives every man woman and child the right to free speech. NO ONE has the right to take that away. We have the right to disagree but not to take away a constitutional right – if we do this we are no better than the Nazis or the communists.

        • SeppiChicago

          1. It's not my problem your “gay best friend” has no spine. That's her issue, not mine.
          2. The man is on a show seen by millions and plastered on everything at Walmart. Everything. He has more free speech then 100 liberals combined.
          3. Saying gays won't go to heaven may be your belief, but IT IS STILL OFFENSIVE. Have the right to say it? Sure.
          4. Thanks for your service.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            Your just jealous of a 65 year old man and the fact that he's an American icon and you ARE NOT!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

          • alesa513

            You are obviously a person to be pitied for your ignorance as well as your intolerance for the OPINIONS of others. You bash my best friend for “not having a spine” when she is the bravest person I have ever known and you do not even know her. She RESPECTS the fact that other people have THEIR OWN OPINIONS AND THEIR RIGHT TO THEM AS EVERY ONE OF US SHOULD. I really do pity you especially from reading your other posts you are obviously a very unhappy and disturbed individual.
            Yes Phil Robertson has a lot of free speech opportunities but when he expresses his OPINION BASED ON HIS BELIEFS HE IS PENALIZED AND JUDGED and it seems that right is taken from him. Have your rights been directly violated by his OPINION? Your way is if you don't agree you bash him just as you accuse him of bashing gays. Why are you so hateful?

    • Sam Raffield

      Believe whatever you want to about homosexuality. Phil is still a homophobic moron, and anybody who is willing to call being gay a sin is now the minority, as it should be.

      • Shane Cribbs

        Quit spewing mob mentality. I see nothing to indicate he is afraid of homosexuals (homophobic). Also, he clearly is not a moron as he is a college graduate (look up moron). Try to reduce the hyperbole, and have a grown up discussion.

      • Craig Killen

        guess you support the Devil and his way of telling you how to live.
        so go on Don't do what God says and one day you will see where that gets you…. When you Dance with the Devil you Dance to his Music…

      • k.k.

        its a sin, its the first thing against the creation of male and female and my heart hurts to all the non believers. The day will come and many will not be known, I am a sinner but I try my best to meet Gods standards

        • Keith B

          So do you also believe women should be submissive to men, or obey men? Why has that view been redefined, but not the old out dated view on homosexuality from the Bible? Titus 2:5, Timothy 2:12, Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:22-33 etc…

          • Buba Boyer

            Why you think the world is so f*cked up today?

      • PurpleHeadedWarrior

        WOW really?? I believe there are way more married couples (men and women) in the world today – they are not the minority!! You know you can say what you said, but think about this, Phil Robertson actually has the balls to speak up about this subject, BUT how many more people out there are thinking exactly the same thing??? Better watch your back buddy and what you think other people are thinking or NOT saying. That'll get you in a whole lotta trouble!!

      • ibwonderful

        Please show me in the Bible where it states that homosexuality is OK. Show me where it says it is not a sin. You state you grew up with the Bible. Demonstrate your knowledge instead of calling people names. And trust me, there are plenty of people who agree with me, and we are not “…the minority”. I await your fact based response.

        • yo

          If you argue with a fool it will be hard to distinguish who's the fool.

          • ibwonderful

            yet here you are commenting.

      • Keith B

        Hmm. Believe whatever you want to about homosexuality… But I'm going to call you a homophobic moron.



          • Keith B

            Uh, Willie, Skeeter, whatever you name is, stick to debates you can understand. My reply was being sarcastic to Sam Raffield. He says “believe whatever you want.” Then says “Phil is a homophobic moron.” I was calling him out on not being honest saying “believe whatever you want.” Because he's damning Phil for believing homosexuality is a sin. Thanks for the death threat jackass.

          • PurpleHeadedWarrior

            That good funny shit right there!!!

      • Buba Boyer

        What a moron Sam is! And to think, gays are 2% of our population. You'd think they were 98% by all the bullsh*t we hear about them. Burn in Hell!

      • David

        Wrong answer Numb nut



        • Keith B

          Im married, and my wife is smoking hot. But my cousin is gay, and when we were kids, when our friends were skipping rocks, he was skipping rope. Gays are born gay pal. Get over it. Don't worry, no need to be afraid, a gay guy isn't going to come up to you and try to coerce you into a game of “slap and tickle.” They like to meet people and get into relationships too. I'm sure you picture a gay guy in an undersized leather vest and ass-less chaps but they look normal too.

    • alesa513

      I don't understand why they are making such a big deal over this. He was stating his OPINIONS as he sees them not saying you have to believe as he does. In my OPINION they are stepping on his constitutional right to free speech and penalizing him for it. THAT IS WRONG!! They are also failing to understand that he is a child of a different era where the gay community was not so open. I have family that is gay I do not judge them for their lifestyle or their beliefs that is theirs not mine. We all face God on our own and are judged by him as he sees fit not according to others beliefs.

      • ibwonderful

        I agree. It's up to God to decide, and we are to love everyone regardless of who or what they are. I have family and friends that are gay also. I don't judge or belittle them. That is up to the Almighty to decide.

        I totally agree with your statement that we all face God on our own. I would far rather follow His teachings then (I am not trying to lump you into the category regarding the next part of my statement) to make my own interpretations fit whatever it is I choose to do.

        • alesa513

          I also try very hard to live my life as the bible teaches. I know that there are times when I'm not as good a Christian as I should be and it seems like every day I do something I feel the need to ask forgiveness for. But I believe that is part of being human none of us are without sin. As we both agree we face God on our own at the time of our judging. In my opinion what right do I have to judge someone else's lifestyle? My dear Grandmother always told me “judge not lest you be judged” and I try very hard to adhere to that I'm sure that I don't always succeed. I just have a hard time understanding why when a very obviously devout man gives his opinion he is treated so unjustly because it offends a group of people. These are his beliefs what gives anyone the right to judge him for his beliefs?

          • ibwonderful

            I agree that he is entitled to his opinion. Now he has been “suspended” by the Network. I am pretty sure he could care less if he is ever on TV again, and may pull the entire family cast and that is the end of the show. The DD family has made it clear that their beliefs come before TV or money. I believe that this stare down will result in a huge loss for A&E.

            I don't believe Phil is judging, he is simply stating his opinion, and as you pointed out this is his right, and those who disagree want to be able to express theirs, but his is not appropriate.

            If this is truly a country of free speech, then each side can speak their minds and then move on.

            The Bible tells us that we will have to live through the types of things that are happening in the end times. Homosexuality is just one of many, many issues facing those who truly believe.

            I wish no ill will on anyone, and only hope that they are sure of what they believe when Judgement Day arrives.

          • alesa513

            Thank you so very much this is a very eloquent reply. I too believe that DD will break with A&E rather than go against their beliefs. It's so sad that we cannot express our opinions and beliefs without someone making it more out of it than what it was meant. I too believe we are looking at the end times just look at the state of the world and I pray I am ready for my judgement. I do not wish ill will on anyone I just wish some of the people on here discussing this could see past their own ignorance and prejudices. I pity those who have hatred in their hearts and take every remark as a personal attack. That is a very sad way to live.

      • JerryS57

        Sorry, they are not stepping on anyone's right to free speech. He gets to continue to say anything he wants about gays and those darn “homosexuals”. He can write a book tomorrow, go on talk shows, call his buddies and post on Facebook anything he wants.

        On the other hand, A&E doesn't have to give him a job. Its called “at-will” employment here in Michigan.

        • MarcusP

          And we don't have to watch anything on A&E anymore. It's called Freedom of Choice.

          • JerryS57

            Bingo! You've got it, and they get to suffer the consequences of that.

    • Mike W

      Look I'm not judging gays. I don't give a crap. This is his opinion. Same as mine. What happened to tolerance. He does not have a right to his opinion? Why is the Gay community so sensitive? They knock Christians all the time. Grow a pair. Sorry for the PUN. The global warming crowd does not seem to care about the truth.

      • JerryS57

        No, the “global warming crowd” does not have to concern them with truth . . . they have science on their side. The others . . . hmm . . . “scientist” by the name of Rush and Sarah and Glenn, and the Kock brothers. Christ, even the military is preparing for the effects of climate change/global warming.

    • jerryinmichigan

      ibwonderful, this is just too good to pass up on. You state the Bible is not a buffet table you can pick and chose from, yet you are doing that exact thing when you “live by” passages that say that homosexuality is a sin!

      How many other passages do you, or are you not able to, live by because times have changed? I assume you have not participated in any stoning of non-virgins, have you? Have we cut off any hands lately? How about throwing your children against a stone wall? Probably none of these, yet they are in the Bible.

      So what gives you and others the right to pick from the buffet table (good analogy by the way) and condemn the gays in our community?

      Personally, I think the new Pope has one up on you here. When asked about gays, his response was, “Who am I to judge?”

      Now that is class, and a good example of Christianity.

      • ibwonderful

        Where do you find me “judging”? I am saying that the Bible was meant to be a life guide, and if one takes the good from it (it is a story, written as a book. We inserted chapters and verses as reference points)and realizes that of course we won't live as they did when they stoned people. But we still have executions don't we? What is the difference? People are jailed for theft, are they not?

        I am not condemning the gays in our community. At no time have I done this. I am simply saying that it is clearly stated that it is a sin, and that God will judge it, not me. In the meantime, we are to love each other regardless of what we do. Remember when Christ was asked why he hung out with the sinners, lepers, tax collectors, etc.? He stated that those that are well do not need a doctor. It's up to us to set an example of what living a good and decent life is and for those who watch us to want to have what we have. If you have never experienced a relationship with God, you have no idea what I or anyone else is talking about. I have been on both sides. I will stay right where I am.

    • ColoRN

      This is pure bullshit. The gay community can shove their warped opinions and lifestyle on America, but, IF America disagrees on that warped lifestyle… they are penalized!!
      Political correctness and over sensitivity has damaged America and allowed the vocal minorities to put the majority on “pins and needles”….ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

    • Blondie

      Well said ibwonderful. Vengeance is mine says the Lord (Det. 32:35)
      God will be one doing the judging. It is a shame while on this earth we can not view our opinions without repercussions.

    • Mel2

      Very well said, and what I appreciate the most is the humility and love I read in your message. We should stand by what God says, but we should never preach the Gospel with hateful words. That's anti-God.

      • ibwonderful

        Thank you.

    • Ken Lily

      Remember Sodom and Gomorra, God Created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
      IB your right, cant take anything away from or add anything to the bible. You either accept, believe, confess, repent , or …….well remember Sodom and Gomorra, history has a weird way of repeating itself. I personal wont have a tatoo, if you don't know what I mean, Read Revelations.

    • Ken Lily

      trying this again, Its intimidating for the first time, trying to respond to a specific post.. I Don't use public media ever, never have, but this is so wrong, people that have the opposite thought can talk all they want, but opposition views cant be said? Can you say censorship, can you spell socialism?
      Sodom and Gomorra, God Created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
      IB your right, cant take anything away from or add anything to the bible. You either accept, believe, confess, repent , or …….well remember Sodom and Gomorra, history has a weird way of repeating itself. I personal wont have a tattoo, if you don't know what I mean, Read Revelations.

    • Seth Pattee

      Aren't you picking and choosing from the Bible when you ignore the teachings of the Old Testament? And if you say “well it's outdated and times were different back then” then you are just backing yourself into a corner of hypocrisy and irony…Think before you answer.

      • ibwonderful

        I never said the Old Testament was outdated and times were different back then”. Where do you see that?

        • Seth Pattee

          Oh I'm sorry, I just went out on a limb and assumed that you didnt believe in owning slaves or stoning girls to death for not being virgins once they are married or that you did not believe in the angry, violent god of the old testament. My question, is: why not? Is it surely not a part of the Christian religion and experience? My point is that the Bible was written by men, not by the Christian God. And that if the laws of the Old Testament and even some in the gospel can be considered outdated, then why do you still view homosexuality as sinful and evil? Is it not possible that some of the apostles (all human beings) did not somehow push their own opinions into the mix while attempting to retell God's word?

    • Susan Campbell

      ok…this is the 2nd time A&E, the media, etc. have “had a problem” with Mr. Phil Robertson…..has it occurred to anyone—-Mr. Phil is THE reason this reality show exists. think about it. Yes, Willie has done a fabulous job–a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making what the company—-which began b/c of Mr. Phil's innovations—-is today. I am sure if the Robertsons walked away from A&E—the fans would follow them wherever they go. Don't you get it??? The Robertsons MAKE the show…..NOT…a&e.

      • ibwonderful

        Agree completely. I wrote in another post that I doubt if Phil could care less about ever going back on TV. He is already talking about dropping out. He just might take his whole family and walk. A&E is shooting itself in the foot by caving in to the “outrage” of special interest groups.

        On another note, is A&E not the channel that broadcast a five part series called “The Bible”? And, if it was them, did they not have a overwhelming response and viewership far beyond anything they imagined?

        A little ironic isn't it? They air one show about the Bible, and then “suspend” a character from the #2 reality show on Tv who stands up for the same book in an interview.

    • Toralph nader

      What happened to the 5th amendment? Let the man speak!

    • W Wright

      I am sick and tired of people being so quick to rake someone over the coals because they don't think homosexuality is right. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND WE ARE ENTITLED TO OUR OPINION. YOU PRISSY ASS PINK SHIRT WEARING VAGINA HATERS NEED TO LEARN THAT POSSIBLY YOU ARE OFFENDING SOMEONE BY DENYING A MAN'S
      RIGHT TO DISAGREE. Men and Women have died to protect your right to do what you want with your body and you're the first people to denounce someone and call them a “gay basher” because they don't accept what you
      do. I guarantee if your family was hungry or needed protection and help
      Phil Robertson would be a good Man to you and help in any way possible.
      GAY OR NOT!!! We need to start thinking about what we are losing by our
      intolerance of others. I think we also need to straighten up those noodle
      for backbones so many of you have and stand up for what you think is
      right/wrong and if you can't handle the pressure go back inside the closet
      where you have been hiding. God Bless you Mr. Robertson and you’re
      Family. And God bless you if you are a homosexual as I feel you have the
      right to be loved and forgiven BUT I don't have to say what you are is at all
      W. Wright

    • Michael Burch

      Hate the sin….love the sinner…isn't that what Phil Robertson was saying….The gay and lesbian militants will never ….never be happy….all they can do is cause discord and spread unhappiness…Look at what those evil people are doing in Colorado with that bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a couple of gay men …they are doing their best to shut them down…Too bad A&E has to agree with the gay and lesbian agenda….one would think common sense would set in ..but then this is hollyweird…where are the freaks and weirdos hang out….

    • DCD

      AMEN!!! We Christians need to stand up for what we beleive in, THE BIBLE!!
      Thank you Phil for doing that! If they take you off the show, their veiwing will drop big time! Maybe us christians need to start complaining about the gay and lesbo shows they show on TV that we DISAPPROVE of!

      • ibwonderful

        I think the entire cast should walk until Phil is back on the set. They certainly don't need the money, and they, in every way, have the leverage. They are right, A&E is wrong, and yes, it is that simple.

    • markingpmp


      Cruz in effect is lying and distorting Christianity; Robertson was paraphrasing Paul's letter to the Corinthians that advised that congregation to “stop keeping company with sexually immoral people…..Remove the wicked person from among you.” (1Cor 5:9 ) Jesus personally selected Paul to be a witness to the nations (Acts chap 9). Therefore, if you call yourself a Christian, you follow Jesus’ commands and those of Paul's. Immoral behavior is not permitted and only those who repent from their former ways and stop practicing immorality are worthy of the Kingdom of God, as Roberts stated. He is in effect teaching what Jesus and Paul taught to Jews and to the nations. Why would anyone teach or practice anything else? Cruz's words are empty”. (Eph :6) Any congregation in the 1st century that condoned immoral behavior had holy spirit removed from it. Compare congregations in Judea, Samaria, Galilee in Act 9:31 to congregations in Pergamum @ Rev 2:14, & Thyatira @ Rev 2:20.

      • ibwonderful

        Funny you should mention Paul, as he was the worst of the worst, yet turned out to be a shining example of what God can do to change a persons life…..

    • AlvinAmbers

      In admonishing us to love others, God by no means or implication established that we should love whatever someone else DOES. By that principle, there'd be no consequence (in the context of Eternity, especially) for ANYTHING….murder, child molesting….ANY act or behavior.

    • lise

      bible thumper..freak

    • disqus_HqnstLYarD

      I have to disagree; the bible was written by men, failable human beings in a time when homosexuality was much more reviled than it is now – and that's saying something going by the responses I've seen here! I take the bible as what it is, a handwritten account by men handed down by God which means that I do not believe it is a blueprint of how a Christian should live but a guide to living a life of charity, generosity, love and compassion. This means that we should try to follow God's word as best we can but that we should also realize that men wrote it and it is therefore subject to men's prejudices of which homosexuality is one. Why do I not believe that homosexuality is a sin? Because it exists in nature; yup, you heard me right, there are homosexual animal relationships as well as neuter and male/female. Obviously, for the good of any species, human or animal, the norm must be male/female but neuter and homosexual also have their place in both human and animal lives – the guards, nurturers and care givers are often neuter or homosexual in animal life. That being said, if it is a “natural” part of nature or animal lives (and plant life for that matter!) and we agree God created the world – why in heavens name would he have created the instinct to be neuter or homosexual in animals if He consider's it a sin? To me, the answer is He does not, that He considers the norm to be male/female but that He finds a place for neuters and homosexual beings in this world and therefore in His! So, yes, Virginia, there is a God who considers it “natural” to be male/female and neuter and homosexual orientated!
      Live and let live, stop judging least you be judged come that day! Love thy neighbor and stop feeling so smug because you happened to be born in the male/femal orientated group — as for some of those who say jews would be offended because homosexuals have never been “hunted” because they were gay – hey where have you been living? I've heard and seen plenty of hate and there have been some truly awful deaths and assaults perpretrated on gays in years gone by and in todays society! Again, judge not least you be judged! And yes we have a right to “freedom of speech” but I place Phils remarks right up there with the KKK – they sicken me and I'm am truly sorry that he and others are still so narrow minded and so “minded” towards hatred! Speaking these words is as bad as assaulting someone for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs or – yes! – being gay!

    • Tom Thibodeau

      ibwonderful, you stated….The Bible does, however, clearly direct us to love others regardless of what they do. The judging will come in due time, and be done by God, not us.
      Phil said exactly that in his interview. He did not judge, he does not bother those people, however, you want to live, you live, but as a religious person he is stating that God will do the judging(as you did). This is a man with strong religious beliefs and those beliefs are straight from the bible! Keep a person from expressing their 1st amendment rights and religion? A&E is barking up a tree they don't wont to mess with. And it's obvious from reading comments across SO many articles from so many different outlets!

    • Bobby Sims

      I agreed that God, made man and woman to have sex.

    • Sito

      People don't have nothing else to do but try an get famous other ways by bashing other people about there opinions. This is America which we have a freedom of speech and it shouldn't care if your famous or not. Leave that man and his family alone and heads up to my man “Si”.

    • Sherry Jackson

      I am Black and I am a Christian. I agree with you, Mr.ibwonderful and with Phil Robertson. The atheist are allowed to speak their opinions,why can't we? If you don;t like what our opinion,then go someplace else but please don't force you opinions on us, because you don;t like it forced on you. Phil should stay on the show he is one of the main character. There is finally a show with some type of morals and standards, unlike the other shows that are always cutting each other down and a bunch of none sense. Hmmm maybe that's why it is the number one reality show on cable and 2nd to Walking Dead.. Duck Dynasty you still have me as fan and Phil preach on my lighter skinned brotha!

    • kroycincy 0911

      ok look im far from a holy roller, and I absolutely have major doubts about religion and that is my personal prerogative, and I have to assess this for what it is. persecution of a man who is speakin his mind and faith without any real hatred toward anyone. he spoke what he belives and then follows up with he don't condem anyone for theyer belives. the last time I checked we live in the United States of America dam it where freedom is supposed to be the cournerstone of our country and our faiths, we are supposed to have our freedom in nearly every aspect of our lives, that goes for men like phill and his family, as well as people like ellen who enjoy the companionship of the same sex, who the hell are we to persecute anyone for beliving what theyer heart feels is right in ever way, that goes for gays and people phill. but this is just my opinion.

    • jp

      Again, another stupid moron. I only do this when I see such nonsense, and this is again nonsense. I don't need to get into a bible debate with anyone, but I will call a spade a spade, and put it out there when ever I see it. THE BIBLE, (in capitals) DOES NOT, ahem, ahem, ahem, CLEARLY STATE, ahem, ahem, ahem, that HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN. Unless YOU, you POS MORON, wrote your OWN DAMN BIBLE THAT YOU ARE REFFERING TO!
      I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!!! Again, GOD, will forgive you, stupid person, for being SO DAMN STUPID!!!

    • Religiousfaithisacrime

      Here's a passage from the New Testament that supports homosexuality:
      “Jesus said come, and Peter let himself down over the side.”

  • RobJoh

    You clearly did not read the article. Phil duck dynasty clearly said he does not have the right to judge. People do not know right from wrong anymore. Kids are not taught at home by their parents but through social media – that is effective. High school seniors can barely write with a pen or pencil and they can't make change. Freedom of speech is what Phil exercised, just as we all have here with these one sided comments. God loves you whether you like it or not.

  • bennny57

    Yay to Phil Robertson. Boo to Robertson bashers.

  • bchaff79

    Bashing what bashing ….he stated what it says in the bible and that god will sort everyone out…..if your gay and believe you are Christian iam sorry but your bible must be different from mine it plainly states that homosexuality is a sin if you don't like that then I don't know what to tell you u cant re write the bible to suit your needs although so many people try to. And he was saying homosexual and terrorists and context they they are both sins….which they are he didn't say he hated gays or called them F@#% he said homosexuality is a sin then provided the scripture to back it up.
    It amazes me how this country is so free yet if you don't take a liberal view on EVERYTHING you are wrong and need to keep your mouth shut this is some bullshit reporters picking on a not so media savvy celeb go Phil Roberson for preaching the truth and yes homosexuality is a sin and if you believe in the bible it is the truth

  • Josh Koles


  • bchaff79

    all the non believers are happily celebrating Christmas right now…the birth of Christ

  • bennny57

    something so amazing: God loves, unconditionally. This idea is so dumbfounding, so ludicrous, so unbelievable. Phil is just pointing out those things that can keep one away from the kingdom of God. However, he never says God does not love these people, in fact, God loves them even knowing some of these people will never love Him back.

  • CS

    Phil Robertson quoted from the bible which all of us Christians believe in. He also stated that he was not judging homosexuality that only one person would be the judge of that. I believe we still liev in a freedon of speech country and when you are asked a question a truthful answer is expected.

  • KenSterling

    Wilson Cruz of glad is dead wrong. He/she/it confuses acceptance with support.
    A majority of Americans ACCEPT homosexuality as someone else's lifestyle as long as it doesn't affect their lifestyle.
    Accepting it should not be confused with supporting or promoting and definitely not celebrating a homosexual lifestyle !
    It's a big world and there's room for all of us. You can love whoever or whatever you want . . . . . . just don't get any on me !

  • buddaman1260


  • charnygirl .

    leave him alone…he is entitled to his own view just as we are ours. I do not agree with him, but it's not my job to judge and I sure as hell do not get any pleasure out of ripping him apart and trying to destroy his life like the news stations and tabloids seem to do. God forbid when any public figure says anything that can cause a stir. I just don't get it..why the tabloids and some people get pleasure out of destroying someone elses reputation. Find something better to do with your time and God forbid YOU ever do or say something that may not be PC….Merry Christmas! Oh wait, I forgot I shouldn't be saying that!

  • Cindy Clarkson Scott

    Phil Robertson speaks the Bible truth. Christians have been and will continue to be persecuted for doing so. We used to be killed, so what if there are some negative comments. Worth his treasures in heaven. He specifically said he doesn't condemn people all he did was quote the Bible, and any unbiased Bible scholar will tell you homosexuality is not of God. He is to be commended.

