President Obama Makes ‘Caddyshack’ Joke in Tribute to Harold Ramis

President Obama Makes 'Caddyshack' Joke in Tribute to Harold Ramis

The Obamas offered praise for the late comedic filmmaker's work and condolences to his loved ones, adding a very pertinent joke at the end.

After a day of tributes from his friends and fellow entertainers,  Harold Ramis, who died on Monday at 69, has received a tribute from the president of the United States.

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“Michelle and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Harold Ramis, one of America's greatest satirists, and like so many other comedic geniuses, a proud product of Chicago's Second City,” President Obama said in a statement released through the White House on Tuesday morning. ” When we watched his movies – from ‘Animal House’ and ‘Caddyshack’ to ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ – we didn't just laugh until it hurt. We questioned authority. We identified with the outsider.  We rooted for the underdog.  And through it all, we never lost our faith in happy endings.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Harold's wife, Erica, his children and grandchildren, and all those who loved him, who quote his work with abandon, and who hope that he received total consciousness.”

The last line, of course, is a nod to Bill Murray‘s famous remarks in “Caddyshack.”

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Ramis, who passed due to complications from auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that causes swelling of the blood vessels, was praised throughout the comedy world, with collaborators and admirers displaying deep reverence for his work.

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Harold Ramis made almost every movie which made me want to become a comedy director,” director Judd Apatow said. “I interviewed him when I was 16 years old for my high school radio station and he could not have been more gracious and hilarious.  I looked up to him as a director but even more so as a man.  We hired him to play Seth's father in ‘Knocked Up’ because we all saw him as the dream dad –  funny, warm and wise. Harold was one of the nicest people I have ever met and he inspired countless people to go into comedy. His brilliant work will make people happy forever.”

  • HairyLongProng

    He died broke. The healthcare system/ insurance companies stripped him of every dime he had….and will probably stick his family with a hefty bill….

    • mtbr1975

      Umm, and you base this on what exactly? According to a quick Google search he had a net worth of at least $50 million. And just an FYI, you cannot inherit debt.

      • Toodles Lupino

        Ummm, wrong! A person most certainly can be required to pay the debts of someone else in many situations.

      • HairyLongProng

        My sister is personal friends with Dan Akroyd…he said that ramis was broke… and bad investments.. and yes you can be responsible if you are tricked into signing…..

  • Eagle6117

    I'm not sure why the so called president is making jokes about Caddyshack. Harold Ramis doesn't even come close to funny when you compare it to obama's government. That's the joke of the millennia.

    • orygone

      jeez man, really. what a wanker you are.

    • Scottie B

      You are an a-hole. Unhappy with your own unproductive contribution to society, so you continue to spew ignorance at every opportunity. You are the joke that is most unfunny. What an idiot…and a racist pig.

      • Lou9999

        Yep, I knew someone would throw the “racist line” when somebody criticizes the president. I don't agree with Eagle6117, but the “you are a racist” is old and played out (unless you are Al Sharpton and making a living by calling everyone a racist). Every time I hear that now, the poster loses total creditability.

    • Kelly Kortman

      If he were alive today he would probably write a movie about tea party trolls and make you his lead actor. And if they needed someone to play a hyper destructive, maniacal little gopher they could dress up George Bush in a fuzzy outfit and he could be your sidekick ya big ol’ jerk.

      • Michelle Obama

        Gee Kelly, trying to suck up to the Obama Admin? Maybe you could get a job the as a shoe shine specialist for Joe Biden! Wouldn't that be cool? Go fuck yourself you little troll!

    • Jeff

      The first black president against a racist nation is not a joke. Laugh at what u think is funny. One day we all will receive total consiousness

    • illaMT

      Sooooo….leave then.

    • Mike

      You mean unlike George W. Bush's administration. I mean Dick Cheney in Haliburton building war machines and George W. Bush in the oil industry, and we just so happen to start a war (Dick Cheney) in a place with one of the worlds biggest oil (George W. Bush) reserves???

  • tjirish34

    I never seen soo many nasty comments about a President. The guy was giving a tribute to someone who died. Yet you NASTY NASTY people continue to bash him. I'd vote for Obama again against the candidates the GOP keeps putting up against him. You know what? You haters you hurt this country with you're hate.

    • skiidahonorthsouth .

      Never saw have never seen
      You haters hurt
      Your you're (you are)

      Well, duh…there has never been a President in your lifetime with a lower approval rating. Obama dropped lower than Bush.

      Obama likes to give tribute to popular Democratic celebrities like the druggie Huston. But where was the tribute for an industry pioneer who went on to serve the Unites States with honor and distinction. Did Shirley Temple Black not get Presidential notice because she was Republican?
      Yep, the country is divided. Blame the leadership for a large part of this. And who is the leader?

      • Dumbfounded

        If you're going to criticize grammar and spelling, get it right yourself. I think you were going for Houston, jackass.

      • Rico Alexander

        What a load of bs. Bush approval rating were down in the 20s. Obama hasn't come close to that.

    • Maureen Brill

      I completely agree. I am angry that no one has seen how honest Obama has been, how hard he has worked on improving the Health Care issues and make improvements when something didn't work, how with deep desperation has done everything he can do to keep his word and do his job.

      • Jenna66

        Really? In order for me to get the so called medicaid I have to see an administrative law judge as if I'm a criminal. Welcome to South Africa.

      • Smee

        HAHAHAHAHA, is that a joke? Oh, you really meant that? ok.

  • Bork

    The problem with Obama is that he always has nice things to say…and he doesn't express enough hatred to keep the Christians happy.

    • Jibber Jabber Joe

      You like to be lied to, don't you Bork.

      • pablo_rajczyk

        If that were the case then Bork would vote for Republicans.

      • kheard

        He likes to lie to himself.

    • Maureen Brill

      I think it's a great thing that Obama always has nice things to say and doesn't express enough hatred to keep the Christians happy, Bork. Compare Obama's kindness with George W. Bush's idiocy. Maybe the Christians felt too sorry for George W. Bush to be angry with his stupidity.

    • Jolly Rodger

      Yeah, he says nice things like “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. Period.” Too bad it's all lies.

      • NaiveOkie

        Self-employed, my wife and I didn't like the health insurance plan we had the past three years. So we got one through “Obamacare.” Lowered the monthly premium by $300, cut the deductible from $5,000 to $2,700, and can see most any doctor we want (including our current ones). Yep, it's just an awful law.

        • Nick

          So how come you aren't on TV since everyone I know is paying more for everything. 5000$ to 2700$? Oh boy. Now that's a whopper.

          • DaBUU

            Thats not true

    • Lived Wisdom sound like a Dork! Keep it up Dude!!

    • MC

      You must be a tool. Christians dont hate anyone. Maybe you should wait till Islam reaches your backyard to judge Christians

      • Bork

        So you insult people you like?
        Christians show their hatred all the time, and they hide behind God when others retaliate. Onward christian soldiers…

    • kheard

      The problem with Obama is that he always has nice things to say about people who agree with him, and dispatches the IRS after those who don't.

  • legbreaker

    Fuck you Obama.

    • DaddyO_969

      Fuck you, asshole.

      Bigotry suits you, inbred redneck.

  • Enrique Benitez

    This guy ( Obama) has to be the most hated president in US history…and if someone says it's not about race it's about policies….they don't have the guts to admit to's about the sight of seeing a black man in the white house…end of story

    • Lou9999

      Disagree Enrique. Obama had very high ratings until: 1. Benghazi 2. NSA wiretaps 3. IRS thugs auditing/griling conservative groups and the big one…Obamacare in which the people are just beginning to realize is going to be very expensive to this country. Obams's famous quote; “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”……oooppps, that wasn't true! And then people are wondering why half the country is upset with Obama.

      • Mike

        I'm getting free health care because of Obamacare right now. I'm a full time college student and work full time, but make under 30,000 a year. I'm super upset about it because I'd rather not have any health care like before this year started.

        • GiantsRock

          Yes, you're getting free healthcare, and the people who have paid all their lives are now paying more so you can keep your free healthcare. I'm happy that you are in college and working full time, but by putting your premium along with millions of others on the backs of the middle class does not constitute “free” in my books. You'll find out though, once you're out of school and get that job. Then you'll realize it's not free.

          • Bill

            Giants, I think Mike's point is that the system helped him when he needed it. I'm sure you have done the same thing in your life. I'd even be willing to bet you have drawn a handout for something less consequential than your health.

          • GiantsRock

            Bill, don't speculate on what handouts I took, you have no standing to do so. You don't know me, so try not to make this so personal. Such a typical attack on the internet, make it personal. As I stated in my original comment, I'm glad Mike has coverage, I just was correcting his assumption that it was free. It's not.

          • DaddyO_969

            Also, not true. Some pay more, most pay far less. And those who pay more, perhaps they chose options that they needed, but were not available. Sweeping generalizations are difficult to prove.

          • GiantsRock

            Daddy, Um, you're making sweeping generalizations choosing phrases like “Some pay more, most pay far less”. Where's the beef? Give me a break. Obamacare was far reaching and over extended in nature. Instead of fixing the situation for individuals like Mike above, they chose to overhaul the entire system. Here's a non generalization statistic for you. the percentage of people that were satisfied or above with their current healthcare prior to Obamacare was 85%. That's a resounding majority. So, I was all in favor of fixing the system so that all that needed healthcare could get it, price not withstanding, but the government choose to once again throw the baby out with the bath water. Fixing what's not broken (per the 85% that were satisfied) was not the solution. Individuals should have the right to choose what type of healthcare they wanted, and if they didn't want to change, they should not have been forced. Period,

          • scmdod

            Sweeping generalizations…you mean like “Some pay more, most pay far less?” I own a small business, and no one I know is paying “far less”.

        • Jolly Rodger

          You're welcome, freeloader.

      • Rico Alexander

        Wow, someone has their fox news talking points all lined up in a row.

        • Lou9999

          Rico, it is called facts.

          • DaddyO_969

            No, their called Repbulithug lies.

          • Lou9999

            More name calling…good counter point DaddyO.

          • DaddyO_969

            When their lies are that egregious and they are proven to be lies, then yes, they are whatever name seems to suit. If you did any real research, you'd find that all of those claims are vaporous lies perpetrated by the same bigots that don't believe any other fact about the President, like oh, being born in the US.

          • Lou9999

            DaddyO; Woodstock must have been awesome.

      • DaddyO_969

        Each of which were lies perpetrated and exaggerated by Republicans. They even sank so low as to edit emails to make the President look bad. The IRS shut down progressives but NOT ONE conservative group and the NSA spying was authorized and begun UNDER BUSH. Remember facts before spreading blame (not you Lou), and finally, it was Plans, not doctor and he didn't take into account the asshole CEOs who cut plans in order to make him look bad, deny their employees health care and put more money in their own pockets. AND, Obama acknowledged that didn't work out as planned. When did BUSH EVER admit his screwups? NEVER, he was far too busy vacationing and ignoring the plight of the country. The plight his policies created.

      • TEEJAYZ

        Lou? I actually started writing a response that would have made your points moot. But then I realized it wouldn't make a freaking bit of difference. You're living in your own world, one in which I'm guessing includes you rooting for failure.
        I feel better now. I used to try to explain things and offer facts to guys like you. Maybe I'm just now getting to a point that I'm realizing you're not worth it.
        Thanks for helping me out.

        • Lou9999

          No facts, just ranting. Good counterpoint. I guess I'm not worth it, but you post anyway. WTF? Just keep cheerleading for the administration. I am glad you feel better and I could help you out. Sis-boom-ba.

      • NaiveOkie

        Let's see: Benghazi happened on Obama's watch, 9/11 happened on Bush Jr.'s. Which was worse?

        • Lou9999

          Big difference there Slick. 9/11 was over before we could react. Benghazi was happening (and we were watching it happen) and did nothing about it. We had opportunities to save those men….yet we did nothing.

          • NaiveOkie

            So if Obama were president when 9/11 occurred, you wouldn't hold him and his administration responsible in any way? Right. You and the O-haters would be calling for impeachment the next day.

          • Lou9999

            If something like that happened today, I would expect the country to rally around the president just like we did during 9/11. Some things are bigger than mudslinging in the blogs.

    • Jibber Jabber Joe

      “I don't hate them per definition, but I condemn them because
      they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt
      for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office
      he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama's raw
      contempt for white America is transpicuous.” ~ Mychal Massie

      • DaddyO_969

        Again, confusing the Republican Talibaggers with progressives. Until you understand the terms you bandy about, don't.

    • Timmy g

      Obama took weeks and only after he was confronted to say something after the death of Michael Jackson .

  • Dan Rico

    Obozo is this nation's worst president and a big fat liar who hates the military. But what do you expect from a muslim?

    • pablo_rajczyk

      And you base your claim about his being Muslim on….?

      • jjackson

        Pablo, if you don't know this by now it's too late to try to explain to you but hang on a little longer and it will be obvious even to your ilk.

        • pablo_rajczyk

          So your answer is nothing more than avoidance.

  • Francis (don't call me Psycho)

    “His brilliant work will make people happy forever.” – best goodbye I have heard to date.

  • also

    Ramis earned his reputation by producing great entertainment that millions of people *voluntarily* voted for with their $$, and with the respect of his peers. Obama is an affirmative action student, politician and community organizer whose only achievements are destroying an economy, wrecking the world's best health care system, and killing the future of our children with his debt. A “tribute” from Obama should have Ramis laughing in his grave.

    • Mike

      Um……. Why don't you look up “World's best Health Care systems. The U.S. is the only powerful nation that does not give it's citizens close to free health care. In Wikipedia we have been ranked at 37 since 2000 behind the likes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Oh I'm sorry I forgot most republicans let other people do their work for them and just spout stupid shit from their mouths that they don't know whether it's true or not. Grow a brain you giant waste of life. Also the recession started in 2007 before Obama took office.

      • Beth

        Why don't you ask some people in Canada how great their next to free health care works for them? I have friends that live there. One that died of cancer waiting for 9 months to start chemo. Another that waited a week to get a broken hip cared for.

      • also

        Hey, nice thoughtful response. First, I'm not Republican. Second, if you had a scintilla of neuron activity anywhere in your brain you'd understand that health care is not “free” in any location on the planet. Someone always pays. You just want it to be someone else. Predictable. Say hi to your mommy and daddy for me … when they stop by to drop by your healthcare premium, if Obama hasn't already done that.

  • Thomas

    I agree with tjirish34 the hateful comments

    Lou9999 brings up Benghazi well counter with Pres Bush lie about WMD and invasion of a country IRAQ that had not attacked the US. Never got full disclosure about that mess yet a few hundred thousand PEOPLE have lost their lives for “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”

    NSA wire taps were implememted under thr Bush administration. HEARD OF THE PAPTRIOT ACT You should order the comic book version and read it. Working in telecommunications wire taps were abused during Bush administration also.

    IRS targeting conservative groups well




    BOTTOM LINE Black President and Democratic policy are 2 things some can't deal with. Also allowed bigots 2 come out of the closet.

    • Lou9999

      Thomas….your whole argument is Bush did it, so there! We were talking about Obama. As we start year 6 of his administration, liberals are still pointing to Bush as the problem. I have seen posters calling other posters racist for simply criticizing the current administration. My kids do the same thing. If I catch them doing something wrong, they point out that one of their siblings did something earlier. The majority of your counter point is “Karma Bites” and identifying bigots. Well done sir, well done.

      • Thomas

        You miss the entire point so here it is spelled out.

        I first voted when Richard Nixon & Spiro Agnew were running and remember that Pres Nixon inherited a mess from Lyndon Johnson called Vietnam and used the war there as a means 2 get elected. The US left and war over except for lives damaged. The war was used as excuse because it was during a democratic administration the mess needs to be cleaned up.

        Iraq was a bogus war that diverted resources that should have been used to do exactly what current President did HUNT DOWN AND KILL THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11 ATTACKS.

        And delivery a clear message IF U DO
        DOWN AND KILL U.




        Next president cleans up mess yet those who didn't win election nit pick

        • Lou9999

          You also miss the point….we are on year 6 now. Stop looking at the past administration and focus on the current one. Yes, Bush had issues. But Obama has issues. Yet, all you do is defend him and point to past mistakes by other administrations. We can't move forward by blaming the past. There have been serious scandals with this administration (each president has them to some degree). I could look past most of it (except Benghazi), but Obama's spending is driving me crazy. 7 trillion spent since he took office. 100 million dollar “working trip” to Africa. Then Michelle wears a $12,000 dollar Carolina Herrera dress while Obama complains about the 1%. It is just not adding up Thomas.

          • Thomas

            First of all a question and you don't have to provide exact figures but are you a 1% person??

            If you are then the next part will not phase you in the least but any way

            Well to counter since we bring up how much some one spends on a dress and how totally blinded you are to logic

            Please explain this one

            Here 2 headlines that I really would like some to justify how this person who is a 1% type yet responsible for people losing their employment.

            I bank at Chase and they have lost BILLIONS due to faulty management.

            Headline Chase to lay off 8000 employees

            Second headline

            JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon got a 74% pay hike for last year,
            even though the bank was forced to pay billions in fines and settlements
            last year.


          • Lou9999

            Thomas…I grew up in a house that had no heat or air conditioning in the upstairs bedrooms. Then spent 30 years in the military. I am hardly a 1% type of guy. All I demand is accountability. I demand accountability from everyone for their actions. Criminals, clergy, bankers, the administration, congress…you name it…everyone is responsible for their actions. Regarding the bankers that you posted above: I view them no better than a guy who robs you on the street. They were the main reason the country went into the recession with their sub-prime loans. Everyone was lending to individuals who were financially suspect. I would have prosecuted the hell out of them. They knew it was wrong…but some were forced by government policies. Then it turned into a frenzy of easy and big money. Everyone was getting cheap money….and then many defaulted.

            Thomas…you say I am blinded to logic. All I see is an administration and congress playing with our Constitution and spending money like drunken sailors. We can't keep spending money like this. At some point, we won't be able to pay the interest on our debt. Once that happens, the government will raise taxes (again) which just chokes the economy. Both parties are to blame. All I am saying is don't drink everyone's cool aid. By the way, Fox News does not have a “cornering of the market” for spinning news. MSNBC and CNN are also well versed on the Spin Doctors. Both sides do it Thomas…wake up!

  • Scott Roberts

    Harold Ramis was a great comedian, no argument there. But the Douchebag Obama has to make a grand gesture? No- Until the slimeball fraud starts to make such tributes to the men who die for this nation- and there are many on his watch- many MORE than ever died during Bush's tenure- THEN, maybe I'll accept his praise for them. Until that time, he is just a repugnant, despicable charlatan who name drops the rich and famous for his own benefit. Period.

    • Mike

      Where do you people come from geez! Why don't you try living on planet earth.

    • Mark

      RIP Harold Ramis. As for Obama, well what hasn't been said yet about this A HOLE ruining our Country!!!

  • Having fun in Texas

    Wow!?! It is amazing the amount of anger that some people show in their comments. Comming from both sides. It is not just the right. For God's sake I have been a Democrat for my entire adult life (58 years old). I have seen good Presidents (Reagan, Clinton) and I have seen bad Presidents (Bush, Carter). However, that being said I have never heard the anger and hate spewed more than at this President.
    There is way more to this hate than policies that most people do not completely understand anyway. So I do agree that race has a big part in SOME of the hatred.
    Tea Baggers why don't you just have shirts made that say “Can't you see he is black”. It is would be more fashionable than a hat with Tea Bags hanging from it. It would get more to the point. Also, it would let all the rational Republicans (most of them) know who is ruining the GOP.
    Also, do not bother correcting any of my spelling. I typed this fast and really do not care what you think anyway.

    • Enrique Benitez

      Why this president is so hated ? because he's black but those who think like that don't have the balls to admit it…spineless cowards

  • Mike

    I mean did you guys seriously come on here to complain about Obama? Don't you guys have jobs? Way to contribute to society with your racist, ignorant, pea brained remarks guys. I just hope that you don't procreate so we can get on with fixing humanity's problems without any resistance. Nothing but old bigoted sticks in the mud.

    • Bill

      No! I got better things to do. Thumpin, shootin, spittin. I just come on here to complain cause you make me feel stupid. I aint stupid.

    • Beth

      Perhaps some people are pissed and rightfully so that Obama can take time to mention and remember just a celeb's death.. when he didn't give a rats A$$ about the 4 American's that were murdered because of him. Any true American would be and should be outraged by this. But I do agree this is not the place to show that.

  • Larry Quadrato

    Obama is a gold plated phony. Ramis was the genuine article. He made me laugh.

  • Tumbleweednm

    ThisTyrant is about to make George Sorros proud, including Sorros minions Bill
    Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Frank Marshall not to mention his Socialist
    grandparents and mother (some desist). Barry Soetero will become the first Dictator
    of the USA, a reign that will last for decades. Poor Ramis, a liberal who will
    never see Utopia even though it would never have occurred on this earth.

  • pete

    who cares what the obamas say. how about taking care of our country instead of being celebrities

  • C Gopher

    here is a question for everyone hating on the PRESIDENT. Why in the hell are you only talking about him and not talking about Harold Ramis? This man that gave the world so many laughs is gone and all any of you can do is well. Obama is a jerk blah blah blah. A) you are the jerks. Instead of saying great things and memories you may have of seeing his films, you dilute it. B) Bush nor his father even bothered to say anything when one of our nations entertainers of several generations passed. The statement was incredible and true. I grew up on these films of his. And what he said was right. It made us question authority. How about this ignore who said it. Would you agree then? THIS SHOULD BE ABOUT A MAN WHO GAVE US LAUGHS AND HAPPINESS THAT WE CAN SHARE WITH OUR CHILDREN. NOT PEOPLE BEING PISSED OFF THAT THE PRESIDENT SAID IT. This isn't politics here. Do You have any memories of his films? WELL???? I do. I was a kid and I saw Ghostbusters and it knocked me out of my seat. I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I wanted to be Egon. Vaction, I loved Chevy so I begged until someone took me to see it. To this day, I try to watch it at least once a year. Caddyshack…… took me decades to see because I was only 8 when it came out. Same with Animal House. Still just as thought provoking and down right funny as it was the first time I saw them. Thanks Mr.Ramis. Just wish I could have said it in person.

  • Paul Brewer

    Having nice things to say and doing your job are two different things, no wonder Obama despite his inabilities remain popular with the low information voter

  • kheard

    I'm sure Ramis will rest in peace now.

  • Dan Boland

    i'm not so sure the President should be praising. There's a lot of vulgarity in those films, though I'm particularly fond of GBs and Groundhog.

  • ‘nilla

    Big hitter, the Llama.

  • TJM

    Right: question authority, from the biggest authoritarian to ever sit in the WH. And are we supposed to believe he wrote those remarks?