Why Shows Like ‘Blue Bloods’ Keep Going and Going | Charts

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Long-lived procedurals can see demand grow from season to season, defying the streaming trend toward shorter runs

"Blue Bloods" just keeps going, like a lot of popular procedurals.
"Blue Bloods," starring Tom Selleck, just keeps going, like a lot of popular procedurals. (CBS)

Streaming is defined by the new: Billions in spending have funded countless fresh series, and it’s rare for shows to go beyond a few seasons. But amid this influx of material to watch, some long-running TV series from broadcast and cable have continue to capture audiences and even expand their dedicated viewership on streaming. Such long-running shows are not just cultural icons; they invite deeper reflection on viewer tastes, broadcasting strategies and shifts in TV consumption patterns.

Why do these series remain in demand in a constantly flooded market? Is the appeal solely based on nostalgia, or are there deeper reasons that pull viewers back season after season? We used demand data from Parrot Analytics to delve into these questions.

Demand for shows by season (Parrot Analytics)

One trend that emerged is the enduring appeal of procedural dramas.