Every Guillermo del Toro Movie Ranked, From ‘Cronos’ to ‘Pinocchio’

We’re going from “least great” to “most great”

Guillermo del Toro collage

There isn’t another filmmaker quite like Guillermo del Toro.

While he’s been working since 1993, he’s only made 12 films. But each one of those films is so singularly well-crafted and emotionally resonant, that they stand out as being unlike any other films being made today (or really at any other time). Del Toro stuffs these bejeweled treasures, made with clockwork intricacy, full of ghosts and ghouls and phantasmagorical creatures. But they are also populated with human characters who sport actual and psychic scars, made whole or irreparably damaged by their encounter with the unknown. Whether in English or Spanish, with the tiniest budget or the most expansive, del Toro maintains his creative vision through it all.

It’s with this in mind that we look back at his entire filmography, from the least to most mind-altering.