‘South Park': America Needs George Zimmerman

'South Park': America Needs George Zimmerman

“We need you to shoot a young African-American for us”

When a national crisis demands the shooting of a young African-American, the nation turns to George Zimmerman — or so supposed Wednesday's grim episode of “South Park.”

The show weighed in on Trayvon Martin's killing by imagining George Zimmerman as the nation's go-to guy when a young African-American needs to die.

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Potentially really, really offensive? And uncomfortably funny? Yep, it's pure “South Park.”

In the episode, the nation calls on Zimmerman, a devoted family man and occasional killer, to take down the black character Token, who has become Patient Zero in a zombie apocalypse.

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“I gave that up,” says the reluctant vigilante, who was acquitted of Martin's killing in real life.

“You're the best, Zimmerman!” a government agent implores. “We just need you to do it one more time, for the security of the world!”

And then something surprising happens.

Watch the video:


  • DannyE

    It seems the message that attacking someone may get you shot has been lost.

    • Dru

      Um no. How about stalking and harassing someone for race first? If anyone had the right to get away with murder its the person being followed.

      • DannyE

        Bang someone's head on the concrete expect to get your stupid butt shot.

        • Mrs. D

          Oh… U were there DannyE?! They only persons that know what happened are George and Travon!

          • DannyE

            Evidence shows what happened, its racists like you who fail to believe the truth.

  • Jeffry Paul Joly II

    ” I GAVE THAT UP.”