NBC Sports Reporter Drives Bode Miller to Tears With Questions About His Dead Brother (Video)

NBC Sports Reporter Drives Bode Miller to Tears With Questions About His Dead Brother (Video)

Alpine ski racer Bode Miller broke down in tears after repeated questions from NBC reporter Christen Cooper about his dead brother

After Olympic alpine ski racer Bode Miller won the bronze medal for the Super-G event in Sochi, NBC Sports reporter Christin Cooper peppered him with questions about his brother Chelone — nicknamed Chilly –who died of a seizure last April.

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“Bode, you're showing so much emotion down here,” Cooper said. “What's going through your mind?”

“A lot, obviously,” Miller lamented. “A long struggle coming in here. And, uh, just a tough year.”

“I know you wanted to be here with Chilly experiencing these games,” Cooper continued. “How much does it mean to you to come up with a great performance for him? And was it for him?”

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“I mean, I don't know it's really for him,” Bode sniffled. “But I wanted to come here and uh — I don't know, I guess make my self proud.”

Bode struggled to continue with the interview, visibly distressed.

“When you're looking up in the sky at the start, we see you there and it just looks like you're talking to somebody,” Cooper observed. “What's going on there?”

At this point, Bode began to visibly break down and sob. Cooper said she was sorry, but NBC cameras continued to film as Miller wept.

Watch Bode break down as Cooper questions him about his dead brother:

  • Rex Rexmano

    She is a vulture.

    • Carlos

      Shame on NBC. That was horrible.

  • Krickyr

    Shame on Christian Cooper and NBC. Watching this interview was painful and distressing. It was if they wanted to make him break down in tears. Disgraceful!

  • Eric H

    Nbc Bode Miller interviewer horrible! He answered your question then she asked it again, like it was scripted? You guys have no class!

    • Brandon Smith

      Of course it was scripted. you don't let someone on Network TV without any idea what they are going to say or talk about. The had a little bit of leeway, sure, but the questions were decided upon well in advance by the producers. That's not a shameful secret or anything, that's just who one produced television. The coverage was unfortunate, but she wasn't the harpy people are making her out to be. Her crime was failing to understand and react to the fact that the interview wasn't going the way they thought it was going to. But in a game of seconds, in front of rolling cameras, it takes a really with-it person to be able to pivot in an instant and go a different direction.

      • Belinda Hernandez

        Shut your rude mouth, Brandon. Don't try to justify the rude b!tch of a reporter actions.

        • Brandon Smith

          Wow, you really are quite something, aren't you?

          • dankbubba

            Brandon just wants to be reasonable and oh so knowledgeable about the process of live TV, but of course it wasn't live and they could have had her stop questioning him sooner and not shown Bode repeatedly trying to crawl out of public view. Belinda reacted to your “calm down, interviews can be tricky” spiel with a bit of emotion and you feel like you need to take it personally? How would you react with the mic in your face under those questions?

        • Amy.

          You fail to understand that no one knows the actual intention of the reporter. The only rude mouth I see here is yours, keep to your opinion as Brandon has the right to keep his.

        • James Smith

          Her and the producer need fired….. it does take two to tango

        • Lee


      • dankbubba

        I am perfectly happy to spread the blame to producers as well, but the fact that the interviewer could coldly ask that many questions after Bode spent so much time nervously waiting at the bottom of the hill was completely wrong. She didn't just run these questions off a script. She reacted to his answer(s) and brought out the next question like his answer didn't satisfy her: “not good enough, let me poke you with this even sharper stick”. Can the athletes, remember the other skier was there with his silver win as well, not enjoy their medal win without get goaded into some scripted reaction?

  • Elena Dillon

    I am disgusted by the reporter's intrusive, pushy questions, when Bode Miller already made it clear how he felt about his brother. It was clearly intended to bring him to tears. I am appalled—-how low will you stoop!?

    • Micheal Wade

      Wow! I feel bad for both! He was clearly upset and didnt want to talk abt his brother! And hey ppl, a producer was in her ear pc telling her what to ask an to keep pushing! Did u ever think she was afraid she might get fired for not doing what she was being told what to ask? What else could she say but im sorry cau her bosses were listening! I bet she did go find him and really tell him she had no choice but to ask him the questions! Look at her face, she clearly wanted to stop but it was like she had no say so in the matter! The questions were not coming from her! Her boss sld be the one fired!

