Mark Burnett on ‘Son of God’ Box Office: ‘A Billion People Will See it’

Mark Burnett on 'Son of God' Box Office: 'A Billion People Will See it'

But neither he nor the experts know how many will see it this weekend, or if it will challenge “Non-Stop” for No. 1

Reality TV kingpin Mark Burnett isn't sure how big of a box-office opening “Son of God” will have this weekend. But he has faith in the pared-down movie version of last year's highly rated History channel miniseries “The Bible” – plenty of it.

“This movie is going to be seen by a billion people over the next three or four years, so a big opening would be great, but this is very much a long-term proposition,” Burnett told TheWrap Wednesday.

The weekend's other wide opener, Liam Neeson‘s jetliner thriller “Non-Stop,” should land with around $25 million in its debut weekend, say the analysts, enough to knock “The Lego Movie” out of the No. 1 box-office spot that it's held for the past three weekends.

But “Son of God,” Burnett's first foray in feature films, is definitely a wild card.

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“It feels like around $12 million, maybe $15 million,” said Chris Aronson, head of distribution at Fox, which is releasing “Son of God” and will have it roughly 3,025 theaters nationwide. “But honestly, because of the faith-based element, we just don't know, so it wouldn't shock me if it did $25 million.”

Burnett and his wife Roma Downey have skipped traditional marketing on their passion project, opting instead for a church-driven grassroots campaign designed to pack theaters with true believers. It's working so far – “Son of God” has already run up $4 million in group and advance sales – and Colorado-based child sponsorship agency Compassion International alone has distributed more than 250,000 advance tickets.

Apple Store Soho Presents: Meet the Filmmakers: "Son Of God"“There's been nothing conventional about this,” said Burnett, who with his wife barnstormed his way through 40 U.S. cities over the past few months for church screenings of “Son of God.”

“It's more like networking with all these church leaders, who have become our friends, since we've been consulting and working with them on this project for years,” he said. Burnett reached out early to Christian and Jewish leaders, and his film has avoided the controversy that has plagued earlier movies about Christ's life, “The Last Temptation of Christ” and Mel Gibson's “The Passion of the Christ.”

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High-profile pastors Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes are among the couples’ pals who have bought out theaters and given the tickets to their congregations. So have Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, two of the regulars on “Shark Tank,” the ABC show which Burnett produces along with “Survivor” and “The Voice.”

“Rick told me that this is the one weekend he'll forgive his congregation if they miss church,” Burnett said. He was kidding, but it points up what an anomaly “Son of God” is. While most movies do well on Friday night, peak on Saturday and slow down on Sunday, the Sabbath could be the biggest day for “Son of God.”

Exactly how many true believers will be mobilized, and whether “Son of God” will have much appeal beyond its ardent base, is an unknown, however.

“Any time you're dealing with non-traditional marketing, it throws the tracking for a loop,” said vice-president and senior analyst Phil Contrino. He's projecting an opening in the $15 million range.

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“Son of God” was the leading ticket seller on both online brokers Fandango and as of Wednesday, with roughly 30 percent of overall sales. It's strong on social media, especially Facebook, where its mentions are double those of “Noah,” Paramount's big-budget Darren Aronofsky-directed Bible tale that will opens on March 28, according to

Contrino wasn't convinced, however.

“It may be a little bit like a concert film, where you have a very ardent fan base that wants to see it as soon as they possibly can,” said Contrino. “That doesn't necessarily translate into a huge opening weekend. It's skewed because of how intense the fan base is, and their desire to go in a group. But the fact is with this one, you just can't tell.”

The PG-13-rated Son of God” chronicles the life of Jesus, played by Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, from the Nativity through resurrection and revelation. It was distilled primarily from footage appearing in the original 10-hour miniseries that aired over five days last March, but includes some deleted scenes. Christopher Spencer writes and directs.

