Shia LaBeouf Could Face Legal Action From Publishers Over Plagiarism

Shia LaBeouf Could Face Legal Action From Publishers Over Plagiarism

Melville House, Fantagraphics are exploring options

Two publishers say they are weighing plagiarism claims against Shia LaBeouf after he lifted their material for his short film and a comic book.

Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson told Publishers Weekly he is “exploring all legal actions” after Labeouf borrowed heavily from Melville House author Benoit Duteurtre's novel “The Little Girl and the Cigarette” in the actor's mini-comic, “Stale N Mate.”

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Meanwhile, Daniel Clowes’ publisher, Fantagraphics, told PW that Clowes is “exploring all legal options,” after LaBeouf admitted plagiarizing his character Justin M. Damiano for his short film, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Laboeuf has not addressed the Duteurtre plagiarism, which was extensively detailed last week in a post by Josh Farkas on

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LaBeouf did say he hopes to work out a deal with Clowes. But in an absurd twist, LaBeouf's tweeted apology for ripping off Clowes was also plagiarized: It was cobbled together form quotes from Kanye West, Robert McNamara, and Tiger Woods.

It doesn't end there: Another comic by the actor, “Lets F—ing Party,” steals from poet Charles Bukowski, and when Labeouf exited the play “Orphans,” he explained himself by plagiarizing both David Mamet and Esquire writer Tom Chiarella, Farkas noted.

Say this for LaBeouf: He's well-read.

LaBeouf's publicist did not immediately return a call for comment from TheWrap on Friday. An email said her office was closed for the holidays.

  • Kommerzschlampe

    He's been posting nothing but “stolen” apologies for the past few days. First I thought it was all part of some weird hoax, but apparently he actually is THAT stupid.

  • A.L. Hern

    I normally castigate The Wrap writers for their misspellings, but…in this case, I commend Tim for (partially and, I suspect, accidentally) correcting the spelling of LaBoeuf's name (well, twice in five mentions, anyway; the name is, correctly, LE Boeuf, not “la,” and “o” before “e,” and not the other way 'round).

    In addition to being sued for plagiarism, LeBoeuf ought to be taken to court by the French for failure to spell his own name correctly.

    • MilesVorkosigan

      Indeed, it is spelled “Le Bœuf” in French. But the spelling was lost in time and by distance. Because his family is Cajun from origin.

    • The Critic

      His family name does not actually mean “the beef”. As spelled, it is a
      Cajun deformation of the original French name “LeBoeuf”. “Le” instead of
      “La” because in French, “Beef” or “Boeuf” is masculine and the correct
      way the name is spelled is “Leboeuf” or “LeBoeuf”. As so often happened
      in Louisiana, the name became deformed because the French sent there
      could say their name but could not read or write French correctly.
      “Beouf” is not a French word or name. There is no such name as “Labeouf”
      or “LaBeouf” in French. Correctly spelled it would mean “the beef” in
      the singular tense.

      Source: IMDB

  • Mark Tornits

    Ok, really weird for him not to give proper credit, doesn't even make sense that he failed to- I highly doubt that LeBoeuf is making a profit from this short anyways so I don't see what the damages will be.

    Daniel Clowes will make more money from selling more copies of his original work due to all the free publicity-

  • James

    hahahahaha He doesn't give a fuck! Shia's awesome!

  • Tib

    Harrison Ford was right when he called Shia a “f–king idiot”

  • Dizzy

    He's not well read! Anyone can google that shit.

  • DeadpoolFool

    Is there at least one original bone in this guy's body?

  • Anon

    Does anybody spellcheck their “articles” before posting them anymore? I swear i see this all the time now.

  • BadShia

    This is for ruining the Indiana Jones’ movies!