How the Super Bowl Will Avoid a Red Hot Chili Peppers Wardrobe Malfunction

How the Super Bowl Will Avoid a Red Hot Chili Peppers Wardrobe Malfunction

TCA 2014: Band likes stripping down to strategically-placed socks. A disaster waiting to happen?

A decade ago, the Super Bowl had the most famous wardrobe malfunction ever. This year, the halftime entertainment includes the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a group famous for stripping down to nothing but socks on their junk.

Isn't that kind of asking for trouble?

Nope, says Fox co-president Eric Shanks, who answered TheWrap‘s question only getting us to define “junk.”

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“Ever since the wardrobe malfunction the NFL really has coordinated the halftime,” he said in a Television Critics Association panel Monday. “We have some input into it, but it really is — it switches to a completely different truck now and the NFL produces that halftime show. They use some of our equipment — some of our ‘junk’ — to do halftime.

“But believe me, there's a delay on any halftime. It's not just one particular act. Ever since that time there has been a delay on halftime.”

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Got that? The entertainment network produces the football part of the program, and then the football league presents the entertainment part.

This year's Super Bowl will be played in cold weather, noted sideline reporter Erin Andrews. That means there's a good reason for the Chilis to keep their clothes on.

“Frostbite,” she quipped.

  • Andrew Zoeller

    we'll see what the chili peppers decide to do..strip naked or be half-naked

  • Dale Latimer

    They ain't THAT stupid… and if for some odd reason they are, it'll haunt them for the rest of their lives… just like my dad contends going to New Jersey would haunt me…

  • Polly-O yo

    That EP was released in the 80s. Very likely that RHCP would make a point of re-inacting a controversial album cover from 26 years ago for the Super Bowl. Look out!

  • Robert Rufus

    Who cares? It's about football.

  • Kevin

    For god's sakes, please, we have to protect the youth from nudity!!!

  • Wrathtard

    They should have. It would have been the only thing that made the Superbowl interesting.