Sean Hayes Blames NBC for His Low Ratings – But He's Wrong

Sean Hayes Blames NBC for His Low Ratings – But He's Wrong

“Sean Saves the World” is the lowest-rated NBC show, except for two that have been cancelled

Sean Hayes may want to start clarifying: The “Sean Saves the World” star says one reason for the show's low ratings is the network that airs it. But that network, NBC, is currently in first place.

“Sean,” meanwhile, is dragging it down with the lowest ratings of any NBC show this season that has not been cancelled.

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“To me, [the show] is working,” Hayes told The TV Page in a story posted Wednesday. “It's just the struggle of the elephant in the room, which is, ‘How do you get viewers to NBC?’ NBC programs great shows, it just doesn't have the eyeballs CBS does.”

In fact, four weeks into the 2012-13 season, NBC is the top-rated network in the key 18-49 demographic, with a 3.2 rating to CBS's 2.6. Hayes is right that CBS gets more viewers overall. It averages 11.4 million to NBC's 9.9 million. But NBC is still ahead of ABC and Fox.

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And NBC has no problem early in the week, when “Sunday Night Football” is TV's top show and “The Voice” and “The Blacklist” have won every Monday this season. NBC's biggest problem is Thursdays, when Hayes’ show airs. “Sean Saves the World” has a 1.3 rating, the same as the now-cancelled “Ironside.”

The only lower-rated show for NBC this season was the canceled “Welcome to the Family,” which led into “Sean” and had only a 1.0.

Hayes can blame some of his low ratings on his lead-in — but not all of them. “The Michael J. Fox Show,” which follows “Sean,” has managed to score a 2.2 despite the 1.3 lead-in from “Sean.”

Hayes also told The TV Page that both he and NBC executives are “confident” in the show. Hayes’ good track record with NBC may be one reason his show is still on the air: Besides breaking out on the network's “Will & Grace,” he also produces NBC's “Hollywood Game Night.”

NBC declined to comment for this story.

  • Oh Well

    One should tell the truth, the whole truth…! Both (the show & NBC) suck!

  • gabbycorner

    Personally, as I have stated before, numerous times…mediocre is mediocre. The show is just mediocre and I feel should be cancelled.

  • Lame lame lame

    Ooops, clicked before seeing who write this. Normally I avoid this blogger's posts because they are inane.

    NBC's ratings have been artificially boosted due to the Voice. But you know that. This is a lame and disingenuous post. NBC is in a deep crater and has become anathema to many viewers for a variety of reasons.

  • Tony Diaz

    The show really crackles and pops in the office scenes, and the supporting characters (inlcuding Linda Lavin) are great. The problem is the premise of the show is not working, and the girl who plays Sean's daughter is awful. I can't help but think if the girl were a boy it might create better storylines, conflicts, etc. – maybe they could perform a sex change. LOL

  • Bingo

    It's just a bad show. Period. It's not Whitney or Two Broke Girls level bad but it's just not good. The forced laughter laugh track just makes it really sad. Sean seems like a likeable guy but this just isn't the right show for him.

    • inthebusiness

      two broke girls?????? beg to differ- perfect buddy comedy.

  • Brad

    Actually, he's RIGHT. Sunday Night Football and The Voice are the only reason the network was number one with the demo. The Blacklist is the only scripted show that is doing well.

    “Hayes can blame some of his low ratings on his lead-in — but not all of
    them. “The Michael J. Fox Show,” which follows “Sean,” has managed to
    score a 2.2 despite the 1.3 lead-in from “Sean.”

    That whole statement is entirely false. Sean debuted to a 1.4 (yes, not great.) But immediately following, Michael J Fox had a 1.7. Michael J Fox has never done more than .3 better than Sean. Michael J Fox did manage to have a 2.2 when it premiered but Sean Saves the World had yet to air.

  • inthebusiness

    SEAN-the show sucks…no matter where you put it- star Pope Francis or kim kardassian- its still gonna be- SEAN PLAYS THE SAME CHARACTER ON WILL AND GRACE ONLY WITHOUT THE GOOD ACTORS TO BALANCE HIM OUT…..over the top queen can just play for so long- and I am gay so in no way am i bashing you life- just your acting.

  • susanm

    I love the show. It is my new favorite! I think it is hilarious. I love Sean Hayes and think he is fabulous in everything he does.

  • Tom

    I just watched the first four episodes of Sean Saves the World online. I
    hope more people watch the show because it is really good. Sean Hayes
    is great, and he is confident enough to have a really strong ensemble
    cast working with him.

  • buffalobilly10

    to be honest, over 60% of the new shows are a waste of my time watching