    • Annie

      I guess we all forgotten about Sodom and Gomorrah(Gen:19)..If homosexuality is not wrong, why was these 2 towns destroyed by God? Why is it a Christian cannot stand up for what they believed? Like it says in the Bible” In the last days, Right will be Wrong, and Wrong will be Right. There are 2 laws each person will have the choice to follow…Man's law and God's law…You can make a choice, but in the end the law you choose will determine your eternity….Like I have said before…”If(and that is a huge “IF”) I am wrong, I have nothing to loose. But if your wrong, you have lost your eternity. Yes sin is sin and God is the final judge in the end…You can love the sinner but not the sin…No matter who sins and what the sin is. Phil Roberson has the God given right to say what he believes in, just like any gay person has the right to say what he believes in. God gives everyone the freedom of will, and here in the USA we have the “Freedom of Speech”…No matter who says it, someone will be offended. So A&E needs to stop trying to be “Political Correct” and note that Mr. Roberson comments does not express or reflects their views or opinions and leave it at that!. Not fire Phil Roberson. Shame on you A&E!!

  • Kelli

    Amen brother!!!! Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you for standing strong as a Christian man!

  • Brooklyn Baby

    WOOOW, in NO WAY did he compare OR SAY anything DEROGATORY about Gay people. He simply quoted the bible amongst OTHER things that are a SIN AND might I add there are some SINS that YOU CANNOT REPENT FOR!!! SOOO many people are quick to say what is or isn't in the Bible and what it says but OBVIOUSLY haven't taken the time to read. B/c if they did they would know that GOD finds a Man that lays with another man(and woman/woman) an ABOMINATION. Yes there are other sins in which we ALL( including homesexuals) commit everyday!! Some sins not all I can Guarantee!! I myself have to catch myself and repent. I mean GEESH, the minute someone doesn't agree with Homosexuality it seems that everyone automatically assumes they are Gay Bashing. I'm sorry but I thought that that's called having an opinion? Aren't we allowed to have one? At the end of the day according to the Bible being Gay isn't right(a lot of people agree). AMONG other things. SO STFU and get over it. JUST know that when JUDGEMENT day comes GOD is the one we all will answer to and that includes ALL RACES, Sexual orientations and etc. Im just so sick of this world and what the MEDIA has become. Its like making things that aren't acceptable acceptable and things that shoudnt be acceptable they ARE. Like for instance the GMO overkill in our FOOD. The RADIOACTIVE waste from FUKISHIMA that is constantly as we speak POLLUTING our OCEANS contaminating the FISH and other things WE NEED and depend on for food. The Government CORRUPTION I can go on! OPEN your EYES and really realize whats really important. I mean who REALLY gives a damn about some “Reality Show” star simply saying how he feels; Just being taken out of CONTEXT.

    • Food for thought.

      Especially when you consider that some of the chemicals in our food supply have been shown to change the sexual orientation of some animals… It's not implausible to suggest that since the late 1800s, food additives have caused a genetic alteration that leads to homosexual tendencies.

      Homosexuality isn't a choice, sure. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's natural either. It's highly possible that it has *become natural* due to man's corruption of our own food supply, thanks to greed.

  • DeeDee

    Phil Robertson has the right to believe what he believes. As long as he does not discriminate against another in his hiring practices and day to day living, he has every right to his beliefs. As long as he is not breaking any laws he can stand on his convictions. I say if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything. I believe that gays have rights to each others property and insurance if they have set up house together, however I also believe that Homosexuality is wrong. It's how I was raised and it's what I was taught, but I'm not gonna discriminate against anyone. And I'm not gonna change my mind.


    I feel sorry for all who try to quote the Bible and aren't Christians and use slang language against its contents and its viability in today's society. What all seem to be forgetting is that the old testament when written was the law of the land, however God realized that we could not obey his laws, such as the 10 commandments so he sent his Son to suffer a painful, degrading, undignified, horrible death for all of us that who so ever shall believe in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.Therefore if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit in your heart and are baptized in his presence, you will be forgiven for your sins if you ask for forgiveness. We all sin and come short of the Glory of God, but that is why Jesus was sent to save us. Homosexuality is a sin. No where in the bible, KJV, Koran or any other religious believe if a man being with a man or a woman being with a woman considered sinless. And, just because we disagree with the life style does not mean we are bigots, it just mean we have our own consciousness of what is right and wrong. We have a right to have an opinion even if it differs from others. But, I like a lot of others are sick and tired of being told we have to accept this life style, and we don't. Like one person said we hate the sin but not the sinner. I have gay friends and they know how I feel about marriage between them and the fact of their life style, but we still love each other and still do things together. They are so much more in tune with the respect of society having their right to an opinion even thought it differs from theirs. But people like some of you who every time they hear someone differing from them on the issue, call us bigots. Your are the problem not the bible, not God, and not the Homosexuals. For the most part they just want to live in peace and harmony with the rest of society. Of course as in all situations there are those few bad apples that just keep things stirred up. For me I will continue to pray for all human life and love each person as best i can and leave the judgement to God as “VENGEANCE IS MY SAITH THE LORD”. Forgiveness and loving is our job. God Bless, His Loving Child.
    You continue on with how you believe Phil Robertson, I am right there with you. (Just a thought Phil, homosexuality is in a league all its own, so lets not compare it with anything else, just a suggestion.) Thanks, Love ya

    • aarnie

      quite eloquently put.
      the REAL problem I have seen in thisthread is the folks on both sides swearing at each other. the fact of the matter is we mere mortals have been shown a path to a Truth that is beyond our full perception. I heard the analogy of a facetted jewel used earlier. yes, the facet you face tends to reflect your views but the Truth is probably more complex than any of us can see on our own. so far in my journey to seek it, it has proved far more enlightening to listen to the opinions of those facing a different facet. in my turn I will voice my view and pass to hear the next. I don't have to believe the other opinion or view, but it has seemed to help better understand that that confronts me on a daily basis. hopefully, my expression of my views has likewise helped others on their journey.
      lets stop spewing vocal hatred at each other and attempt to have a civil exchange of ideas. we don't have to believe each other, just try to understand what the other sees. that doesnt even imply condoning it, just respecting it as a different view that, even if
      not the truth, may help YOU see the truth a little clearer and cleaner as well as help you grow a bit by understanding your fellow man. name calling only provokes and demonstrates hatred and a closed mind.
      my 2 cents FWIW

      • aarnie

        besides which, you cannot justify FORCING belief. conversion at the point of the sword (literal or figurative) just causes more hatred and chaos.

  • Ryan

    Phil Robertson repented of his sins from his younger years. I find it interesting that so many non-Christians (such as the GLAAD spokesman) claim to know what Christianity is. He is quite ignorant when he said that Robertson's “lies” fly in the face of what Christians believe. False. This is directly in line with what the Bible teaches. Perhaps in Wilson Cruz's guilt over the kind of life he lives, he must convince himself that Christianity is something different than what it really is. Christians sin, but we recognize it as such and ask for forgiveness. We then strive to change that behavior. We never claim to be perfect and in fact, are more ready to admit that than non-Christians. I believe that many of the people here making disparaging comments are those who resent that Christians hold themselves and others to a higher standard.

  • dontheweatherman

    Good for Phil, he is sane

  • Saul of Tarsis

    So much Christian bashing!

  • Me

    Opinions are like assholes….everybody has one.

    • natural

      just wanted to say that u all have your rites to your own opinions. but I truly believe in my heart that this world started out being populated by man and women. you don't have creation with a man with a man or a women with a women. am I rite. commend sense. so, their is evil and there is good correct. so now you find your self where do I fit end and why. well you all have been guided by a force call satan. because jesus love us all. he gave his life for us all.even if you don't believe. oama will set us free and every thing will be all rite. you need some thing in your heart to believe in. you see the sky the trees the valleys. common? its in plain site. this world Is made for us and now its being made unnatural . the evil wants it that way. because god made it good and now evil wants to make un natural. its happening rite now. wake up people.

  • jean

    if you read the very first chapter of the bible when god created the human race he created a woman for a man not a man for a man or woman for woman. this is the first proof that homosexuality isn't ordained and excepted by god.the story of sodom and gomorrah if you study up on tells you being gay is a sin. i love everyone now dont get me wrong been a christian also foe 25+ yrs now but i do not and will not ever belueve homosexuality to be right.

  • Believer-Bill

    First mistake… being interviewed by GQ… when someone already knows your beliefs (and Phil's are unapologetically straight from the Bible in which he trusts EVERY word) and asks questions that set you up for controversy… similar thing happened to CEO of Chic Fillet… This is still America and beware A&E… most of Phil fans that made this show #1 believe just like he does!

  • lildove

    Sorry Jon, I disagree with you. God say's come to me as you are,,,,, He never said be a saint then come to me o have we forgotten that there was ONLY one man who walked the face of this earth with out sin and that was Christ.
    As for Mr. Phil Robertson being against gays and abortions that is his God given right. I personally agree with him and I do not feel that gay marriage should be honored, no spouse benefits, now if anyone wants to slam what I have said, Please pick up you Bible and read before you make yourself look like even a bigger fool. Rev. Fowler PhD

  • Jenny F.

    Enough of this “gay bashing” thing, it's totally unfair and absurd. The LGBT community is trying to force their views upon others and it's a load of crap. I have friends that are gay and I love them implicitly, but do I condone what they do? Absolutely not! I don't judge them, I don't criticize them, I love them just the same, but I don't agree with homosexuality. Just the same as I have friends who are promiscuous, I don't judge, but I don't agree with it either. Just because someone is a Christian and this is what they believe, leave them alone! He's not a gay basher, and I'm sure he shows a gay person the same respect he does a non-gay person. If they keep allowing this “blacklisting” of individuals who disagree with their lifestyle, then they need to change our rights as well as the same foundations that America stands on. I remember the disclaimers that state that the views of those depicted on their network are not indicative of the networks views so why would A&E remove him? This would then mean that you are robbing him of his freedom of speech and individuality! Were we not founded on the premise of Freedom from Religious Persecution? So why are you attacking this man because of his religious views? If his religion says that it's sin and that's what he believes, give the man a break already! LGBT community please RESPECT the views of others just like we respect your sexuality. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

  • kimber7208

    I just love in our great nation how if you do not have the same opinions of the masses you are condemned, your faith questioned, and your character assassinated. Phil's words are completely taken out of context and being turned around to make him look like he is bashing gays when he does not do that at all but again he is entitled to his opinion just like anyone else whether people agree or disagree if this is still America…free speech, right?

  • Eileen

    He was quoting passages in the Bible, it's wrong to banish him from the show for his beliefs.

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    So according to the Dem Extremes and White House etc.
    FIRST AMENDMENTS only apply to the same..
    Thus when we all came from a man and a woman: that is no longer valid and any contradictions must be VOIDED.
    HELL awaits the controllers of inalienable rights..who don't suck up…to EVIL!

  • strait56

    homo's are sick individuals. Obamacare should be able to help homo's cure their disease.

  • anthony

    all gays should be put out of thier missery,thier worthless piles of shit that shouldn't be breathing the same air as straight people

  • Jsncjn

    Good for him. I love it how those who espouse free speech or freedom of expression are the first to lambast someone with a differing opinion.

  • the Mickey

    As a Drunk, I am offended by his comments. And rest assured, if A&E
    had not taken this drastic action, me and my fellow drunkards would have
    boycotted the network!

  • YBNVS1

    Bravo Phil, I've never watched DD but now I will begin.

  • bucklessbob

    The lawyers will be busy with this one!

  • tatkins08

    I agree with Phil. If you don't like his personal beliefs then don't him to tell you them. If you don't like it then don't watch the show…It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Go for it Phil..I back you 100%. You people definitely don't want to know my opinion, so, I would advise you, don't ask

  • devildude

    Sometimes a duck call is just a duck call.
    I may or may not agree with what he is saying but I will fight for his right to say it.

  • James Oss

    FoxW.A.S.P. will pick him up.

  • Xristianxon Jamex

    As per usual gay advocates are THE EPITOME OF HYPOCRITES (along with their typical, overly sensitive, self-flattering narcissism and megalmaniac egos).
    The GLAAD lady attacked Phil for categorizing gays, then SHE goes on and CATEGORIZES Phil and she tries to speak for all Christians. What's also astonishing is that Phil said that he WAS SUCH A DRUNKARD and he himself was tripping like any other sinner he's talking about…so he ADMITS to his issues and problems.
    But, gay folks HATE FREE SPEECH and they're a bunch of fake phonies who act like they are blacks going through a civil rights movement. Blacks ENDURED 1,000,000 times worse that what your sissy gay feelings won't let you endure.

  • bigjon

    Go Phil Robertson tell them the truth. And to Wilson Cruz, shut your big fat bureaucrat mouth. Phil Robertson doesn't have to know anything about homosexuals. He is spreading the truth about God and Jesus Christ. You obviously don't know anything about true Christians if you are saying that Christians support homosexuals.

  • craig f

    what a ridiculous statement wow ! ignorance is bliss everyone has a right to there opinion but really? if its that ignorant you might want to keep those kind of ignorant statements to yourself kind of reminds me of when Hank Jr screwed up his Monday night football gig lol good luck ! very similar ………….

    • Al Waishard

      Freedom of speech, but only for liberals and gays,..right?

  • Al Waishard

    Really tired of the ‘easily offended’ act by the gays. People have opinions/preferences and the First Amendment. If you can't take it – go back in the closet and nail it shut.

  • opinionsrgreat

    Not that I agree with what Phil's beliefs are, I don't care if someone is gay, straight, bi, ??, but isn't A&E wrong for basically shutting his mouth for him? Last time I checked this was a free country for people to believe and say what they want. A&E has put out their own statement that Phil's beliefs don't reflect theirs, so get over it people. There are always going to be haters on each side of the coin. Opinions are like a&&h*les, everyone's got one–including me I guess.

  • Carol

    Our socialist government wants to make what you say unlawful and what you think unlawful unless, of course, you are a leftist liberal, in which case you can spew forth any kind of crap and you will be adored.

  • Random

    I think that a man should be able to believe what he wants and not get judged for it. Just like you think homosexuals shouldn't be judged. ALL people have that right.

  • Smooth Groove

    Do the producers honestly believe that this guy's sentiments aren't shared by most if not all of the rest of these backwoods yokels?

  • The Dog

    I don't have a problem with what he said. More people of faith should say what they feel and what they believe! Stop being afraid of offending the PC crowd and their warped beliefs!

  • Bob Smith

    Now pay attention boys and girls, the new normal is to just flat out lie. We now live in the Communist Republic of America or what was America. Lie if you don't want to lose what you have. Use Illegals, Black racists aka Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and our first black president, Bill Clinton as your shining examples. Always baffle your interviewer with responses such as, depends on what your definition of what “is” is. when you say anything that they don't like just tel them you didn't say that and have many friends lie on our behalf. Also don't forget this gem. Ask your leftist, who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes and ears? That last one definitely works all the time for Barrack Insane Obama and his chimp Jay Carney.

  • Fed up

    Seriously!! The man was asked what he believes to be sinful and when he gives his answer on HIS belief people get their panties in a wad! I get so sick of companies jumping up and pulling shows or people because they might hurt the “gay community's” feelings…Grow up! This is America and people have the right to speak their oppinion. Shame on A&E for pulling this man for his belief…I don't see them pulling a gay person off because they speak against heterosexuality! For real…. get a clue! I hope another network picks the show up because I for one love to see a good show that is not about sex, drugs, and gay people. Keep up the great work Duck Dynasty and keep on with your beliefs Phil:)

  • Resident11

    What ever happened to freedom of speech…seems the fags have all the freedom until they cross my path!

  • Bob Smith

    Just because some leftist say it's gay bashing doesn't mean it is so. One man's honesty is another partial man's stupid interpretation because they can't handle the truth.

  • chevy05

    we need more people like him. people who are not afraid of speaking the truth or putting up with political correct bull. this country has lost the sight of whats wrong and right. this country was founded on the bible and now we cant say the pledge of allegiance because it says under God but homosexuals can have parades? really? hello people!!!!! abortions now ok, sure lets give young people permission to have sex make a child and feel ok about not taking resposibility and throwing a life away. god and the bible have a lot to say about that. imagine if our founding fathers were here today. what would they think of society.

  • Don Tonawanda

    I too struggle with understanding how someone could find the bunghole more appealing than the vagina, does that make me a bad person? I mean, would you really rather cover it in sh$t? Have it at I guess, not putting my skin in the game and converting to that program.Not sure why a man like Phill should be chastised and “fired” for not getting on the GLBT bandwagon if he has other beliefs. Shouldn't his beliefs be as respected as the GLBT agenda demands of their program?

  • squirrel

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion on different subjects. If Phil want's to be a an anti gay person that is his own choice. People have the right to be whomever they want to be. We do live in America yet don't we? Freedom of speech used to be a part of The Us Constitution If I remember correctly. People worry to much about what other people might think about them our there network rather then embracing the things that are important in our society such as family values ect. I could only hope that my family would have as strong ties as the Robertson family has and the Love that they show eachother in there actions and day to day living.

  • derrick patrick

    well well, I guess the networks are going to lose lots of money. Duck commander doesn't need there money off the show. im pretty sure the rest of the family will follow

  • Bob Smith

    Nazi Ed Shultz said Laura Ingram was a whore, he said Dick Chaney needs to have his heart pulled out and stepped on then shoved back into him. MeSsedupNBC took their time about getting rid of Martin Bashir when he said someone needs to poop in Sara Palin's mouth and other nasty stuff. the leftists say much worse things than anyone on the right but either nothing happens to them or it's a very slow process. the left are a bunch of spineless homo crippled numb nuts. they can all go to hell. I have no problem telling homlisexuals what I think of them and the filthy of their lives. If they don't like it, tough doo doo. I never apologize to filth not now not ever.

  • The Dog

    One things for sure, everyone should boycott the show until they bring him back! We do live in a free country! oh I forgot not anymore since dictator Oblama got into office with all his Democrat Socialist commies!

  • lovehops

    He is a narrow minded idiot. Not a nice person before he found Jesus and not a good person after. I don't see the appeal of this person. I acts like an opinionated judgmental jerk on the show. This guy turns my stomach. I feel he is what is wrong with society today.

    • lovehops

      The arrogance of him. What makes him think he is qualified to say who is and who's not going to inherit the kingdom of God. That is for God to decide. What a brain washed jerk. I wouldn't let my kids around a guy like this.

  • chevy05

    like i said amaerica needs a wake up call and re examine values and beliefs and right and wrong

  • Baron

    I find the whole “beard” thing very gay.

  • Wanderdust

    so he loses his job acting in that TV series for simply speaking the truth? if they didn't want to hear the truth, they shouldn't have asked his opinions on it. and then if he says it, then he has to be put in his place because you simply can't be allowed to call anything a sin? it's not as if he thinks himself perfect either, saying he used to live an immoral lifestyle of sex and drugs before he found God, too…

  • chevy05

    we need more people like him. people who are not afraid of speaking the truth or putting up with political correct bull. this country has lost the sight of whats wrong and right. this country was founded on the bible and now we cant say the pledge of allegiance because it says under God but homosexuals can have parades? really? hello people!!!!! abortions now ok, sure lets give young people permission to have sex make a child and feel ok about not taking resposibility and throwing a life away. god and the bible have a lot to say about that. imagine if our founding fathers were here today. what would they think of society.

  • Cindi

    I hope the brothers stand behind their Dad and decide to quit the show…shame on the sponsors/A&E for firing Phil Robertson!!! If anyone would read what he said it was that he doesn't judge anyone…he leaves that to the good Lord!!! When did it become a sin to speak your mind??????????????????????????? Please Robertson boys stand behind the man that brought you into this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can there be a supper prayer with Phil Robertson at the head of the table leading the family in their prayer of thanks if he is fired????????????????????? I for one will not watch Duck Dynasty again unless Phil is back at the head of the table. Be brave Robertson boys, you have enough money DO NOT let society destroy your family and their values. Right on Phil for knowing the scripture and standing up for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Signed a Christian and believer of freedom of speech!!!

  • Mitchell Covington

    Here is what a friend wrote. I couldn't say it better…We live in a country where freedom is a part of our everyday life, until someone says something we do not like and then we call foul! Whether you believe in the Bible or not, he is making a statement that comes directly from something he and I hold dear. I do not always like everything I hear either and I am certainly not condemning anyone, however Christians have a right to believe what they believe, just like every other group or freedom means nothing. Don't get me wrong,… homosexuality is no different than any other sin and if anyone would read the rest of passage he was quoting, it names us all—-”Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. (1 Corinthians 6:9–11)” Just because you do not believe in something does not mean you hate the person or would do anything to hurt them. This is yet another media storm. They have been after this family for a while because they are Christians, they are successful and they look different than they think they should. Personally I respect and find it refreshing that something celebrating the family and values is so successful. If people don't like want to hear it, then stop watching his show–period. Ok I am done for now. I just get so tired of this rant on the Robertsons—whew.

    • blah blah

      People have the right to defend their beliefs from state intervention. That is correct. It does not mean, however, that everyone must like what other people believe. Individuals have the right to disagree with each others’ opinions and beliefs. They do not have the right to legislate against anyone's opinions or beliefs in favor of a specific set of religious doctrines. Christians have a right to believe what they like, as do homosexuals. However, it should not surprise anyone when they state an opinion in direct opposition to another person's beliefs, that the other person disagrees. Furthermore, it is entirely within everyone's rights to discuss media affiliation and sponsorship because this has nothing to do with state intervention in freedom of speech or press. Robertson's suspension from the show is a business decision, not an ethical one, and a television network has the same right to disagree with Robertson's views as anyone else.

      I think it would save everyone a lot of time if Christians understood that their religion has some offensive views, and that it is their right to hold those views, but not their right to always be met with agreement. Ideally, homosexuals should likewise understand that their lifestyle is offensive to people of certain religions. However, it is more difficult for the gay community to extend the same equanimity, because they do not share the same rights as heterosexuals and many are actually physically injured or killed because of their sexual orientation., Thus it is easier to conflate disapproval of their lifestyle with legislative discrimination or violence against them as people, which are both against the constitution and their basic rights as American citizens.

      Having all that said, I do find Mr. Robertson's statements lacking in tact. He could have been every bit as Biblically accurate in saying that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and left it at that, instead of itemizing a list that implied homosexuality and terrorism are similar acts. If pressed, all he had to do was defer to the sins listed in the Bible, and say God is the judge of everyone's sins, but offers forgiveness to those who repent, and seek him with all their heart. That might have been a way to share the good news of Jesus without necessarily maligning a specific group of people or equating homosexuality and bestiality. If his intent was, in fact, to share the message of redemption with non-believers, he did a poor job of it in his phrasing, and should rethink his articulation of his beliefs in the future. Perhaps other Christians, who feel unjustly targeted for their beliefs should consider how confrontational they are when attempting to ‘share the good news’ with people who might not agree with them. It is generally difficult to preach love and understanding after leading with “you're going to hell because you're an abomination to God” particularly when discussing your beliefs with a group of people already suffering civil inequality. Christians who are confused by the furor over Mr. Robertson's statements could perhaps rethink their position on gay civil unions, which might make a discussion of their religion less emotionally charged for a large segment of the population who, according to Christian doctrine, could benefit greatly from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Ron

    That's why phill hides in the woods. And found god. And keeps to himself. trying to make what was wrong right. I trust him and we all have faults as we look at one another. You just wont tell me to my face. because you wouldn't want anyone to tell you your fat. freedom of speech seleb. or not. you go phill

  • Jaimee

    I normally wouldn't comment on something like this, but it is something that I have strong feelings/beliefs about. In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 it states, Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” Therefore, what Phil said was a true fact. Saying that Phil was “bashing” gays, was incorrect. He was simply stating his beliefs. Go Phil! Keep spreading the word of God, the heavenly father. :)


    why can we not have the gay and lesbo shows removed from the channels we like to watcn

  • Her

    Ok first of all, you can't accept Christianity as your salvation…Christianity did not die on the cross for the sins of the world..that would be Jesus (God incarnate). Secondly, everyone knows that he is a Christian…so are you really surprised that something like this happen? Christians do not hate gay people…hate the sin, love the sinner is what they are taught. Seriously, if you don't know anything about being a true believer in Christ then you need to keep your opinions to yourself on the matter. What would you be saying if he wasn't a Christian and instead was a Buddhist or Wiccan? How would you feel if your beliefs were put under the microscope and evaluated by everyone on earth? Worry about yourselves people!

  • noonecares

    While you all are bickering and arguing, Phil is still making money and sleeping soundly at night. He stated his opinion, you don't like? oh well. everybody has a different lifestyle that we don't agree to so why get upset that he is just saying his opinion. life goes on. get over it. no big deal.

