‘Sound of Music’ Ratings: 5 Milestones It Hit for NBC

'Sound of Music' Ratings: 5 Milestones It Hit for NBC

Will Hart/NBC

The hills are alive with the sounds of KA-CHING

NBC's live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” was a big gamble for the network — it was a network's first live, televised musical in half a century — but the hills are alive with the sounds of KA-CHING.

It was as sweet as jam and bread for NBC because while the network leads in the key 18-49 demographic this season, it has struggled on Thursdays. Not this week.

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Here are a few of the milestones set by Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer and company:

1. With 18.5 million viewers, it was the NBC's most watched non-sports night on any night of the week since Jan. 15, 2007. That was the airdate of a Golden Globes ceremony that had 20 million total viewers. (Why specify non-sports? Because football still does better than musicals, for now.)

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2. With a 4.6 rating among viewers 18-49 demographic, it was the top non-sports Thursday in the key demo since the “ER” finale. (Football still does better than musicals, for now.)

3. Thursday had more viewers than any Thursday night for NBC since the “Frasier” finale on May 13, 2004. That had 22.6 million total viewers.

4. It had the most total viewers of any non-sports Thursday night show for any network since Fox aired a Thursday “American Idol” on March 3, 2011. That “Idol” had 25.3 million viewers.

5. NBC beat its Big 4 rivals for the fifth night in a row in the key demo, the first time it's done that since June 2002, not including during the Olympics.

One more adorable statistic: Among metered markets, the show was most popular in Oklahoma City, in Underwood's home state.

Those Sooners look out for their own. Maybe NBC should air a live “Oklahoma” next?

  • Koala

    Woot! Please NBC….MORE MORE MORE!

  • Masons Mom

    I'm delighted it did so well. Carrie & the cast were wonderful but it was a lot to place on her shoulders. Clearly she handled it brilliantly!

    • inthebusiness

      couldn't act is wonderful?

      • Teddy

        I couldn't disagree more. Carrie Underwood was charming and adorable. She sounded amazing too. Haters gonna hate. Sad people have nothing better to do than bash talented people. Great job Carrie!!

  • Gregg Charles

    I think NBC would be wise to give much more credit to the children then Ive seen. Those kids were amazing, cute and professional and THEY made Carrie look really good especially during the first 1.5 hrs which she wasnt hitting the mark in my opinion. It was good but when she interacted with the kids, she was at her best and made this GREAT! She should be doing more with the children in future projects because I sense her being a big kid at heart and she was more the role and comfortable in her interactions with the children.

    • Yonder

      Mary poppins!

  • Dvnovert

    ‘Oklahoma’ with an All Star Country Cast is inevitable!

  • Marsha Gallagher

    I Loved it.

  • Mary Daniels

    I think Carrie was truly courageous for taking on this role, knowing she would be compared to Julie Andrews’ incredible performance in the movie. Yes, her acting needs improvement, and I'm sure she knows that. But I thought her singing of all the songs was very good! I think if the producers and directors had taken more time with the project, it could have been better. I thought the actor in Captain Von Trapp's role was too young for the part. The children all had dark hair. I don't think the real children were all dark haired. Their attention to detail in making this was poor. But it is an uplifting story, and gives you a feeling of hopefulness at the end of the day. It was good to have a choice that wasn't cops or medical dramas, or lousy “reality” shows! The actors did make the best of what they were given to do. They can't be faulted for that.

  • nahman

    Yay Oklahomans!!! :)

  • mike

    she almost fell in her first scene. that woulda made it a classic!

  • Kristie Go Broncos Underwood

    It was not suppose to duplicate the movie, this was a musical. What does the haircolor of the children matter? Carrie and the cast did an amazing job! Too bad it was on NBC.

  • James Osborn

    Ditto, Koala! I hope NBC gets the message, and starts producing more family oriented material.

  • Demona

    While adult comedy/raunchy jokes have a place maybe the numbers here tell a truth the networks should take notice of. Parents are ready to sit down as a family again with something appropriate for everyone. At the end of the day, end of the week there's nothing better than snuggling up with your kids & spouse to be entertained a few hours before bed.

  • JiggyWithIt


  • Daniel Brenneis

    I`m not surprised it did well. Great sets, costumes, and singing. Solid acting. And a little humour thrown in for good measure! The young kids were great, Stephen Moyer was excellent and Carrie knocked it out of the park vocally! She held her own acting wise against a veteran cast of Broadway-tested actors! Kudos to NBC for deciding to have a FAMILY-FRIENDLY CLASSY production this Christmas season. I taped it on VHS and can`t wait to get it on DVD later on (along with the music soundtrack as well!) WAY TO GO CARRIE and the rest of the gang!

  • inthebusiness


  • Debbie Drumheller

    Loved the musical! It was great to have a family friendly show. It was a family event with my grown daughters, mom and husband! Thank you NBC!

  • Yngsatchvai .

    I did not tune in expecting her to pull off a Meryl Streep. She sings like an angel and is cute as any button. This was her first live attempt at acting and she did great for an amateur actress. If she's serious about acting she can always take lessons, I think she has potential.

  • Jesus H Christ

    Fantastic. And the sets were beautiful