Oscar Nominations: Women Take a Back Seat — Again

Oscar Nominations: Women Take a Back Seat — Again

151 men were nominated compared to 31 women across 19 non-performance categories, the Women's Media Center notes

The Oscar statuette may be famously sex-less, but Thursday's nominations were very male – again.

Across 19 categories, 151 men were nominated for awards versus 31 women, according to the Women's Media Center, which for the third year tracked the gender count on the non-performance categories.

There were seven categories in which no woman was nominated, including Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing and Music (Original Score), all of which had no women nominees last year as well.

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In the writing awards there are two women nominated, Julie Delpy for Adapted Screenplay (“After Midnight) and Melisa Wallack for Original Screenplay (“Dallas Buyers Club”). Thirteen men are nominated across both of the two writing awards categories – including Delpy's and Wallack's writing partners.

Women were most represented in the Production Design category, with seven nominations, while four went to men.

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The numbers aren't shocking, given the overall numbers in the movie industry.

A new “Celluloid Ceiling” study by San Diego State University's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film issued earlier this week painted a bleak picture for women behind the scenes

According to the 16th annual report, women represented only 16 percent of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers and editors on the top 250 grossing films domestically in 2013. That's worse than 1998, when the center first began monitoring job numbers, and a drop of a couple of percentage points from the previous year.

  • DukeLax

    This is like saying men are over-represented in elected positions, but their policies that favor only women…are just irrelevant!!

  • joe

    Nice choice of words: You may like…”Brothers charged in pregnant teen's killing” Yeah…I don't “like” that…I love it. The password is “editor.”

  • ohreginald

    “Women take the back seat again”

    Would these be women that aren't choosing to do Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing and Music? Perhaps you wish to remove their freedom of choice? All those women who aren't doing roles you think they should be doing, representing sisters and such, should be made to, you know, to even up the numbers.

    This is such a nothing article – ” in an industry and categories where women are a minority, awards seem to be going to the majority. How odd”

  • Stuart W

    Equality in the arts earned, not mandated!

  • Kevin MacDonough

    Mr. Todd Cunningham,

    I've a suggestion that will resolve your rad-fem angst and dissolve that inflated paycheck, you receive for penning non-sequiturs for The Wrap.

    Let's petition AFI to create a second calendar event, exclusively for women … imagine the pink-tinted (Uncle) Oscars … er, make that (Aunt) Berthas.

    While we are at it, why not mandate, women only multiplexes to highlight women directors and production. Loew's Lovelies and AMC Grrl theaters!

    Let's also ensure that only those productions with less than 20% male will get the Pink Frame treatment!

    Hooray for gender apartheid!

  • Kevin MacDonough

    Gender Alert Notice
    to the male creatives and entertainers:

    Please stop being prodigious.
    Your originality and impulse to innovate,
    is a deterrent to the ‘up and coming’
    female talent.

    Please realize that there are
    only so many titles produced each year,
    and you ought to exercise voluntary
    quantitative and qualitative restraint,
    on your output, so that ‘other voices’
    may fall on sympathetic ears,
    and their imagination may flash across,
    somewhat lesser critical but
    affirmative glances.

    Thank you for your attention and compliance.

    On your way out,
    please contribute your tax exempt donations,
    to The Eve Empowerment Fund.
    No foreign currency please.

    Thank you!