‘Avatar’ Re-Release’s $58 Million Success Is a Good Sign for Upcoming Sequel ‘Way of Water’

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The Na’vi have gained a foothold with younger generations, and there’s a global demand to see James Cameron’s sequel in 3D

20th Century Fox

The success of the re-release of “Avatar” these past two weekends isn’t necessarily a guarantee that its upcoming sequel, “The Way of Water” will be a global hit this Christmas. But the younger-skewing demographics and the overwhelming majority of 3D moviegoers for the re-release are certainly a reason for Disney, 20th Century Studios and movie theaters worldwide to have hope.

As of Monday, 10 days into its two-week limited engagement in theaters, “Avatar” has grossed $58.1 million worldwide, with a domestic total of $18.6 million from 1,860 theaters. That is enough to bring the lifetime gross of “Avatar” to $2.9