Burnett's billion viewers bet will get a boost when the film rolls out overseas. Relativity International is handling foreign sales for “Son of God” and sold it more than 60 territories. Sun Distributor Group's is planning a pan-Latin American release on Easter Weekend

Universal's “Non-Stop” looks like a much safer bet.

non-stop-for-advanceNeeson has emerged as a reliable and bankable action star with recent hits including the two “Taken” movies – which grossed $600 million worldwide — “The Grey” and “Unknown.”

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“Non-Stop” is landing on the same Oscar weekend that launched “Taken” with $24.7 million in 2009.

“Non-Stop” reunites Neeson with “Unknown” director Jaume Collet-Serra and producer Joel Silver. The PG-13-rated thriller co-stars Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong'o and Julianne Moore and features Neeson as an air marshal dealing with terror threat on a transatlantic flight. It will be in  3,090 North American theaters.

The tracking and social media have been solid for weeks and it looks like “Non-Stop” will be another mid-range budget success story for Universal, which dominated January with “Lone Survivor” and “Ride Along.” It acquired the U.S. rights to “Non-Stop” for about $13 million.

“We're excited about this movie,” said Universal distribution chief Nikki Rocco. “We're seeing a lot of interest from men and women, which doesn't surprise us, because it really is a fun ride.” She projects an opening between $19 million and $21 million for “Non-Stop.”



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  • Sandra

    Any movie about CHRIST with his death really bothers me. HE truly died for us.

  • Jim

    Mark Burnett on ‘Son of God’ Box Office: ‘A Billion People Will See it’

    Yeah, and the two producers will make a billion dollars. Right, God????

    • malonetax

      So why don't you do something worthwhile and maybe you can make some money. Or you can sit on your rear and complain and collect your welfare check.

    • James

      He saw how much money Ken Ham makes. And decided he could make as much. Religion has always been about money. The rest is just eye candy for the stupid….

  • Name

    nice to see these so called christians, really worship the allmighty dollar,,1st show was on history channel, did well, so lets charge people to see the 2nd in a theatre

    • malonetax

      I fell to see how attending a movie means I worship the almighty dollar. It takes resources to make movies and that resouce is obtained through currency that transfer of earned resources is not worship of the almighty dollar. You are cold hearted and your attitude is shameful. You should apoligize.

    • Stephen

      So Christians are discriminated because they're not allowed to make money???

      • James

        Christians make hoards of money.

  • Andrew

    Sorry, but Burnett should be so proud for his contribution to the dumbing down of America through his so called “reality tv”.

  • Rodney

    Christianity is the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense, compared to that science crap.

    • malonetax

      Eve had a choice to believe God or not to believe as did Adam. You and I have that same choice. The fruit was a choice not necessarily magical. Everyone has that choice. God exists and should be important to us, or not. Choose!

      I choose belief in the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ. I think it is important and the bible does not defy science. Nothing in the bible defys science except miracles performed by Jesus and prophets. Much of science is also based in belief. But the point is that you can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God through science. God is revealed in a much simpler way. God is an emotional experience and emotion has no scientific basis.

      • James

        The bible has nothing to do whatsoever with science. So stop trying to insert in into the scientific world…Science has nothing to do whatsoever with belief. It hast do with observation and evidence. Something religious belief has none of.

        • Stephen

          Belief and science go hand in hand. Anything that has happened before man existed or at least starting recording things is theories, ideas, and thoughts… It takes just as much (if not more) faith to believe in “the big bang” theory than it does creation…

          • James

            It just goes to to show you know absolutely nothing about science. You don't understand the BB, you don't understand evolution. As if confirmation of religious belief trying to hi jack yet another discipline didn't need any more confirmation.

            Belief and science are as compatible as oil and water…

        • Raffaele DiBacco

          James, you are correct. The Bible and science have nothing to do with each other. Science is an incomplete and contradictory set of beliefs established by animals (that's what we are after all). The Bible is the COMPLETE and undeniable Word of God. So yes, they really have little in common.

          • James

            No, science is a self correcting process that is constantly updating itself, It is not a belief, it is a evidence based result. Ironic how you use a product of science to type here. Next time you get ill, instead of getting the benefits of science by visiting a hospital, why don't you visit a witch doctor since you are anti science. or even better. Go and live in the nearest cave and kill your food. Use your bible for instructions on how to survive without science. Then you will see how relevant your bible is.