      • Debsvoice

        Like I said before, Cooper works @NBC and that is how they operate. Whether she was being briefed or not, her unrelenting questioning of Bode was deplorable. He was falling apart and she was using his emotions as fodder for her “exclusive.” I was and am appalled.

      • Donald Miller

        You always have a choice. Stand on your principles or beckon to fear. Elevating her career was much more important. On that same note, Bode could have withdrawn himself and choose not to answer.

      • James smith

        Fire them both…. problem fixed. NBC owes Bode an apolgy

  • Ernie McDowell

    She's a b!tch and did that intentionally….I hope it ruins her career.

  • Peter

    You should be embarrassed by your behavior. Have you know compassion! Dropping to fox/tabloid level. To prey on a person at this time will come back to you. One day you will experience the frailty of losing someone close and I can only hope that someone will show you more understanding

    • Richard Head

      Fire the dumb cunt. Don't know her name and don't want to – she should work for the Enquirer. Then Matt said Bode showing his emotions was a rare thing – like it was a great NBC exclusive. He is an ass hole.

      • sandyw

        Amen brother-she was totally without class, compassion, or professional behavior. And Matt Lauer, what a moron. He had to plunge the knife in deeper and try to produce another tearful scene. Disgusting–they should all be fired and NBC should apologize to Bode and to the rest of us.

  • llloyd bigelow

    What a crap interview NBC that lousy reporter saw that Bode Miller was vunerable and on the edge but kept on pressing and pressing until she finally succeeded in reminding him enough times of his brothers death. You may justify alll you want that you were doing your job but all you did is show how rude and selfish you are. I will watch the Olympics but it will be recorded and I will skip all interviews and advertisements NBC that was a shameful interview.

  • James Jones

    Are you all just stupid? She asked a typical question, he answered with it's been a tough year – it was obvious what was being talked about. She asked another typical question, did you do it for your brother who passed away? He was visibly shaken. She reverted from those questions but asked about a routine and what was going on, yeah it was insinuated but these are very normal questions. Get off her back. I agree that the whole emotional side of each skier, skater, etc is getting absolutely old and is completely unnecessary (frankly why should I care about ALL of their lives outside of the games?) but she is doing what everyone does.

    • Donna M

      They didn't have to follow him with the cameras as he ducked behind the fencing to get away from them. His grief was EXACTLY what they were after, and you are “JUST STUPID” if you can't see that!

    • Brandon Smith

      No, my friend. You're missing out on the fact that these questions were planned in advance. She wasn't just making conversation, she was specifically going after one thing. In her limited defense, what she was looking for was a “I did this for my brother! Woo! I love you bro!”. That was assuredly the “human drama” they were looking to capture. But when he didn't react that way and a)didn't want to talk about it and b) was obviously still grief stricken by it, I don't think she really knew what to do. She just stayed on the mission. Adapting in that sort of scenario would be extremely difficult for a reporter, but that's what makes good ones good and bad ones bad.

    • sandyw

      You're a moron. There is no excuse for what this horrid women did. I'm embarrassed for nbc.

    • Shane

      Her questions were not about the sport or about his performance but were transparently calculated to boost her own ratings by eliciting a raw emotional response about the loss of a family member. She's perfect for a clueless moron like you but fortunately since you make up the minority the viewers of this sport, her plan backfired. Hopefully, the participants in remaining events will not give her the time of day when she tries to interview them.

    • Firethebitch

      Wow. That's how you saw it? She asked the same question 3 times just worded differently. She should be fired

      • James Jones

        No, she obviously shouldn't. She asked twice, it didn't land, she moved on to his actions prior to the race. Was there a correlation? Potentially, but they were valid questions and they were different enough that it shouldn't matter. Her losing her job, and potentially career, b/c Bode is more emotional than some, is beyond ridiculous.

  • Raymond Fox

    Christian Cooper was disgusting in her interview with Bodie Miller and his dead brother.
    What a cold hearted person with zero compassion. She should be pulled from any further interviews. She is a bully!!!!!

    • Brandon Smith

      … just Bode Miller. The brother was thankfully absent.

      • Belinda Hernandez

        Brandon you aren't funny in the slightest sweet pea.

