Josh Romney Tweets About Saving 4 From Car Wreck, Teaches #Humblebrag Lessons

Josh Romney Tweets About Saving 4 From Car Wreck, Teaches #Humblebrag Lessons

What the son of Mitt Romney did wrong and right

There's humblebragging, and then there's this: Josh Romney, the song of presidential contender Mitt Romney, tweeted Friday that he pulled four people from a car crash.

“Was first on scene to big accident, see pic of car in the house. I lifted 4 people out to safety. All ok. Thankful,” he tweeted, with a picture of himself and the car.

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It's always tough to tweet about your accomplishments without looking conceited, which was why the #humblebrag tag was invented. It didn't solve the problem, of course, because it quickly came to mean “I'm bragging while acting like it's OK to brag as long as I acknowledge it's bragging.”

The bigger the accomplishment, the harder it is to brag about it successfully. So here's what Josh Romney did wrong and right.

Right: Saved four people from a car crash.

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Wrong: Posed with the car. That's weird.

Right: Mentioned his rescue of the four people in an offhand way in his second sentence. Said they were all okay. That shows caring.

Wrong: Included the word “I.” People would have gotten his message if he'd skipped the “I,” like he did in his first sentence.

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Right: Mentioned “thankful.” This was the best move of all: He tied it to Thanksgiving and the bigger picture, making it not all about Josh. Good job.

Wrong: This probably would have gotten out even if he hadn't tweeted it. Doesn't his dad know a couple of people who are good at tipping off reporters to things?

Right: Provided no details of when and where exactly this happened (“the house?” What house?), so it becomes the stuff of legend.

All in all, great job on the car rescue, so-so job on the tweeting. We understand you were probably in an adrenaline rush after all the Superman business, so it's all good.

Also, anyone who writes “Maybe Josh Romney should run for office after this!” is a toadying goof.

  • John

    Slow news day at the Wrap.

    • RJ

      Better than selfie tweets from liberals like Weiner, Geraldo and others. So sick of the double standard. At least Romney is doing a kind act—something liberals can't do unless it is done with someone else's money.

      • Stuart W

        You nailed it RJ!

  • Miguel cuevas

    Really lookin fwd to you scrutinizing Chelsea Clinton's tweets and Malia Obama soon.

    PS: when did you become the Twitter Police?

    • Erik Miller

      Sure thing. Soon as Chelsea becomes a member of a racist, repressive, white bread, pseudo-Christian cult

      • BeansNRice


  • Stuart W

    A show-business rag gives lessons in how a citizen best be humble….

    Definitely the work of confirmed twits!

    Excuse me 'til I stop laughing…….!

  • A.L. Hern

    Ah, but did he even actually “save” anybody?

    Was the car on fire? No indication of that in his tweet or the photo.

    Was there leaking gasoline? Again, nothing in the tweet about that.

    Were the victims of the crash in any immediate peril at all, or could they have waited for fire crews, paramedics and police to extract them?

    Did Romney actually endanger them by pulling out the victims, since they may have suffered neck and/or spinal injuries that required their necks to be placed in cervical collars before they were moved in order to prevent further injury?

    Often the best assistance that can be rendered is nothing more than watchful vigilance and an encouraging word until emergency responders arrive. And there's something wrong with a family that's more eager to offer evidence of its altruism — however they define it — than release their income tax forms when daddy's running for president.

    • Stuart W

      Hey A.L.!

      Where the hell was this “all discerning eye” of yours when they were “passing” Obamacare?? Matter if fact, where is same attention to reality residing now?

    • Augie Janke

      Hey A.L? It would be fitting if you and your family were in a horrible car crash and someone passing by used your same logic and you and your loved ones died from the lack of assistance. karmas a b$&@! My friend….

    • Mobius1

      Hey dipshit, I figure you aren't a mechanic or know anything about injuries, but I am and I do. There's this thing called gasoline, you ever heard of it? You pump it inside a vehicle and it makes the engine do this thing called “running”. In case you don't (and let's face it, you obviously don't) know how engines run, they burn this gasoline. Explode the gasoline is actually a more proper term. It catches fire quite easily and trust me, I guarantee you there is electrical arching and most likely there is leaking going on somewhere in that wreck that could cause it to catch on fire and half the time, it explodes. It happens ALL THE TIME. Google the statistics it if you know how to. (33 car fires an hour and people die every day if you're too lazy)

      Also, since you never have dealt with accidents, obviously, you wouldn't know that unless there is a clear spinal injury (and trust me, you would know because either it's terribly painful, or you can't feel a thing) the best course of action is to egress the vehicle because one out of five fires is a car fire. When cars catch on fire, they can explode. I don't know how else to state it but, you're wrong, you should always try to escape the vehicle and HELP people escape unless there is obvious damage to them. I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

      Always the best assistance is that you should HELP because watchful vigilance is THE LEADING CAUSE OF PREVENTABLE DEATH IN ACCIDENTS.

