‘Boardwalk Empire’: Could Terence Winter Lure Leonardo DiCaprio to the Boardwalk?

Writer and star working together on “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Terence Winter is a wolf of Hollywood: Besides presiding over the acclaimed “Boardwalk Empire,” which wrapped its fourth devastating season Sunday, he also wrote “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the latest film from “Boardwalk” executive producer Martin Scorsese.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who earlier this year delved deep into the Roaring Twenties in “The Great Gatsby.” So we wondered: Any chance Winter would try to lure DiCaprio to his own Prohibition-era epic? Perhaps for a cameo?

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“That would be awesome,” Winter told TheWrap. “I never even thought to ask him because he’s so unbelievably busy. That was his fourth movie in a row and I believe he was going to take some time off, so that wasn’t even a possibility. But God, if he would ever do it? I obviously would welcome that. We got Martin Scorsese to do it. Why not?”

It’s not the craziest idea. Robert De Niro, Scorsese’s other most enduring onscreen partner, has a project in the works for HBO. A young DiCaprio started in TV on “Growing Pains” before doing such period pieces as “Titanic” and “Django Unchained.” He also worked with another “Boardwalk” executive producer, Mark Wahlberg, in “The Departed.”

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We asked Winter: Would it be wildly irresponsible to link his show and DiCaprio’s name in a headline?

“Whatever you can do to get that to happen I would welcome the help,” he said.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Winter, coming this afternoon.