‘Big Brother’ Eviction Tears Apart Season’s First ‘Showmance’

New Heads of Household will pit two alliances against one another

Paola Shea, Zach Rance, "Big Brother 16"

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Thursday’s eviction episode of “Big Brother.”)

Despite Devin Shepherd’s schizophrenic gameplay, the Bomb Squad maintained its iron grip on the house all the way through Thursday night’s vote. He just may not be a part of it anymore. Certainly, the rest of the alliance did not follow Devin’s lead.

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As expected, based on his quick emotional responses in the past, when he was told that the house wasn’t going to vote his target — Zach Rance — out, Devin immediately declared himself out of the Bomb Squad and said he was instead going to play a solo game and win the whole thing without the help of anyone and I hate you all you’re mean I’m telling Mom.

At least that’s what his temper tantrum started to sound like at the end.

It all started to fall apart after that shocking Power of Veto meeting when Devin removed his original target, Brittany Martinez, and replaced her with fellow Bomb Squadder Zach. With everyone there, Brittany called out Paola for throwing the POV competition — which she totally did but totally tried to deny — and Zach called out Devin on a very personal level.

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In the process, he called out Frankie, which could destroy the season’s first “showmance.” Earlier in the week, CBS put together a segment spotlighting the closeness the two shared. Zach is straight, while Frankie is gay, and yet Zach openly admits that he is absolutely enamored with Frankie. They spend a lot of time together, and even cuddle. Frankie compared Zach to a little puppy dog following him around, but seemed to not mind the attention.

Now, however, Frankie felt betrayed and hurt, and it’s as if his own game was in jeopardy. Zach didn’t say anything specifically about Frankie, but by calling his name out during his tirade against Devin, he roped Frankie into that conflict in everyone else’s eyes. At least, that’s how Frankie took it. Is this the end of #Zankie?

Zach’s angle for the rest of the house to save him was that he was’t gunning for any of them, but would do everything in his power to get Devin evicted from the house. Does he have that kind of influence, though?

The rest of the Bomb Squad has been feeling pushed around by Devin, and they defied his wishes this week, but are they ready to get rid of him? As has been pointed out by several, as long as there is a giant target on Devin’s massive back, he’ll be pretty easy to hide behind.

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When the votes were read, it went overwhelmingly in Zach’s favor, sending “floater” Paola Shea out of the house. Devin looked pretty upset, but there was little he could do. He wasn’t even allowed to compete in the Heads of Household competition, which crowned two brand new HOHs. If he’s truly playing solo — which I doubt — he’s going to have to work even harder to stay alive this week. He’s ruffled too many feathers.

He’s hot-headed and impulsive, though, so I think he’ll change his mind again and try to wean his way back into the good graces of either his original alliance, or forge a new one.

Bomb Squadder Derrick Levasseur, who is also a member of Team America, took one Head of Household slot, while the meek Nicole Franzel scored the other. The 21-year-old Nicole has a secret alliance of her own, which they’ve called the “weirdo” alliance, and the most awkward alliance in “Big Brother” history.

It’s made up of Nicole, Christine Brecht and Hayden Voss. This week, Devin also roped Hayden into the Bomb Squad, as a replacement for Zach. If Hayden’s loyalties truly lie with the “weirdo” alliance, as it seems, he could easily bring intel from the Bomb Squad to Nicole to help influence her decisions as HOH. Or he could just publicly reveal the Bomb Squad and tear it apart.

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Nicole has been flying very under the radar thus far in the game, with her tiny alliance the only move she’s made. Now, though, she’s sitting atop the heap and will have no choice but to stick her neck out and get noticed when she nominates two houseguests for eviction.

I kind of wonder if she’s even happy she won that HOH competition, as it seems like a better idea right now to not be noticed at all while all the loud and obnoxious people fight and evict one another. We’ll see how she handles the spotlight as the show continues on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c.