Watch Olivia Colman Prank Call ‘Agony Ant-Man’ Star Paul Rudd on BBC Radio (Video)

The longtime friends met 20 years ago when they acted in a play together

Olivia Colman and Paul Rudd
Getty Images

Olivia Colman got payback on her pal Paul Rudd by prank calling him live on BBC Radio.

According to the Oscar-winning actress, he failed to tell her that he was in town for the U.K. premiere of “Ant-Man: Quantumania.” On Friday, she got her revenge by phoning in to Radio 1 Breakfast’s “Agony Ant-Man” segment, in which callers asked the star for advice.

“Hiya Paul, I’m a huge fan. I wanted to pick your brains,” Colman said as “Caller 4,” disguising her voice in a Welsh accent. “So, what would you do if you had a really, like a really good mate, like for over 20 years, and this friend, he doesn’t live in England, but he’s come to England, and he hasn’t told you about it. And then not only has he not told you about it, he’s come onto a radio show. What would you do?”

“Oh my God. Oh no,” Rudd said as he began to realize what was happening.

“Would you be offended?” Colman asked.

“Personally, if it was me, absolutely not. I tend to give everybody the benefit of the doubt,” he replied.

At that, they both started laughing. After Colman confirmed that it was her, Rudd marveled at her ability to do “every accent.”

Asked about their “glorious friendship,” Rudd and Colman told radio host Greg James that the two had met performing in a play together roughly 20 years ago.

“Paul used to come and stay on the floor of our rubbish flat in South London,” Colman said. “Paul was properly in the play, and I had about two lines.”

Colman said she came up with the idea for the prank after she learned that he would be appearing on the show. “I emailed Greg and said: ‘Would it be alright to do a prank on Paul?’ And he said, ‘Hell yeah.’”

“Ant-Man: Quantumania” premieres in theaters nationwide this weekend. Check out the BBC Radio 1 clip above.