            Here's the problem with Xians . They have no shame in using science to promote their medieval religious belief. Until the science proves their beliefs wrong…Then the science must be at fault… But this is understandable since Xians don't understand science…..

            Science bitches. It works…….

          • malonetax

            I suppose you call Global Warming Enthusiast scientist? I call them greedy lying self-serving egotist.

          • James

            No I call Global warming science a warning. That we are in for some pretty weird things. But hey when the polar vortex hits your house, don't say we didn't warn you….

          • Aaron


            I'm a Christian, and want you to know that I'm in your corner. One of my biggest issues with modern Christianity is the sense of certainty many Christians have over issues of faith. Faith and certainty are, by definition, incompatible. How can someone say, “I have *faith* that the Scriptures are the Word of God, and therefore I *know* homosexuality is wrong.” It's a self-contradiction, and it makes such Christians look like silly lunatics.

            I used to be impressed by pastors that said, “If you shot me in the head right now, I wouldn't worry, because I know where I am going when I die.” As a young man, I wanted to have a faith that strong. I felt inadequate because I always had doubts. My pastor didn't seem to have any.

            Most of the Christians on here display the same sense of certainty I've grown to question. Now I see that such certainly about issues that are unknowable as completely misguided and ignorant. Even worse, some Christians are acting certain about specific issues when science is pointing the opposite direction. It's silly.

            I think global warming is alive and well. I also think that humans are accelerating the process. I think that geology and biology point toward a very old Earth that teems with life that evolved from simpler life forms. As for homosexuality and abortion, I may have my own opinions, but I certainly won't push those on anyone else OR assume that mine are more valid. On issues of faith, I look to science to sway me either direction. Science is just observation, and if God really did make the universe, science should point to a Creator. If it doesn't, that's a question I need to wrestle with.

            Regardless, I apologize for the self-righteous, pompous, overly-confident attitude you are receiving from most of the other Christians here. Modern Christians could use a big dose of humility. Unfortunately, they find themselves in the majority much of the time, and the sheer power of numbers overwhelms common sense and civil discord.

            On a more personal note, I personally call myself a Christian only because I find my life more enjoyable and fulfilling when I'm leaning on Jesus for the strength to love other people. When I try to do it on my own, I'm pretty terrible at it. Maybe it's all a placebo, but it works for me, and it makes me a more generous, loving person. But I also understand that that's just my experience. Someone else might have a different experience, and my experience is no more or no less valid.

            I respect you and your position, James. Please don't give up hope on all of us Christians.

            A Fellow Thinker,

          • Raffaele DiBacco


            I guess that's what makes this life beautiful. We all have to make sense of it our own way and develop our own opinions. All I can say is that I feel sorry for you. There must be a deeper reason why you feel the need to inflict your opinions on a Christian forum. Does it really matter if random Christians change their beliefs and take your side? Does that verify or confirm your opinions in some way? If that is the case, if in fact you need to justify your own opinions, then you must have some deep-seeded doubts. I have you find what you're looking for. I'll be praying for you.

          • James

            Sure I'll stop voicing my opinions on Xian forums when Xians exit public life, schools, law courts, trying to hi jack science. In fact when Xians are al raptured off the planet then I'll find someone else to voice my opinion to. Any chance of that happening soon?

          • Raffaele DiBacco

            James, I don't want you to stop voicing your opinions. That's the whole point. Look, let's assume that you are 100% correct. You have everything nailed down to perfection. If that's the case, then when we die we all simply “turn off.” How is Christianity threatening your destiny? How does our fantasizing over eternal life affect you? According to your theory, we are all in the same boat. As such, Atheists shouldn't be evangelizing at all. Even if all 6 billion people on Earth became Darwinists, how would that improve their ultimate destiny. It wouldn't, because we all have a date with the worms. Now, the ONLY people that should be trying to change opinions are the Christians. We believe that you CAN alter your destiny. If anyone should be posting on other's website, it should be us.