  • Dale G.

    Christian Cooper should be fired for the terrible and cruel interview with Bode Miller. Really? You would stoop that low for a story? Very uncomfortable watching and showed no respect for this tremendous athlete.

  • KP

    Her ass should be fired!

  • Steve M

    Christen Cooper should be fired! Even before Bode broke down, I was screaming at the tv screen! I couldn't believe she was asking these repetitive insensitive questions. Horrible, useless reporting!

    • ceeyooentee

      shame on steve m for his vile and disgusting comments re christen cooper. he should be banned from semi-anonymous blog post comments sections.

      • Belinda Hernandez

        ceeyo shut the hell up with your fake outrage, you like that reporter are garbage for thinking your actions are above reproach. Shameful toads is what you are.

        • Bob

          Belinda, I'm with you ; that unprofessional B Christen Cooper should be fired and NBC should be shunned for promoting this sort of journalistic crap .

    • Sheri Swank

      I kept saying “please stop!!” as well. That was very sad to watch.

      • gigoteuse

        I agree, but please stop saying “as well”. It's pretentious.

      • kandy830

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      • Mark Syman

        Christin Cooper used to be in the U.S. Ski Team; but she has learned well from her new masters at MSNBC. Keith Olberman taught her well.

        • Jim Dear

          You know Olberman doesn't work for NBC and
          And Copper doesn't work for ESPN nor did they ever work together previously.

    • Bebe

      Send her to Amarillo to finish her career. She can report the cow count. What an insensitive person.

      • James Smith

        She may make Unhappy cows. Who would want spoiled milk??

  • Gary

    The NBC anchor played the same card in his later interview. These make-believe “journalists” are just disgraceful self-promoters.

    • Brandon Smith

      Engh. I mean, this was clearly horrible, but you can't blame olympics coverage for being olympics coverage. This is what they do. They take athletes and try to find the human angle that makes you care about what they're doing. Otherwise… why would anyone watch? They take each athlete and try to write story around what's going on in their life that is easily relatable and digestible. The network benefits from it and the athletes benefit form it. The problem is, in this scenario, they really screwed up their story. They wanted a story about a guy who lost his brother and went on to win a medal and they were trying to tie it up by having Miller pronounce that it was all for his brother. The problem was it didn't go that way and this lady clearly didn't have the wherewithal to pivot.

  • Regina Rosas

    Inappropriate questions about personal life… Reporters should ask about the run, or whatever sport is going on and that's it… This is not oprah or dr. Phil.. Hopefully they stop with this pushy questions. Respect personal life!

  • fan

    NBC should be ashamed of them self, here Bode just won a medal, representing his country and the reporter brings him to tears of pain.If anything they should of been tears of joy and relieve and proud of himself. Great job Bode!!!

  • Burphelson AFB

    unfortunately that's what passes for “journalism” these days – reporters want people to cry or get upset. answering questions isn't enough. what a creep she is.

  • seneca_epicurious

    Still like to know why his brother was living in his van after such an accident & siezures, someone shud have given him a home.

  • Deb Ward

    I have never been more angry and agitated by an interview as I was with the
    interview of Bodie Miller after the Super G when the reporter continued with
    questions relative to his feelings regarding the loss of his brother until
    Bodie broke down, without regard to what these sensitive questions were
    doing. AND for NBC to continue to keep the cameras on him while he obviously
    was emotionally torn. The whole thing was unconscionable and despicable. At the very least, NBC owes Bodie an apology. I can't believe that you are posting the video. Show some sensitivity and respect.

    • ChrisDC

      Couldn't have said it better myself. A total disgrace.

  • Greg Pefferly

    Show some dignity NBC.

  • blicker

    it was clear to me that she was going to continue with her questioning about his brother until he completely broke down and NBC would have its “Olympic Moment”. I believe it has totally backfired. No excuses for either the reporter or the producer. This was an example of paparazzi at work and not professional network reporting.

  • Missy Massey Foster

    Poor thing. He should've said, I was looking at the sky and hoping aliens would haul you off before I got done.

