Apple and Amazon Are Betting Big on Movie Theaters – and Netflix Risks Being Left Behind | Analysis

The streamer’s Big Tech rivals are seeing the benefits of wide releases and are increasing their investments in cinematic distribution

You know what’s cool? A billion dollars. Theater stocks jumped when Amazon pledged to spend that amount on movies destined for the big screen last year. Now Apple reportedly plans to take a similar chunk of its multibillion-dollar content budget and allocate it to theatrical releases.

Netflix alone, still steadfast in its commitment to treating theatrical as a sop to throw at feisty actors or fussy awards-show rulemakers, risks losing out on high-level talent and top-tier cultural impact — as well as the financial rewards from a film that moves the needle on streaming.

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Scott Mendelson

Before joining The Wrap, Scott Mendelson got his industry start in 2008 with a self-piloted film blog titled "Mendelson's Memos." In 2013, he was recruited to write for where he wrote almost exclusively for nearly a decade. In that time he published copious in-depth analytical and editorialized entertainment industry articles specializing in (but not exclusively focused upon) theatrical box office. A well-known industry pundit, Mendelson has appeared on numerous podcasts and been featured as a talking head on NPR, CNN, Fox and BBC.