NBC Cancels ‘Ironside,’ ‘Welcome to the Family’

NBC Cancels 'Ironside,' 'Welcome to the Family'


“Community” return and “Chicago Fire” spinoff set for January

NBC has canceled drama “Ironside” and comedy “Welcome to the Family.”

The network also announced that Dick Wolf's “Chicago P.D.,” the spin-off of “Chicago Fire,” will premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 10/9c. Plus, the return date for “Community” with creator Dan Harmon back at the helm will be Thursday, Jan. 2 at 8/7c with back-to-back episodes.

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The final episode of “Ironside” will air next Wednesday. NBC will replace the Blair Underwood drama with original episodes of “Dateline” and the “Saturday Night Live” holiday-themed specials and holiday music specials starring Kelly Clarkson and Michael Buble.

On Thursdays, NBC will replace “Welcome to the Family” with back-to-back new episodes of “Parks and Recreation,” specials such as “SNL Halloween,” a previously-announced edition of “The Voice” and “The Sound of Music Live!” broadcast starring Carrie Underwood. In December, “The Sing-Off” (with “The Voice's” Mark Burnett now producing) moves into the time period for two weeks.

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This past Wednesday's “Ironside” at 10/9c earned a 1.1/3 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, a 15 percent drop week-to-week from its debut, and 5.2 million total viewers. Meanwhile on Thursday at 8:30/7:30c, “Welcome to the Family” received a 0.9/3 and 2.5 million viewers — losing a quarter of the viewers from its lead-in, “Parks and Rec.”

See below for the Wednesday at 10/9c timeslot offerings:

Oct. 30: “Law & Order: SVU” (encore of season premiere)

Nov. 6: “Dateline” (original)

Nov. 13: “Dateline” (original)

Nov. 20: “Dateline” (original)

Nov. 27: “SNL Thanksgiving”

Dec. 4: “SNL Christmas” (9-11 p.m.)

Dec. 11: Kelly Clarkson Christmas Special

Dec. 18: Michael Buble Christmas Special

Jan. 8, 2014: Premiere of “Chicago P.D.”

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See below for Thursday 8/7c timeslot offerings:

Oct. 24: “The Voice” (encore)

Oct. 31: “SNL Halloween”

Nov. 7: “The Voice” (live)

Nov. 14: “Parks and Recreation” (back-to-back new episodes)

Nov. 21: “Parks and Recreation” (back-to-back new episodes)

Nov. 28: “Sunday Night Football” Thanksgiving game

Dec. 5: “The Sound of Music Live” telecast

Dec. 12: “The Sing-Off”

Dec. 19: “The Sing-Off”

Jan. 2, 2014: Season premiere of “Community” (back-to-back episodes)

Jan. 9: 100th episode of “Parks and Recreation” (8:30 p.m.)

  • Jimmy

    Perhaps Hollywood should give some thought to getting out of the TV remake business.

    • Robert

      And there it is.

  • inthebusiness

    this was a surprise- it had disaster written allover it- politically incorrect- and nobody learns most remakes- withthe exception of 5-0 are dreafully misconceived….never should have see the light of day- and family???? no comment

    Maybe with Robert downey Junior in blackface with a cane instead of a chair? yup absurd i know.

  • Asi

    Come on Ironside was not realistic at all, whoever heard of a black man rolling around in a wheelchair AND working when we all know they lay around in high profile areas and beg for spare change then get up and walk home home at the end fo the day.

    • Cassie Colson

      Your comment is uncalled for & racist. Not all African Americans are lazy nor are all people who are down on their luck trying to scam people. Just because your a jerk ( being extremely polite ) doesn't mean the rest of society should have to suffer your ignorance. When you fall down on your luck I hope more kindness & compassion is shown you then you have to others.

    • Zakry Aydn

      I'm White & I hate people like you. Your skin may be white but, your heart is black. Just because you lay around & do nothin’ all day doesn't mean others do too. About the show,: it coulda used better writin'. The show is among the few good classics that I'm glad to see make a comeback. It's too bad they all don't do well. It's better to cancel them now than to keep them goin’ into the hole deeper.

  • Pam E.

    I liked Ironside. I don't think it's like the original at all. I like Blair Underwood and I think that the show would have gotten even better over time. Now it has no chance and we will be faced with a whole bunch of shows that nobody will watch. I will change channels but some of the musical specials I will watch.

    • michele

      Blair Underwood deserves better, he's a terrific actor and they should find
      a property for him. I too think they haven't given it enough of a chance.

      • linda sparks




  • Nobody

    Not one thing on the boob tube worth watching…
    And I can'ed the cable. And put over $100.00 a month in my pocket…
    I just use NetFlix.online. RedBox online. And the W/B's online deal.
    Got it all for under $30.00 a month..
    Hell with TV and the B,S cable! And crap shows..

  • VB3

    Ironside is cancelled and Parks and Recreation is not…mindless comedy over great drama???

  • linda sparks

    I want Ironside back. Why don't shows get a chance anymore? Really good show & I'm not happy about it getting taken off after only 4 episodes.