Jon Stewart Sings ‘Sound of Music'-Style: Raul Castro Is No Hitler

Jon Stewart Sings 'Sound of Music'-Style: Raul Castro Is No Hitler

Handshake between Obama and “Cuba's Jim Belushi” raises eyebrows

Jon Stewart wants to say it once again: Comparing just about anyone to Adolf Hitler is hyperbolic.

Stewart sang it from the hilltop on Tuesday's “Daily Show” after cable news pundits — and Sen. John McCain — took issue with President Obama shaking hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela's funeral.

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“Obama had the audacity to greet another world leader with a gesture so meaningless you can train a Basset Hound to do it,” Stewart said.

But McCain wondered why Obama would shake hands with the leader of a country that has imprisoned Americans. He also noted that British Prime Minister shook hands with Hitler — referring to the negotiations between the U.K. and Nazi Germany before Hitler violated their agreement and began his campaign to take over Europe.

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Cutting to a clip of Julie Andrews singing from a hilltop, Stewart sang, “Raul Castro is not Hitler.”

He added: “Raul Castro isn't even Fidel Castro. He's like Cuba's Jim Belushi.”

Watch the video: