Dailies | Sarah Silverman Shares Failed NBC Pilot ‘Susan 313' on YouTube (Video)

“Amazingly, the studio who owns it – 20th Century Fox – is letting us post it on Jash, which is crazy. And very cool,” the comedienne said

Sarah Silverman‘s NBC pilot “Susan 313” never made it to air, but thanks to the generosity of the television studio that produced it, the show is available to any curious viewers through Silverman's YouTube channel, Jash.

“This isn't like, ‘Can you believe they didn't pick this up?’ This isn't that kind of posting. It's like, ‘They probably did the right thing, but we liked the show,'” Silverman explains in the episode's introduction (above) to the world. “So enjoy it.”

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The proposed sitcom stars Silverman as a woman who breaks up with her boyfriend of 10 years, and immediately moves out of their Connecticut home, back to her old apartment building.

Stand up star Tig Notaro, June Diane Raphael (“Burning Love”), “Parks and Recreation” writer Harris Wittels and Jeff Goldblum are among Silverman's supporting cast.

So did NBC make the right decision? Or should “Susan 313” have replaced one of these two quickly cancelled series?


  • SteveSegal

    I'm a huge Sarah Silverman fan, but this show is a bit lacking in laughs. Her Comedy Central series was much funnier, and much weirder (in a good way). I think they tried to make her too nice and relatable which isn't her strength.

  • OK72

    I think it would have been much stronger than the vast majority of pilots. I think it was superior to Animal Practice, Sean Saves the World, Welcome to the Family, the Goldbergs, I could see it developing to become better than the New Normal. Sara Silverman Show was kind of crude, whereas this one was a more complete comedy with a strong cast of characters, an interesting setting (the last comedy I remember that was set entirely in an apartment building was the very lame “Welcome to the Captain”) and what had the makings of a good vehicle for its star.


    BORING. The masculine lesbian playing the neighbor looks retarded.