Mike Ditka, Former Chicago Bears Coach, Wishes He'd Run Against Obama

Mike Ditka, Former Chicago Bears Coach, Wishes He'd Run Against Obama

He regrets not taking on the President in the 2004 for Illinois Senate seat: “He probably wouldn't be in the White House”

Gruff Mike Ditka, the former head coach of the National Football League's Chicago Bears and a commentator for ESPN, wishes he had called one more running play.

Specifically, he said this week that he regrets not running against President Obama in the 2004 Illinois Senate race and called it “the biggest mistake I've ever made.”

“Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn't be in the White House,” the NFL Hall of Famer told the Dickinson Press at an oil company event in Watford City, N.D.

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Illinois Republicans reached out to Ditka in 2004 as a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate after the Republican nominee, Jack Ryan, stepped down amid allegations by his ex-wife Jerri Ryan involving sex clubs.

Obama was near his peak popularity in the state then, and Ditka said no. The nod eventually went to Maryland political activist Alan Keyes, who lost to Obama with only 27 percent of the vote.

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Four years later, Ditka backed Republican John McCain for president against Obama.

Ditka, who guided the Bears to a Super Bowl win in 1985, remains extremely popular in Illinois. But
scoring in the political arena would be, in the parlance of the NFL, a Hail Mary attempt.

Still, it's amusing to think of what sort of plays “Da Coach” would call from the White House. You know he'd be strong on defense.

  • Brian Robinson

    HAHAHA! What a joke he would have been. Worse for Illinois and the country than Schwartzenegger was for California. Ditka knows ‘ditka’ about politics.

  • mandawg

    “Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House” – This is where he lost any semblance of credibility.

  • lulu

    He probably sees Russia from his house too LOL! Whatever Ditka. Trying to stay relevant but it isn't working LMAO! Hey Coach, there's a movie out called ‘Captain Phillip’ guess who sent the Navy in to rescue him from the pirates? President Obama you idiot! Pull up a chair at the old folks home and shut up and watch a ball game.

  • lulu

    Oh and I guess you would have caught Bin Laden too. LOL!

  • bow down to no man

    He would have been destroyed in the debates

  • hupto

    Wrong sport but I can't resist: Da Bull.

  • bob

    for sure he would have been defeated in the debate as he would have faced a fully groomed politician who for sure everytime he opens his mouth you know now every friggen word is a lie.

  • Thomas DeFeo

    The only thing he can beat is his wife.

  • charlesmills

    Ditka is about as loony as Sara Palin, Michelle Bachaman, or Glenn Beck.

  • Fanger

    Yo Mike – Sh'up.

  • ObamaSupporter

    Oh well….Obama would have won anyways! #ISupportMyPresident #ObamaIsTheBest #YesWeCan #YesWeDid

  • Capt Jerry

    Mike,,,,get over yourself, no one really cares.

  • Evan Terrell

    He should have ran against him wearing a dress. With Ricky Williams as his campaign manager, haha!!!