Fired Warner TV Producer Andrew Kreisberg Was Charged With Forcibly Touching a Woman at a Bar Mitzvah

The executive producer for CW shows “Arrow” and “The Flash” will have the charge dismissed in February if compliant with a court order

Andrew Kreisberg
Andrew Kreisber speak onstage during The CW portion of the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour (Photo Credit: Getty Collection)

Andrew Kreisberg, the disgraced former Warner Bros. Television writer and producer, was arrested and charged for forcible touching during a March bar mitzvah celebration in New York.

Vanity Fair’s Maureen Ryan, one of the reporters who was among the first to break the story of Kreisberg’s allegedly inappropriate workplace behavior, was the first to report the story. According to the woman who made a statement to the police about the incident, she was eating and enjoying the party at a high-top table. That’s when Kreisberg approached her and started to put his arms “all over my arms and back.”

“He then slid his hands around my waist, grabbed my waist firmly, and thrust his fully erect penis into my buttocks twice,” the statement reads.

In the wake of the incident, Kreisberg was charged and arrested for misdemeanor forcible touching. Both Kreisberg and his legal team has maintained his innocence; his lawyer did not immediately respond to emails Tuesday.

Kreisberg appeared in court on August 8 and was granted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, an arrangement whereby Kreisberg must comply with conditions in order that the charge be dismissed in February.

A lawyer for Kreisberg told the magazine, “In essence, this alleged instance of dancing at a bar mitzvah was not deemed to be criminal.” The same statement also read that Kreisberg is “misunderstood for being a neurodivergent individual” and that the Vanity Fair article will be “another event of the ableist bullying of people who are neurodivergent as they are misperceived.”

In 2017, Kreisberg was fired from Warner Bros. Television following allegations of sexual harassment. At the time of his firing, Kreisberg was the showrunner of both “The Flash” and “Arrow” and was an executive producer on “Supergirl,” “DC’s Legend of Tomorrow” and The CW Seed series “Vixen.” After the allegations came to light, Greg Berlanti, who worked closely with Kreisberg, said, “I was shocked, I was disappointed, I was confused.”


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