Big Tech Is Even Bigger Than You Think: $2.7 Trillion Apple Is Now Worth 11 Disneys | Charts

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The Big Five tech companies have valuations way, way higher than the major oil and media conglomerates

Big Tech

Big Tech just keeps getting insanely bigger.

This year, the Big Five tech players have a combined market cap of $8.9 trillion — easily eclipsing big oil companies ExxonMobil or BP and far outpacing legacy media giants like Disney and AT&T/WarnerMedia.

It just goes to show how much these behemoths dominate our lives, especially with electronics and digital demands accelerated by the pandemic. Plus, Big Tech players from Amazon to Apple have the deep pockets to become more vertically integrated by gobbling up Hollywood studios and producing original and exclusive content for their platforms.

Just how big is Big Tech?

Together, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Apple and Microsoft run everything from advertising and hardware to cloud services and logistics.