  • Right on!!!

    Good for you Phil!! You people who think Phil is wrong, you'd better read the Bible. Homosexuality IS a sin!!! Get it in your heads once and for all!!! This is the book he and his family go by…it his right and freedom to think how he wants to think! They are conservative and they are God fearing people…that's why they are so loved by many. They don't care what anyone thinks of them and they respect the second amendment!!! Go Phil!!!

  • mike23

    gay marriage should onlky be allowed for lesibains it I not right to suck another guys penis

  • his truth

    I understand this guy from where he is coming from AND I AM A GAY MAN.
    Get over it people ……he did nothing wrong.

  • Coal Country

    The truth he speaks is just that; the truth. He says what the majority of the Christian faith believes. We stand behind Phil. If A & E wishes to suspend, maybe another network will see through the facade of the “politically correctness” and let them display what Americans want to see. If the homos, terrorists and drunks don't like it, turn it off!!

  • jcsully

    All I have to say is that when I die and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, asking him to come into my heart and to forgive me of my sins, that I will not be told to get form me, I never new you. For all you who do not believe I truly pray that you will some day turn away from the way of life you live with sin. I hope all you Bible haters will some day see the era of your way.

  • timeisshort

    It's Funny that every other religion came talk down on Christians , can protest all are beliefs can tell us we can't pray in the name of Jesus Christ, can beat and murder us for are love of Christ Jesus. But don't you dare say anything about the crap they do. They all cry about us being hateful of there sick ways of life. Say anything bad about that lying Muhammad, THAT HEARD FROM THE ANGAL OF LIGHT . Who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob calls the Devil and they will kill you for it. But they can say anything they want about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and get away with it. That tells me that I'm serving the one true God and his son. Every other religion in the world hates Jesus. That's the Devils work. Bible says they will call evil good and good evil. Are we not seeing that in this day and age?

  • Shane Cribbs

    So any actor who doesn't agree with the views of the station is not allowed to speak their opinions? Agree or not with Phil, the station is clearly in the wrong here. Welcome to the new censored America. Does Chik-fil-a refuse to serve homosexuals or atheist?

  • The Dog

    The Wrap is so Chknsht they FLAGGED my post! Typical of the liberal media! Liberal to their own agendas!

  • Keith B

    For one, he did not “bash” gays. His comments were just expressing his belief. He didn't say “its disgusting” or use derogatory anti-gay terms. Cruz's response to him was more offensive. “He and his family claim to be Christians…” so now the whole family is guilty. “Phil's LIES fly in the face of what TRUE Christians believe…” He didn't lie, he may be incorrect, but didn't lie. And basically Cruz stated he's not a TRUE Christian. Who's attacking here?

  • quikie

    First of all….
    GLAAD/Wilson Cruz, you have no right to speak for the great folks from Louisiana. MAJORITY of whom is not on your band wagon, and don't need you to claim them to be.
    I believe Phil has right to his own personal opinion's, just like everybody else.
    Everybody has the right of freedom of religion, contrary to what you might believe to be freedom from religion.


    How many Rons are on here. below someone offended me as they did not captialize “GOD”.

  • Merix

    The truth is the truth and I agree 100%, no sin is greater then the other- sin is sin and that's it

    • k.k.

      if we fear God, we speak the truth, we live by the truth and we follow him

  • Reality Check

    it always kills me how LGBT groups and the media idiots claim that most people agree with all LGBT perspectives even when every time same sex marriage, benefits, etc.. is brought up for a public vote is never wins so the courts step in and tell the populace how they should believe. Even in California, one of if not the most liberal state in the country, same sex marriage was defeated by more than 70% of the voters. I guess people like Phil do not have the right to his own opinion. I would be willing to bet the vast majority of people who watch Duck Dynasty agree with him.

  • sissy

    What Happen to freedom of speech you should all be ashamed of your self's for picking on other's on t.v. for saying what is on there mind you don't pick on anyone that's not on t.v so what's the big deal.

  • Alex

    LGBT are clearly bashers of America's right to freedom of speech. If they think your against them then they do to you what they don't want done to them. It is clear to me not all American's believe in homosexual behavior. As long as no one is bothering each other in the other's space, than it's just their opinion.

  • sharron

    So what he said something about gays, every time some one speak out about those fucking gays they either get fired or black balled. Why are we allowing these fags to have that much control over our nation?
    We do not have to agree with men fucking other men in their asses where our shit comes out off. This needs to stop. We have rights just as they do and you people do not speak out about how our elected officials are fucking up our country. God word will never change and we do not care if those sword sucking demon keep killing themselves. They can not procreate so they go out and adopt children and ruin their lives. I can not wait for all these GAYS get what's coming to them.

  • Tim

    I was a devout Christian. I once considered the bible to be an important moral guide. Since Viet Nam, I left these beliefs behind. I do not believe. BUT, good Christians and other believers respect the bible's lessons, and many good non-Christian people “trust” their hearts and their own private “moral standards”. This man was foolish when he mouthed off in public; he should have anticipated that the righteous masses would scream their repugnance for one man's heartfelt belief. He was somewhat inarticulate, yes…but do homosexuals and their supporters honestly believe that he and ALL his “type” are hateful? Didn't he leave judgement to the Almighty! Is there a reason why this statement is suspect? These over-excited masses are very quick to cry BIGOT, It seems to me that they are discriminating against a person who follows a different but universally familiar and well established belief system. Why can't an individual find certain actions and lifestyles to be incorrect, distasteful, or even anti-human? He DID, as so many other people from all walks of life, read his bible and subsequently define (or refine) his personal moral guidelines. I suspect he is a decent honorable person who forgot that he wasn't shootin-the-shit with his bubba friends; instead he was comparing vaginas and butt holes in public! Dumb! Some of his statements were profane and grubby. He was naive; he needs to leave the swamp more often. He might realize that the media and the intolerant masses will bury an innocent man for his conscientious opinion regarding homosexuality, WHEN that opinion is daringly honest in it's preference for heterosexual relationships.

  • Rich Montalvo

    I support this guy fully. He has a right in the United States to an opinion, 1st amendment of the US constitution. I think our government and these businesses are turning into pussies (probably already are).
    I have been accused of being a homophobe myself. But you gotta understand in this day and age, teenaged kids on the internet are raised differently (poorly) and get away with calling people a lot of stuff. But when push comes to shove (fist in their face or whatever else is necessary to scare kiddos off), we are in our right. I have been almost physically attacked by a gay that wanted to do stuff with me, I have lost 2 jobs because of homosexuals. They don't deserve anything at all from me period. if they want to be treated as equals, then shape up and stop all the gay sexuality shit in the workplace as well as in the business place. I have never once pushed myself on a woman and I expect the same from everyone else. Homophobe my ass. When it comes to large amounts of money, these hypocrits can kiss it.

  • Jed Ryba

    For He so loved the world!

  • jjhvr7

    Thank you for speaking the truth about this abomination in our nation!

  • Denise

    So he is accused of bashing the gays.I didn't read any where in the article that he was bashing. He expressed his opinion and now he will be off the air for having a opinion. If Robertson's opinion offends one, don't watch the show.

  • Tired of whining homosexuals..

    A & E..if Phil Robertson doesn't come back..I and all my friends will never watch your network again! All people's have the freedom of speech!!! We've certainly heard enough on the homosexual issues, it's time someone spoke out for the heterosexual side of things!

  • Abdul

    You Christians and other non-believers will burn in Hell because you are all INFIDELS.
    ——A devout Muslim

    • Had it!

      Your country's already there! If your so crazy about it, go back and get the HELL out of America!

  • Cbroadstock

    I am amazed that the media calls this “bashing”. There does not seem to be any hate filled meaning in his comments. Everybody chill out!!!


    i do not think it would do us any good to stop watching good shows ones with christian morals. I do think it would help to complain about the ones we do not like or offend us and GOD this is the only thing that will work..with prayer from belivers
    ….take note of what is happening right now what is working?

  • Dale

    I like him. and his family. Never cared much for the show or A & E. He is right. It takes some backbone to say the truth in America these days. Like the old saying–”The TRUTH Hurts”

  • betty boop

    Wow! I did not see anywhere that Phil said he hated homosexuals. I just saw where he said the bible says homosexuality is wrong. “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” that is what Christians do. What happens when your children do something wrong? You tell them their errors, and lead them to the right way. But you still love them. Same way with drunks, haters, cheaters, etc. You love them anyway but do not condone their behavior and try to teach them better by way of love. We are all sinners in one way or another. The only way around it is asking God for forgiveness and to lead you in the right direction, not continue in your sin. Is there still consequence? Of course there is. Too many people in this world are “going with the flow” and we are slowly losing our freedoms and good morals. I am blonde-I could probably start a hate-crime lawsuit because of all the blonde jokes–that is how crazy this world is becoming.

  • baldtat2dbiker

    this whole discussion is insane! The man is entitled to his beliefs and is not afraid to state them….I support him whole heartedly! Why is it OK for some deuchebag atheists to wine and bitch about about Christmas Nativities and we cater to them… or somebody is offended by the Ten Commandments at the courthouse and we cater to them… I am starting to get pretty pissed off that we constantly support the opposition in this country and bash the people who believe in goodness and the principles and values that made us strong.

  • willythegeek

    Don't worry Phil, You are on the winning side. The truth will always be the truth.

  • itsmeinks

    Liberal media and TV stations are now controlling what we watch. If it does not fit there standards or beliefs well then we will just suspend them or take them off the air. Just ask Paula Deen. Forget freedom of speech when it does not fit the Liberal agenda.

  • exahustipated

    Why do we condemn this man for his beliefs? At the end of the day, he is a good, honest, hard working family man. I know many people who share the same characteristics, and yet I do not agree with everything they say. That does not mean I dont still have respect for them. I just quietly disagree and move on. Stop bashing the guy

  • 49ducks

    Im done watching anything on A&E. All the guy did was give his opinion to a question regarding sin and what the Bible says about it hen he is banished for it. For once we get a program that is clean, wholesome with no cussing and filth and of course that is not acceptable to sexual perverts and Christian bashers. Their immediate reaction is to destroy it.

  • LISA

    I will continue to watch duck dynasty and hope that Phil will be back and A&E you suck if we as Americans cant speak our minds and then have your sorry ass kick someone off the show. I'm not against anyone but the cry babies that cry poor me someone said something bad against me send them to the conner. I'm also sick of everyones rights but ours. don't say Merry Christmas don't say the pledge of America don't say Halloween we might offend someone well I'm here to offend you with my RIGHTS

  • ThisIsAwesome

    Heaven forbid someone give out their own OPINION. Heaven forbid Phil has his own beliefs regarding gay people.
    Phil Robertson is the most Christian guy I've ever seen, and he has some REALLY good advice, so I don't know what Wilson Cruz is smoking. I don't see anything wrong with what Robertson said in that interview.

  • Twjp

    I just also wanted to let the record show,that I love all,no matter what, just as you ,the gay should as well.Phil Robertson quoted his belief from the King James Bible, he was not judging,he was stating about what the Bible has written,concerning the tragicness this world has came to become. So It is God's Law and The consequence of his Law. Pick up your Bible and read it, if you read people's magazine,do you repeat something from it to others, or have a discussion concerning what you have read?No different people!!!! Did you get threatened to lose anything because you had a difference of opinon? Back your facts always before calling someone a liar,and condemning someone……Phil Robertson is quoting spiritually, your quoting from revenge. Merry Cristmas to all, and may you have a Wonderful new year! God Bless!

  • bigdaddy

    will not watch ever again the guy cant speak his mind with out a bunch of over sensitive people making a big deal out of nothing screw AE they suck your shows suck i hope his family backs him and tells AE to f— off

  • citygal

    OHH come on, leave Phil alone .. Dang !!!

  • gutwrench

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

    But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

    That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

    For the heart of the man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10: 9, 10

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of he Lord shall be saved, Romans 10: 13

    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal life:and they shall never perish; neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand. John 10: 27,28,29

    He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not hte Son of God hath not life. 1John 5:12

  • Former A&E watcher

    I will not be watching again until he returns. Many lives have been lost for freedom of speech.

  • Essemcee

    Eesh apparently quoting from the Bible makes one Homophobic. From everything that I've read in the articles there wasn't any bashing he simply stated his view about homosexuality. There was no name calling, or anything to suggest that he didn't like homosexuals. I maybe wrong but now a days the media is completely out of control with twisting the word of the people.

  • johnny

    bunch of carpet munchers queers phil is right my god what hell is wrong with these people . believe in the bible

  • citygal

    Former A&E watcher, well said !

  • Redneck Jarhead!

    what ever happen to our rights of freedom of speech ? People?This starting to remind me of Hilters time and place!

  • saferider

    So, now only homosexuals can have an opinion or belief, wrong……
    Let's all boycott A&E and anybody, group, company, etc., that deals with them.
    If we don't start speaking out this will continue to get worse.

  • samm

    its amazing what simply quoting the bible will spark in a culture that thinks they have the right to tell God what sin is. p.s. it is the transgression of God's law and doesn't matter whether one is in the minority or majority.

  • Ashley Engesser

    I am a Christian and I agree with everything Phil has said. I don't hate homosexual people, but I also don't believe they are living the life that God designed for them to live. That's their choice, not mine, but it doesn't mean I can't disagree with their choice! If Phil were a gay guy speaking out against heterosexuals you can bet they would have banned him!! Freedom of speech people!!

    • Buba Boyer


  • The Kid

    What's wrong with the truth? If homosexuality was natural two men or two women could procreate. There's nothing natural about being gay; so why would I teach my child something that I know in my heart isn't true? There's nothing hateful or homophobic about this statement; unless one wants to twist the truth. Nature dictates truth.

    • Buba Boyer

      Twist truth? As the 2% including our president does?

  • Buckhunter101

    I'm with Phil – The BIBLE says man should not sleep with a man and a women should not sleep with a women. He's quoting what the good book says. Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS! But don't slam Phil for saying what are BIBLE says what (((GOD))) says. He is a honest man and a Christian. I'm sure the whole Robinson family feels the same as Phil does. A&E just messed it's pants!!!!!! Way to go Phil Robinson pass the word of our Lord and Savior.

    • Buckhunter101

      ibewonderful you should read the Bible!!! You are the one whose is picking and choosing what the Bible says. You need to sit down with a Preacher and ask him. Maybe it would help if you spend more time READING the Bible and going to church.
      You should ask Phil Robinson which Bible he reads. Maybe even talk to Phil Robinson about what the Bible says and mean. By the way “IT IS OUR PLACE TO JUDGE” If you read the Bible you would know that!!!! That is a pick and choose comment.

  • bob

    Good for Phil Robertson. Everyone seems to cry when horrible events happen like mass murders shooting, adults molesting children, and no respect for life. It's a result of living without morals. God didn't put man on earth to mate with man, or woman with woman. how do you think you were conceived, from the womb of a man? I don't think so. Being gay is wrong in every sense of the word. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.


    I just don't understand all the bigotry, why isn't any one upset what he said about us drunks. We are people too… Drunks of America Unite!

  • hwr1719

    Jesus Christ came to seek and save that which was lost. The man quoted his belief based on what the Word of God teaches. It also teaches that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Thank God that we are living under Grace not the law anymore. Homosexuality is no different then adultery, backbiting, or gossip. If we're guilty of one sin, then we are guilty of them all. And thank God he died on the cross of Calvary for such as I. I not anyone's judge, but the Word does not lie. If it was sin then it still is and still needs to be placed under the blood of Christ. If he can save a old sinner like me, he can save the homosexual, prostitute, drunk, and any one who accepts his grace. We all are lost without him. Without him death and with him, life and life more abundantly. May God bless us all and continue to tarry his coming and save the lost

  • robert

    i hate the duck dumb asses anyway

  • Rev Ray

    Good for Phil Robertson for his honesty, sharing his thoughts, expressing which is taught in the bible. I also thank our military for allowing us to have the freedom of speech. Merry Christmas….

  • blondie

    It is a shame there are over 300 million people in the US and we have the freedom of speech, however, when one views their opinions, they get chastised. Phil did not bash anyone, he quoted the Bible. What is the government going to do next, allow the burning of the Bible. I have seen worse things said about minorities, yet, no one does anything. Anything said against the gay community, you get fired. Shame! shame on you people and the government who allow this to happen.

  • memoryblanks

    Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    Rom 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    Rom 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
    Rom 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    Rom 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
    Rom 1:31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
    Rom 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  • David

    Screw Cruzs Comment. Homosexual is a Big Sin!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go Phil

  • Gayle Couch

    Why do we have to all think alike? Why isn't this man allowed to speak
    about what he believes? Gays are always screaming about their
    rights..what about the rights of other people. Isn't there something in
    our constitution that gives us religious freedoms?
    I'd admire ANYONE
    who is willing to stick by their beliefs, even if they are different
    than mine. I don't shove my beliefs down your throat, don't shove yours
    down mine.

  • BigMac

    if they did not want his opinion them they should not have ask him…….if they had done their research on him like they should have then they would have known how he would reply……..thought we still had freedom of speech or did our government take that away from Christians. A&E is wrong and hope another network picks the show up from them. He was not answering for A&E he was answering for Phil Robertson

    • Buba Boyer

      You have no rights unless you're gay or black! now go crawl back under your rock and hide.

  • saferider

    So, now only homosexuals can have an opinion or belief, wrong……

    Let's all boycott A&E and anybody, group, company, etc., that deals with them.

    If we don't start speaking out this will continue to get worse.

    • Buba Boyer

      Look what happend to Paula Deen over something she said years ago. This country is getting more fucked up every day.

  • m d bull

    The idiot that said he lied really should read the bible! If A&E wants credibility they should stop bowing to one community's wishes. I know the gay groups want us all to believe what they do is right, but why should Christians apologize for saying what we believe just because they don't agree? They don't hold to that standard!

    • Buba Boyer

      You mean the 2% that are ruining this once great country?

  • willie watson


  • PurpleHeadedWarrior

    Yeah next our liberal christian hating government will ALLOW the burning of the Bible and outlaw the burning of the koran as they've already done anyways! Muslims will arise and it'll be up to the ass kicking, hard working, God fearing Americans to come out of the wood works to save this country once again!! Merry Christmas!! I hope I offended some people when I typed that “Merry Christmas”!! Fuck the politics of all this “Happy Holidays” and other Bullshit political sayings! Merry Christmas America!! Keep standing up for what you believe in! one day we'll rise up and shut down these liberal America hating Muslim ass Terrorists wanna be's!! Its coming!! I'm ready , locked and loaded to fight the war…Are you???? Fuck a&e and the liberal fucks that work there. If I were the Robertson's I'd tell a&e to go fuck themselves and see where that got ‘em. Way to go a&e for standing up for the people that have gotten you the highest ratings for so long! Fucking cowards!!

    • saferider

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year……

    • Buba Boyer

      Merry Christmas back at ya!
      It will be our duty as God fearing Americans to come out of the woodwork and kill all the lib fag types along with the Muslims when that time comes. Kill them all dead so they won't happen again. Dynasty should leave Ass Entertainment and get on a real network. I hope they tell them at ass entertainment to go fuck themselves in their assholes, then suck the shit off each other's dicks!

      • PurpleHeadedWarrior


  • rcpush

    How can there be gay bashing?? What they do to each other is worse than anything that could be said! Screw political correctness! I want my free country back!

  • gillyscratch

    Thank you Phil for speaking the truth.
    Being gay is not legal (sodomy).
    Being gay is not logical (anatomy).
    Being gay is not normal ( even animals know better)
    Being gay is not healthy (aids)
    Being gay is not moral (bible)
    Embarrassing that America tolerates this type of behavior. ( Way to go Russia).
    The truth does not rely on what people think. The truth comes from the one who made people. Go Phil!

    • B-man

      Good common sense. Thanks gillyscratch!

  • JerryS57

    I find it sadly humorous just how many profess to know what God intended, and profess to follow the Bible but just cherry pick the parts that reinforce your beliefs (look up confirmation bias please). There are so many passages of the Bible that you cannot or will not live your life by . . . except for the ones about the gays, which you embrace like a long lost friend.

    What your are writing and typing are beliefs, based on a faith, they are not facts! You have no evidence for your beliefs other than your beliefs, that's why it's called a “faith”.

    And by the way, if God condemns gays, why are they born and created that way in the first place? Pretty cruel world I guess . . . I am going to make you gay and then condemn you and send you to hell. Booyah!

    Some of you say, “it's not natural.” Well for you, of course not, you're heterosexual. But for a gay person, trying to be attracted to the opposite sex is very unnatural.

    Another thing . . . this is freedom of speech in action; it is not lack of freedom of speech. This guy want to share his beliefs about homosexuality and his faith . . . more power to him, shout it from the mountain tops, or GQ magazine. But freedom of speech doesn't mean no consequences! Ask Rush how he made out with his advertisers after his Sandra Fluke debacle.

    • yo

      Last time I checked Sodom and Gomorrah used to exist.

      • JerryS57

        Maybe, maybe not, but not sure what that has to do with my post. If it did exist as the Bible indicates, Christianity is still a faith, and a belief system. Many writers on this page that seem to forget that, and try to play mini-gods and condemn someone that is gay.

    • saferider

      Show us proof that your born homosexual.
      And don't tell me you don't have control over who you love. It's that true then you don't have control over who you hate.

      • JerryS57

        Safe, I said nothing about being gay. My 56 year old wife is still hot to me. I am 100% hetero.

        Your love/hate thing makes no sense.

        The “proof” is that I have never known a gay man or woman that has “chosen” to be gay. They usually have known since young that they are different, and come to the conclusion after a lot of agony. Then they receive a ton of grief and shame over it, maybe hatred, though that is changing.

        Can you “choose” to be gay? Try it tomorrow starting at 9:00 AM, see how it work for you. My guess is that you will fail miserably by 9:01 AM, because you aren't gay (presumably).

        You will fail, but you will also understand how it is for a gay person to try to be straight.

    • yo

      Nobody is made gay, it is called the knowledge of good and evil and you act as you want according to how you want to be.

      • JerryS57

        yo, how did you get that special insight into human behavior and evolution and the science of sexual orientation?

        • Yo

          Jerry it's not special. We all have thoughts that can have devastating consequences if acted upon, Christian or non Christian. We all need help to understand what we think and feel. I hope you find the truth for your life, were only here for a short time.

  • Happy to be an American

    Gets some balls, A&E! I am so sick of this country being so PC!!! People have their beliefs and we are entitled to them!!! This is America! You chose to air his views which you have control. What is the problem? Really? You have received the publicity you wanted! What more do you want? If I don't like someone's views I don't HAVE to listen… that is my choice. Maybe I'll learn something when I do! Give me the choice… God bless America!!!

  • yep

    This is ridiculous, the media completely blew this out of proportion, he quoted a BIBLE verse and they took it out of context. If you read the whole thing he said he has no right to judge because that's God's job. Christians do not agree with homosexuality, why does everyone think that everyone has to agree with this type of life style?

  • Am bassador

    And he makes a great duck caller!

  • Freebird_52

    Once more Freedom of Speech and allowing one to say what they belief gets flushed down the toilet! If A&E supports the LGBT community, they should have known what Phil Robertson's thoughts were on that matter long before the interview. Its okay for the LGBT community to voice their opinion, but not Phil? And were does the LGBT community get all that stuff about Christians lovey-dovey with homosexuality? Read your Bible folks, very clear! Love the person, hate the sin! If we were keeping score; LGBT Community 1 Christians 0…Bad move A&E!

  • REC124

    Really A&E You are going to cancel him and lose all the viewers!!! With all the TV shows and movies out there today Finally there is one show that has values and states the meaning of life. I look forward to watching the show and the message they give at the end. Its like watching the Waltons (ok so I showed my age lol) in 2013
    Take a good look at all the reality shows out there today. So what the man gave his opinions and truth in an interview. I hope that some other station picks this awesome show up and you loose you a$$.
    I am no saint and have made mistakes. I don't judge a person and if your gay your gay that's your choice I don't agree with it but its not my place to say
    I think the real message that he was trying to get out is we all need to try to do the right things and do better in life than what this world has become & what we are doing…

  • scott

    He's a born again Christian, enough said. Ignorant hypocrite full of hate. Fuck that white trash monkey

    • yo

      If you argue with a fool it will be hard to distinguish who's the fool.