            Why do Atheists think Christians are such a threat? We won't kill you, rape you, steal your money. There has to be another reason. The only thing I can think of is if the Atheists can kill Christianity, then they'll have plenty of company in hell, should they be wrong.

          • James

            I'll answer the last paragraph first… Actually you threaten eternal damnation to us. And there are many Xians who threaten gays, abortion doctors. with death. Not all of course but there are few extremists who believe they're on a Xian jihad. And you shamelessly fleece the gullible for money promulgating the Xian myth. There is no Xian denomination that is ever gonna be on the bread line… The sheer amount of money they is incredible. And you assume that there is a hell and atheists are going there without one shred of evidence.

            Always Xians love to claim how “harmless” and “innocent ” their religion is. One only has to look at its doctrine to see it is anything but harmless. You are a threat to education. You are a threat to human rights. You are a threat to the environment with your denial of climate change. You are a threat to science itself.

            This is how Christianity affects us all.

          • Raffaele DiBacco


            I think you are confused. I am a Christian. I grew up on Ramen noodles, and have less than $100 in savings. I am FAR from rich. I have a plethora of homosexual friends who love me, and I them. I don't believe in the act of abortion, BUT i believe that ultimately it's up to the mother to decide her baby's fate. Further, I am addicted to education, as I am pursuing my MFA in Cinema-Television, plus I support my son's school and volunteer at every opportunity. I love human beings and believe ALL humans should be free. Finally, I am a nature lover who supports PETA and The Sierra Club. And yes, we have a REAL Global Warming problem.

            But most importantly, I believe that Jesus died for our sins, So yes, I am a Christian. You have to be careful when you start stereotyping people.

          • James

            If you have kids, then I understand why you have less than 100 in savings. I also have homosexual friends. And I would fight my fellow heteros tooth and nail if they did one thing to hurt my gay friends..

            You're correct, its up to the mother. All rests with her. Bearing in mind that women do not arrive at the choice of an abortion easily. But its not up to others to tell her what to do…

            I'm also educated. Oddly enough I also studied Religious History as well so I know religion better than most give me credit for…

            Which is why I understand the myth of Jesus dying for people sins.Do you know what the ancient used to do when they wanted to please the Gods. They'd pile all the sins of the tribe upon a poor goat. Then drive it out into the desert where it'd die a nasty death of thirst and starvation. Thats where the word scapegoat comes from…..
            This idea has been passed down from very early times.

        • malonetax

          I thought this was about God and I believe I said as much. But many people worship science and think it is infallible and it is often wrong and people do abuse it for their own benefit. You are incorrect. Belief in God is about observing the world and the human condition and understanding that their is no other explanation. But belief in a hypothesis can influence, how results of scientific observation are interpreted. Despite what you think you know, pure evolution is a theory and is in fact based on a belief system. Just like belief in manmade global warming is a belief that some are trying to prove through computer models that have thus far proven unreliable. Yet the GW enthusiast still hang on even though they should be rethinking their position. That is what a scientist would do. Evolution is not proven but is a hypothesis that will likely never be proven or disproven. It is a belief.

          • James

            Yet again a creationist makes his complete scientific illiteracy clear for the world to see. You know nothing about science. You don't even know what a hypothesis is. And now in typical Ken Ham fashion you hijack science shamelessly to prove your own ends whilst trying to disprove actual science. We have a word for that.Its called pseudoscience….

            The first clue to pseudo science is when evolution is made out to be false. When it is one of the most supported theories along with gravity and relativity

  • James

    Seen one Christ movie, you've seen them all. Its not as if humanity hasn't had this tale rammed down it's throat for the last 2000 years. I couldn't care less what happened to an eccentric Jewish Rabbi in an obscure part of the Middle East 2000 years ago. I care more about where humanity is going. This ancient belief does nothing for humanity.Its a waste product of our society. It contributes nothing to humanities advancement. And its predictable…

    • malonetax

      So where does the hate come from? Does this really bother you? If it does why? If you don't believe it then why do you care enough to comment or to read the article? If this really was rammed down your throat, then you would be forced to see it and either ridiculed or punished for not seeing. Yet your exaggerations betray you. It really does bother you and you must think God has somehow shortchanged you. The ridicule shows either that you have doubts or you have fear that God does not approve of your life. Which is why Jesus came in the first place. Yet you deny the very thing that offers you internal peace. You can go ahead and slam me, it makes no difference as I will not likely even read you post but you can get away from yourself.