      91B Vehicle Mechanic-Army
      H8 Recovery/Accident Specialist-Army
      Combat Life Saving Certified-( 90% of all combat deaths are preventable with taking action to prevent bleeding before the experts arrive, just so you know, none of that watchfull vigilance bullshit)
      First Aid, Lifesaving, and Emergency Prep Merit Badge
      Survival Specialist
      Helped my Mother in Nursing School

      Grew up with a Para-Rescue Grandfather who was obsessed with teaching me the skills of the trade.
      Volunteer at Hospitals
      I am required to take several emergency medical courses a year as a result of my job.-Usually top of class

    • me

      Hey Al , you're probably the guy (gutless coward) on a major Freeway slowing down to 5mph to watch the post accident (loookieee looo) instead of providing assistance, HELP or @ least calling 911 on your cell phone fearing the digital waves affecting your “peanut” brain. Have a good day………..

  • laytonian

    “[Salt Lake County Unified Police Lt. Justin] Hoyal on Friday was trying to confirm that Romney was in fact at the scene. Sheriff Jim Winder said dispatch logs show the first officer at the scene arrived almost immediately; department officials were trying to reach him following his Thanksgiving graveyard shift for further details. The department also was trying to reach the family in the SUV, Winder said.”

    While it DOES look like the same accident scene shown in the local SLC papers, Romney is posing after all the building wreckage has been cleared. Photos taken at the scene, do not show Romney there.

    Take a look. Anyone see Romney?

    • Mobius1

      …All the photos I've seen show him surrounded by wreckage and a busted house… Google it… I mean, the internet's right there… you should try it sometime… it's useful.

    • Kent Jackson

      They cant take pictures of people at the scene of an accident. Apparently you don't know the laws that enforcement people have to abide. that's why

  • James

    Once assisted shooting victim, (chest wound), then left when police/ambulance came without giving my name. But i'm not a politicians kid. There is nothing “humble” about this, just bragging.

  • Augie Janke

    I cant believe some of these comments. Wow, it is true that no good dead goes unpunished. Staunch Democrats have reached a “new” low. It is extremely sad when your political views have over written your brain to dog on someone who has helped someone. It is obvious he was proud and had what i assume is an adrenaline rush from the experience, therefor some of the weird tweets. Get a life losers!!!

    • Augie Janke

      Deed not autocorrect

  • SterlingK

    Twitter News… Josh Romney tweets about saving 4 people from an overturned car. Media Response – Self-aggrandizing braggart! D list actress Maria Bello tweets she's dating a woman. Media Response – What a strong, courageous hero!

  • Karenindixie

    I really don't think he meant to sound like he was bragging. There really is no way to say you did something without sounding like you're bragging about your part in it. What he did was heroic, and I'm guessing the tweet had more to do with adrenaline than anything else.

  • Celtic Fox

    No you would not hear about it anyway and saying Mitt could drop a hint to a reporter shows how little the lame, jaded , biased media knows about the Romneys and their religion. A Christian does not ” let the right hand know what the left hand is doing” (The Bible). The family has done many good deeds and it is the recipients who leeked it. I.E. A man in Utah had a huge tree blocking his front door after a big storm. Some young boys showed up to help he and his son but the tree was too much for their euipment. “I'll call my dad. He's got a big chain saw.” Mitt showed up and they made quick work of it. “Let me call the media” the man said (It was during the campaign). Mitt just smiled and said “Nope”, glad to help.” but the guy”s son snuck some stills and they were on the internet for a short spell. Good people do good because they are good people and that is their reward. The only entity that needs to know was watching all the time.

  • מרטי מורפי

    Josh Romney is news? His dad lost. He didn't run. He is not in political office. Oh I get it. If we bag on the son we might be able to bag on the father. We get it author of article…you don't like Mittens but seriously….Josh Romney is someone you feel you need to take apart in the news? Ok, let's take apart your kids now. How would that be to have them taken apart in the media? Oh what's that? Your kids are innocent bystanders? So is Josh Romney. Mitt not giving you anything to write about? Snore

  • joe stark

    The whole Romney family is out of touch. It may be because none of them had to make it on their own.

  • joe stark

    What's with the “eyes”, he looks alien.