Hollywood’s Hottest New Trend? Movies Opening in Theaters | Chart

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“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is just one of several films conceived as streaming titles now ending up in multiplexes

Images from "Smile," "Barbarian," "Magic Mike's Last Dance," "Without Remorse" and "Blue Beetle"

As Derek Zoolander might put it, releasing films in theaters is so hot right now. Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” topped the weekend box office with $8.2 million in just 1,500 theaters, with a likely upswing arriving by Valentine’s Day — not bad for a movie that was never meant for the big screen.

The Steven Soderbergh-directed male stripper threequel is the highest-profile example of 2023’s buzziest Hollywood trend: releasing movies in movie theaters instead of on streaming. Three other Warner Bros. features, “House Party,” “Evil Dead Rise” and “Blue Beetle,” initially greenlit by ex-WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar for HBO Max, are getting a theatrical window courtesy of Warner Bros.