      • James

        The story itself doesn't bother me in the least. Its a boring well worn over rated tale anyway. Its what the spin offs from it is is what makes it bad. Once people buy into this garbage, then they seem to believe they can explain how we got here, how everything came to be. Ridiculously trying to insert itself into the science world where it has absolutely no place whatsoever. If the story were to be viewed as just that, then it'd be harmless. But no, like a mental disorder, it has to become exaggerated and now all of sudden, Jesus built the Universe. Its the ridiculousness of it that I hate… And don't preach to me about love etc. This is hardly a story about love….its about what happens if you don't buy into the story…

        • Stephen

          There are two types of science: observational which we can see and experiment with today. The other is historical (ex: where did the earth come from) historical science is based on unproven theories. These issues can never be proven and all take faith in something.

          Questions of where did we come from or where did the universe come from are historical. No one can prove anything, but there is evidence out there to come to our own conclusion. Whether a person believe in creation or evolution… both require faith.

          • James

            Oh, you viewed the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate and now you think you're a scientist? How typical.Yet again you show your scientific illiteracy.

            There is no such thing as “observational” and “historical ” science. There is just science, There are many disciplines within the science world.

            Science does NOT come to its own conclusion, It does start at the result and work backwards. And evolution is the evidence of a very very long process. Creation isn't even an idea. Its a fantasy….

        • Raffaele DiBacco

          James…you do realize that on his deathbed, Charles Darwin refuted EVERYTHING he ever professed to be true. Evolution is a sham, a tranquilizer for the ignorant masses. Evolution, Big Bang, it's all a way for humans to pass off their moral obligations. If there truly is no God, then what happens at death benefits no one. We all simply “black out.” If, however, there is a God, what do you think will happen to the souls (consciousness, spirit, energy, et. al) of those individuals who don't believe in Him. It's called separation, or in Judeo-Christian terms – hell. Not pretty.

          • James

            Do you realize that Darwin did absolutely no such thing. This is just a typical Xian trick to discredit Darwin and his ToE. Which by the way has mountains of evidence to support it…. Yet again a scientific illiterate professes to know everything about something he/she has never studied.

            And there truly is no God. What happens at death? We shut down like a computer. Everything. Memories, thoughts, ideas. Intellect. Its gone. Then we are either worm food or smoke…

            And since you actually have no idea what happens after death, you are not in any position to pontificate..Every religion has their fantastical idea of an afterlife. For Jews its an Oasis, For Muslims, it's 72 virgins (poor virgins) For Xians its a eternity spent with a ………… who must surely have a hectic schedule as he has to “walk” with everybody… But we know its just a fairy tale….

          • Raffaele DiBacco


            Okay, let's play it your way. There is no God, hence no heaven and hell. What kind of life do you live? Do you murder your enemies? Do you rape beautiful women who won't give you the time of day? Do you cheat, steal, and lie?

            If you don't, then why not? If I didn't believe in God, I would kidnap and seduce every beautiful woman I can get my hands on, including Kate Upton. I would rob banks, cheat at Casino games, steal the mail from ALL my neighbors. I would be living high on the hog. Why not? No God equals no eternal punishment, so you might as well LIVE IT UP!

            Afraid of going to jail? That's not a good enough reason. If you are smart enough to conclude that there is no God, and if you're smart enough to understand the complexities of scientific thought, then you are surely smart enough to plan a crime and get away with it.

            I want to hear some stories. Tell me who you've killed and raped. Tell me what great crimes you've pulled off. Remember, there is NO judgment…so what are you waiting for!

