‘ATL’ Star Lauren London Says Sequel Is Moving Forward

“I know that I am in full participation and I want to do it,” actress tells TheWrap

Last Updated: June 8, 2015 @ 7:47 PM

Nine years after “ATL” rolled into theaters, the sequel to the urban drama is inching closer to reality.

“There has been movement,” the film’s star Lauren London told TheWrap. “We haven’t shot anything yet, but I think they’re getting all that together.”

Rapper-turned-actor T.I., who co-starred in the original film about four friends preparing for life after high school, set social media on fire in March when he posted two photos on Instagram hinting that a sequel was in the works. He captioned one picture: “#ATL2 Get Ready.”

The 2006 film was a cult hit and devoted fans have been clamoring for a follow-up.

But Warner Bros., the studio that distributed “ATL,” wasn’t talking Monday. Given that the film had a production budget of $20 million and took in $21 million at the domestic box office, it’s unlikely they’d participate in a sequel

That would leave T.I. and the producers to find financing for the film. They weren’t talking either, but London is convinced the project is coming together.

“I know that I am in full participation, and I want to do it,” London said. “I think everybody has signed up to do it. But now it’s a matter of handling the business side of it.”

While the actress revealed she has not yet signed a contract, she promised once the details get worked out, she’ll definitely be on board.

“It was such a good movie for a lot of us and it changed a lot of our lives.  We love it, we want to do it.”


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