  • TBD

    NBC wants their reporters to draw out emotions, but this is the type of emotional manipulation that would be better saved for an interview a day later or a week later when emotions aren't as intense. Bode handled it with great aplomb when asked about his reaction by Matt Lauer who obviously was cued by NBC to address this in an interview with Bode this morning. Bode Miller was gracious enough to relieve Cristen Cooper of any fault or condemnation.

  • Krystin Butler Cuccia

    Sleazy just sleazy.

  • ChrisDC

    I feel like I'm piling on, but not only do I agree with what everyone else is saying here, it gives me hope that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

    Reporters have, and should have, a great deal of leeway in the questions they ask. It was poignant to ask the first question — the others are nothing more than going in for the kill. (And I do not use those words lightly.)

    Those of us who defend the freedom of the press, are also mindful that freedom carries with it responsibility.

    Unless demonstrated otherwise, and I'm not particularly inclined to give her a chance, my personal opinion is that Christen Cooper is an incompetent hack.

    The thing is, exploring this subject could, actually, have been an excellent subject for a reflective interview — later.

    What she did is the equivalent of asking a parent, “So, how did you feel just now as you watched your kid get shot? What was going through your mind at that moment?”

    Christen Cooper. Noted.

    I do, from time to time, have the opportunity to make decisions about which reporters people I work for do, or do not, talk to. Some of whom she'd no doubt really like to interview.


  • Colleen Lott Wehr

    That was was pretty scummy and totally uncalled for – for that NBC
    interviewer to push at Bode Miller about his brother's death until he
    cried on camera. It was reprehensible!

  • LF

    Typical of media today. It's all about ratings. No sense of decorum. This was actually sadistic.

  • Graham

    People need to realise a few things about this interview.
    Firstly, let's get the ‘reporter's’ name correct – her name is Christin (not Christen or Christian or Kristen or any other misspellings on here) Cooper so if we're going to talk about poor journalism let's start with James Crugnale not even having the decency or knowledge of skiing or TV to get her name right in his report.
    Secondly, Christin is a former world class and Olympic skier herself so is totally aware of what the pressures are and as to what might motivate you to do well in an Olympic race. That is why she has been so good at her job for many years.
    Thirdly, this is an edited version of a much longer interview that happened at the time and as such, there are producers and execs that decide what to show and what not to show, often without the knowledge of the reporters who have done the interviews originally.
    Lastly if you look at the interview you'll see that as soon as Bode ‘breaks down’ Christin is there with a comforting arm around him.
    Yes, this interview might not have gone exactly as Christin had planned but she certainly doesn't deserve the vitriol being dished out here.
    Oh, and by the way, after the medal ceremony last night Bode and Christin were to be seen talking very amicably in the ‘USA house’ so he obviously has no problem with her.
    Whilst I am not the cameraman that did this particular interview, I have worked on many Olympics with Christin and found her one of the most amiable and gentle people you could ever hope to meet and is someone who would never want to upset any of the people she meets, whether fellow Olympians, friends or work colleagues.

    • Joe

      They were talking because Bode has class and if you are conducting the interview then you agree to take the good and the bad. At the end of the day it's not the producer but the person asking the questions that had complete control and must own the interview. She could have stopped at her discretion.

    • Bob

      Graham, clearly you are as despicable as ” CHRISTIN ” ( got it this time ? ) , and are only interested in a drama scene to score points for your pathetic careers with NBC who should be shunned for condoning this unprofessional crap. Why don't you and Antella the Hun just go off together and do what you do best, whatever that is.

    • PonyBobHaslam

      Good move, Graham. I assume you'll send a copy to CC with a suggestion that you will comfort her over cocktails. LMAO

  • Debbie L

    That reporter should be fired – what the hell is wrong with her?! You can see the man is hurting inside but you keep on asking the same stupid question! If I was Bodie's wife I would have jumped in and told her the interview is over. Shame, shame on the reporter and bigger shame on NBC for allowing this to happen.

  • J R Brown

    Cristin Cooper was disciplined I hope for her unrelenting torture of Miller. That was painful to watch and obviously awful for him. Where are your ethics???

  • Shirley O'Neill

    This interview was disgusting. If that reporter was just following orders, someone needs to be firedl. If she was on her own, she needs to be demoted to fetching coffee. Also the camera person. You wouldn't linger that long after you had him down if it was an injured puppy flopping in the street.
    Shirley O'Neill

  • DBooch

    Christen Cooper needs to publicly apologize to Bode and his family for her atrociously insensitive interview. Would have like to see Bode ask this NBC interviewer about how they felt about the death of one of THEIR loved one. This is nothing but trash journalism, and representative of NBC at its lowest.

