After Jeff Zucker, Trevor Noah Jokes That Andrew Cuomo Is ‘Ronan Farrow but by Accident’ (Video)

“The Daily Show” explains how weird the whole Jeff Zucker-CNN mess is

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah kicked things off with a look at the scandal of the day, the sudden resignation of CNN boss Jeff Zucker after nine years. And after realizing it’s connected to the scandal that brought down former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — and his brother, fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo — Noah wondered just how far into Cuomo’s contacts list this goes.

So if you’re just catching up, this morning, Jeff Zucker abruptly resigned, saying that he did so after it came to light during CNN’s investigation of Chris Cuomo that he’d failed to disclose a consensual relationship with a colleague. Soon after it was reported that the “colleague” in question is CNN executive Allison Gollust, a close friend and constant colleague of Zucker’s for over 20 years, since Zucker was at NBC. Zucker, who got divorced in 2019, says their relationship only became romantic during the pandemic.

One fun fact: Gollust also briefly left media to work for Andrew Cuomo back in 2012 before leaving the next year to work for Zucker at CNN. And now you’re probably starting to understand why people are raising eyebrows at this whole thing. You can read more about theories for what’s really going on here.

So n “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah got into all of that, which lead to a rather amusing digression. First, Noah blamed Zucker for CNN’s turn to shallow, entertainment-esque programming (that did considerably damage to the network’s ratings) which included, among other things, heavily promoting Donald Trump’s rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Zucker also happened to be the guy, Noah continued, who first turned Trump into a TV show by greenlighting “The Apprentice” during his time at NBC which, Noah added, “was the only reason that Trump went on to become the president.”

“But that’s not even the craziest part of the story,” Noah continued. “The craziest thing is that Jeff Zucker’s downfall all started with Andrew Cuomo. Remember him? Yeah.”

“Andrew Cuomo groped women. Chris Cuomo, his brother, tried to help him, so then CNN looked into Chris Cuomo, they investigated him, and then they found some s— on Jeff Zucker,” Noah continued. (Andrew Cuomo, who is under investigation for sexual misconduct, has denied any criminal wrongdoing.)

“So Andrew Cuomo was such a creep that he took down himself, his brother Chris, and the president of CNN. He’s like Ronan Farrow, but by accident,” Noah said. “I mean at this point, who knows how long Cuomo’s fallout is gonna last?”

“He groped a bunch of people, now everyone is feeling it. You know? He’s like a human Chernobyl. 80 years from now, Brazilians are gonna be at war with Australians,” over Cuomo, Noah joked.

Watch the whole segment above.