‘Legit’ Star DJ Qualls Says Objections to Him Playing Character With Muscular Dystrophy Have Faded

'Legit' Star DJ Qualls Says Objections to Him Playing Character With Muscular Dystrophy Have Faded

TCA 2014: “The response has been amazing”

DJ Qualls says objections to his playing a character with muscular dystrophy on FXX's “Legit” have largely faded — because people with the illness like the show.

“The response has been amazing. It's something we were all really careful with last year,” Qualls said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “And the thing we hear the most is that people are just so stoked that there's somebody on TV with their disease who is an equal participant.”

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Qualls’ character uses a wheelchair on the Jim Jeffries comedy. This season, the casting of Blair Underwood as a paraplegic detective on NBC's “Ironside” helped fuel complaints that Hollywood should hire actors who really use wheelchairs when casting characters who do.

“Legit” aired before “Ironside,” and sparked fewer objections.

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“There were a couple of people before the show came out last year who tried to launch online things saying that it wasn't right that I'm able-bodied and playing this character,” said Qualls. “And that quickly changed over when people saw what we were doing.”

“Legit” traffics in very dark comedy, as became apparent when Jeffries cracked a joke about fans of the show with muscular dystrophy.

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“A couple of the fans have actually died since the show has aired, which has been very sad for us,” he said. “As we need viewers.”

  • Devin McMusters

    I believe the guy playing a cripple on Switched At Birth is in real life abled.

    • Goldie48

      Did you really write “a cripple?” Have you been Rip Van Winkle the past 30 years??? Civilized people no longer speak that way.

      • Devin McMusters

        So you think it's okay for abled-actors to steal the few disabled roles that exist today? I suppose you support that fake wheelchair guy on Glee too?
        In the disabled community, we use the “crippled” word with each other to steal it of it's stigmatization.

  • layoff

    actors do what? They act. That meens whatever role is put in front of them they do it. Whether its playing a female role as a male, or a disabled person, they do it cause thats what they went to school for. They aren't taking jobs away from the disabled, they go to a casting and work their asses off to win the role.

    Cry more Devin, thats all I can say.

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