          • Lauren

            Also to debate the evolution theory, have you ever heard of the mouse trap effect it is the reason that Charles Darwin did say on his death bed that if anything were so complex it couldn't survive without any missing parts then his theory is false. This is called the mousetrap effect and just like a mouse trap if any one piece is missing the thing as a whole doesn't work. This theory is true even of our basic human cells, that are so complex that if only one piece was missing the cell wouldn't work at all, which disproves evolution since the basis of evolution is that thing have evolved for the better over time and that nothing started as the perfect whole.

          • James

            Oh dear yet another who doesn't understand how evolution works….All these “experts” who seem to know nothing about how evolution actually works…..

          • Lauren

            Oh James you're so funny, you keep saying we don't understand evolution or science when the fact is we do and it just irritates you to no end when us ” narrow minded, judgmental, self righteous Christians” might have a point in the matter. You can sit there on your little stoop hating God and living life “to the fullest” never knowing Gods love for you and His grace and mercy but in the end I will be happier, because I know where I am going when this life is over, I also know where you will be going if you keep on this path you're on, and it doesn't look great. God loves you and wants the best for you, He wants you to realize that no matter what you've done and no matter how many times you've rejected or blasphemed His Holy name you can be forgiven. I hope you take this message to heart because one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, even you James. ;)

          • Raffaele DiBacco


            The very fact that James has to post to a Christian forum shows that he is looking for someone to prove him wrong.

            James is looking for a reason to believe in God. Plant the seed and move on. God will take care of the rest.

          • Lauren

            Roger that, can't keep throwing pearls before the swine. Hopefully that seed grows and he finds what he's looking for.

          • James

            James has no reason whatsoever to look for God. What James would like to see is Christians stop trying to insert their religion into science. There is no “seed” . There is the false delusion that there is a God. I wouldn't worship the Xian God anyway. There are 2000 other Gods I could choose from and the Xian one would be among the worst to worship…..

            The fact that James really has Xianity thrown at him 24/7 is enough reason to post on a Xian forum. Thousands of Churches. Church TV, Church radio, Church billboards… You name it its there….

            James really doesn't care about your beliefs…not in the slightest…..

          • James

            The fact is that you don't understand evolution. Unless it confirms your God in some weird way. I wouldn't want your Gods love in a million years. Not if the way he treated his “son” is any example
            But then your beliefs are based upon earlier beliefs which are based upon earlier beliefs…. If you knew history you would know the scapegoat messiah myth has already been done……
            As I said, you seen one Christ film you've seen them all. You've heard one Christ myth, you've heard them all…..

          • Lauren

            REALLY James!!! Hahahahahahhaha (slaps knee and wipes away tear) where do you think the deathbed confession came from?? A book duh, secrets of the sixth edition. Seriously! You are cracking me up getting your tail feathers all flustered! And for someone who has “had Christianity shoved down their throat 24/7” and “had the story of Christ rammed down their throat” all their life you sure do not get Christianity at all!! Like not at all! “Not if the way he treated his son is any example”?!!!! Do you even know why Jesus died on the cross and tortured? He was the ultimate sacrifice! He took our sins upon himself and nailed them to the cross with Jesus, “for God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” And also going to church, listening to church radio etc does not give you license to act like you know anything about a relationship with Jesus Christ, He loves you James and always will even if you don't. And let's just say I am wrong and there is no God no afterlife what do I have to lose? Nothing, but if you are wrong you will spend eternity in hell, pick your battles ……

          • James

            Its so funny reading you attempt to write something serious and full of fact. eg Darwin's “deathbed” confession. ( Of course Darwin did no such thing) ….. But then you lose it and drift off to the “Jesus died for your sins “etc etc etc bla bla bla….its like you can't seem to get through a paragraph without reverting back to the spiel..

            Next thing you'll be telling me have actual evidence of a afterlife….lol….

            And you're right I didn't get Christianity. Who in their right mind would…..

