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‘65’ Directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Wanted to Make a Movie ‘That Would Make the 11-Year-Old Versions of Ourselves Giddy’ (Video)

”It was a joy to write,“ Woods told TheWrap of the ”Adam Driver fights dinosaurs“ sci-fi actioner

“65” has arrived.

The new sci-fi thriller stars Adam Driver as a space traveler who crash lands on a foreign planet after his ship is struck by asteroids. Except that this isn’t an alien planet, it’s earth 65 million years ago. And he’s not dealing with marauding alien creatures; he’s battling dinosaurs. (He also has to keep a young passenger alive. She’s the sole survivor of the crash.) We learned more about this project by talking to writer/directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Watch the video above.

Beck and Woods previously collaborated on the script for “A Quiet Place,” which wound up establishing an entire franchise (Paramount is working on the third film, a spinoff, right now) and is centered around a similarly ingenious-yet-hooky high concept.

“In the wake of ‘A Quiet Place,’ this idea for ‘65’ was already gestating in our heads. Instead of one of the crazy opportunities that still make our head spin, like trying to do something with Lucasfilm or doing sequels … it was about going back to the writers’ room and incubating something that would make the 11-year-old versions of ourselves giddy with joy,” Beck explained. “And as two kids that grew up loving ‘Jurassic Park’ and anything with dinosaurs, ‘65’ was really that opportunity to make something on a big scale but still make it with a heart and with characters that the audience hopefully cares about.”

“When we had this idea of a space traveler who crash lands on an alien planet and we as the audience start to realize this isn’t an alien planet, this is Earth and dinosaurs, once we had that kernel of an idea there was nothing that could stop Scott and I from writing it,” Woods said. “It poured out of us. It was just so fun. It was a joy to visualize and write.”

“65” is now playing exclusively in theaters.