Litigate or License? News Publishers Struggle With Letting AI Have Their Content

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Media companies are choosing sides, with some trying to protect their content in court while others make deals

OpenAI deals with news publishers
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News publishers are grappling with how to respond to Big Tech’s aggressive push into generative AI models that leverage decades of their news content without paying a dime.

For many, the decision comes down to whether to fight AI purveyors in court, or license their content for a price now — which may seem like a pittance in years to come as Big Tech reaps untold billions from building out the technology.

Tech companies like OpenAI, which has already hit $2 billion in annual revenue, continue to court publishers with up-front compensation  — after having likely used much of that same content to train their Large Language Models (LLMs).


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  1. anonymous Avatar

    no one needs those companies anymore or those old faces if you can create more beautiful people and make them say whatever you want without having to go through the slave labor industry of hollywood fraud accounting and accept their rotten political views and have to overpay to see 40 year olds like taylor swift try to appeal to little kids with undeveloped brains. hollywood has alot of problems and the rapists and crooked chinese agents that run the studios are unnecessary to the creative process and all they do is keep the instituitions stealing from people who dont have the means to sue them – thats hollywood = Diddy = masterson = Epstein Criminals =Rapists

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