          • James

            Typical Xian viewpoint. Assumes that because a person is devoid of religious belief then that person must be lacking morality and self control. If you understood evolution then you would understand how our morality has evolved. If you don't have a sense of morality then its not fear of a God
            you lack, its empathy is what you lack……

            I don't need to live in constant fear of a non existent God to tell me what is right and wrong. I don't need to rape a beautiful woman when I can just as easily seduce her.
            I don't need to murder enemies when I can look at things through their eyes. Unlike Christians who look at the world through a very very narrow set of eyes…..

            If you don't look at beautiful women with a degree of lust and desire, then either you're gay, impotent, asexual or abnormal. Of course how you go about getting them is another thing. But always remember Christians are also raping women as well.

          • Raffaele DiBacco


            You said “If you understood evolution then you would understand how our morality has evolved.”

            So, what you're saying is that humans are proportionately more moral today than humans, say, 5,000 years ago.

            Forget about what I said about your intelligence. You're not as smart as you think.

      • Heather nonyerbee'swax

        Very well said I had a dozen twitter blocks from haters against me for loving Jesus & enjoying a movie . Thankyou for your comment.

    • azooper

      Same reasons you could care less about religious movies. I could care less about gay rights or any left wing propaganda that's being shoved down our throats.

      • James

        Gay rights is always an issue for the religious. Its good that you don't care as if really doesn't affect you in any way. You're irrelevant in that debate…

  • Chelsey Chesapeake

    This is what you call preaching to the choir. HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Julia Oceania

    I have two fundie brothers that can't wait to see this flick. Whatever floats their boats, but truly I cannot think of a bigger waste of time or money.

  • jeebus

    Say what you will about Burnett, but the man knows how to make money. Smarter than the average bear.

    • James

      Like every religious charlatan out there who know how to scam the gullible for money.. You will never ever see a Xian denomination short of money…But then again Xians don't exactly follow what Jesus said now do they. They use religion for their own financial benefit first and whatever Jesus preached is a distant 2nd….

  • Kouraun Pitchford

    I strongly believe that this movie is going to be a big deal. I also believe there will be a whole lot more people go watch the movie than anyone could ever imagine.

  • Lauren

    I find it funny that all the “scientist prodigies” in this discussion who are so sure the Bible and science have no relation or are like oil and water fail to mention the fact that several things are mentioned in the Bible about the Earth that science did not prove until one to two thousand years after it was written. The Bible is not about buying into the belief it was written to relay the message of God's love. That is the message. He loves you, He formed you in your mothers womb, He knows how many hairs you have on your head. I don't care nor am I offended by homosexuals, murderers, or those who believe in other religions. I am sorrowful that you may never know the true undying, unconditional love of Christ. All of us have sinned all of us have a past and the message of Christ is that of forgiveness and love. No other religion is based on that, they are based on what we can do and our good works and how special or important or successful we are while Christianity is about accepting God's grace, it's about what He did it's about His love and importance not ours.

  • The other guy

    Disney should make a Bible film because they do fairy tales better than any one, and at least they might throw in a few cute singing squirrels or something.

    • stevie68a

      Very funny. I only wish jebus lovers would at least consider that they were
      brainwashed with nonsense.

  • Raffaele DiBacco

    I just want to say that nonbelievers who post to Christian forums must be insecure in their own beliefs. They are looking for someone to prove them wrong. They are looking for a reason to believe in God. Plant the seed and be done with them brothers and sisters. God will do the rest when the time is right.

    • Heather nonyerbee'swax

      I get poked , questioned, prodded , reQuestioned & then I reExplain & reExplain this has gone one since 2004 to March 1st 2014 . What do they want I've never bothered anyone on the net but am constantly bothered by them. #Sick

  • Heather nonyerbee'swax
  • rjt777

    I saw it, it is a good, movie that touches the heart. It does show some torture of Jesus, but does not go as far as the Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson went. Without showing some torture, I think it would be not showing honestly that Jesus suffered much when he was crucified for our sins. I pray this movie will lead some to go and read the scriptures and find Jesus for themselves.

  • stevie68a

    A billion people once believed the world was flat for
    millions of years. We know how that worked out.
    This foolish story contributes nothing to the world.
    The filmmakers are going to make a bundle, and must
    think they're getting a ticket to that imaginary place,