Streaming Could Help Broadway Bounce Back – but There Are Obstacles in the Great White Way

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High production costs, complex rights and hidebound business models are slowing the embrace of digital captures and livestreamed performances

TheWrap Illustration/Getty Images

At a time when movie studios are seeing Broadway musicals as a way to drive streaming views, some theatrical pioneers are advancing an opposite theory: that putting performances online can ultimately help drive in-person ticket sales.

While the general consensus among industry experts is that digital access provides an opportunity for Broadway to reach new audiences and tap new revenue streams, they told TheWrap that there are many financial and logistical challenges that stand in the way of a broader rollout.

Even as Broadway heads into its busy spring season, a lack of audience accessibility due to geography and high ticket prices remains a critical issue for New York City’s 41 theaters looking to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic’s lingering impacts on tourism and large gatherings.