Alyssa Farah Griffin, Former Trump White House Aide, Interviewed by Federal Prosecutors in Jan. 6 Probe (Report)

The special counsel reportedly questioned the “View” cohost about the former president’s state of mind leading up to the Capitol riots

The View

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a CNN political commentator and co-host of ABC’s “The View” who previously served as White House communications director during the Trump administration, voluntarily spoke with federal prosecutors investigating the January 6 Capitol riots in recent weeks, CNN reported Wednesday based on unnamed sources.

Farah Griffin, who resigned from her role as communications director following the 2020 election, has been outspoken against former President Donald Trump since becoming a media personality.

According to the report, the special counsel questioned Farah Griffin about Trump’s state of mind leading up to the Capitol riots, in addition to his knowledge of the false claims of election fraud he was touting following his loss to President Joe Biden. 

Farah Griffin was reportedly surprised by the prosecutors’ particular interest in Trump’s mindset following the election. 

Additionally, the prosecutors asked the former White House aide about former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows’ involvement in the Capitol attacks, as well as the efforts to coerce then-Vice President Mike Pence into overturning the election, according to CNN’s sources.

Farah Griffin had previously spoken to the House Select Committee that was investigating the January 6 attacks prior to the federal prosecutors. During her testimony, she recounted an instance in which Trump seemingly acknowledged that he had lost the 2020 election about a week after it was decided. 

“I popped into the Oval [Office] just to, like, give the president the headlines and see how he was doing,” Farah recalled, according to a transcript of her deposition released by the committee. “And he was looking at the TV and he said, ‘Can you believe I lost to this effing guy?’ And then just kind of moved forward. But in that moment I think he knew he lost.” 

Last year, Farah Griffin said on CNN that she played a key role in getting former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who served under Meadows, to return to testify further following previous interviews with the House Select Committee. Farah Griffin said she put Hutchinson in touch with Congresswoman Liz Cheney prior to her most recent revealing testimony. 

“[Hutchinson] did her interview, she complied with the committee, but she shared with me ‘there is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings. How do we do this?’” Farah Griffin revealed. “In that process, she got a new attorney of her own. Congresswoman Cheney had a sense of what questions needed to be asked that weren’t [asked] previously. So that’s how this shocking testimony that people didn’t realize before kind of came about, and it didn’t come up in her earlier interview, some of those facts.”

Hutchinson said she witnessed Trump acting “furious” on the day of the riots, going as far as throwing dishes against a wall and physically tussling with his own security who refused to drive him to the Capitol building as the riots were starting.