  • Tired of the hypocrits

    The man was not hateful, nor disrespectful. He gave an opinion no different then some of the pro gay supporters who dress up like penis's for the “Gay Day” Parade and strut down the public streets. As usual extremists on both sides always have to screw up the rights of others, whether your gay or straight we all should be allowed to publicly speak our opinion. If you can put on a “Penis” Costume, then Mr. Robertson should be allowed to express his Christian views.

    • pwp

      if you put on a penis costume don't be offended if someone says you look like a DICK

  • rmwayne

    He's right. I'm sick and tired of these creeps making excuses for sexual deviates because it's ‘politically correct'.

  • Halidogg69

    Since when does freedom of speech not mean the same? Until these networks again remember that freedom and stop cowering to the pressure of the ignorant souls that are ruining this society count me out.

  • Justin Scott Brickey

    I do believe in the bible and everything it stands for and I have to hear everyday that gay couples want to get married. That's ok because they are entitled to there beliefs and I can believe what I want but now unless I'm politically correct I can't speak my opinion when asked? If you ask a gay person how they feel about gay marriage they can support that but ask a Christian and we are supposed to hide how we feel so we don't affend? The bible says deny me in front of your friends and I will deny you in front of the father that's how Christians believe so don't ask a question that you may not be able to handle the answer. He didn't speak out against anyone particularly he merely spoke his belief. Come on America it's time to end this one sided pitty party.

  • A Free American

    We all have a right to our opinions, even Phil. It is very dangerous to try to stop others from stating there opinions. We listen to the opinions of Gays and Lesbians and there is no punishment to them. Phil believes in God and what he was taught, leave him alone!

  • saferider

    Damn A&E and anyone else who feels the same, boycott all of them.

  • Scorpio Seven

    I hope Phil Robertson (and eventually, Pat Robertson of CBN) are permanently blacklisted from ALL TV appearances.
    Their kind of hatred belongs in IRAN, not in the USA.

    • Justin

      He never said he hated anyone

    • REC124

      You are contradicting yourself there jerry before you said leave Phil alone now your saying blacklist him and that he belongs in IRAN

    • Halidogg69

      Damn Willie seems you are playing both sides? Guess you go both ways also!! God Bless America…

  • saferider

    I think there should be a study to see once and for all if homosexuality is a mental problem or not. If it's found to a mental problem then it should be treated as such, if not, then it should be treated at what it is.

  • yo

    People are wise in there own eyes, his thought are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways, God will separate the wheat from the chaff. People will do what they want its up to each person to find the truth.

  • Stella Escamilla

    all I have to say is you can think it just don't speak…. LMAO..

  • Dana

    There is no more freedom of speech anymore . .. There is too much PC speech! They asked the man his opinion and he stated it with absolutely no PC BS! That takes guts in these liberal times!

  • MyOpinon

    Gay people don't watch this show anyway. Red blooded American rednecks do and I have yet to meet a gay redneck- just sayin'. A&E is just doing this out of pressure.

    • saferider

      Screw em, let's all turn the channel….

  • KR

    So why all of a sudden we straights can't have an opinion, and voice our opinion or our belief? Answer: Because Satan is the ruler of the World 1 John 5:19 and you can't speak out against the badness with out back lash. The bible does say that men who lie with men will not “Inherit the Kingdom Of God” 1 Cor 6:9 Also Romans 1:27 says that “even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error”.
    YOU CAN DISAGREE ALL YOU WANT BUT “GOD” HAS THE LAST WORD, and it has already been given in this word the Bible. Sorry

  • country boy

    It is sad….. all of our ancestors that died fighting for the rights that we have in this country and now if you try to answer a question in a interview and express your opinion you lose your job. Simple people built this country but extremists and the ” I deserve this” crowd are tearing it down piece by piece.

  • Voice of Truth

    The Robertson's should part ways with the A&E network. The stand this network is taking against what Scripture teaches is clearly Anti-Christ. Phil is right on the mark in his statements. I am appalled at the statement that the network makes concerning the majority support of american toward homosexual and lesbian perversion. This is a lie and propaganda to try and drum up support for a cause that is so wrong. It is sin, as Phil correctly states. It is amazing how people caught up in sin not only try to justify their behavior but also want others to do the same, and when they won't they call it it intolerance, when in reality they are the intolerant. Just look at the homosexuals at A&E. They apparently cannot tolerate Phil's opinion so they think they can just get rid of him, but they will not. It is funny that they turnaround and they express their opinion. Someone should fire them. What a bunch of idiots!

  • saferider

    I think there should be a study to see once and for all if homosexuality is a mental problem, or not. If it's found to be a mental problem then it should be treated as such, if not, then it should be treated as what it is.

    • Buba Boyer

      Buttfucker syndrom?

  • Jennifer H

    ok so you take a man who is backwoods married to the same woman for how many years who is all about family and heritage who believes in the first amendment and put him on a tv show and expect him to never say anything you would deem as bigoted ha ha my hats off to you for expecting a miracle Hes an American with his own belifs and one thing about that family that I love is money and fame have not changed them from who they truly are I might not have their beliefs but im proud of them sticking to what they believe no matter what!!! shame on you for cutting him from his show after asking him questions you already knew what his answers would be…. Talk about entrapment… Way to go phil you make me proud for following your beliefs to still think maybe there is a backbone left in this country… oohrah from a jarhead who is all about the country and what is right thankyou for the belief that there are actually still people to look up too in this country God Bless

  • PurpleHeadedWarrior


  • Unborn Again former redneck

    up until he puked out this bile, I thought this guy was a hoax, playing up the “hick” character__But this typical “born again” puke talk from a “born and bred” right wing, down home bigot red neck is 100% trailer trash thru and thru!!

  • beachbum

    I don't know who Cruz is but he obviously does not know anything about the vast majority of people from Louisiana. As to the article, it seems to me that your primary complaint is the content of CQ magazine. I suggest you not read it if you don't like it or propose that their advertisers drop their adds because they are anti gay. Tim Motloy obviously did not read the article or refuses to accurately report on it. Before anyone criticizes Phil I suggest you read the article and perhaps do a little research on those of us who grew up in the wonderful state of Louisiana. We all are not so stupid it takes us six years to get a degree from LSU like your idol Obama Carville.

  • sinead9191

    Of course he was out of line saying such a thing. Didn't Phil realize that the Bill of Rights, and particularly the First and Second and Fourth Amendments have been suspended under the REGIME in Washington? Get a clue, Phil, you no longer have the right to free speech! You're probably already being investigated and your lines of communication tapped. They may even find one of your statements from 10 years ago (ala Paula Deen) and you'll be excoriated in the press even more. Then, pretty soon, they'll come for your guns. Secularists don't like to be shown their warts by teachings of the Bible; they'd rather believe God approves of all they do. Fantasy, thy name is LEFTIST SECULARISM!

  • Buba Boyer

    What about Phil? Shouldn't he be offended by all the redneck comments? Where is the tolerance? It's funny how all these liberal whack jobs always preach tolerance and forgiveness until it's something they don't agree with. I find it amazing that the 2% (gays) in this country have most convinced that they are the majority. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The 98% of this country better start squeaking before our country starts locking all the heterosexuals up for being straight. Better wake up America before you wake up dead and gone.

  • Huskerproud

    The man was asked a question and shared his belief…….And what was wrong?
    Oh,,,, I see he shared his christian belief,can't do that.

  • 4Give

    Typical leftists. When they do not like what you say and cannot argue their point based on principled beliefs then they want to silence you by accusing you of being a hater, a racist, a bigot, a sexist, or other. The least tolerant of us are those who claim they are the most tolerant among us.

  • BC

    Phil Robertson is a Christian man–and if you watch the show, it's very OBVIOUS–and you ask him what he considers sinful. What on earth are you expecting him to say? There is no way that no one will not be offended by what he says. Phil Robertson did not say anything harshly. He said it in truth to his beliefs. While some may disagree with what he says, that doesn't suddenly make it wrong to say it. It makes it an opinion that one man has that the rest of the Christian community should have as well.

    “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job,” he told the magazine. “[We just love ‘em, give ‘em the good news about Jesus — whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists]. We let God sort ‘em out later, you see what I’m saying?”
    May I add that Phil is not a homophobe, either? He does NOT hate gay people. He even says he loves everyone! Get a clue, people. Phil Robertson is one of the greatest men left in America, and he's put down just because of his beliefs.
    “However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” – Phil

  • Buba Boyer

    It's funny how all the ass fucking fags are out crying foul on his truthful statements but always shove their faggotness in our faces with the fag pride parades etc. and we're told if we don't like it don't look, turn the channel, turn your head, etc. because the shit miners have every right to flaunt their shit stained dicks if they want. It's their rights as American citizens! Why can't these same fags follow their own advice? Turn the channel, look away, better yet just go butt fuck each other til you're dead!

  • beachbum

    Would you folks prefer that Phil just lie like Obama and hide everything he does while he dictates to everyone that they must be subject to his commands legal or not. I much prefer Phil's approach. He answered the questions that he was asked honestly to the best of his ability. If anyone disagrees with him they have the same right that Phil has. They can express their opinion either pro or con what Phil said.

  • Ken Lily


  • medusado

    The Bible states that as Christians we have to live in the world, but we should not live of it. This is exactly what Phil is saying. So what A&E doesn't have the same opinion does that mean Phil shouldn't speak his mind. He has the same rights to speak as the gay community, just because they don't like what he says is ridiculous. I am sick a tired of being a straight, main stream conservative being forever bombarded with the gayness on TV. What do I do, I don't watch the shows. I feel that is what they should do, if the gay community doesn't like the show STOP watching it. We are never going to be a homogenized nation; there will always be differences and different beliefs. Instead of preaching tolerance to everyone else the liberals and gays need to practice it also. And they DO NOT! No one should have to give up their right of free speech. Our country and military personnel have given everything to maintain that freedom. I will boycott everything on A&E except Duck Dynasty. It is one of the last decent shows on television.

  • PurpleHeadedWarrior


  • Ken Lily

    Remember Sodom and Gomorra, God Created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
    IB your right, cant take anything away from or add anything to the bible. You either accept, believe, confess, repent , or …….well remember Sodom and Gomorra, history has a weird way of repeating itself. I personal wont have a tatoo, if you don't know what I mean, Read Revelations.

    • Buba Boyer

      Thinking about it, I guess butfuckers have one good thing about them. They don't need to have abortions, so we don't have to pay for that. GO BUTTFUCKERS!

      • Ken Lily

        Durn Bubba. You cant judge em, just point out fact bro

  • lovinmygucci

    Go Phil Robinson, You speak the truth brother!!!! Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
    Rom 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.
    Rom 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
    Rom 1:23 And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    Rom 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves:
    Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
    Rom 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    Rom 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
    Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
    Rom 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    Rom 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
    Rom 1:31 Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
    Rom 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  • Michael Clemons

    If they fire Phil, I shall make it my mission to dissuade as many as I can from ever watching A and E again. The right to have and opinion should never be one directional.

  • Bartmanyp

    He spoke and quoted the Truth as far as the Bible is concerned? I am not sure what Bible the GLAAD spokesman is referring to, but it must not be the one everyone else is using or maybe he hasn't actually read it? Robertson was harsh sounding, but spoke the truth.

  • PurpleHeadedWarrior

    WTF does GLAAD stand for anyways?? Gays And Lesbians Association of Ass Divers???

  • PurpleHeadedWarrior

    I know there's an association called NAMBLA; National Anal Man Boy Lovers Association!!

  • amazedandalarmed

    This is obviously a ploy to advertise the show…soon, “due to public demand” they will reverse that decision.


    He didn't ” BASH GAYS” !! ( Notice how the left inputs words that the person never made and how in the hell do they know how he feels?)He made comments stating he didn't think it was basically normal for a man to screw another man in the butt! God didn't make Adam & Steve He made Adam & Eve and even evolution is against homosexuality. You homo's ever think that maybe we heterosexuals are against your lifestyle because its innate within us by evolutionary standards. I can't help it because if you can't propagate the human species it's innate within me to abhor this lifestyle. This is if you take out the God point of view! Anyway homosexuality is an abomination and no matter what you say you're not about to change my mind or millions of others!

  • redandwhite

    Jezz its my understanding that in America one has the right to freedom of expression.
    The guy was just speaking naturally, answering a question that was loaded to trigger a response of this nature. Amazing how we under estimate the cleverness of the media to sell more magazines. He very well may feel that way and that is his right, remember we are all granted these freedoms.

  • Seth Pattee

    I'm not a Christian, but I have no issues with people who follow a spirituality of peace and acceptance! Christians were so quick to throw away many teachings in the Old Testament, claiming “they are outdated and that times were just so much different back then”. Why is it so impossible for that kind of mindset to apply to teachings now!? The Bible was written by man in an attempt to portray the will of God, not by God himself, they just need to understand that this book was written by men who while trying to replicate the Christian god's word, may have interjected some of their own opinion into the mix! Move on, keep your noses out of peoples bedrooms, and let people who love each other, who have a 75% lower divorce rate, who love their children and teach them to be accepting of others, do what they want with their lives. It's a fucking atrocity, the way that homosexuals are treated. Pardon the language.

  • ducksupporter

    You tell ‘em Phil. So happy to see someone in the public eye speak the truth for once. We must love and respect all people, but ultimately it's God's approval we must seek, not man's. The Bible is our instruction manual, we can't blatantly disobey God's word and expect Him to be okay with it. Choosing homosexuality is the same as choosing any other sin. I choose God and what He says about the subject, sorry if that offends anyone.

  • Whatever

    He has the right to an opinion and can voice it. I've watched 5 minutes of the show and can't find it interesting. They play stereotypes and we are surprised that they prescribe to stereotypes? It's kind of silly to ban someone over saying something lame. Isn't that why everyone watches? To see what's going to happen next? The whole thing seems blown out of proportion. Silly dude says whatever comes to his mind, which is his right and why he is popular, and he's put on hiatus? That's not American. Gay folks can voice their opinion and that's ok too. Along with equal rights we have the right to voice our opinion even if it is heinous. This over sensitivity thing that is going on is kind of over the top and sad.. GQ, Mad Magazine, Saturday Night Live, SF Weekly,…are we going censor what people can contribute to the written media next? Are we going to get so emotionally distraught by every opinion that doesn't jive with our own? This whole thing is silly.

  • swornsongs

    Stating his Biblical belief after being asked the question is considered “Gay bashing?” Give me a break! I'm sure Phil would not treat a gay person with any less dignity and respect than anyone else, but let's vilify him because of his faith and beliefs? SMH.

  • anthony

    Well Jesus told us thing that are right are going to be made out as wrong. And the things that are wrong are made out to be right. Look around the people in the world are all messed up. People need Jesus.

  • i am me

    God bless phil -he was just saying the words GOD!!! HAS WRITTEN!!!—-you can preview his opinion in a book,called THE BIBLE !! shame on you a&e-or anyone else that thinks papa phil said or did somthing inapropriate!!!-[old testament) !!!

  • Judie Wiltse

    Didn't you people learn that being afraid to speak your mind results in chaos? We could not voice our opinion against a man who had no experience, no qualifications for the job and has proven over and over how incompetent he is yet we could not say so because he was a mulatto. You were a racist if you did. Now if you say you do not prefer a certain life style you are a homophob. Give me a break. This is America. You should be able to state your beliefs and your opinion and not be forced to accept something you do not agree with. If you choose a different lifestyle than you should b prepared to be questioned. But we should on the other hand be able to voice our opinion if the other side voices theirs. They are violating my right when they say I have no right to an opinion if it differs from theirs. Who made up that rule? I was born in this country and have lived here for 63 years. Never have I seen such a stupid outlook on stupid things. Let people have their say and their opinion and if it is not to your liking oh well. I have the same rights as the others.

  • Pam Monroe, Oregon

    How dare a network be so afraid of individuals who are not afraid to evoke their rights to freedom of speech and religion. We are all entitled to our beliefs whether others agree or not. kudos to Phil. At least he and his family are honest enough to say that they have had their own struggles but are willing to take a higher road and live a life that our Savior can be pleased with. Shame on you A&E , Duck Dynasty is one of the highest rated shows you have had. The public truly enjoys the humor, but more over the standards that are shared and the family fun that can be had without immorality, foul language, drinking and drugs What a refreshing change from the garbage that you present all too often. Take a look at what the public has to say about what they choose to watch by your ratings. Pay attention to us and maybe your pocketbooks will continue to grow. Obviously you are afraid of what others may say, is there a gag order in effect that you have taken such an unrealistic action by removing Phil from a show that is only able to be, because of what he created?
    A&E, you can make a difference that could potentially make your network one of the best, that is willing to accept all of the people with all of our differences. What a concept that would be.
    Keep on speaking up Phil, you have much support from Oregon. Pam Monroe

  • Douglas Davis

    For anyone that has a Bible read Leviticus 20:13, Corinthians 6:9-10…

    While the Bible strongly condemns homosexuality, it never instructs that homosexuals are to be hated. As Christians, we are to speak out against the perversion of homosexual activity. The Bible is explicit in its condemnation of it, as well as God’s wrath towards those who practice such behavior. As Christians, we are called to clearly and lovingly call sin for what it is. Using the term homophobia to refer to anyone who opposes homosexuality is a distraction, not a valid argument or accurate representation. A Christian should have only one fear regarding homosexuals, the fear that they will suffer eternally because of their decision to reject the only means of salvation—the Lord Jesus Christ who offers the only hope for escape from a degrading and destructive lifestyle.

  • Birthdaygirl26

    In my next life I think I will be like Mr. Robertson….do all of my sinning with drinking, drugs and sex early and then become so righteous I can judge anyone. Isn't it amazing how many anti-gay, anti-same sex marriage, anti-everything seems to come from the mouths of former hell raisers who then found the Lord and have become such perfect beings….as I said in my next life I want to be a hell raising, sinning evil, judgmental person, then decide I'm saved, so I can then pick who gets to walk along side Jesus Christ.

  • Scott Woods

    What a load of crap. The majority of Louisianans nor the majority of America support these perverts. I'm so sick of queer liberals pimping their false propaganda. The majority of American society does not support homosexual behavior. The people of California voted to outlaw gay marriage, only to have their will overturned through judicial tyranny and a queer judge. It's not supported by the vast majority, no matter how bad they want it to me.

  • Just Me

    They asked his belief and because he stated it, he is being punished. Don't ask if you don't want to know. We don't have to agree with him but it is his right to believe what he wants

  • Loving Grace

    This is amazing that this man stood for godly beliefs on public tv. The Bible is powerful and heals our minds from perversion of any kind. It cuts right to the core and it does bring on an offense because it is confronting and convicting the soul. Its our spiritual medical book.

  • Bubba

    Why doesn't anyone stand up for the drunks and terrorists?

  • Guest

    Wilson Cruz is the LIAR here….leading a group of people to the pits of HELL…he wouldn't KNOW a TRUE Christian if they came up to him on the street. And if he believes that TRUE Christians agree with the gay agenda, he's absolutely WRONG…..TRUE Christians believe EVERYTHING the BIBLE says; and they have a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord. So no matter what the PC liberals think; Gods’ WORD will NEVER be changed, no matter what!!!

  • Just Me

    To take away his belief or punish him for voicing it would be no better than judging your beliefs. If you lost your job for standing up for your rights, would that be acceptable? Of course not then we would be judging what a load of crap. Cant have it one sided you either believe in personal choice and opinion or you do not.

  • Laurie D

    Oh. My. Goodness. You bunch of sensationalizing drama queens. He was doing no such thing as “gay bashing”. There is real, legitimate hatred in this world. None of it comes from Phil Robertson. Get your head out of your hineys and wake up!

  • butterflyinoh

    Wilson Cruz is the LIAR here. He wouldn't know a TRUE Christian if they walked up to him on the street. TRUE Christians would disagree with him when it comes to what the Bible says; and TRUE Christians have a personal intimate relationship with God; something that seems to me that the so-called Christians Cruz talks about aren't true Christians at all. You see, you just can't sit on the fence…you're either with God or Against God…it's just that simple.

  • one ime post

    wow so when a reality show becomes too real they cancel the guy, seriously? honestly all you bible thumpe. I am not gay but in no way do I have an issue with gays at all, some are even friends. and to put 100% believe in something written by man (who is easily corruptible) is just beyond dumb, but the character in that show is cool and never shy's from his believe and as a “reality show” he should be entitled to “his” reality. so as someone on the other side of the fence and you would expect to hurray their decision to ban him I am actually appalled. I actually get a laugh from watching it thinking wow so some still live that way today huh, but now when they go too far and it becomestoo real it is not ok. Stupid.

  • Una Hemlock

    Oh for pete's sake. You people (ie, the ones who are suspending Mr. Robertson for his opinion and this Wilson Cruz fellow) are being idiots. It's not like he was saying the same thing I've heard several Christians say in public (and often to LGBTQ people's faces) – that “you are an abomination and are going to hell. I'm only telling you that because i love you as my neighbour.” Because that is total BS. No, what Mr. Robertson was doing was expressing his beliefs – which, I do believe is part of amendment one if our fine Constitution. It's not like he was slandering or hurting anyone – no, wait, I take that back, he was technically slandering the LGBTQ community, but it didn't exactly hurt the reputation of that community, now did it? No, it only hurt his reputation because people misinterpret things and get butthurt easily. Well you know what? Tough luck. What he said is his legitimate opinion, which he is allowed to have. And it's not like he was just randomly bashing on the LGBTQ community – the mag asked for his opinion. He gave it. That's all. Good grief you guys (again, you being the fools mentioned in the above ie), it's not like he said he's gonna go out and shoot up all the gays or something awful like that. He merely stated his opinion. He even said that he doesn't condemn anybody, that it's not his job, but the Lord's. Which is so.
    In short, get over it, bring Phil Robertson back, and move on with your lives.

  • Preston Mitchell

    I DISLIKE HOMOSEXUALS. I don't dislike homosexuals because of their homosexuality. I dislike homosexuals because they use their homosexuality to suppress the liberty of anyone who disagrees with them or their lifestyle: If you are not Gay, you are not right! This is wrong, because it is tyranny. Freedom of Speech means the right to express an unpopular belief. Firing a person for exercising that right is the true offense behind this story….this is what all People should passionatly protest here…because if one man's livelihood can be taken away for speaking his beliefs, all of us are in jeopardy of suffering the same fate. A&E, shame on you!

  • terry

    what a world, what ever happened to free speech. fag America , I need to know how can another man stick his shaft in another mans ass. anyone thinks its normal is in need of mental help. jesus died for our sins and also said sin no more, not do what you want . but who am I to judge, I am a sinner everyday, so with that I pray all make it to be with God

  • carlos

    I dont know guys why your talk so much about this ugly people , every body talking about thuth , no one have moral talking about bible , all yours love porno masturbe front the computers,hate gay but love suck d…,woman love p… now all this droggy after be in orgy ,smoking weed and have fun until got tired now them found the truth please kiss my a,,, all .

  • Susan Mulhearn

    Freedom of speech apparently does not apply to all with paychecks or not.

  • Brian Smith

    got to love a society where you can be fired or whatever by telling your opinion. The truth is Homosexuality is wrong.. I don't think anywhere did he say he hated homosexuals just that is was wrong in gods eyes which it is. whats more upsetting to me is that you cant even have an opinion OTHER than pro homosexual these days. God bless you for not backing down from the truth. Romans chapter 1.

    I also find it ironic every other tv show on bashes Christians but I see no networks demanding their apology to Christians. We have just become to punching bags of society but we knew this ahead of time as Christ himself said if the world hated me which it did and then it will also hate you. Why ? because the truth is sometimes hard to hear, we have it in our head we can live however we feel is right.. but god says no.. we live according to his word.. what he has deemed as holy and fruitful. Homosexuality goes agains gods very nature and his word.. He said go forth be fruitful and multiply, homosexuals cant produce life.. their is no seed of life and it ends only in death. Does that mean god doesn't love people who have sined in this way of course not.. he loves them so much he made a way for them to become new again, to repent and leave their homosexual life style behind.

  • Larry

    I respect honesty and when a person lives by the conviction of his or her faith.
    If you believe in the scriptures you can read it for what it is. If you don't like what it says that's okay too but scripture is what it is. It tells the truth and the emotions of all
    of us sinners won't change it. I like Robertson's honesty.

