AMC Networks Promotes 7 Scripted Executives

The group has been key in developing the studio’s original programming, highlighted by the Anne Rice and Walking Dead universes

The Walking: Dead Daryl Dixon
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Photo Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/AMC)

AMC Networks has promoted and expanded the responsibilities of seven key members of its scripted programming group, including Ben Haigh, Josh Sizer, Jack Glascott, Alexis Greer, Noel Manzano, Corey Schmalzle and Samantha Perelman.

All were key in expanding the company’s original programming, especially when it comes to the Anne Rice immortal universe and “The Walking Dead” expanded universe. They were also instrumental on upcoming series such as “Monsieur Spade,” “Parish” and “Orphan Black: Echoes.”

Ben Haigh and Josh Sizer have been promoted to senior vice president of programming. Together, they will oversee domestic scripted programming and will report to Ben Davis, the current executive vice president of programming for AMC Networks and AMC Studios. Davis first joined the company nearly 20 years ago.

Haigh and Sizer were key in expanding the network’s scripted programming offerings, specifically across the Anne Rice immortal universe and “The Walking Dead” expanded universe, and were involved in current AMC hits such as “Dark Winds” and “Silo.” They were also key to “Parish,” the Giancarlo Esposito New Orleans-set drama set to premiere in 2024, among other series.

Both joined the company in 2020. Previously, Haigh held positions at UCLA, Shore Z Productions and Columbia. As for Sizer, he previously worked at DreamCrew, HBO and William Morris Endeavor.

Reporting to Haigh and Sizer are Jack Glascott and Alexis Greer, who are also part of the promotions. Glascott has been promoted to vice president of domestic scripted programming, and Greer has been upped to director of domestic scripted programming. Amanda Lloyd, who recently joined AMC from HBO Max as manager of scripted programming, will also report to Haigh and Sizer.

Also reporting to Davis alongside Haigh and Sizer will be Noel Manzano, who was recently promoted to senior vice president of international scripted programming and development. Both Corey Schmalzle and Samantha Perelman are part of Manzano’s team. In their new roles, they will serve as director of international scripted programming.

Previously, Schmalzle and Perelman have worked on series such as “Gangs of London,” ” Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” and the upcoming “Monsieur Spade.” From Scott Frank and Tom Fontana and starring Clive Owen, the sequel to the novel “The Maltese Falcon” will premiere on AMC and AMC+ on Jan. 14. In their new roles the duo will take on additional responsibilities connected to AMC Studios and the company’s domestic scripted programming.

Drew Worobow will continue to serve in his role as vice president of AMC Studios and will also report to Davis.

“It’s a pleasure to acknowledge the efforts of our talented and engaged programming executives with these promotions and expanded responsibilities,” Davis said in a press release. “Ben and Josh hit the ground running from the moment they arrived and have helped develop and direct the course of some of our most significant shows, working closely with Jack, Alexis and Amanda.
Drew has been instrumental to our studio business and Noel has provided excellent leadership of our international programming efforts, working with Corey and Sam to find remarkable stories from around the world that engage and delight viewers.”

“I look forward to moving into 2024 with a remarkable team that is meaningfully contributing to our company’s success by working with our creative partners to share unforgettable stories and characters with fans across our distribution platforms,” Davis continued.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Josh Sizer is a beautifully pleasant idiot. I look forward to watching him fail all the way to the top. couldn’t have happened to a less deserving unqualified too quickly promoted human. I wonder what major studio he’ll run one day. No ill will to Josh. After all, he didn’t promote himself. Let’s not talk about that ne’er do well Jack Glascott.

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