Alicia Silverstone Returns to Iconic ‘Clueless’ Role for a Super Bowl Ad: ‘Couldn’t Be More Perfect’

You’re not totally bugging! The 30-second ad will air during the first quarter of the game Sunday

“Clueless” fans, this one’s for you.

Alicia Silverstone returns to her legendary “Clueless” character, Cher Horowitz, in a new Super Bowl ad for the shopping platform Rakuten.

The 30-sec ad, called “Not So Clueless” will air during the first quarter of the game on Sunday, Feb. 12.

“I know people really enjoy this character, and that comes up for me all the time,” the actress told Glamour. “I think many people would agree that Cher is one of film history’s most iconic shoppers, so when Rakuten approached me, I thought it was a smart idea. It’s so clever and couldn’t be more perfect, because I think Rakuten would really appeal to Cher—the idea that she gets cash back for doing her favorite activity.”

Joining Silverstone’s character in a classroom debate scene—about Rakuten’s cash-back rewards, obviously—is co-star Elisa Donocan, who played her frenemy Amber in the ’90s film.

“It was so nice to be there with her and see her,” Silverstone told Glamour. “We both just kept looking at each other like, ‘What is happening? Is this really happening? Are we doing this?’ Because we both have children—I think her kid is around the same age—it’s just a neat thing that here we are having this moment all over again. It’s bizarre and exciting, and we’re sharing it together. It’s lovely.”

In the ad, Cher dons a revamped version of her yellow-plaid suit and walks into a crowded classroom—late, of course—carrying a bunch of shopping bags. When she finally arrives to the front of the class, she looks into the camera, saying, “Don’t bug, your girl is back,” as “Alright” by Supergrass from the “Clueless” soundtrack plays in the background.

She picks out clothes from her high-tech closet, shops for eye cream, “parks” her electric Jeep in front of her father’s mansion, and even gives audiences a quick flash of her twirling a wad of gum in her mouth. Designer Christian Siriano, who reimagined Cher’s yellow-plaid suit for the ad, even makes a cameo as one of her classmates.

Watch the full ad above.