‘What's the Deal?': Jeff Sneider on ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting, Fan Expectations (Video)

TheWrap's film reporter broke the news — now what does he think of the choices?

20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank have found their “Fantastic Four” cast — Miles Teller as Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic; Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch; Kate Mara as Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman; and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

The casting process was arduous at times but at least the studio took the time to get it right and ensure that the four actors have chemistry together.

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TheWrap's film reporter Jeff Sneider has spent more than a year tracking the project, first reporting Jordan's expected involvement back in April 2013, and Teller's candidacy in July.

Now that Marvel's first family has been decided, what does Sneider think of the choices? Watch the video to find out.

  • TJW

    “I suspect it could be pretty fantastic.” haaaaaa

  • SMP

    One of the worst comic book castings in the history of comic book movies. No one has the nerve to question it because then they might be called a racist. I think the dynamic of brother and sister is totally thrown out the window now. As for a Ben Grimm that is 5'7, that really sucks. The cast is too young. 20th Century Fox is burying any possibility that this movie will be successful. This movie is going to suck. 20th Century Fox is doing spin control because so many fans are complaining now.

    • wacoose

      Chiklis is only around 5'7” and he was a decent Ben Grimm. Isn't Grimm supposed to be a little like Jack Kirby–Kirby was small.

  • disqus_HklJ3Z5R93

    Maybe Johnny is adopted this time around…

  • disqus_HklJ3Z5R93

    This movie is definitely going to suck
    .. The last thing you should do with a story that is nowhere near as popular as the Xmen or Avengers, is break from canon. Either make them both black or make them both white, but don't change the story and everything about (arguably) the most appealing member if the FF4. They aren't going to make the film any more appealing to a black audience just because there is a black super hero now.

    • Pyro

      @disqus_HklJ3Z5R93:disqus Coming from a black guy myself, your comment, “They aren't going to make the film any more appealing to a black audience just because there is a black super hero now”, couldn't be any more correct! Like you said, make them both black, both white or just follow the original damn reference (the comic) and go by that. They want to be more appealing to the black audience, that's what we have Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for!

      lol jk. jk

  • Burphelson AFB

    Shhh… that sound you hear is Fox vaporizing $100 million.

  • Thionite

    Michael B Jordan may be a good actor, but he's not Johnny Storm or Sam Jackson. Honestly, I've found him to be a bit whiny and having to force humor. This is 20th Century Fox trying to throw up anything so they don't lose the movie rights back to Disney. Just like Sony did with Spiderman. (Oh and by the way FOX, Marvel Comics retconned Sam Jackson's Nick Fury to Nick Fury Jr. so fans could have both classic and badass Furies in the comics)This move smacks of racial pandering, and that's insulting to the fans, not empowering. Brothers and sisters are supposed to have features in common, that's not racism its nature.. As soon as the rights to the FF and Spidey revert back to Disney, you're going to see another round of “reboots” as Disney tries to incorporate them into their new mythos.

    • Guest

      Coughs Adopted children Coughs.

    • Granger Skies

      Coughs Adopted Children coughs

  • Cyclops

    Ben Grimm 27? He is the father figure/protector in the FF family for Christ's sake!

  • Judas

    This film is going to be worse than the last one. We'll see.

  • Brian Piper

    Sorry,you simply CANNOT deviate radically from the comic books..I'm guessing that they're going this time with the Ultimates version of the FF (in which they're younger)
    but this is still bad casting…Never mind the original Marvel universe,even in the Ulitmates universe the Storms are always have been BIOLOGICAL brother and sister. Now you're going with a even shorter version of the Thing as well??!!?? I had problems with the FF movies because Jessica Alba and Chris Evans looked NOTHING like biological siblings as well. This is not going to sit well with those of us who love comics….LOL I had to get used to a tall Wolverine…But like I said you simply cannot deviate too far from the comics.

  • Larry

    “Jack Kirby or whoever.”


    That man, with Stan Lee, created the most iconic comic book characters on the planet. Nice way to show a complete lack of respect 9and research).

    This is the first time I have visited this site… and it will be the last.

    (Your opening credits need an overhaul as well)

  • Thomas Ciarico

    This reporter is a COMPLETE IDIOT! if they want to reboot the franchise go with the storyline where Storm and The Black Panther join the team after Reed and Sue retire it would have been amazing!

  • glacia

    The only thing anyone can possibly get out of this is that Jeff Sneider is a buffoon. He's doing the all too common cowardly and weak thing which is pretending anyone who disagrees with him thinks “it's the end of the world” instead of actually presenting an argument. No one is questioning this because a black actor is playing a traditionally white character it's because now the movie is going to have to waste screen time explaining why a brother and sister aren't actually related when it's completely unnecessary. There is a single reason Fox is doing it and it's to get people talking about a movie no one is looking forward to. They did such a terrible job the first time and even they suspect they're going to do so badly this time that they have to create artificial buzz with actor choices rather do the difficult thing for Hollywood which is create a good story. Comic fan for 40+ years… Love the movie genre but will wait for this bomb when it leaves the theaters.

    And the nasty attempt to portray Jack Kirby and Stan Lee as racists is low. Jeff Sneider what we get out of this is that you're a very nasty and low individual. When you create something that endures for more than half a century you let us know. Guess we can see why Variety fired him.

  • Jackson

    First of all, if anyone has a problem with Jordan because he's black, they need to understand the history of America. Black people were not really portrayed in comics much less movies in the 40's & 50's. Times have changed and this isn't the whitewashed 1940's and 50's anylonger. The world is more diverse and I'm glad 20th Century is realizing that.

  • Droppo

    The fact that he had to spend so much of the video defending the casting he is reporting on says something about it. And if it doesn't matter to them what these iconic characters look like compared to their 50 year history in comic books, why did they bother to find a blonde to play Sue or a slender dark-haired dude to be Reed Richards? I thought it doesn't matter? As far as Ben Grimm.. I don't know why people are complaining that he's short. He can be as big as they want after he gets bombarded by cosmic rays and transforms into the Thing.

  • Travis

    It appears as though we'll getting the Fantastic Frathouse. And no this has nothing to do with race. This is about staying true to the source material. If you diverge too much from the source material, at what point does it cease even being the FF? how are these actors going to be believable as astronauts, scientists and self-made billionaires?

  • superscout

    if marvel wanted Johnny Storm to be black or for that matter Luke Cage to be white they would have drawn him that way. this isnt about race it is about making the characters look like the comic or wikl not be true…