  • jagdkm

    For the first time we have a show worth watching and because he states his beliefs as a Christian, he is threatened to lose his show. Wake up Christian's! Everything we believe in is being threatened. Soon we will not only not be able to speak of God's law, we won't be able to worship our faith. What happen to freedom of speech? Its gone! I hope another network picks them up!

    • pwp

      what do you think is going to happen. all this is spelled out in the bible.
      we are living in the end times

  • Mike Ray

    You know why I am not sympathetic to the gay cause. Because this is not about equal rights, this is about special rights. You say you want to be respected but when an 18 year old woman seduces a 14 year old girl your organization backs the 18 year old pedophile saying stop persecuting her. Shame on you. Then you equate people of color with your behavior as if that is interchangeable. Shame on you. Then you go after people who have religious beliefs because it doesn't jive with your agenda and so lets pretend those verses have no meaning, lets rewrite the bible. Not only that lets take away their right to free speech and take away their livelihood so no one else will say anything that will contradict what we believe. Your intolerance is so inept I can't hear what you are saying. I don't go out shouting to the crowd that I am hetero for approval, but most gays I have met try to make sure I know they are gay and I better like it. If you are happy with having poo on your penis and rubbing your vajay jays together, why do you need my approval to feel whole?

  • Frank

    His comment regarding homosexuality is based on his
    interpretation of the bible so is he or the bible hateful? His comments
    regarding African Americans pre civil rights are based on his own observation
    as a poor white man working aside poor African Americans not living as an African
    American during that era. I'm sure his perspective would be different if he
    were African American during that era. If his religious belief of the bible
    contradicts what some in current society disagree with then so be it, it's called
    freedom of religion. It appears he is saying hate the sin not the sinner which
    is what the bible says. As an African
    American and believer in Jesus Christ I support my freedoms and this
    gentleman's rights as an American citizen whether I agree with him or not.

  • serrasalmus_collector

    I am totally shocked over A&E reaction to Duck Dynasty. I agree 100% in his interpretation of the bible. This homosexual thing is an ancient evil of Lucifer who evolved into Satan and soon to be the Dragon of revelations. He was the 1st being to take on form of male and female having sex and creating the nephilum. They were the abomination and a major reason of the great flood.

    The story of lot shows gods stand on the man loving man. Lot gave his teenage daughters to the men wanting men. They refused women and still wanted men, god destroyed them. Next Lot ventured onto the twin cities of Sodom and Gomohra looking for a few good people to save the cities. He found homosexuality, bestiality and debauchery. The cities were destroyed.

    In the book of Revelations it clearly says in the last days you will see an increase in men loving men and women loving women. Is this not homosexuality??? It clearly calls out an increase in the lifestyle to doom the fate of all mankind. I have read the entire bible from beginning to end, and never once seen the homosexual having any relief or hope of an eternal life. Words such a abomination are used to describe this activity. It's just wrongful thinking. If the entire world took this path in 100 years mankind would cease to exist. It is a fact that a man and woman need to join to create offspring to assure the next generation to live on.

    I think him being suspended for his freedom of speech is a direct violation of his constitutional rights. He never said anything derogatory of used bad names against the lifestyle. He called it sin, and that is exactly what it is.

    Too really touch on religion. Does it not say in the Book of revelations in the last days the largest religion will be the most false. Well look at the catholics. Locking women up forcing them to be virgins and remain celibate to keep the title of nun. While in my opinion those high ranking religious people have molested more same sex children than any other religion. This homosexual thing brings about the end of the world, and can stop reproduction. Where is the right in it?

    This is just and ancient evil; the upcomming Dragon is fooling mankind with. Does it not call the body as a temple in the bible. Will this is idol worship in the holiest of temples. This was brought to manking from the fallen angels.

    I am a proud American knowing that this wrongful thinking, that truly should be battled as a mental illness has not touched my family for 4 generations.


  • stevetherealist

    I love how everybody speeks there mind but no one is saying anything that means anything how about to each his own you believe what you want to and let others believe what they want this is why this store is even a story cuz people just can't accept that others like to think for themselves we don't need for one person or another to think this or that offends us

  • sonney

    By our beliefs what he said was true. I support him and what he believes in what is right and wrong. It is about time Christians stand up and do what is right.

  • no spin

    I'm with Brother Phil. Anyone who knows nature knows two male or two females ducks in the same nest is going to create a HUGE fight! Quack Quack!
    Gay is not natural intended lifestyle every animal in nature will show you that.
    Gays are wrong and I don't want to hear their S it.

  • Laser Troll

    I hope he sues the network. By doing this they have violated his freedom of speech.
    And besides that he is correct.
    Gays need to go back in the closet where they belong.
    This gay bashing is going to turn into the same thing as whites can't say the “N” word and I find both violates the freedom of speech.
    I think it is time we take back America….

  • joe

    fundamentalism, black and white views, using religious intolerance to put down (which is a harmful action) others, is disrespectful, ignorant, sets a poor example for others to follow, when the person who has a following in great numbers. Poor is because the harmful action is continued and expounded upon by others, they using for example Robertsons speech to rationalize views of hatred and violence towards those spoken of in a negative light. There are people with racist views today. There are people with homophobic view today, However wherever they are in the public spotlight actors, athletes, they do not represent well the business with which they are associated.
    I thank A&E for not wanting to be associated with these views, this speech that has the potential to harm others. Robertson has been quoted as saying it would be much better if people just loved on another. Well, I think that is what gays are doing, they just happen to have the same genitalia and express their love in a different way physically do to necessity, however spiritually, gay love straight love is all the same.
    The old testament spoke of homosexuality. Christ never did. Christ was hated and persecuted by many because he told many that the old ways and teaching were outdated and needed to be changed. What would Jesus do today? Christianity is evolving it is a slow process but it must change as all fundamentalist systems must, for the world it much too smalla place anymore to continue and explode due to rationalized marginalization and hatred. Whether the speech is about race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other topic which the speaker fears based on irrational belief systems.
    Free speech yes, condoning bigotry, and ignorance and harmful speech as a representative of a business, not if that business wants to prevail and represent the evolving, loving, accepting, nurturing, kind soul of our society. Thanks A&E

  • Joy Dewitt

    phil Robertson did not “bash” gays you article is inaccurate bigoted and inflammatory

  • Bob

    If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.

  • SanduskyVeteran

    GQ asked for the interview and Phil gave them one; get over it.

  • Mr. Bill

    HomoFagotry a sin agin God almighty

  • JohnQPublix

    A&E hired a family of rednecks and has rakes in MILLIONS because of their views and their fan base. Now Phil is asked his opinion of what is sinful (NOT what do you hate), and he gives it. Phil, find a new network, you have been having it out with these clowns for years and they just take your money. He didn't say he hated gays, he just said it was sinful, along with several other things that millions of Americans agree with. he says things I don't agree with at times, but I don't have a large organization like GLAAD and LGBT that troll for comments to make into political statements. A&E could have stated that he was expressing his opinion about sin, again not HATE, and moved on, but they jumped on the gay bandwagon with both feet instead. Cant want to watch DD on a new channel, and buy products from them, because I will not be watching or buying A&E products for a while, if ever.

  • naomi

    Mr. Robertson is right in his interpretation of the bible. It does say homosexuality is wrong so is sleeping around with anyone except your spouse. What society doesn't accept is being told when something is wrong. It is God who is each persons judge but as Christians we are obligated to spread the truth. I know many people who are gay, they are people who do much good but that doesn't make being gay right. The Apostle Paul thought he was doing right when he persecuted Christians but learned he had been practicing the wrong message.

  • buck

    truth or not he has the rite to speak and for all who would ask tolerance from the duck star, where is your tolerance for him, if you don't want to support him fine but you (gay lesbian or clown or any other group ) would ask for government help and a law to be passed in order to stop someone from discriminating against you. when you call for this mans demise because of his personal views your doing the same thing your upset with him for. when we are not tolerant with each other that's how wars start, I stand not for or against the star I stand for Tolerance on all sides, get over it and move on with your day to protest or agree with me do a random act of tolerance today

  • NavyVet

    I will not watch any of your network programs till you bring Phil back. Your website says BE ORIGINAL? That is a farce. Ever American has the constitutional right to freedom of speech, religion, etc… Have you even read the constitution?

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Where is the Justice when you pulled him?
    Where is the insure domestic Tranquility by pulling him? You pissed off MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!
    Where is did you provide for the common defence of Phil for peaking the truth?
    Why did you not promote the general Welfare by taking Phil Robertson's rights away by punishing him?
    It is God and fellow Americans who fought and died to make us secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves. Who is A&E to take Phil's Liberty to himself of freedom of speech, religion, and so on? You did this by pulling him.

    Two times God is mentioned in the opening of the Constitution. With the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    God gives Blessings and Ordains. Why don't you A&E DAMN our Fore Fathers like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and all the others who signed the Declaration of Independence like you have done Phil Robertson. Did they to not speak the truth and voiced their minds? They did this with the treat of being hanged. Of being killed for speaking out. Did Phil say any lies? Did he also not say that we must still love them? That is God to judge not us but we as Christians are to go out and spread the truth? To quote scripture?

    I personally am filing a BOYCOTT WAR against you A&E. I will push that A&E be Boycotted 100% of all programs you have. You Boycott Phil, we Boycott you. People watch Duck Dynasty because of the Religious Faith, as a family and the Moral Values the Robertson's show the world.

    Where is your Moral Value A&E??

    I encourage all to do the same.

  • aeweidman

    give him the same choices and chances that they gave Alec Baldwin. If he can apologize for his comments, and then refrain from going on and doing it again, so be it. If he is unable to do that he should have his program removed from TV. Yes he has a right to his opinion and he has free speech but I have rights as well and his statements offend me. If this is allowed to go unchallenged, I will just boycott the sponsors of the program and for that matter the network it orginates from. We no longer live in an era where unenlightened opinions go unchallenged and there is not a price to be paid for allowing it.

    • NavyVet

      WOW Scripture offends you? The Bible Offends you? He was asked his opinion on what was sinful. He gave the Bible, Gods, list of what was sinful and he agrees with God as we all should.
      Should Phil apologize for being a Christian? She he apologize for stating his own Moral Values based off of God's ward? Should he apologize for saying that we should love them and not Judge them? The Judgment is for God to decide.
      What should he apologize for?
      Alec Baldwin is a hater. Phil Robertson is a Lover. Should he apologize for that too?
      When do your rights supersede another's? What rights did Phil Robertson take from you?

    • Laser Troll

      You shoving gay rights in my face offend me why should you get the same rights as a husband and wife? You can't reproduce so you should not have the same rights.

      Gays making out in public offend me, gay parades offend me. But there is nothing I can do to stop it but when someone makes a gay comment with his beliefs you all bash them and boycott.
      And gays want what equal rights but not for the straight people?

    • NavyVet

      I am waiting for you to answer my questions? What you do not have the answers or are you to scared to come out of your closet. You are going to attach another Human being you better have answers on why you are doing it.
      “his statements offends me” is a weak argument.
      Answer up aeweidboy

  • Jack

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!! THIS IS AMERICA THE LAST TIME I CHECKED. Phil has every right to speak his mind. that is what he believes. GOOD FOR HIM.I love the fact that he spoke his mind. Duck Dynasty is the best show on TV. A&E is stupid for taking this action. Long Live the DUCK COMMANDER.

  • mer911

    That is so very far from gay bashing he is simply stating what the bible teaches us. He never once said anything against gays other than what is quoted in the infamous book he follows the teachings of. He said he will never judge and will treat all equally that it is Gods job to sort everything out.

  • Dennis

    What happened to freedom of speech and religion this country was founded on? If a so called gay or any other group state their beliefs or opinions it is OK but if a Christian such as Phil Robertson states his it is not. It is written in the Bible in several passages that homosexual behavior is wrong. As a Christian I have this same beliefs as Phil in that regard and we are not to judge but love everyone and offer the words of Jesus.

  • John Haberson

    this is just how the left wants it, god forbid you say something they don't like. Our country's moral fabric has been torn. we as a society can no longer say what we feel without retribution (sounds a bit like a communist country wouldn't you say). People better wake up to what is really going on around here. A&E sure enjoyed the money this show has made them, if I was part of the show I would tell A&E to F.O.! I am sure the left was waiting for a reason to pressure A&E into attacking a family sitting at one table and praying collectively.

  • John Haberson

    Bash Bush your OK, Bash Obama your a racist. Sad very sad…

  • Wilbou

    A&E is toast if they drop Phil. There will be a boycott toward advertisers on A&E if he is gone. The homosexual population doesn't have the right to interfere with what a man the believes the Bible thinks! I love and care for all people including Gays,but I believe homosexuality is a sin because that is what the Bible say. It isn't the only sexual sin,there is aldultery, fornication,and many heterosexual sins as well. Sin is sin,Phil Robertson didn't decide what sin was, God did. Phil just happens to believe what God said.

  • z06

    It's about time someone spoke up about immoral people. The 3 ways to destroy a world power (history proves) is; Immoral sexual acts become legal, socialism and a weak military. Thanks Phil for having the guts to speak up.

  • Timmy Jarvis

    Good Bless
    “Duck Dynasty” Phil Robertson for speaking the truth, the truth shall
    make you free. Thank God for Christians standing up with some back bones and
    proclaiming the word of God even when it is not popular , just maybe God will use this to draw someone closer to Him in salvation. Phil my brother after all of this continue to stand, if God is for you what can be against you…. ANSWER….. NOTHING.. We as a Christian people will be praying for you, stand strong finish the race. God'swords
    proclaims in 1 Corinthians 6:9–11 Or do you not know that the
    unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither
    the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice
    homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor
    swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you
    were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord
    Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (ESV)

  • TracyD4Christ

    Hurray to Phil Robertson for speaking the truth!! Just because someone stands up for what the Bible says, it doesn't make them hateful or homophobic, nor does it mean that they are bashing gays. If homosexuals truly
    believed that homosexuality was not wrong, they wouldn't get so offended about someone saying it was a sin. The reason the homosexual community tries so hard to shut down everyone who says that the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, is because deep down inside, they know that it's true and they don't want to accept or hear the truth, so they try to make it a hate or fear issue instead of a sin issue. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. However, no one is saying that God hates
    homosexuals. God loves the person, he
    just hates what the person is doing (the sin). It is no different for heterosexuals who
    fornicate outside of marriage, adulterers, liars, thieves, murderers, etc. God loves the person, but there is judgement against the sinful acts the person is doing. Everyone has had sin in their lives at some point, but we have to make the choice to repent and seek God's will for our lives. We will all die
    someday and stand before God to be judged concerning the lives we've led and it
    doesn't matter what someone feels is right, if God judges something to be a sin, then
    hell and damnation is the end result. Only
    God controls who will make it into His kingdom and He gave us His criteria in
    the Bible.

  • Charlotte

    Praise the Lord for Phil Robertson!!!!!!

  • jordysmom

    Hurray for Phil!!!! This is America people!!! We can say and think whatever we want and it certainly is not up to the networks to decide who I can and cannot watch! Leave him on the show, those values are why a lot of us watch and point to this family as a role model for our children! Shame on A & E for being so worried about their ratings….I doubt a show with such strong morals and values is a popular one among the Gay and Lesbian community anyway….not going to lose that many viewers!

  • “O”

    Why Dont we DEPORT all the Blacks who call White people HONKY WHITE TRASH !!! What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH or DID OHBAM Get that changed TOO

  • wythiskeepson

    Too man people in the media nowadays are being treated unfairly because of their personal opinion about homosexuality. I have an uncle that is gay. I don't respect his choice but I love him. He does not speak to my mother (his sister) because she despises his choice….I think he is wrong for not speaking to her and making her out to be the family villain. People should be entitled to their own opinion about homosexuality and their personal or professional (job) should not suffer for it.

  • Daniel Dutcher

    C'mon Man…. it's sad that we as Christians can't speak our minds without peopkle getting offened. I am offened that the homosexuals are offened.. At least Phil Robertson has the balls to speak up for what he believes. the Bible says in Leviticus 18:22, that a man shall not lay with a man as a woman, and that speaks for woman laying with woman as a man. IT IS A SIN.. That what God and the Bible Tells us…

  • the dogman

    Seems to me the gay community has more power than I thought.I don't think this is a bible issue this is this country going down the tubes!! Whats next, eliminate the flying of the American flag???????

  • Prelusive007

    This is the perfect example of people displaying and apparently getting away with anti- 1st Amendment “free speech” in America. Phil Robertson was absolutely within his rights to answer the question that was asked of him about the homosexuality problem in the world. And he was absolutely correct about God's position on the issue. God called the act “an abomination”.

    So now the left wing liberal gueers at A&E network have proven their guilt by allying with the homos of America and taking sides against the United States Constitution. Amazing. But . . another sign of the times.

    These homos need to be told over and over again how despicable their perverted lifestyle is to MOST Americans. A&E is about to lose their number one show. Let's see how they like that slap in the face.

  • Guest

    If Phil Robertson were black this would not even be an issue. He would be viewed as a crazy guy saying his piece and no one from the networks would want to be the one to do anything about it. The gays control things where I work in the Fed Govt and get away with flagrant violations like being late and poor performance and when confronted they go right to filing a grievance and contact eeoc to initiate an investigation and try to label others as troublemakers. The only wrong thing today is being a Caucasian and there are those that might disagree but the writing is on the wall that this country is going full blown liberal and the secure and prosperous way of life we once had is slipping away.

  • Straight Arrow

    Five to six percent of the population is gay. Don't you just love how they can control what the other 95% are allowed to say, do or think? I wonder what's going to happen when the 95 precenters get fed up with this charade?

  • freddy

    Way to go A&E, i guess i will tune in when Phil is back on. So please let me know when this group tells you he can return.

  • wythiskeepson

    I think suspending Uncle Si off of A&E because of his personal opinion about homosexuality is just wrong…. NOOOO, they shouldn't have done that ! I mean really?

  • Terry

    What ever happened to the freedom of speech?

  • 1967superbee

    the headline says duck dynasty star bashes gays, I heard no bashing…….it's time for people to stand in the street in a showing of support and strength to show the left that we are here and will not be tread upon!

    • gillyscratch

      Well Said. We must stand in the street.

  • spacecougar

    Special protection for gays now. They are using there pull at a private business to ruin the livelihood of anyone that disagrees with them. Sounds like we will all soon need protection from them.
    Why do they care if they inherit the kingdom of a God they don't believe exists anyway?

  • DefendA11ChildrenElderly

    “Duck Dynasty” Star Bashes Gays…Bovine Excrement! Leave the man alone. What I want to know is why his family hasn't come out with a statement in support of Phil, and put A&E on notice that all filming will stop until Phil is reinstated. They need to stand together as one, as a family.


    It's not his fault! It's the bibles fault! If someone is trying to live life by the LAW OF GOD, then they do what the bible says!!!!! He is unwavering in his beliefs in that law! Change the bible and change millions of minds! Until then we should expect people to believe what it says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    The Bible, so many people who believe every word written is true and accurate. Some are fables that Jesus used to help explain his view to people who would not uderstand what Jesus, of a higher intelligent and knowledge far beyound his time would understand. So he explained it in story like fiction to try and help them understand. then the churches decided to interput things the way the wanted it, really think of some of the “rules” forced on people. It has caused pain, hurt and in the name of God even violance. The bible has been written, rewritten, and you will find contradictions from one sectioin to another. How many of you know that they have found that there is a gene that proves being gay is not a choice but you are born with it. How many people know familys with more then one gay person in it. why would God make someone gay and then condem them, when it was Gods choice not theirs. If you dare have your views challenged thier is a show on t.v. called the truth about the bible, it will blow you Bible tumping judgemental people into a rage, and you will refuse to believe it. How about getting the DVD called fish out of water, its about both sides of the gay issue. No you rather believe twisted misinterperted readings so old the Jesus himself would condem how people are judgeing others by it. The bottom line is “treat everyone with respect, love, and always consider “what if I where being judged for something I have no control over. wake up, be thankful for what you have and try opening your mind to change.

  • Harold Jackson

    Perhaps since the United States has now become a nation where minorities and special interests are allowed to trample on the rights of the majority on a regular basis we should become a true Democracy where the majority can protect each person from the excesses of a few.

  • “O”

    SO U can't take the truth !!! whom ever took my comment off this site

  • Johnnymak

    What pisses me off is that GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is trying to tell us what being a Christian is supposed to be like. That's like a blind person telling you that your painting is ugly! They have no right and no grounds to criticize ANYONE on how a Christian should act. Utterly friggin rediculous!!!

  • Robert Miller

    Geez, what happened to the American way, where everyone has there right to an opinion? So you take away his right to make a living to try and muzzle him because he actually said what the majority believes? Yes he is a Christian because he is only stating what the Christian doctrine teaches. Read your Bible.

  • Jimbo

    Up until that Jackass (potus) started with his Socialist propaganda to pander votes we as a nation could speak our mind now this 1% of the nation seems to be in control so now we can only think what is on our mind and not speak about it lest the propaganda machine demonize you. I am speaking of cbs, abc, nbc and pretty much all of the journalists in the Socialist's back pocket. Perhaps the good lord will come back and kick butt.

  • CalcasieuSue

    OK, I am a “Louisianan” and totally agree with him. It is his right to have his own beliefs, and he should not be penalized for them. Isn't this America?????????

  • Cryoboss

    I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Phil was asked for HIS opinion. Walking the PC line doesn't really constitute your opinion unless that's what it really is. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion regardless as to whether or not it is popular or in line with yours. It is HIS opinion. Frankly, I think he was dead on with his comments. I don't believe in, or agree, with homosexuality but I have friends that are gay. It's not that any of them are bad people but I do feel that homosexuality is immoral. I don't bash anyone else for their beliefs, either. Once again, we are all entitled to our own opinions.
    Way to be honest and speak your mind, Phil!!!

  • Jim

    A&E and Cruz in reality don't understand what constitutes true Christianity nor what the Bible Really Teaches. Paul's letter to the Corinthians advised that congregation to “stop keeping company with sexually immoral people…..Remove the wicked person from among you.” (1Cor 5:9 ) Ask yourself this question; how many Christians follow Paul's admonition? Who hand picked Paul? Jesus personally selected Paul to be a witness to the nations (Acts chap 9). Therefore, if you call yourself a Christian, you follow Jesus’ commands and those of Paul's. Immoral behavior is not permitted and only those who repent from their former ways and stop practicing immorality are worthy of the Kingdom of God, as Roberts stated. He is in effect teaching what Jesus and Paul taught to Jews and to the nations. Congregation who condone this behavior do not have God's holy spirit. Pergamum @ Rev 2:14, Thyatira @ Rev 2:20

  • mike rebholz

    yeah i'm not really offended because it's what I would expect from somebody like this, and I never like to see people punished for their personal opinions. because I hear this stuff all the time from fundamentalists and it's simply a matter of time before this mindset is a relic.

  • http://RobinCassadyStudios.com/ Robin Cassady

    I am all for equality and the right to do what you want and who you want.. However, I don't think what this man said in that GQ interview is terrible.. He obviously is saying that he doesn't agree with it, but he is not going to “condemn” or “treat anyone with disrespect” based on what they choose to do, because ‘they are different from himself'. He said, “We just love ‘em, give ‘em the good news… about Jesus — whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ‘em out later, you see what I’m saying?” There is nothing wrong with this, in my opinion. Everywhere you go nowadays, you will hear someone giving you a word of God and what not, you listen and move on, hear what you want to hear or you let it go in one and out the other.. Let's be real people, he clearly didn't “BASH” gays, he simply quoted his beliefs and guess what, he is American and allowed to do so. Get over it.

