‘Barbie’ Is Here to Break Warner Bros. Out of Its Yearlong Box Office Slump

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Greta Gerwig’s wildly anticipated comedy is set to be the studio’s biggest opening in 16 months

Warner Bros.

The last 12 months have been filled with pain for Warner Bros. A merger with Discovery earned its CEO, David Zaslav, ugly headlines and the disdain of many in Hollywood. Most of its theatrical releases have been misfires, including one of the biggest bombs in studio history with “The Flash.” This century-old studio is in need of a hero.

So here comes “Barbie” to the rescue.

Since the studio released its “2001: A Space Odyssey”-inspired teaser trailer alongside “Avatar: The Way of Water” this past winter, Greta Gerwig’s comedy about the most famous doll ever made has captured the attention and imagination of millions and, with the help of Universal’s “Oppenheimer,” has turned July 21 into the most talked-about date on the film release calendar.