Why Apple Would Spend Billions on Wide Theatrical Movie Releases | Charts

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Mixed results with its limited runs could be shaping the tech giant’s future film investments

Could a broader release have helped Apple TV+ movies like "Emancipation"?
Could a broader release have helped Apple TV+ movies like "Emancipation"?

Apple and Amazon are both reportedly planning to spend billions of dollars on movies for release in theaters. It may sound counterintuitive that these two tech giants with their own streaming services are investing in theatrical releases but they likely have reasons beyond box office revenue to pursue this strategy. An analysis of Parrot Analytics’ data — which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, among other engagement — shows why releasing movies widely in theaters might make sense as a way to boost the profile of and subscriptions to their streaming services.

In addition to attracting A-list talent, who might prefer that their work gets a chance to be seen in theaters, Apple is no doubt hoping that giving its movies a theatrical release will persuade more people to sign up for Apple TV+.