Dailies | Jon Stewart Shreds CNN, Fox News Flight 370 Coverage: ‘F— It, Let's Go Nuts’ (Video)

Jon Stewart Shreds CNN, Fox News Flight 370 Coverage: 'F— It, Let's Go Nuts' (Video)

CNN offers black hole theory; Geraldo Rivera imitates passengers gasping for breath

Jon Stewart says CNN started off with sober, calm coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, then realized something.

“Oh shit, we've got 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill. Fuck it, let's go nuts,” the “Daily Show” host said Monday.

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Stewart said CNN went too far with Don Lemon's question about whether a black hole could have swallowed the plane, and countless models showing what it looked like.

“Did you forget who watches CNN?” he asked. “You could just tell 90 percent of your viewers, look out the window at the plane they're about to get on.”

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Fox News’ Bill O'Reilly, meanwhile, said CNN was grasping for ratings. But Stewart said O'Reilly wasn't doing so well with one particular demographic.

“Of course we all know most of O'Reilly's younger viewers are just coming into the room to make sure they're grandparents are still breathing,” he said.

But the low point in the Flight 370 may have been a Geraldo Rivera appearance on “Fox and Friends,” in which he imitated a dying passenger gasping for breath.

Watch the video:

  • Michael Difani

    Hell, I think a meteor came out of the Mars orbit and hit the airliner blowing it to smitherines. That's the only theory I haven't heard yet. CNN has come a long way from 1980 when it was started by Ted Turner. It was not hung up on ratings as much as it has been in the last few months.

  • legbreaker

    Why did Jon Stewart cross the road? Because he had his head all the way up in the ass of the King of All Chicken Fuckers: Obama.

  • America47000

    Where were the headlines that said “Bill O'Reilly Shreds CNN Coverage” last week when he did the exact same thing? The Wrap should be embarrassed by the fact that this piece was even posted.

    Jon Stewart's “shreadding” of Fox News consisted entirely of showing a clip of Geraldo imitating a gasping passenger. How is that shredding “Fox News”? By those standards, shouldn't the headline read “Comedy Central Shreds CNN, Fox News …”? After all, Stewart was merely making fun of Geraldo, who is not representative of the entire network's coverage. Why doesn't the headline read “Stewart Shreds Geraldo, Sensationalist CNN Anchors …” This constant treatment of these networks as some monolithic entity doesn't do anyone much good.

    Stewart, of course, likes to play the whole Fox News is the boogeyman to the left game so he can join in with all the other dishonest lefties in pointing to their mythical version of Fox News as the source for any criticism against the President or the Democrats, regardless of whether it's true or not (here's a tip, it usually is). That would explain why he decided to take a cheap shot at O'Reilly's audience for pretty much no reason, since, as I pointed out, O'Reilly's own coverage of the airplane story was pretty much the same as what Stewart did, just with a lot more integrity and a lot less snark. Not that Stewart is even accurate about O'Reilly's ratings, either, since he still wins the younger viewer demo quite handily. Note also that Colbert's episode right after this basically did the same segment, but without the cheap jabs.

    But Stewart's biggest sin of the piece is subjecting us to clips of Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow.

  • Helping Hand

    “…to make sure their grandparents are still breathing.* Fixed that for you!