  • fruntdoor only

    wears the tolerance. hypocrites they are. this is one reason i turned my cable off and why support networks, brands, actors, and media dont report news. A&E bunch of cowards. what's funny is remove him you don't think his family has same view hahaha so A&E only removed the one spoke up trying keep them dollars coming in boycott A&E turn you cable off save some money why waist it on trash like pointless drama. show some intelligents sciences proves being a homo is wrong it self but for the butt loves ill help you understand you will never pursues an offspring from man to man butt love

  • liers club blues

    It's not my life style, and I would never presume to know what's right or wrong for anyone else but myself. What I find laughable is, the way Mr. Duck dynasty picks and choose what he thinks is the word of god. If he lived the true word of god his life style would never look the way it is today. If he wants to preach the word of god, he better take it all, I mean all, as the word of god, and live it to the letter. Picking and choosing certain words and phrases means he's not living the true word of god, so his family won't see the kingdom of heaven either. If he wants to live the life, he better take it all, word for word

  • ML

    Truth is absolute. Phil speaks the truth. Truth wins in the end…Keep lookin up…

  • curt.johns938

    All of these guys are solid Christians. Truth is their foundation. They've shared the gospel, and he wasn't “condemning gays” by any means. He was simply saying that all sins are equal. EQUAL. If you asked any of these actors the same questions, they would be in full agreement. Do you want to discontinue the show because they all believe God's word is absolute Truth? They never said THEY were above sin. They're equally sinful as the gays, terrorists, druggies, sex-addicts, etc. I just don't understand why people feel the need to narrow in and cling on the one thing–”condemning gays.” That's not at all what he was saying. He's not the judge. He DOESN'T judge (except where we all fall by human, sinful nature). Phil's responding amazingly; a true example of Christ.

  • realistic idea

    so, a man who was once a “sinner” who now has accepted a religion or set of beliefs voiced his opinion regarding this very well documented and followed set of beliefs. If a person stepped back and read what he said with an open mind you would notice that it really doesn't say much. For instance, What I belief in does not support these things (haters, killers, drinkers, being gay) but i know they are a person so i will love them and treat them with respect. Now whether or not you get offended because being gay was grouped into that category could be the issue. But what makes your beliefs better than one of a terrorist or one of a drinker? What makes anyone better than any based on the parts of their life? Skin color, hair color, eye color, sexual orientation, job, religion, and so on? You see nothing makes anyone better and there are no real rules on who gets grouped with each other- – - so my point is we all have your own thoughts and ways of grouping and if we can do this with respect and love each other then so be it! I mean if we all had the same way of doing things- this world would be filled with boring and people all the same. It is time for us to stop acting like one is better or one is worse and just act together (be open minded and respectful and understand we have differences) .

  • Ralph Tapp


  • vane

    We are not here in this world to judge but true is true don't try to cover the sun with a finger~! homosexuality is a sin. And yes the bible say it so . And of course no one like to have anyone to tell them you are doing wrong. But yes how do you know if you are doing something wrong read the bible it is a mirror for you to look at yourself and evaluate yourself how you are doing! And pray before because people use some verses of the bible to our own benefit . God accept us but no our sins! He welcome you and change your life .. don't think you will be doing the same things!..

  • Sheila Christian

    sounds like he reads his bible. all gays will burn in hell if they don't change their wicked ways. don't be mad at the man for speaking the truth. good words Robertson.

  • mcgyverbg

    It is most important, in fact necessary and vital, that we ALL remember that he is not condemning/judging anyone! The activity associated is being judged as a sin – as it should be. Just as God forgives the repentant sinner whose sin was to lie, or perhaps simply distort the truth, He will/does forgive the repentant sinner whose activity has been that of a gay person. It is VITAL that you read the word repentant! Being sorry, but then purposely going about the action/activities anyway is NOT repentant! Being repentant is being sorry, asking for forgiveness, seeking the help of the Holy Spirit to resist the temptation to take part in that activity, and seeking to learn from His Word , etc.! Again, the attack is not, and should not, be on a person – that would be judgmental – something reserver for God the Father, Son, and Holy Sprit alone! We are to judge sin itself, though.

  • Unborn Again former redneck

    If you wanna believe in Santa Claus, the world was created in 7 days go at it! But DON'T shove that opinion on me and the rest of the world. NO BOOK, NO IDEOLOGY, NO SANCTIMONIOUS self serving redneck such as Phil Robertson has the RIGHT to condemn any human being for the way they are!! THE rest of you included with your judgements!! I am NOT gay but I will defend the rights of those who are born and live the way they are to the grave against all who judge and condemn them: The simple definition for all your “POGROMS” is BIGOTRY. The TRUTH is you attempt to disguise HATE with self righteous justification. Since we are blessed its a FREE country , you can continue to spout your crap , but congratulations to A&E for pulling the plug on the NO 1 Buffon and red neck and eliminating his “PREACHER” status!!
    I understand all the crap he spouted-I was born and bred a red neck bigot under the same “CHRISTIAN” umbrella of hypocrisy -It “TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE”-responding to this kind of nasty crap is my way of “REPENTING” -for all you BORN AGAINS!!

  • jlo

    Phil has an opinion just like the rest of us. He is entitled to his own beliefs and opinions just like the rest of us. To give his comments this much attention is crazy, there are so much more important issues we should be dealing with like innocent children without homes, food, or shoes. Move on people…..

  • Ol’ Senior

    This is just one more example of how it is OK to hammer Judeo-Christian beliefs with no outcry, but when we speak our opinion (seems to me I read about free speech and belief…Oh, yeah…the First Amendment) it's called “bashing”, “racist”, or many other labels. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 KJV. Pretty much verbatim from Mr. Robertson. Beware, the day has come that quoting the Bible will get you persecuted or prosecuted…at work, or by our failing public opinion. Remember, if you don't vote, don't complain. Over 20 Million conservatives didn't vote last time and look what we have.

  • l101192

    What a crock. first it was Paula Dean was bashed now Mr. Roberson. I guess all the stars have to quit having interviews.. you can't even tell the truth what the bible says . sad. sad. the gays have so much power ,who is in control of our country. its going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Commentator

    The Bible also says a 600 year old man (Noah), with only the help of
    eight Bronze-Age humans over 500 years built a boat the size of a
    football stadium with only felled trees and pitch and then herded
    two of every species on Earth (except the dinosaurs) into a boat to
    save them when the entire planet flooded to a height of 22 feet above Mt

    The Bible is supposed to the the word of an omnipotent
    God, but it is so chock full of contradictions, logic flaws, and science
    errors that only someone who has been indoctrinated and/or brainwashed
    would believe it. Here are a some of them:

    http://www.thethinkingatheist. com/page/bible-contradictions

  • mcgyverbg

    It is most important, in fact necessary and vital, that we ALL remember that he is not condemning/judging anyone! The activity associated is being judged as a sin – as it should be. Just as God forgives the repentant sinner whose sin was to lie, or perhaps simply distort the truth, He will/does forgive the repentant sinner whose activity has been that of a gay person. It is VITAL that you read the word repentant! Being sorry, but then purposely going about the action/activities anyway is NOT repentant! Being repentant is being sorry, asking for forgiveness, seeking the help of the Holy Spirit to resist the temptation to take part in that activity, and seeking to learn from His Word , etc.! Again, the attack is not, and should not, be on a person – that would be judgmental – something reserver for God the Father, Son, and Holy Sprit alone! We are to judge sin itself, though.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    If this idiot (Phil Robertson) disparaged African Americans, Jews and just about any other minority, many of these jerks who are defending this red neck piece of human garbage would be outraged. What happened to the old adage..'If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, keep your freaking mouth shut'? If he's the bible thumper he claims to be, follow the “Judge Lest Ye Be Judged” words. I have never watched the show, am a heterosexual, and a person who believes that nobody wears halos over their heads, including Robertson. (any relation to Pat Robertson)? I have no axe to grind with him or the show, but his comments are hurtful to many people including, I'm sure, some of his viewers. Why do some people who achieve fame go out of their way to hurt people by their callous and ignorant remarks? Robertson isn't the first and he will not be the last, but people like him should keep their thoughts, especially their mean spirited thoughts, to themselves. Words are powerful weapons..his could easily result in someone being beaten up or even worse, merely because of who they are. These kinds of words empower certain members of society who might now feel justified to act violently toward gays or lesbians. Kudos to the network for throwing him under the bus where he belongs. Hopefully we'll never have to see that ugly face and hear his even uglier comments ever again!

    • re

      You gays guess you are afraid of what the bible says .shame on you for bashing Mr. Roberson.

  • bg

    please tell me what he said “bashes” homos?

  • RaulZ

    should realize that for some reason to be gay makes you a “god” and
    this makes it illegal to speak against it will it eventually become Law? Wow
    talk about the times that we are living End Time. What this means is that gay
    have the Right’s to march down the streets have naked and exposing themselves
    to our Children as we drive by and that is Okay come on People when did this
    become Okay? Give me a break people want
    to act blind to the fact that there is Evil in this World and people need to
    Stand for Truth the same Truth that Jesus stood by and was Hated for It. American Families that hold on the Values of
    God will be hated and eventually become what it’s already become a Second Class
    Citizen what you say is “Not Good”. What so now God in whom we state that we
    Trust is No Longer the Standard by which we should Stand By. American’s that
    have Faith in Jesus Wake Up and my advice is Speak Truth Even if you lose everything
    in this World. We are called to “Stand in Truth” and Not Wavering from our
    Faith if People want redemption Jesus paid it in the Cross and if they don’t want
    Redemption I can only say well have a safe Trip to Condemnation. Jesus said I forgive you but Sin No More”
    Homosexuality is Sin and If people practices this sin Condemnation Awaits, the
    same rule Applies to those that practice Fornication, Witchcraft, Idolatry, Adultery,
    it’s Sin Turn from your Sin’s and seek Jesus while He may be found. Or when you
    die the Media that supported your practice and the government along with your
    peers won’t be there to bail you out. Jesus Is KING.

    • spiritfilled


  • mbonfan

    about the only reality tv show my kids want to watch, thanks A&E for screwing this up

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Let's hope that we will never have to see Robertson's ugly face or be subjected to his even uglier and mean-spirited comments ever again. Words are very powerful weapons and his are particularly dangerous because they can inflame certain violent people and justify, in their minds, that it's okay to bully, beat and, even worse, kill people because of who they are. Kudos to the network for being responsible and removing him from public viewing.

  • Dane

    Once again the minority is over ruling the majority, just because a couple of people are affended . This country was founded on the Christian Belief , read about the American History before it is rewritten. The founding Fathers started every session of the government with prayer to God and Jesus. “And that's a fact Jack….” to quote Si.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Jordon…be a responsible parent and don't subject your kids to a person who spews hatred and mean spirited comments. Is this really what you want them to grow up with?

    • Jordon

      I'm actually a young adult (18), and I feel that gays have every right to be happy, my future children will too. I was raised to respect about everyone's feelings and opinions, I completely understand some reasons why people do not like gays, but that just isn't the way I feel. (no I'm not gay people so don't make that assumption)

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    I'm a Christian too and find Phil Robertson and his hateful comments appalling.

    • spiritfilled


  • Bob Rogers

    The queer's just need to get over it! Get yourself a bigger butt plug and go do it to yourselves!!!!

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Bob Rogers is the type of dude who cruises interstate highways and makes frequent stops in mens rooms.

  • Marty Triplett

    The problem here also is if the question from GQ had flipped around to asking an atheist or a GLBT A&E star what there views on Christianity or the Bible or if they were a believer in Jesus Christ. And the response was that of a “Bible / Christian / Jesus Christ Bashing” then NOTHING would have been said and NOTHING would would have been done by A&E. We have become a perverse nation and society. We are the United States of the Offended.

  • shar

    If he would have bashed Christians I Believe he would've not been suspended…Whats good is bad, whats bad is good… SAD!!

  • charmngold64

    this is America he has the right to state his on feelings and also he is right, any Christian know that is Gods word.He has the right to speak his feelings and opions

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Jesus is spinning in His grave over all that is done and said in His name. He was about love and acceptance, or so I was taught growing up. Most of the postings here undermine completely Jesus’ message. I'm as a good a Christian as anyone here and feel offended that his comments are being lauded.

    • Daniel Roberson

      The first message Jesus preached was repent. (Mat 4:16-17) Until that is done you won't and can't understand anything else he had to say about love. But in case you chose to repent, the acceptance Jesus preached was one of accepting a person who has repented and not holding his past sins that he has repented ( turned away from) against him. As far as this situation with Phil he was asked for his opinion. He didn't just give it. That's what I and probably most of these people find unfair about the way he is being treated.

  • William Freeburn

    The guy is right!!!!!!!!!!! If you take two continents. Have one all homosexual and one all heterosexual then after two generations the one that is all heterosexual can move into the other one because there will be no one left! But they will have to be very careful because the aids epidemic will have passed through a lot of the bodies and they won't want to catch that desease which is only known to homosexuals, those homosexuals will have had sexual contact with and the druggies of the world who have share needles with the homosexuals!!!!!!!!!!
    God did not want homosexuals to infect the rest of the human race with their thoughts, deeds or actions and told us so in the Bible to pass down as a warning!
    You are to love everybody, but not deal with certain ones and homosexuals are one of the ones!!!!!
    As for duck dynasty, I hate the show but hope the families and friends of Mr. Robertson will all ban together and tell the ones who won't let freedom of speech ring to go to hell and either he is there or they aren't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VigilAnteAngel

    DO NOT APOLOGIZE PHIL!!! contrary to what the media says!! you have MILLIONS Of ppl who love you and are BACKING YOU!!! INCLUDING the ALMIGHTY!! MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO YOU!!



  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Most of you wouldn't know Jesus if you fell over him.

    • spiritfilled

      leonerdo…..GOD is reading your mind and typing…….really…..he knows your heart and so do I GOD BE WITH YOU

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    You folks, or most of you, are just downright MEAN. God is reading everything here and all of you will be judged by what you write.

  • apache

    Its ok. Phil has a free speech idea speak your mind its what is our rights if you don't agree you don't agree. I have friends who are gay it is there choice they know where I stand on the topic but I treat them no different then my non gay friends.We all sin so let those who are without sin cast the 1st stone. nuff said.

  • Messenger123

    It is funny how when us Christians voice our opinions we are being “judgmental” and spreading hate. All we are doing is telling you what the word of God says. We should be entitled to share our view just as the homosexual community shares there options and beliefs. I am so sick of people trying shut Christians up about this topic. You all do not like to be judge but you turn around and judge us. All I am saying is, if a man believes in the Word of God and everything that is in it then he should be able to express such, just as you express your belief on homosexuality.

  • Glen

    I am not a follower of the show .
    but I certainly don't like some one trying to control free speech .
    He is certainly entitled to speak his beliefs the gay community is out of control Just like the government —–we do not need thought police

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Messenger…go spread your message somewhere else. God has not empowered you to represent HIM or anyone else. In fact, quite the opposite. You are not HIS messenger and never will be.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Jordon..they're missing you in that men's room on the Interstate. If you leave now, you can make it there in a half hour.

    • Jordon

      I'm not getting the reference, are you calling me gay or something? because with most of the comments you've posted me and you are at an agreement, so I don't exactly know why you would be insulting me?

      • Leonardo The Magnifcent

        That's EXACTLY what I'm saying.

        • Jordon

          Ok then, I think your just a troll by insulting me about a sexuality that I clearly stated I am not. So I will report you…

        • Jordon

          You have a lot of growing up to do my immature friend..

  • Dan S.

    Is A&E so narrow minded and PC that they don't understand, differing opinions are what make this country work? Phil's opinions and beliefs are what makeup his persona. Voicing his opinions and beliefs are his right. Censorship of his comments is a violation of his rights as an American. You don't have to agree with him or like what he has to say. There are many Hollywood stars that I don't agree with their beliefs and opinions. They say some pretty crazy things. Religion and Politics will always be an individual viewpoint. Why are Gay's so afraid of people that don't agree with them? Phil can't take away their rights. If we as American's continue to force people to go with what's currently PC, I fear that we are headed down the road to destruction. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    A&E did the right thing and even though I'm not a viewer of that network, I'll make sure to start watching them with more regularity. Kudos to A&E for doing the right thing and removing hatred and meanness from its schedule.

  • texasproud

    When we get down to it, we all are sinners in some way but as christains we are suppose to love everyone regardless of their sin. God alone will judge in the end. I love Duck dynasty and he has a right to his opinion but as he stated he still not going to disrepect anyone because of their beliefs.

  • Skull Smasher

    Well, once again, you can tell how many people have never been in or near West Monroe. This is pretty much the norm. Keep making ‘us’ proud, after all, you already convinced the world we're all ‘Cajun’ in Louisiana. Could care less what these dumbasses say, more concerned about how one can fart and it make CNN before the smell clears the room.

    And, despite all of this, the world continues to rotate the same direction it did yesterday…

  • Zipperclad

    So Wait…we are no longer allowed to have an opinion? We are no longer allowed to think differently? to say it is “Un-natural” is not gay bashing, it his opinion and his belief. Just because his thoughts, beliefs and opinions are different then the GAY-Mantra doesn't make them wrong, mean or derogatory…
    Freedom of speech and Religion and Thought are what made us great. If the Gay-intolerance has moved so far as to say any thought unlike their own is wrong or derogatory, then perhaps we need to look at the real intolerance. Phil ends every show with prayer, gathers his family around him and puts their needs and happiness above everything. The day we can no longer express our thoughts, beliefs and opinions is the day we have lost hope.
    The Gay-freedom is based on a desire to be equal and recognized with the straight population, then all my gay friends, put on your big boy pants and recognize not everyone thinks like you, acts like you and yes has the same preferences as you. but his is no more wrong then the fact that some of us eat meat and some of us only eat growing produce.
    Grow up! recognize all of our differences and stand for something more then your sexual preference. I could care less what you do in the bedroom, make a difference in our world.
    If you cant stand for something, then sit down and shut up!

  • James Wait

    They asked him for his opinion on a sensitive subject. Should he have lied? No.
    Maybe GQ should never have asked him such a question. He should be reinstated onto the show.

  • Scottie Payne

    Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill

    Stone, and threw it into The

    *Atlantic Ocean,*

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  • fsteph

    I do not like the programming on the gay TV channel and do not watch it. Why gays insist we MUST change everything on TV to accommodate them is beyond my understanding. My wife and I like Duck Dynasty and Phil just they way they are. If I didn't I would change the channel (get it GLADD? Turn to the gay channel and watch something you like). GLADD is acting like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany — if you don't watch movies we approve, read books we approve, salute when we tell you, we will kill you. Yep, that's where America is today.

  • distorted thinker

    God bless Phil, the GLAAd group can kiss my a**, true Christians believe just as Phil does, living a homosexual life is a sin. but we do live in a society that believe Gods changes with time, but true Christians knows better then that.

  • Ravito

    Alec Baldwin can call a reporter a “toxic little queen” or call a photographer a “c…sucker” but since he's a liberal Hollywood type nothing more than a wimper from the media.

  • Name

    Are you all serious? A) “Christians” are all hypocrites. You all take one verse from a book that contradicts itself over and over again, and you run with it. B) believing in “God” is like believing in the Easter Bunny. There is no physical proof of his existence. C) People are standing up for a racist, closed minded, white trash, uneducated, hypocrite? If he is such a “Godly” man, why did he have to pay off a bartender so the guy didn't press assault charges against him? This is not the 60's, it's 2013. Our country was built on hatred, slavery, crime, lies, and hypocrisy. So I guess in a way it was built on “Gods” word.

    • bethie

      No physical proof? Really? How do you suppose we got here? How do you suppose animals got here, or trees, or water, or anything? I guarantee we didn't just come from some random happening. Some sheer force of will. We had to have come from something-someone. We didn't just appear. You say that there is no physical proof, so im going to assume you believe in evolution. Tell me, have you ever seen evolution take place? No, no ever has. It's a theory. But have you seen some been magically healed against all odds? Have you heard stories of people getting money when they need it, or just finding money in the pocket of your jeans? That's not a theory. That's seeing God. Because He's everywhere. That's physical proof. D as for America being founded on bad things, well. All I can say is that if you don't like it, move. Not trying to hate, I'm just saying. Have a nice day.

    • Daniel Roberson

      If someone speaking of the gay community said people believing they are born gay is like believing in Tinker Bell. People are standing up for prancing, closes minded mud-packing biblically illiterate fairies. You would be highly offended. I'm offended by it and I wrote it. But then you go and offend. Use the same standard for yourself that you are expecting from others.

    • Daniel Roberson

      If someone speaking of the gay community said, believing you are born gay is like believing you are Tinker Bell You are standing up for a prancing, closed minded, fudge-packing biblically illiterate fairy. You would be highly offended. I'm offend at that and I wrote it. So why do you, and who are you to offend others in their belief. Use the same standard for yourself as you expect from others. If not that makes you a hypocrite.

  • distorted thinker

    we are all sinners, we all fall short of the glory of God, but thanks be to God sending his son to die for our sins, we all have a chance of the kingdom of God heavens. God does not hate the sinner, he hates the sin. its funny they ask Phil a question and he give his honest true belief answer and he get punish for it. I guess since the queers came out, maybe now what the Christians are suppose to go hide in the closest?

  • jeanette


  • AlvinAmbers

    “Vile lies”? “Gay bashing”? I suppose in the degenerate minds of those who have no compunction with employing hyperbole, misrepresentation, misinformation, redefinition, and blatant LIES themselves, such characterizations obtain to “honesty”. Homosexual acts, like adultery, stealing, et al, ARE sin, regardless of how the lying miscreants might attempt to re-write God's word and revise scriptural history. And, according to God in His historical scriptures, sins not repented of ARE what might prevent someone from inheriting the kingdom of Heaven. These are UNDENIABLE Truths, according to God's word. If someone rejects God's word, that's their choice, but people not liking what God said and how He feels about certain actions and behaviors does not NEGATE it. The only room for HONEST criticism of Phil Robertson's views is that he could have thought to qualify his statement with “THOSE WHO DO NOT REPENT OF THEIR SINS, ACCORDING TO GOD'S DISCERNMENT, will not or may not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.” But speaking of things Christians believe, TRUE Christians understand and accept the caveat while fake ones seek to EXCUSE and SANCTIFY sin. Again, if you think to dictate to God what He must allow, think away. If you don't believe in God, or believe and don't like Him, and choose to go your own Godless way, then you have the God-given free-will to do what Job's friends admonished him to do; “Curse God and die”.

  • Jamie Kay

    I applaud him! If people don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question. It's absolutely ridiculous that he is suspended because of his comments. Ummm freedom of speech anyone? He is entitled to his opinion. I wonder if the network would suspend someone for bashing Christianity? You know they wouldn't. Good for him for not giving the PC answer, and for stating correctly what the bible says about this subject.

  • Eric

    Is anyone surprised!
    If it look like a Duck and walks like a Duck……

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      Quack Quack…Like most the people responding here in defense of this piece of human trash, Phil Robertson.

  • Dark

    Is it just me or is he only expressing his opinion? He never said I speak for everyone, in fact he made it clear he wasnt judging. He wants people to know what the Bible says, not that he really cares if you are gay or not. And seriously who is this Wilson Cruz to tell me what I believe as a Christian? How dare he. I dont care who you are, you dont have the right to tell me how or what I believe

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      Let's start bashing Christian fanatics like you and see how offended everyone is.

      • NICKIE

        Leonardo, you have bashed me and it makes me joyful. persecution always advances the gospel!

        • spiritfilled

          way to go nickie…amen to your words of wisdom….blessings to you and yours

  • joe

    Way to go dude Right is Right Wrong is Wrong Blind are Blind stupidly is every were

  • David Rowell

    ibwonderful's post below speaks for millions of us! Good job expressing the important facts at hand here. Less than 3% of the population of America is homosexual. Many of those understand it is abnormal. Over 80% of Americans at least claim to be Christian. How did we get to the point of being afraid to speak out against the immorality of such a small group and somehow it is HORRIBLE to express what the Bible says, the source of Christianity and the definition of immorality and morality? Speak up, like Phil!

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      You're nothing short of a bigot and God will judge you as such. I don't care if they represent less than 1%, nobody deserves to be vilified. God loves us all.. “Judge Lest Ye Be Judged” the good book says. Jesus was about acceptance and love, two things you wouldn't know about if you fell over them. Shame on you. Some Christian you are!

