A24 Expands Strategy From Arthouse Gems to More Commercial Films | Exclusive

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“With a $2.5 billion valuation, it’s pretty obvious that they need to expand into more commercial films,” a distribution exec said


For the past decade, A24 has cultivated an almost cultlike devotion from its fans, thanks to its excellent taste in projects and idiosyncratic, meme-able movies like “The Witch,” “Uncut Gems” and “Midsommar.” Their films inspire such interest that their features usually come with a curated, highly sought-after merchandise drop that fans can purchase via their official website.

But a new strategy — which includes chasing the rights to the “Halloween” franchise — could land them in a place that, for all their big swings, they’ve never been before: the mainstream.

According to a top agent with knowledge of the company, over the summer A24 acquisition executive Noah Sacco made the talent agency rounds in search of “action and big IP projects.”


2 responses to “A24 Expands Strategy From Arthouse Gems to More Commercial Films | Exclusive”

  1. Drake Avatar

    And this began the downfall of a respectful A24

    1. D.R. Darke Avatar

      Just what I thought!

      This can only end in tears….

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