  • jdg

    NBC, Cooper and that idiot Matt Lauer should all be ashamed of themselves. Nothing but drama hounds, and absolutely ZERO journalism skills. NBC is by far the WORST thing that ever happened to the olympics.

  • KJ

    Christen Cooper… you BITCH!
    Once again, NBC has to make the news instead of just reporting the news.
    Miller metaled in his event and this bitch of a human being pushed and pressed the morbid questions until Bode Miller broke down.

  • Richard Vento

    I, too, am appalled by the inhumane treatment of Bode Miller by interviewer Crisitn Cooper and her NBC handlers-producers, irrespective of who was pulling her strings. It was cheap enough for her to keep pushing Bode Miller when he was clearly upset!The entire winter Olympics has been taped-delayed, so why did NBC have to share those prodded, forced emotional reactions with the world. I screamed so loud at Cristin for keeping her foot on the invasive gas woke up my wife. After a public apology, to Bode and his family, both Cristin Cooper and her handler(s) should either be fired or relegated to interviewing 4H farm animals that win ribbons (or don't)!

  • Gavinsnanna

    NBC, what do you expect? Disgusting reporting.

  • Mary Chacon Peterson

    I am so disgusted with this reporter and for NBC News for even reporting on it — see above. I don't feel sorry for the reporter. It's her job and she should have had more sense. Other reporters did the same thing for US Olympians who lost — best kept badgering until they were crying. Is this really what NBC Sports wants from their reporters. If so, I will no longer watch. There has to be some other channel that handles the Olympics.

  • SFO

    The whole breakdown was fabricated by Cooper. I found her incessant questions referencing his brother disturbing. She took advantage of the situation when Bode was distracted with his win like a dog to a bone. Shame on her–she had no respect for him or his brother it was just for the story.

  • DottieB

    That reporter has no compassion for people and shouldn't even be in that position. That interview was cruel and rude and how could she stoop so low. Is this what you want for ratings NBC?

  • photocrazy

    First she slammed him on his age to open the interview, then she asks about his brother and he answered her, then she keeps asking the same question again and again, what else is there to say? I would have said some choice words and walked away. I won't watch another interview she does, ever! They need to make her apologize publicly were everyone can see, on prime time Olympic coverage and she needs to be suspended. She isn't Barbara Walters or Oprah, she is just rude.

  • Mike

    Fire Her!!! To watch him accomplish something very significant and have her bring him down like that was despicable.

  • honestsandiego

    Seemed to me like a gross display of insensitive ignorance by an unprofessional interviewer and it's quite sad that a person and any company would choose this type of judgement…just really shameful.

  • John S.M.

    Cooper should be fired!! She basically asked the same frickin questions three tmes!! Until Bode had no words left!!! Unacceptable behavior….

  • John B

    It is just dandy that Management at NBC defends Ms Cooper's interview.
    But!!! We shut off the Olympics. The interview ruined our viewing enjoyment.
    We will watch more Canadian coverage. This article just shows the insensitivity of NBC's Management news coverage philosophy overall. I am very disappointed in NBC

  • Sheila

    One of the worst interviews I've ever seen! Cristen Cooper stooped way too low!

  • Debsvoice

    Cooper's treatment of Bode was unconscienable. She was NOT interviewing him, she was intrusively taking advantage of the obvious emotional pain he was suffering at that moment. She wasn't interested in how great it was that his run earned him the bronze medal. She purposely crossed the line as he became more emotional. She was priding herself on her “exclusive” reporting! Why she didn't back off can be answered very easily – she's @NBC, and incapable of sympathy. Think of the decency of Ann Curry, and others – who get trumped by the egomaniac personalities. I felt so sad for Bode who we've all known and supported for years in his sport. Thank God his wife was able to get to him as soon as she did

  • PonyBobHaslam

    Cooper an AH? No kidding. Most at NBS are flamers..Start with airhead social commenter costas…Their sports crew is the MSNBS of sports. Fortunately I never see them because I won't watch anything they do. (Except hockey, with professional announcers..not some ignorant chick who's doing half the management…

  • Sydney Arzt

    Interviewer should be fired. rude, disrespectful and intrusive. And Boo to nbc for even airing it.

