Netflix’s Co-CEOs Can Use Reed Hastings’ Playbook – or Write Their Own

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The Peters and Sarandos show might not replay the co-founder’s disruptive innovations, but copying the past has never been the streaming giant’s style

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As Netflix executive Greg Peters takes the co-CEO reins from Reed Hastings, Wall Street, the entertainment industry and consumers will be watching closely to see how he and Ted Sarandos steer the streaming behemoth forward.

A major question for Peters, formerly the company’s COO, and Sarandos, who held the co-CEO title alongside Hastings for almost three years, is whether the company’s new leadership will use the old playbook that powered the company to the top of the streaming world or try to forge their own path.

UCLA professor Tom Nunan, a former executive at NBC and UPN, told TheWrap that one major lesson Peters and Sarandos can learn from Hastings is that they shouldn’t “be a slave to Hollywood’s history and its problem-solving techniques.”

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