      • spiritfilled

        yes Jesus is about Love and acceptance, but one has to understand and be sincere to yourself, Jesus said many times about forgiveness and repentance, I hope for your sake you pray sincerely for forgiveness and to repent-depart from the many wicked ways of this world. As you spoke of an old book, that old book defines between right and wrong. I hope someday you will come to truth. its the word of God spoken thru ordinary men. I am praying for you, maybe the holy spirit will convict you and make you think in a loving way and truly come to know the love of our Lord. That's my Christmas present just for you….prayers coming your way. God Bless

      • David Rowell

        That's “Judge NOT that you be NOT judged”. An accurate translation is “condemn not”. I guess you have a point, though. The guy in the Bible that bashed people for their lifestyles said the following things and was in big trouble!”You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father.” And, “you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness.” Oh, wait, that was Jesus! I believe it was also he who said, ” judge with righteous judgment.”
        (Jn 7) We are not to judge and condemn, but we are to judge whether or not something is a sin. You know what the Bible says about sexual immorality (ALL sexual immorality). (Or, maybe you don't.) It is to be repented of. Don't quote the Bible until you know it and actually accept it all! Jesus also said of someone who was repentant of sexual immorality, “Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?”
        She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more.” I think I will continue to follow His example, not your unbiblical demands that we should keep our mouths shut about sin. Besides, there is a command to,”Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression…” It starts with my own sins, of course! No one is sinless.

        Thanks for stepping into my trap. It didn't take long! I will not however continue to “cast my pearls among swine”. If you reject the parts of God's word you do not like, then we have nothing further to discuss.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    I tell you…sometimes I don't a know if I'm a coming or a going.

  • Grace J. & Bethany M. Grade 11

    As Christian, we are called to love everyone regardless of race, sexuality, religion, etc. God does NOT hate homosexuals, he just hates the sin of homosexuality; just as He does not hate the liar, but the act of lying. He loves every single living creature on this planet and hates not one thing. He is a Father who loves His children and just wants us to turn away from our sinful natures. Phil has a right to voice his opinion because after all, this is America. Freedom of speech, right? He may not have done it in the best way, but all he was trying to say was that he did not agree with homosexuality. He wasn't trying to judge anyone and he didn't say anything about God hating Gays, he loves them because no matter what, they are still His children and His love for them will NEVER run out. He does not love them any more or any less than a straight person. Being homosexual is a sin, just as lying and stealing are sins. We are all sinners and you can't pick and chose which sins are worse than others. The fact is that if you are a sinner and you don't repent from your sins, you're going to Hell. If you do repent from your sins and turn to God, you'll go to Heaven, It's just a simple fact. If you are a liar, then your sin is equally as wrong as murder, theft, and homosexuality.In God's eyes, all sins are EQUALLY WRONG. We are all sinners, Christians and non- Christians alike. Christians are no better than you or worse than you. Bethany and I stand firm in this belief and will continue praying for those who are lost. Have a nice day :)

    • spiritfilled

      amen…well said

  • OkC BlackSox

    Not a Duck Dynasty fan until the deal at the Hotel with Jace and his class handling of the situation (learn something Oprah), but I suggest the Robertson family move their show to another network and rock on. Do NOT accept the suspension or go on suspension with him. Its all about the sponsors – right? The two homos from the storage show and their comments about the tightness of an anus – really? NO mention of the smell and how they clean each other up afterwords? Must have nice gums and lovely breath after that. Enjoy until you burn.

    • spiritfilled

      its absolutely sickening to think what happens behind closed doors. barfffffffffffffff

    • Brooke

      I don't want to know how dirty you are but you do realize it's not exactly difficult to make yourself clean down there, right? Wash yourself man.

  • Seb

    We all need to scream at the top of our lungs!! Freedom of speech is just that and he has a right to speak his thoughts and opinions. Frankly I agree with him! The gays, minorities, and all the rest call foul every time you mention them. They are just sickening. Go live your lives and I will live mine. Sad part is no one calls them on bashing anyone who doesn't agree with their lifestyle! Sickos

  • abbab

    Everyone in this country is afforded the right to free speech and to be protected under the first amendment. However, I do not agree with what Mr. Phil states, he did not exceed the boundaries of our protection. Many groups are allowed to express themselves in a variety of forums, (including speech) which one may not agree with. Why is it okay for one group to lash out against anyone or any other group without issue??? The protections are equal and are bi-directional! Carry on Phil!! Carry on LGBT!! It's our right to do so!

    • spiritfilled

      and you will pay the ultimate price by your knowledge of this world and not the spiritual world. I pray that you will come to understand the Lord's will. This is serious and not of this world…. we all will have our time to stand before the almighty….then and only then will you be judged. the choice is yours.. I am in your corner and pray that you REALLY think about the end-game……………are you really determined to take that chance? to risk it all for eternity….really…..will you go by your gut or what millions—-billions already know……I am praying for you and MERRY Christmas….xoxo

  • Brad

    I love how you turn an outspoken different opinion into “gay bashing”. I've seen enough over the years that shows me how homosexuals, and liberals, are some of the most hate filled, unaccepting narrow minded people on the planet. You preach unconditional love and acceptance but show none of it yourselves. It's called the first amendment. Quit shoving your agenda down everyone's throats long enough to realize that not everyone agrees with you and is free to do so. When someone disagrees with you people, you turn into rabid wolves. You make it your sick goal to tear down everything that person has achieved and built up over the years, achievements that you had no hand in creating, and do your best to make their life a living hell. Some civilized bunch you are.

    • Cman

      The thing is it's hard for them when christians are trying to take their rights from them, such as banning gay marriage

  • S

    They asked him a specific question which led to that answer. At least he was honest. Cut him some slack.. We could use a whole lot less fake around here.

  • Brad

    Wilson Cruz from GLADD absolutely does not speak for true Christians, hate to tell you.

  • Frank

    Usually controversy sells magazines or books, or brings in more viewers. I'd sure be interested to know how this is different. I mean, why does this controversy actually lose viewers when other controversies gain viewers?

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      Dark is a good name for you because judging from your postings, you are in perpetual darkness.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Truth is..Wilson Cruz is more in touch with the true message of Jesus than any of you are.

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Dark..that's a very good name for you….Because judging from your posts, you are a person in perpetual ‘darkness'.


    I got news for you people!! the world never changes! people have been committing the SAME sins since the beginning of time! since THE UNCHANGEING GOD created the world and the people who inhabit it. captain fabulous-the bible Never contradicts itself!!! homosexuality is wrong! pride is wrong the same! if you have committed ONE SIN then you and I are both going to hell. to commit one offense to a infinitly holy God deserves an infinite judgement and torment. I urge you to be saved, as God declares it it not his will that everyone should perished, but be saved from the unquenchable fire. it is important to note that when we feel ‘judged’ someone is telling us that we are not worthy of….but God does not send pple to hell bc he is MEAN-he sends us to hell bc we DESERVE it. it is in his MERCY that he allows us to be saved. don't we NEED JESUS MORE THAN HE NEEDS US????? PLEASE I URGE EVERYONE READING THIS POST TO USE YOUR MIND AND THINK….WHAT IF THE BIBLE IS RIGHT??? ARE YOU WILLING TO BET YOUR ETERNITY ON IT????WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHILDRENS ETERNITY???? KNOW THE LORD FOR WHO HE IS!!! HE IS COMING BACK FOR HIS OWN-AND YOU MIGHT DIE BEFORE THAT!!!!

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      You're as NUTTY as the rest of these religious lunatics.

      • NICKIE

        thank you. I knew someone would call me nutty in the first 10 seconds. you have made my day! seriously-think about if.. the bible is right and ppl left and right are dying-being plunged into eternal darkness and you knew that there was a way out-to help ppl not go to that place-would you not shout it from the rooftops? if the bible is right and I didn't tell you that-wouldn't I be the meanest, most selfish person in the planet? if that post helped someones eyes open and I hope yours as well, wouldn't you calling me nutty be worth it?

  • Leonardo The Magnifcent

    Nickie the sickie..

    • Johnny

      Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? You're acting really immature dude, you need some help..

  • Jeremy Sturm

    To GLADD what exactly did he lie about I read the whole interview he said nothing other than homosexuality is a sin and that is all denominations there may be two or three denominations that cater to homosexuals. But most Christians would argue that they preach a watered down gospel. Phil never claimed a single accusation about homosexuals other then the bible says its sinful. He never said one specific thing about homosexuals that he did say about idol worshippers and adulterers. I know for a lot of people any single thing that says anything against homosexuality is seen as an attack. I also know that if anyone opposes the liberal media bias were are cast out as hypocrites. Which to me is funny because the same right you claimed you wanted equality for you now want to silence from others who wont stand with you. Equality for all is not more rights for you. P.s just because someone does not agree with your lifestyle doesn't mean they don't love you. True Christians love all doesn't mean we will never say something is wrong but know that we are all sinners under gods word there has never been a single person other than Jesus with out sin. this is the main reason we are supposed to love all people because condemnation condemns the condemner as well as the condemned.

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      Jeremy..go strum your two inch dick somewhere else. Nobody here is interested.

      • Jeremy Sturm

        way to prove the majority of christian's right by acting like you never left high school if you can't respond like an adult would maybe you should be quiet

      • spiritfilled

        All Christians are concerned and interested in people and their heart. where is yours?

  • leroe

    He just like everyone else has the right to freedom of speech.
    It in fact states in the bible that it is a sin to lay with the opposite sex. If you be leave in the good book then yes they are sinning. So if you don't want to know how a Christian feels about it then don't ask. And I also want be watching until they put him back on.

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      You're an idiot who can't even put an intelligent sentence together. Get over yourself and get off your high horse. You're a TERRIBLE Christian, the worst kind there is. Dark needs to see the LIGHT!

      • spiritfilled

        leonerdo the magnificent…..your statement seems to be more on the leonerdo the insufficient…I pray that you will come to your senses and embrace the way of the world. where would you be if your parents were homosexuals……leonerdo the what-where-never happened. and for the record….look up the average age of a homosexual man, its about 26 yrs less than a heterosexual man. nothing good will come from a life like this. Merry Christmas to you.

        • Brooke

          “where would you be if your parents were homosexuals”

          Well spiritfillled, considering there are ways to help people have children without actually having to have sex, your parents can both be homosexuals. The average age thing makes no sense, lets see where you got that information from. Merry Christmas to you from me and my 2 gay dads.

  • spiritfilled

    All this talk about the word of God, its apparent that the Devil is doing his part in deceiving. you know even the birds and bees know how to pro-create, without a college degree, its called the natural way and homosexuality in any form is not natural and thus you cannot create children. praise the Lord. I just pray that someday the LGBT world TRULY finds the real truth. May God bless you all….Merry Christmas
    Robertsons, there are millions who believe and live their lives as the word says, way to go to spread the truth and stick to your guns. we are all behind you…xoxo

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      I bet you'd LOVE to be ‘behind Robertson’ if you know what I mean? haha

      • spiritfilled

        the devil is using you and your tongue. taming of the tongue its called and maybe it would be wise to choose words of wisdom and encouragement and inspiration other than words of hurt. Merry CHRISTmas

      • spiritfilled

        no, just what do you mean?

      • spiritfilled

        where is your reply leonardo to the natural way of life……man up dude…or maybe you have an issue with that…..I still am praying for your repentance….you can do it and be on the side of the creator of all everything…..that's my prayer……. you tell me if prayer does not work….let me know, but have and open heart if possible……I am in your corner if you can believe it…GOD works in really crazy ways, and I am not giving up on you….. Jesus wouldn't & I wont either…prayers and blessings to you and yours…..

    • Brooke

      So those who are born unable to pro-create aren't natural?

  • Anti Gum Flapper

    Seams most folks have it right. Mr. Robertson said nothing hateful, incorrect or slanderous. He was asked what he thought was a sin and he answered per the believe of Christians. He also said that we should love everyone and treat others with respect. That is something the REAL haters can not do as evidenced by the response calling Christian believes “Vial & Lies”. Where is the smack down for that comment in the story? You will never see it. They HATE Christianity because it sands for something and reminds them that actions do not come with a free pass in the end.

  • dubalu

    Don't judge other people, because you will be judged too! I think Jesus would prefer that his children help each other, pray for peace in the world, end hunger, stop violence in the name of religion. The bible is a book, written and rewritten countless times by a human. It has many sections that do not make any sense anymore, especially for women. GOD will be the final judge. Not any human. Have you sinned today? Don't judge, and keep your opinions to yourself, especially if you are a celebrity. Next time you feel like bashing another human, go help one of GOD's children or creature in a food bank, pet shelter, hospice. PEACE in the world!

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      Yours is the first voice of reason here. You are a true Christian, in my opinion.

      • April

        And you are a true idiot, in my opinion.

    • April

      I am sure Phil would have kept his opinion to himself had he not be directly asked the question…duh! He was asked and he answered with what he believed and supported and for that reason is was prosecuted! A&E is wrong for suspending him and feeling like they have to make a statement saying that they do not necessarily agree with him.

  • Larry Trautman.

    Unfortunately Phil does not know the gospel or he would be as forgiving as Our Savior is. How does he presume to know the hearts of others. He has been seduced by the gospel of the law therefore making Jesus's sacrifice of it's love and grace null and void. He needs prayer to have his eyes opened!!

  • Dan S.

    BTW Merry Christmas!

    • spiritfiled

      btw ?????

      • Dan S.

        By The Way.

  • Freespeech

    Clearly Mr. Cruz is the one out of touch. true Christians don't believe in same sex marriage and never will. that issue is being forced down everyone throat just like everything else when it starts getting backed with a lot of money. True Christians do believe in loving one another and most say if want to be gay be gay judging will come later. I think A & E is wrong, this is a free country. freedom of speech and being able to believe what you want is one of our rights. Live the life you choose and believe what you want and let everyone else do the same. Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never harm me. Your gay live with it. He's not live with it.

    • Leonardo The Magnifcent

      You're in a world of perpetual ‘darkness', hence your name is DARK.

    • spiritfilled

      Where is the DNA proof of one being born as a homosexual? fact is, there is none, its all choices in our lives, To say” I am Gay” means you were born that way, In reality you are choosing that. Factually you are born male or female and in your own mind think you are born that way and nothing could be further from the truth. I am a Heterosexual man from my choice and NATURALLY given the tools to pro-create, normal as the birds and bees. Have you ever seen a male Grizzly trying to have sex with another male grizzly? I have not. This urge is given to you by our Lord, but for some they get on the wrong path and then with time, their heart gets hardened and world overtakes them. What about the adopted children of homo,s. They will never have fair chance in life because of the sin they have experienced. We as a nation need to pray for all those affected by this demented lifestyle. blessings to all.

      • Brooke

        Well as a grown woman adopted by two dads when I was only 2, I had more than a fair chance in life. They gave me all that I needed to succeed and more. My gay friends raising their children also make sure their kids are more than provided for, are well behaved, and I have complete faith that those children will have amazing lives knowing they are loved. I dare you to look at pictures of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner and their 2 kids and try to tell me that those kids aren't happy and don't have tons of opportunities in life. I don't see anything wrong with gay people choosing to adopt kids who need a home and give that kid love and acceptance.

        Not sure where the grizzly analogy came from as there have been natural cases of homosexuality among animals.

  • Mark

    Romans 14:11
    King James Version (KJV)
    11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

    Every knee.. even the athiests. You can run your mouth, but you can't hide.

  • johnny

    It is simple advice coming from the Lord. If you do not refrain from that kind of behavior, you will simply die for all of eternity. God is straight up about it. But it is not a sin of eternal damnation if you repent truly in your heart. God is a cardio knower. It's good advice. It's like telling your children to look both ways before they cross the street. But you always have that hard headed kid that doesn't, well you know what eventually happens..?

  • Sarah

    While I support gays, I think he has a right to state his opinion. Not everyone has to be supportive of gays, and if he does not support gays and thinks they are sinning, well that's his opinion.

    It does state in the bible that homosexuality is a sin, but many Christians opinions about it are varied. I'm a Christian and I support gays, but some do not.

    But anyways, I am disappointed he will not be on Duck Dynasty anymore. I hope that we will see him back on the show in the future.

    • anidjart

      Why do you support something that your G-d disapproves? I don't hate gays but G-d says in His word that this lifestyle and others are an abomination to Him.

  • Wilgoose-Wilgoose

    I don't particularly agree with him but each one of us has an opinion. That's what America was built on. So now we are going to start taking away our amendments. What would our Forefathers say?

  • belleofcarolina


  • iwannarock1

    Hey Tim, he's not bashing gays. He's just stating his opinion. There's a difference.

  • Keleia

    I believe in freedom of speech. ANYONE AND EVERYONE. This includes a man QUOTING the Bible. This man didn't make up what he spoke about. He simply quoted the Bible. Romans, chapter one. Read it for yourself.

  • LT

    Gay bashing? Go read the article for yourself and you will see it is not “bashing” — he states his Christian beliefs and what it says regarding homosexuality in the Bible.

  • Tom Thibodeau

    I don't think they thought this through to much! First, I have to think not to many gay people are watching the show, so all A&E did was stand up for gays but pissed off straight people, straight people that are religious(larger group than gays, and never mess with religious people) that watch the show. Good one A&E! The backlash on your stupidity will be nothing like it was from the gays.

  • Richard Halvorson

    I agree with him 100%! Its sad when you speak your mind if its against the grain you get assaulted by the very same people that claim they are open minded and blah blah blah, yet Liberals are the first group of people that will attack you for not believing what they believe in!
    I also strongly feel, if Westboro Baptist Church changed their signs from “God hates America” to “God is displeased with America” they would be right!

    • Brooke

      So basically either way you're saying that you agree with the Westboro nutcases and feel that God is punishing Americans for how we live. Good to know you're on their side when they protest those funerals and bring even more hurt upon those families.

  • CraigOlsen

    Good job, Phil! Keep it up – the rest of us that will enter the kingdom are behind you!

  • unknown

    Read the Bible. A man shall not lay with another man. A woman shall not lay with another woman. This is a sin. and a sin is a choice you make against GOD.

  • Vicki

    This man is not Christian, when he reaches the Pearly Gates he will find then shut. Being a Christian is about love not hate and prejudice. The problem with reality TV shows is they give ignorant and hateful people a forum for their biases. his man should be fired.

  • jay kay

    Mr Cruz, things for explaining to us who are true and false Christians.

  • Evan Busman

    Those who claim to speak for God, whether or not such comments are lifted from the Bible, are committing a grave sin. As a personal opinion, Phil Robertson has the right to say what he thinks. People also have the right to be offended or to support such remarks. My own personal opinion is that people should not be so quick to judge, one way or the other. People who do not like Phil's comments (and those that support him) should seek to help/educate him to reach beyond personal roadblocks, become more evolved/enlightened, and build upon his soul. Calling for him to be fired doesn't help anything. Anger and hatred are not the way – for anyone.

  • teshort2002

    how come the drunks and adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes terrorists aren't crying about this also…what ever you are you chose to be it so be proud of it and don't be mad because someone else is voicing there opinions they are jut being what they are weather its a Christian a Jew or a Atheist etic. We All have rights. Don't ask a question if you don't want a answer too it

  • Jason

    Wow, it's a sad day in America when you can't express your own opinion! He wasn't “bashing” queers just expressing his opinion! All you queers need to get off your high horse and GET OVER IT! You are the ones bringing this Country down. It's called Freedom of Speech! Don't like it? Shut the hell up or move elsewhere! Everyone has an opinion and he doesn't have to like your lifestyle as I don't either! You weirdos need to grow up and expect that true Christians don't agree! This family loving man should be able to say what he believes! I think you queers are just jealous on what he's accomplished. You lowlifes ought to get a life!

    • Brooke

      Um, you do realize a lot of the gay people who have expressed disappointment in his words have accomplished a good amount on their own and have nothing to be jealous over right?

  • Kyle

    Whether or not what he said was right or wrong, he has the right to feel that way. Whether or not one agrees with what he said, he has the right to say it. Likewise, the people that are offended by his remarks have the right to be offended. That being said, why should it go any further than that? Because your being offended is somehow more important than his beliefs? How many people who called for his suspension actually watch the show? I doubt it's more than half – but that's just my opinion. (That is, if I still have a right to one). He didn't make his remarks on the show, which makes me care even less about them. Furthermore, how is this situation resolved? Would one of those forced fake public apologies make it all better? “Uh, yes, I sincerely apologize. My comments were hurtful, inappropriate and unnecessary. I'd like to apologize to those that I've offended.” -which translates to “I'm not sorry, I still feel that way, and I'm being made to say this.” He has the right to say it, and you have the right to be offended. Speak your mind about it, denounce what he said, tell the world you disagree. But to suspend him from the show and call on companies whose products he endorses to drop him is akin to forcing everyone to be offended with you, and that's equally as wrong. All of that is just my humble opinion. I really hope I don't get suspended for having it, because you sure as hell won't get an apology for it either.

  • Ray

    Bring Phil back, this is BS. LGBT/GLAAD should start its own network where they can ride unicorns, paint rainbows on each others asses and practice what they envision for themselves as a community. Leave the rest of out of your UNICORNIA UTOPIA.

  • WhoCaresAnymore

    I do not judge this man for speaking his mind, but aren't gays human too… or did I miss the memo stating that they're dogs or something…

  • travis cole

    What disturbs me the most is the fact that for some reason, in order for some homosexuals to express how they feel, I guess, is to (in my opinion) almost be overly sexually expressive. For example, in parades and festivals celebrating homosexuality, why does everyone need to be naked? Simulating sexual acts? Throwing around sex toys? Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex… Is all you see. Why is that? Homosexuals wonder why they get stereotyped as being perverted, well.. Can you blame people?

    I could never take my children to something like that. I believe a lot of criticism and disrespect is brought on by themselves. Can someone explain that? If homosexuals (that participate in those types of things) want to be respected and viewed differently, one would assume that they'd change the way they express themselves. Sure, my wife and I like kinky sex, but I don't run around in public, naked with a rubber ball in my mouth. I respect others, and wouldn't want to be viewed that way by others anyways.
    This country is so messed up. This guy gets shunned for his personal belief and opinion on homosexuality, meanwhile the gay pride parade down the street is handing out condoms, homosexual literature and displaying homosexual simulated sex acts in front of our kids.. Ya, makes sense to me.

    • Brooke

      Do you allow your children to watch TV (and if not, are you 100% sure they aren't just watching it at their friend's house)? If so, then they'll see far more heterosexual sex thrown around and graphically laid out than they will see of homosexual. What about Mardi Gras? Not just in New Orleans but there are other cities too which have taken to re-creating it. You'll see plenty of heterosexual people humping each other in the streets and on the floats during those parades too. I've seen teenagers grinding on each other at movie theaters, in the park, etc. So yeah, there are times and places for those kinds of things (gay pride parades are advertised well enough just like any parade, you don't want your kids to see it, don't take them to that area during the time it's going on). But why put all gay people in that category or that stereotype? There are tons of gay people, including well known and respected celebrities, who aren't behaving lewdly in public because many of them are busy raising their own children. And most of those who are single and dating around aren't doing it in any way differently than straight people in the same situations are. I don't see why all gay people as a group should be judged by the few just as I wouldn't want someone saying that all females are the same just because some behave inappropriately in public.

  • SeerofRage

    Geez, I'm twelve and already see this world is crawling with people who hate people who love. Do people who bash gays realize that they're interfering with two men or women who are in love? What happened to the days that never existed when we didn't label everyone? Key Phrase: That Never Existed. Maybe it's our job to stop criticizing people for their race, preference, religion, or ethnicity and create a world where there aren't any inhumane labels like that.
    I have made my statement.

    • anidjart

      What matters is not what we say or believe. Get a Bible and read what your G-d and creator says about these lifestyles. See what I posted above if you don't know or read or have a Bible. We will be judged in the next life by His word and not the laws of mankind. His word is not hate, it is the manual to humankind to live by.

  • Amy Lucas

    Has anyone else ever thought about that if being gay was normal that eventually the human race would not exist anymore? I mean even if God did not exist and that evolution crap was true we would still be gone…. just thinking……..

    • spiritfiled

      way to go amy……you nailed it

    • Brooke

      Um no because not everyone is gay. Just because it's normal doesn't mean everyone would suddenly turn gay. There are still plenty of people who are going to continue to put babies out in this world to keep the human race going. If anything, we have too many people making babies before realizing how they're actually going to take care of them afterwards.

    • Eduardo Sodre Junior

      stop thinking, doesn't fit you

  • SeerofRage

    ANOTHER THING… why are we called “Land of the Free” if very few people have rights?.. Just asking..

  • OaktownCoug

    The guy from GLAAD does not know what a true Christian is. He has his opinion, but he needs to go to the Word of God. Phil is quoting God's Word and that is the issue. Cruz wants to be the judge.

  • texasbluedarter

    Don't think he said one word that “bashed” gays. He simply stated he hated the sin but is not judging the person. He lumped homosexulaity in with the rest of the sins listed in I Corinthins 6. So no “bashing”, a simple statement of the truth.