  • JC

    She is disgusting. Utterly and truly a disgrace. NBC owes Mr. Miller a sincere apology and add this to another in a ling list of NBC Sports clueless coverage.

  • Debbie H

    I was also disgusted with Christen Cooper, her producer and NBC for their interview with Bode Miller. IF Christen had an insensitive producer telling her what to ask and she is not smart enough to do the right thing in a situation then NBC should rethink if they want a non-thinking person like C. Cooper represent them. Same with the producer, maybe he/she is not the best person to represent NBC. Since not sensitivity/kindness was displayed, NBC should review their internal culture.
    Bode, congratulations on your Bronze Metal. Thanks for representing the US.

  • User@hotmail.com

    How could anyone be such an ass as Cristin Cooper? FIRE HER!!

  • rlmyrick

    There is absolutely no excuse for this!! After losing my brother in May of 2013, my heart goes out to Bode. It's never an easy thing to talk about, but having it beat out of you or having someone pressing until they hear what they want to hear is simply absurd and highly disrespectful!!

  • Ben Collins

    A sad and bad day for all of NBC News. Can't help but associate Christen Cooper's insensitive persistent questions that could only result in an emotional reaction, with other NBC News professionals and all of NBC News. Too bad for Matt Lauer, Costas, and all the others that will now be associated with Cooper's interview with Bode Miller at the Sochi Games. Doubtful they will comment on this incident, surely at the command of higher management.

  • Dave N

    I, like many others, was screaming at the reporter to please stop! One of the most insensitive displays I've ever seen

  • CTM

    Her behavior demonstrated a lack of respect for Bode Miller as a person and an athlete as well as a clear desire to exploit his very obvious struggle with his grief and his desire to honor his brother at these olympic games. This made me sick and she showed a lack of professionalism and of genuine human compassion. She should have laid off, thanked him, CONGRATULATED him on Bronze and graciously let him exit before harping on the “looking up at the sky, etc…” So totally gauche I cannot even express in words how disgusted I am. Shame on her and shame on NBC.

  • NanBran

    I found this to be totally heartless and unprofessional. It was sickening to watch Kristen Cooper achieve her goal of making Miller cry. Disgusting!

  • Zaphod

    Well to win an Olympic medal is an outstanding feat, and a time of joy and accomplishment. And then to be interviewed with the sharp end of a mic, in an effort to turn a joyous time into a painful memory of a beloved brother is insensitive and offensive. But, I presume that is what is considered GREAT interview skills by the media of today.

  • smatt35

    christen cooper should be ashamed of herself. That was a disgrace. The media always blames their questions on the people because “its what we want to know” This time, she went way too far and I hope the people let her and NBC know it.

  • Heidi

    That reporter was a bully and she should be ashamed of herself. She should get the gold medal for idiot sports broadcasting!

  • Kelly

    I wouldn't call her cold hearted…she has no heart! Typical NBC showmanship! From the top on down to the local affiliates. Screw the persons feelings, get ratings. I'd send Christin Cooper to one of the hotels with brown water, can't flush and no curtains and make her wait there for her freighter ride back home.

  • Houston Viewer

    Christen Cooper showed an alarming lack of compassion, grace and good reporting skills. What was she trying to accomplish? NBC has otherwise done an outstanding job with Olympics coverage, but Cooper needs to be cut loose.

  • Cathy

    This is the Olympic games. Cristen Cooper should have kept her focus on the fact that Bodie Miller just tied for a bronze metal. If she needed to fill air time, why not ask him what he is going to do after the games? Cristin/NBC your questions belong in TABLOIDS. Cristen you made him cry. Are you proud of yourself? Are you (NBC) doing a deceased relative count or a metal count? Keep your focus on the sportsmanship and athletic accomplishment!

  • NicoleRose

    Fire that terrible and insensitive reporter. Thinking on your feet should not include irrelevant personal information. Clearly she's never suffered a loss. Shameful.

