Dailies | Jon Stewart Shreds Paul Ryan's Fake School Lunch Story (Video)

Jon Stewart Shreds Paul Ryan's Fake School Lunch Story (Video)

Former vice presidential candidate gets a story very wrong

Paul Ryan recently told a story of a little boy who didn't want a free school lunch, but rather a lunch in a brown paper bag — because it would mean someone at home loved him.

The problem was, it was a mangled, distorted version of someone else's story — and the boy in the story, now an adult, advocates for school lunch programs, as the Washington Post reported. On Monday's “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took Paul's lie apart.

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Paul said he had heard the tale from a woman serving in the cabinet of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and that it proved that school lunch programs provided “a full stomach and an empty soul.”

Except that… well.

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“Even though the woman in that story never actually met that boy, because she took the actual story from a book, and even though the actual boy in the story Paul Ryan was telling was not complaining about getting food assistance, but asking that when he got food assistance, could he get that food assistance in a brown paper bag because it could help him avoid the stigma of getting food assistance, and even though that actual boy, who's now an adult, and the author of that story regularly make public appearances to advocate for free school lunches… point taken,” Stewart said.

Of course, Ryan isn't one to get too bogged down on facts: Remember when he cut more than an hour off his marathon time?

Watch the video:

  • 209670938609387

    Conservative compassion: Poor people can starve during the Lunch period when the Cafeteria is shut down. (But I'm getting ahead of myself, why stop there when Paul can close public schools along with it?)

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Romney was right on about Russia and the Ukraine. Again, the Obama machine was
    wrong and even mocked Romney about it. Hilarious. Liberals just do not
    understand foreign policy. Obama is a punk and a very slow learner. Obama, your
    weakness on Syria has just caused an international crisis in the Ukraine. Good
    job, another black mark on your record where there is very little bright spots.

    • matthew

      Another one of those idiots that has all the answers, that wants to blame everything on the democrats, the liberals any one he can point his finger at. News flash for you, both parties are playing games. Lets talk affordable care act Republicans responsible for getting it passed, not enough democrats to do that. Pharmacy bill passed, Republicans in the middle of the night. Everyone associated with it now works for pharmacy companies as lobbyists. So seriously you talk like your bad all you want, but just by reading what your writing it obviously shows you are one ignorant person that has not figured out he has been played. No I am not a democrat or a Liberal, I am just someone the reads the cold hard facts.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    If Paul Ryan was president, we would have unemployment down to 5% by now and would not be getting punked by Russia and everyone else.

    • Holygigidy

      Yeah, Putin would be scared of Ryan… LOL

  • Benjamin Roussey

    every metric the Obama stimulus failed (no shovel ready jobs, high unemployment
    still remained, more money wasted). It did help America though reach
    $18,000,000,000,000 in debt faster though. It did smash the next generation of
    Americans. So in those horrendous regards, it was a stunning success.

    • Holygigidy

      We spent far FAR more in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tax cuts for the rich, medicare part D, homeland security etc… didnt help either, all deficit spending we are still paying for. Keep blaming Obama though, we all know who the real “deficits don't matter” party is.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    It is called “personal
    responsibility”. We know liberals hate those two words when they are together
    because they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. It is not
    rich people’s fault you or your kids dropped out of high school. It is not rich
    people’s fault that they decided to study in high school and had the guts to
    start their own business and work at it until they had a winning product and/or
    service. It is not rich people’s fault that you chose to have a child out of wedlock
    and not listen to good advice when it was being handed to you. Most rich people
    were not born rich, they worked hard and did not spend all their spare time
    watching MTV or waiting for something to happen. They made it happen and they
    employ millions of Americans in jobs that matter. Your government job does not
    matter, most likely. And union members kill jobs but that is another story. It
    is about personal responsibility which liberals do not want to acknowledge
    because then they would have to realize their failure and stagnant professional
    is their fault and on one else’s.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    I woke up this morning
    and realized 10,000,000 black people are unemployed, 7,000,000 Mexicans, and
    4,000,000 young people out of college who mainly supported Obama and this is
    largely because of Obama's tax and spend agenda, Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd/Frank (do
    you even know what this is?), EPA, job killing regulations (see jobs migrate
    from California to Texas), high taxes, lack of tort reform which inflates
    medical costs, and so on – I laughed for about 2 minutes. Keep on being suckers
    people, the Democrats take your vote for granted. Hey, but at least gays can
    marry each other and woman can murder their own babies. Hooray, hooray….