  • texasbluedarter

    Tim Malloy is an IDIOT… He can't even read the interview and get the headline right. Robertson did not, I repeat, DID NOT bash gays. He “bashed” the homosexual life style but not the person…

  • DDwatcher

    I bet if it was the other way around and gays were speaking out about Christians, this would have drawn noones attention at all.

  • glen

    ok he is not bashing gays he is speaking the truth what's wrong with that

  • blcartwright

    Only he didn't “bash gays”. He labeled homosexual activity as sinful. There's a difference between people and what they do.

  • John R Contreraz

    “I fear that this great “Land of the Free” is not so free anymore. Because there are terrible consequences to opposing the tide of the homosexual agenda — I have lost the right to disagree. It is considered a hate crime to speak anything against homosexuality, even if it is evangelistic in nature. It is a most stern warning of the signs of the times we live in.” TrueObedience dot org

  • bobby whtie

    Don't ask a question on a mans personal beliefs if you might not like his answer. That's exactly what GQ did, it was a loaded question and when the trigger was pulled so to speak it hurt peoples feelings. Well guess what world its how it works the man has his personal beliefs and opinions and if your going to ask him about them then you have to accept and respect his response as such. Do you have to agree with then, no you don't just as the rest of the world might not agree with yours. What A&E is doing because he answered a personal belief question honestly is “censor for explicit words” just because they are afraid of backlash.

  • does not matter

    for anyone that thinks that “gay” is a choice then let me ask you this. how old were you when you made your choice?

  • laster

    He should be able to voice his opinions without being suspended from his TV show. It is just TV. We hear his opinions, and if he sounds like a moron, we will judge that he is a moron. He wouldn't be the first moron to have a TV show.

  • fcw60@yahoo.com

    god bless phil, and damn the sodomites and lesbians.

  • Allwillseeoneday

    Who is afraid of the Truth?……Those who can't face The Truth that Homosexuality Is Sin according to the Bible……..just like Adultery is sin, Telling lies is sin, Stealing is sin, Fornication (sex before marriage) is sin and Homosexuality Is sexual sin……..The Great News is that God Loves the Sinner even though he hates the sin becasuse sin leads to destruction…….That is why The Heavenly Father sent Jesus His Son to Save Us from sin when we repent and receive the Salvation Power Christ gives……..If we choose to live in and keep our sin then “the wages of sin is death But the Gift Of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ”…..The Choice is Yours……Life or death…..Freedom In Christ or Bondage to sin……..Choose Life Choose Jesus……Merry Christmas with Love

    • Maribe

      My opinion…Religion is on it's own a bestial thing. Let us not preach of our beliefs if it is truly christian to alienate others with it. I've been a very spiritual person my whole life, but I will not allow others to shove religion down my throat and call it christian

  • anidjart

    He did not say anything wrong. This magazine took what he said and twisted to be evil. He has the right to express his believes, just as the gay community has the right to disagree. His show is his job, and what he says as an individual should not be used against me. What I do in my job is my job, and what I say outside of my job is what I believe. I believe in a just G-d that is righteous and nothing that is unrighteous enters into His kingdom. He is the final judge, and His word says what is right and what is not right. You shall not commit adultery, or steal, or lay with a man as if you were a woman, or with an animal, etc. He is going to judge humanity by His word not by the laws of mankind. You GQ and A&E did a great evil against this man. You approve everything GLAAD and other gay organizations say and do, but you demonize a G-dly person and His commandments, and what G-d says in His word. You will have to answer to Him one day, not to any human.

  • anidjart

    Leviticus 18 This is the Word of G-d the creator of mankind, which one of these do you approve? If you don't have a Bible here is His word and what He thinks of it.

    1And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying,

    2“Speak to the children of Yisra’ĕl, and say to them, ‘I am יהוה your Elohim.

    3‘Do not do as they do in the land of Mitsrayim, where you dwelt. And do not do as they do in the land of Kena‛an, where I am bringing you, and do not walk in their laws.

    4‘Do My right-rulings and guard My laws, to walk in them. I am יהוה your Elohim.

    5‘And you shall guard My laws and My right-rulings, which a man does and lives by them. I am יהוה.

    6‘No one is to approach anyone of his own flesh to uncover his nakedness. I am יהוה.

    7‘The nakedness of your father or the nakedness of your mother you do not uncover. She is your mother, you do not uncover her nakedness.

    8‘The nakedness of your father’s wife you do not uncover, it is your father’s nakedness.

    9‘The nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father, or the daughter of your mother, whether born at home or elsewhere, their nakedness you do not uncover.

    10‘The nakedness of your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter, their nakedness you do not uncover, for theirs is your own nakedness.

    11‘The nakedness of your father’s wife’s daughter, brought forth by your father, she is your sister, you do not uncover her nakedness.

    12‘The nakedness of your father’s sister you do not uncover, she is your father’s flesh.

    13‘The nakedness of your mother’s sister you do not uncover, for she is your mother’s flesh.

    14‘The nakedness of your father’s brother you do not uncover, you do not approach his wife, she is your aunt.

    15‘The nakedness of your daughter-in-law you do not uncover, she is your son’s wife, you do not uncover her nakedness.

    16‘The nakedness of your brother’s wife you do not uncover, it is your brother’s nakedness.

    17‘The nakedness of a woman and her daughter you do not uncover, nor do you take her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter, to uncover her nakedness. They are her relatives – it is wickedness.

    18‘And do not take a woman as a rival to her sister, to uncover her nakedness while the other is alive.

    19‘And do not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness in her monthly separation of uncleanness.

    20‘And do not have intercourse with the wife of your neighbour, to defile yourself with her.

    21‘And do not give any of your offspring to pass through to Moleḵ. And do not profane the Name of your Elohim. I am יהוה.

    22‘And do not lie with a male as with a woman, it is an abomination.

    23‘And do not have intercourse with any beast, to defile yourself with it. And a woman does not stand before a beast to mate with it, it is a perversion.

    24‘Do not defile yourselves with all these, for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am driving out before you.

    25‘Thus the land became defiled, therefore I punished it for its crookedness, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.

    26‘But you, you shall guard My laws and My right-rulings, and not do any of these abominations, the native nor stranger who sojourns among you,

    27because the men of the land who were before you have done all these abominations, and thus the land became defiled,

    28‘So let not the land vomit you out for defiling it, as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

    29‘For whoever does any of these abominations, those beings who do them shall be cut off from among their people.

    30‘And you shall guard My Charge, so as not to do any of these abominable practices which were done before you, so as not to defile yourselves by them. I am יהוה your Elohim.’ ”

  • Meg

    Sorry again. Your post didn't bounce off my head. Just gave you the opportunity to expose your mental disorder of liberalism.

  • marc


  • Americans Wake Up

    Read the Bible before you make statements like your headlines. What Phil said in the GQ interview and in the 2010 sermon were straight out of the Bible. Not his words, just God's words.

  • Daniel Roberson

    He didn't bash gays. He disagreed with them. His statements were not anti gay they were pro- bible. My hope is that he won't allow himself to be bullied by the intolerant bullying people who preach tolerance and anti-bullying. As Peter and John said in Acts 4:19 “Which is right in God's eyes: to listen to you, or to God? You be the judges! We all should be so brave as to standup for the bible and love people with the “truth” of God's word because that's what God does with his word.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Unslick v8fool

    Leave the Man alone. He has a constitutional right to think any way he wants. Just like you and me. The Network and media need to do their job and report news, not Witch Hunts for the intent to crucify.

    • Eduardo Sodre Junior

      his constitutional rights were never harmed, he wasn't sent to jail or persecuted by government, his employee a private company saw fit to punish him exercising they right, drives me crazy when people throw constitutional rights out there like they're candle

  • leo

    Your IQ must be no higher than your age if you watch this utterly mindless trash of a show

  • tony

    the majority of louisianians don't want gays here, we are 1 of only 2 states that voted against gays the last time they went around asking i think with only mississippi having a lower rate of support for gays.

    • tony

      also i saw nothing of him being racist from the comments he said. not even homophobic, while he seems to not agree with gays he clearly stated he doesn't hate them and says he has no power over who goes to heaven god does.

  • Eric_Randal_Young

    Leviticus, Chapter 20:13

    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    this is not an opinion it is strait from the word of God The Holy Bible a fact the Law according to God and it we all followed God's Word to the Letter there would be no homosexuality to debate about or defend depending on your belief

    just stating the facts not expressing my beliefs Praise Be To God in Jesus Name

  • jane Bevan

    I don't get Duck Dynasty. I mean….if I want to watch a bunch of God fearing rednecks acting goofy…I can go down to the local Walmart and be entertained for HOURS!!!!!

  • Jane Bevan

    I don't get Duck Dynasty. If I want to see a bunch of God fearing rednecks acting goofy, I can go down to the local Walmart and be entertained for HOURS!!!!!!

  • justanaverageguy

    Only the biased media who uses hyperbole as standard operating procedure, and who believes they have a right to twist and turn opinions of others, would think he bashed anyone. I'm open minded on most issues, but I've had more than my fill of the arrogance of Hollywood and the media in their desire to be our thought control and PC police. They've done more to destroy the fabric of our once better society than they've ever done to fix, unite and build it up.

  • A bear's mom

    Oh my hell…. A and E People….what do you think that a southern Christian man is going to believe in…..Really……..
    You are all idiots if you expected him to be different.
    Good for him for speaking up.
    We all have the right to an opinion, and as far as I'm concerned the network people are idiots, this was good clean fun tv, not some stupid reality show shit they shove down our throats everyday.
    I hope some other network picks them up and it becomes bigger.
    I'm in full support of the Robertsons

  • Honest John

    What Mr Cruz doesn't realize is that Phil doesn't care about what people say about gays and lesbians, Phil's only concern is what God says about sin. Phil obviously loves gays and lesbians enough to tell them the true and not take the easy path of staying silent. Phil isn't in a popularity contest, he just wants to see people avoid going to Hell.

  • top_flight_steelers

    I agree with him!

  • JustSaying

    I guess I'm slow, what did he say that was so offensive to the gay and lesbian community?

  • Jade

    1. He did NOT bash Gays.
    Many of you including the writer of this stories headline are people who can't read, and are just plain haters. Phil did not say anything hateful about Gays, he quoted the Christian Bible.
    said let God decide! You crazy liberals only believe in freedom of
    speech for you, never for anyone else. Vote me down, I don't care, the
    truth hurts. You are the bigots & Haters!

  • Derivative

    Phil made a good point in a crass way. If a gay a man is compelled to find sexual fulfillment in what he already IS then is he thinking he is missing something? Gay men on Grndr looking for what's missing, trying to find it in another gay man, also looking for what's missing? Phil made some points gays ought to think about. Diversity – male- female.

  • iretta

    My understanding of the Bible is that Homosexuality (itself) is not a sin some are born this way. But, However, the act of Homosexuality is definitely a Abominable sin.

  • funnel

    I stand behind Phil Robertson and believe that many of the things he says are taken out of context. I will NOT purchase GQ and will not watch A&E until he is reinstated. He and his family have already been offered a prime time slot on Daystar. I'm sure more offers are to come. Phil didn't write the Bible he only quoted it.

    • IRETTA


  • Freedom lover

    This man is free to spout whatever bile he chooses to utter. But we are also free to express our repugnance at his words, the narrowness of his understanding of the Bible, and the hostile environment that he preaches. We are free to boycott his show and make sure his channel and his commercial sponsors know our opinions, too. He and his kind will soon be gone from this earth. But for now, they will learn that their freedom doesn't cancel out ours.

  • Destitute Dick

    I am offended that Phil threw us drunks into the same category as perverts. Oh! That's right! HE DIDN'T! God did! I will accept that. Now you perverts need to accept that.

  • Lindy

    Wheither u read the bible or believe theres a God. Phil guote what the bible says is true u dont have to believe but there will be consoqese for all us who sin if we dont repent from that sin. If u want to know what happens,have courage read Relevations the whole chapter.

  • Bob

    I don't know about anyone else, but the top sin on my list would be murder, certainly not homosexuality.

    Most people do treat the Bible as a buffet lunch that you can pick and choose from. The Bible clearly states that you should not eat meat and milk in the same meal, you may not eat pork, shellfish and certain other animals. There are many other laws in the Bible. Does anyone observe all of them? .

    It's interesting that he condemns adulterers, idolaters and male prostitutes, but omits female prostitutes. Maybe he is a customer.

  • albi

    You know, I am sick and tired of the gay community getting all bent out of shape when a person is asked to give their thoughts on gay's. Phil expressed his freedom of speech and opinion ( which just happens to be correct) that men having sex with men and women having sex with women is TOTALLY WRONG and I do not care if the gays get pissed about it or not, it is the GOD'S TRUTH. Now God did not create men or women to have sex with each other, my point is it takes a man and a woman to produce a child according to GOD'S pllan, not rocket science here, The bible clearly says marriage is to be between a man and a woman and that he (GOD) first created the man and then created the woman to be with the man. Gods design of the man and design of the woman are different from the other in which both are needed to produce a child. God did not create men or woman to have morbid and disgusting sex by putting a mans penis into another mans where the sun don't shine and women putting objects in where the sun don't shine, which is so unclean and full of bacteria and then they wonder why they come up with AIDS and other diseases, That ain't where it goes and they know that, but they want to go against the grain of GOD'S CREATION, and what is morally correct and force every one to accept it as being ok and just close our eyes to it and zip our mouths as if nothing wrong is taking place. Being gay is acting without using the common sense that God has instilled in each and every one of us and when you do not use common sense and do wrong then there is always repercussions for those wrongs and the gay's are just going to have to suck it up and accept the opinions of others who use common sense and know what is morally right and wrong and if they can't suck it up then their feelings are going to continue to be hurt…that my friends is just the way it is…I sure am not going to change my personal thoughts and feelings about what they are doing and that it is wrong. Now I am not going out of my way to mistreat or disrespect them but if some one should ask me my thoughts or opinion on the issue….I will give the God's Honest Truth…the gays and their sexual activity is wrong and disgusting!!!

  • jmw

    I believe there is too much that has become acceptable that should not be in society today…Read a king james version of the Bible and then tell me Phil was wrong in what he said…he never said he hated gays just doesn't agree with their choices and God almighty will one day cast judgment on them for their sins.

  • Randy Parlor

    The Old Testament speaks of Jesus in a somewhat concealed manner and the New Testament openly reveals Jesus. Any teaching in the bible pointing out what is pleasing to God is attributable to Jesus by being spoken through holy men and women inspired by the Holy Spirit to share His will and His way. It does not have to be in red letters in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for it to be God's will and way and thus Jesus’ will and way.

    The reality is, those who don't want to hear the good news (that God wants to share with them) will not listen and thus choose to be spiritually blind and deaf. And, in attempting to defend their ungodliness and feel right in the lifestyle choices they have made will through intolerance call others intolerant who speak the truth from a biblical basis.

    The bible doesn't call Christians not to judge (it explicitly tell Christians to judge certain situations, behaviors, and lifestyles and make righteous judgments mostly for the purpose of (1) sharing the truth of Heaven and Hell and helping people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ through which they inherit eternal life in Heaven and thus will not spend their eternity in Hell and (2) ensuring that leaders in authority within each local church fellowship (which is an expression of Christ's universal church) maintain an atmosphere within the church wherein holiness and righteousness is revered and taken seriously by all who attend and would be a part of the Church (Christ's body).

    In this regard, each Church and its para-Church affiliates should teach what the bible says is right and point out what He says is wrong (immoral behavior and lifestyles) and should discipline those who attend when they fall away from what is right and will not seek reconciliation with Jesus Christ and the Church by repenting and turning from their wicked (twisted) ways. The church has been instructed to ex-communicate some people until they are ready to make the change to once again adhere to Jesus Christ's will and way.

    In holding up our standard Christians don't have to be crude and rude and vulgar although some Christian probably have been at times because each of us grow from immature babes in Christ into more mature people over many many years. Yet, we must understand that Jesus committed no sin, was totally perfect, and thus spoke only the truth yet those who chose to be spiritually blind and deaf (pharisees, sadducees, scribes, and others) ridiculed and attempted to embarrass Him on many occasions saying He was of the devil, a drunk, a glutton, and ungodly party-er, did not speak the truth, and bashed their ways of living. He told Christians we too would be ridiculed and persecuted in like manner and may have to suffer ungodly attacks as a result of allowing Him to speak the truth through us, but He would always be with us and take us to be home with Him one day.

    People may stop hanging with us, we may be fired by our employer, we may have our television program taken away, we may have the legal system unrighteously judge us criminally or civilly liable for the action we took or the words we spoke. Yet, it is all worth it now and throughout eternity when we truly speak according to God's will and way with the hope of reconciling everyone we can to Jesus Christ. This is true love and it is intolerant in that it will not let Christians, even at the threat of death or persecution, sit by and let people be captivated by sin without sharing with them God's will and way for them to be reconciled. In love, it will not force them to accept Christ and turn from their worldly ways but it will let them know the eternal consequences of failing to do so.

    Jesus explained that not everyone would understand the truth laid out in scripture. So, Christians cannot expect that everyone will. Let the person who has an ear (spiritually attuned) hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

  • John

    He said, He loves everyone and he is not judging, but he gets suspended for sharing his opinion and view, that is the majority view of the world. If he offends Hollywood and loses his job for it, well good for him. They are people not worth working for. it seems.

  • Bfabacher

    Phil Robertson for PRESIDENT!

  • Jenna Domenighini

    I still don't see what's racist about Phil's comments…he quoted from the Bible (Corinthians) and stays true to his beliefs. Today's society has a watchdog alright: people who are so bent on making sure that NO ONE is offended. These over zealous politically correct folks have to make sure that no one's feelings get hurt. Yet these special groups can say, do, and act how ever they want. BUT! Let someone with a dissenting opinion pop up and BAM! Down comes the PC hammer. But if a group (Gays, Lesbians, Non-believers, or any minority) has something to say that is just as if not more inflammatory then that's ok. Free speech works both ways folks. Just because you don't agree with someone's point of view or it's “uncomfortable” to hear or see doesn't mean they have to keep quiet…

  • Robyn Robertson Cronin

    Why is it okay for liberals to express their views and beliefs, but then we, as followers of Christ, are unable to express ours? When a new sin is introduced to our culture, we are first shocked by it and then it gradually loses its shock value until it becomes our “norm”. Sin is sin, regardless of our sin of choice. We are all sinners and the Bible is very black and white on its teaching about sin. The choice is simple, you either believe or you don't. Just because we don't like when the Bible steps on our toes, does not change the truth. If you don't believe the Bible is the truth, then what it says about sin shouldn't bother you. For those of us who do believe it is the truth, we should still have the right to express our belief. After all, doesn't our nation bend over backward to offer this courtesy to other religions? The Robertson family has it right….we should all love one another. I can love my fellow human, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with individual choices. I love my children dearly, but I don't always agree with their choices either! God will be our judge. Hang in there Robertson clan! You have been put in the spotlight and I am thankful God is giving you the strength to voice the truth. I love you and will pray that He will continue to provide you the avenue to speak His truth.

  • bob0499

    what did he say that was so wrong ? your government lies to you and you people do nothing they take god out of everything and you do nothing wake up you idiots and realize Armageddon is coming the signs are there and the bibles last prophecy is about to be fulfilled pay attention to what he is saying or get the same fate as the others in the bible

  • dicknoggin

    I didn't see any bashing. He expressed his opinion on what he finds attractive to him as a man. He did it in a crude manner, but it is still his opinion. He can not agree with the political correctness that is required if you disagree with any of the progressive values.

  • Eagle

    There are all kinds of crap in the world even before it was made. Women have vaginas as female; men have penis as men. Men has sperm, women have ovaries that accepts one healthy sperm to reproduce their genes. That is the American way of understanding what's all about. In most culture, it is also understood this way. That balance out offsprings, human population, and healthy lifestyle.

  • jj

    I don't have to agree with him but he has every right to state his opinion. They should never have taken him off that show.

  • George Gilbert

    Here it is, Phil Robertson believes what every other biblical Christian believes. Homosexuality is an sin. If you do not believe that the Bible teaches these things you should probably either read it for the first time, or read it again.
    Romans 1:26-28
    26: For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27: and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    28: And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.

    Now, having said that: Is Homosexuality a sin? I do not believe so. I believe that the men who wrote these books contained in the Bible were speaking with respect to the natural state of things. Ancient Israel was a patriarchal, heterosexual society that understood the world as viewed through that prism. Likewise they, much like anyone else should, perfectly understood the difference between that which is “NATURAL” and the which one considers to be “NORMAL”. We will never have a serious conversation about sexuality until rational people, Gay and Straight alike, enter in to civilized dialog with a clear understanding of the difference between the above mentioned terms. Natural is those things which serve a universal, necessary purpose (i.e. Procreation). Normal are those things that serve a temporal, personal purpose (i.e. personal satisfaction). For the Love of Pete, even straight couples practice unnatural acts upon on another. For example, the human mouth is a tool to receive sustenance and communicate, not a way to sexual manipulate and stimulate one's partner. Does anyone catch my drift here? Even straight couples us the parts of there bodies in unnatural ways. Now let me paraphrase Jesus if I may. “If anyone is without sin let them cast the first stone”. I would love to hear more Christians hammer each other about the unnatural use of their bodies. Ouch that must sting! Hypocrites! Interestingly enough, I am what I refer to as a 1st Century, Stoic Christian, and I have a great many gay friends. They understand perfectly well my position and still love me. Why? Because I understand the difference between natural an normal, and I don't run around telling them that they are going to Hell for being Gay based upon some homophobic understanding of a mistranslated Book. Most of the “Far Right Wing-nuts” are ignorant and blind haters. They haven't the necessary education with regard to ancient cultural practices or the common sense necessary to understand when a mistranslation or Homophobic manipulation has occurred (i.e. Ancient Catholicism, Extreme Fundamentalist Protestantism, Islamic Extremism, etc…).

    • George Gilbert

      I couldn't link with my Google or Quora profiles, so Google me if you take issue with my position or simply care to understand it. Thank You.

  • Vietnam Vet

    I see some Person like Rev. J.J. needs to read the bible more. When a person is ask a question he answered as he saw it. Yet there are people out their that want to take this pot and bring out as much evil as they can bring. Instead of showing that it is his opinion and its a sin in the bible. Yet we Christians have allow this type of evil to go on for to lone. Killed the unborn, gay marriages with our states and now in some school where it become a law to teach, etc. It we will not stand for Christ and the words in the bible then we are on a road to destruction.

  • CrazyOle Carl

    I know the Bible makes ppl argue. That is why I don't believe in it. So, I really don't care when ppl quote from it. I'm not going to argue about something that I believe to be fictional. I have dreams and visions of stuff. However, I'm not going to write a book on it and hammer what I wrote into ppl's heads. I have more respect for others and I wish ppl would do the same. WAIT.. WAIT… WAIT…. I JUST GOT A VISION IN… It says “Y'all need to go to heaven now.” My vision just told me to tell Y'all “to be safe and make it quick” :)

  • Hill Gordy

    Phil Roberts : I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other George : Phil you should practice what you just PREACHED… On a personal note to God, are you going to sit in judgment of me when I pass on to see if I lived a life worthy enough to be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven, because Phil thinks he's in-charge of that.. Phil your words judge you & they reveal A Misogynist Homophobic Racist Wannabe Hillbilly Self-righteous Religious Hypocrite.. And like all Religious Hypocrites The Holy Bible will always be your saving grace if & only if it suits YOUR PURPOSE & NO ONE ELSE'S ..You Judgmental PRICK… When someone that claims to be on a first name basis with the Almighty tells me I won’t inherit the kingdom of God I do get a little concerned about that invitation not showing up in the Sunday mail & this one did too… But I hope God let's it slide & Phil still get's one anyway

  • applemoon

    I love bible thumpers. GOD came down and spoke to you and said Gays are going to hell. It shows you how far we have come not so far @all. On the internet people can really post how they feel and by all the support I'm guessing most people don't support homosexuality behind closed doors. Your a christian your supposed to love all people regardless and really what you so called Christians are is hypocrites. I love how people preach the word of GOD quick to point out what is right and wrong in the world and yet what happens in your home when no one is watching. He should actually have queer eye for the straight guy come and give him a makeover because his appearance is atrocious.