  • tina

    She has no respect if I could have reach through TV grab her I would have, she is idiot . she needs to apologize I think ! I was sitting there crying brought back when I lost my brother three years ago ,

  • John T. Koszalka

    How long did they continue to keep the camera on??????????????? Cooper should be ashamed of herself. She could have ended this, but she chose to continue. NBC should start looking into what fools they have become.

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    Just had to keep pushing it! She should have changed the topic as soon as she saw the emotions. Someone should slap her upside the head for being so heartless.

  • Rinny

    I think the media enjoys bringing people to their lowest points! Not only on NBC, but all of them. They need to think about their questions, and ask themselves if these are questions they would want asked of themselves! Sounds like this reporter was trying to make a name for herself, but instead made a fool of herself!!!

  • Guest

    That wasn't an interview it was a interrogation! Give the man osme privacy. I'm sure she wouldn't want to be prodded if some member of her family who she was so close with died suddenly! Oh,I forgot. Do anything you can to get a story. She should be ashaned of herself!

  • shirley M

    Very hard to watch. Cristen Cooper is so insensitive and inappropriate. Bode should have been the focus. She is a dumb….. no second chances NBC…should be fired.

  • James Smith

    No reason other than ratings….. bad NBC, shame on you. What a way to turn your viewers against you.
    Oh look there…. by gosh theres 2 knobs on the TV after all. One for power and the other tunes into ABC or CBS or anything else.
    I have not shopped at BP since the spill and I will not be watching your network anymore.
    Fire her and I may think about it, a public apology is in order here.


  • Whitehall NY USA

    Bode is from our hometown of Whitehall NY and he makes everyone of us burst with pride ! This reporter was disgusting and disgraceful and should be fired for doing this interview ! What an idiot ! What if someone kept on at her about a tragedy that happened in her life ? NBC – GET RID OF CHRISTEN COOPER !!!!

  • The Cletus

    I cannot believe someone can be so oblivious. With all the things to discuss
    about the course, the challenges, what happened… Really, can you imagine
    being at a party where someone keeps asking questions about someone you just lost?
    That is where they get the term “ugly American”. If you are going to
    be a sports journalist, stay focus on sports not psychotherapy. Kristen, how do
    you feel about losing your job? How do you feel about no one wanting to hire
    your? Kristen, tell us how you feel about your life caving it? Maybe she might
    understand when she gets interviewed they ways she did.

  • Zelda

    @NBC Sports – It wasn't just “some” of your viewers who thought you went too far. It was more like 99%. Your judgement is defective. You were digging for drama and not emotion and you went too far! You all need instruction in sensitivity and boundaries, and I am appalled that you left this in your edit of Bode Miller's interview. This event reflects on you and it's not a pretty reflection.

  • phochief

    As a former journalist myself I was appalled by the interview. It's pretty obvious that Christen Cooper's intent was to get some emotion for the camera, thinking that it would be thought of as a “powerful interview”. Actually, it was pathetic and she should be ashamed. NBC needs to issue a public apology for that kind of reporting. It's one thing if someone shows emotion or weeps on their own, for whatever reason, but it's another thing when a reporter tries and tries to encourage someone to become emotional. No excuse.

  • Ol’ Rooter

    Phuqin’ bitch.

  • Grammie Jean

    She has obviously never lost a sibling. Losing a parent is a natural course of life, and very difficult. But the lost of a sibling when you are young is the most difficult experience, except for the loss of a child. The news caster is young and insensitive and should have known to stop. Though I don't think she should be fire, I do hope she has learned from this and will know when to BACK OFF.

  • TheBigM

    Twunt. I saw this as it was broadcast, and my wife and I are, like, “really? Leave him the eff alone!”

  • twiterbee

    What low-life reporting! Bottom feeders! Cruel. One of the worst interviews I have seen,,,,and then to post …”See him break down”….in a separate video. How desperate are you for news? Outrageous!!

  • Sammy D.

    I was listening to the post-run mini interview and got squeamy. Cooper's line of questioning was in the line of stupid reporter questions, ex: “Your child was run over by a truck. How do feel?” Would someone teach Cooper and other blathering heads to come up with good content- not sensational or easy hit to the gut crap. Jeez, celebrate Millers phenomenal record.

  • marina

    i agree that christen cooper should be fired, so careless, has no idea what does it take to be an olympian, american reporters are worse

  • Gary

    Corporation have no shame – only a bottom line.