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‘Awkward’ Star Jillian Rose Reed Talks Senior Year, Explains ‘Taylor-Swifting’ (Video)

In the latest episode of ”Drinking With the Stars“, TheWrap sat down with the MTV actress to discuss Season 4’s return to its comedic roots

Jillian Rose Reed, who pays Tamara on MTV’s “Awkward,” sat down with TheWrap’s Rebecca Rosenberg at Mixology to dish about what fans could expect from Tuesday’s episode.

“We get to see some really funny drama,” Reed said on the latest episode of Drinking With the Stars. “Jake has a new song he’s going to sing, and it’s definitely going to ruffle some feathers.”

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Reed also regales to TheWrap about her favorite word from the upcoming episode: “Taylor-Swifting,” which means writing a song about someone without explicitly mentioning that person.

Reed also dishes about what’s in store for upcoming episodes and mentions the departure from the dark humor in previous episodes.

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“It’s senior year, so it’s pretty much everything you can expect between guy drama and senior stuff that happens,” Reed says. “This season is kind of getting back to its funny place. I think last year we kind of took a turn for this darker place, we dealt with a lot more serious issues, so we’re doing some really fun stuff, some really funny stuff that just involves senior type of activities.”

“And of course,” she added, “all of our awkward drama and boys without shirts on.”

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“Awkward” airs on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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